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Dancing in the dark at Kathe Koja's DARK FACTORY

[Kathe Koja is one of my favorite writers (actually, she's two of my favorite writers!) and her latest project, am immersive, mixed-reality dance club, is so unbelievably cool that I jumped at the chance to give her a platform to tell you about it. Don't miss her Patreon! -Cory] Stories need an audience to be fully alive. I write novels (Christopher Wild, The Cipher, Under the Poppy, Buddha Boy, among others) and write and produce immersive events and readings (The Art of Darkness, Glitter Kin...
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Minecraft Earth hands-on review: The next big AR craze Is coming

Minecraft Earth is a new mobile augmented reality game from Microsoft that has Pokémon Go dead in its sites. The cute monster collect-them-all started the genre, but Minecraft Earth hopes to redefine it. The post Minecraft Earth hands-on review: The next big AR craze Is coming appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Minecraft Earth Hands-on Preview: The Next Big AR Craze Is Coming

Minecraft Earth is a new mobile augmented reality game from Microsoft that has Pokémon Go dead in its sites. The cute monster collect-them-all started the genre, but Minecraft Earth hopes to redefine it. The post Minecraft Earth Hands-on Preview: The Next Big AR Craze Is Coming appeared first on Digital Trends.
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10 years ago, Minecraft defined a game genre. Now it’s about to do it again.

Minecraft Earth is a new mobile augmented reality game from Microsoft that has Pokémon Go dead in its sites. The cute monster collect-them-all started the genre, but Minecraft Earth hopes to redefine it. The post 10 years ago, Minecraft defined a game genre. Now it’s about to do it again. appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Reality Check: The marvel of computer vision technology in today’s camera-based AR systems

Alex Chuang Contributor Alex Chuang is the Managing Partner of Shape Immersive, a boutique studio that helps enterprise and brands transform their businesses by incorporating VR/AR solutions into their strategies. More posts by this contributor The fall of the unicorns brings a new dawn for water bears Where Vancouver’s Tech Ecosystem Goes From Here British science fiction writer, Sir Arther C. Clark, once said, “Any sufficiently a...
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The Statue of Liberty gets an AR app to celebrate its new museum

This week, the new $100 million Statue of Liberty Museum opens in the shadow of one of America’s most iconic landmarks. The 26,000 square foot space offers insights into the statue’s storied history, along with context for that majority of visitors who ultimately can’t make it inside the structure. For those who can’t don’t make it to Liberty Island at all, meanwhile, there’s the brand new Statue of Liberty app, which hits the iOS App Store today. Led by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, t...
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Lenovo targets Hololens with ThinkReality enterprise augmented reality headset

A new augmented reality headset from Lenovo could challenge Microsoft's dominance in the commercial AR industry, with the ThinkReality A6 offering an AR experience akin to something between the first and second-generation Hololens headsets. The post Lenovo targets Hololens with ThinkReality enterprise augmented reality headset appeared first on Digital Trends.
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MelodyVR Reports $14.7M Losss

Virtual-reality music startup MelodyVR has reported a loss of $14.7 million on revenues of $1,6 million in 2018. It was the first full year that its signature app was available. The company promised to focus more future efforts on mobile in addition to standalone headsets. “While VR device adoption continues to build, we will focus on our mobile strategy to extend the reach of our music content library to the 1 billion plus smartphone devices around the world,” said Executive Chairman...
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MedCognition Making Augmented Reality Emergency Training for US Army

San Antonio—MedCognition, a startup that uses an augmented reality system to train emergency medical technicians and other first responders on how to treat injuries, has earned a $750,000 grant from the US Army to collaborate with another organization on developing a version of its system for military use.MedCognition plans to spend the next 12 months creating training modules that can be used to prepare healthcare workers for combat and mass casualty situations, the company says. The project c...
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Google brings augmented reality to Search

At its I/O developer conference, Google today announced that it is bringing the camera — and augmented reality – to Google Search. As the company demonstrated, you could search for something like “great white shark” and then see it in front of you through your phone’s camera. The company showed similar examples with a 3D model of the human muscular system. It’s unclear how many of these 3D models will appear in search. It’s also unclear whether publishers will be able to create their own, but we...
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The smartphone market is in decline, and nothing is coming to save it (AAPL, GOOG, GOOGL)

The smartphone market is showing signs of stagnation, with Apple, Samsung, and Google all reporting this week that it's harder to sell a premium smartphone than it used to be.  This is for several related reasons: higher costs for incremental improvements, people keeping their current phones or buying cheaper models. Apple is fighting this smartphone slowdown by focusing on services like Apple Pay or the Apple TV Plus streaming service, where it can make more money per users. Samsung is betti...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Contraceptive jewelry, a credit card that limits your carbon footprint, and more clever advances in our look around the web The Lifelong Benefits of a Single Psychedelic Trip For decades, numerous scientific studies have set out to determine the benefits of psychedelic trips. From stabilizing moods to boosting creativity, substantial findings support the positive impact of psilocybin. But, a slew of recent work—specifically a survey …
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Five Highlights From The 2019 Tribeca Film Festival’s Immersive Virtual Arcade

Inside the broad and ever-improving capabilities of virtual reality In the midst of another key film festival on the annual circuit, a space dedicated to immersive programming demonstrates substantial advancements in technology and storytelling for the medium. For years now, the Tribeca Film Festival has been an industry leader in showcasing virtual and augmented reality works. This year might very well be the best yet. …
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Here's the pitch deck that this Los Angeles-based entrepreneur used to raise over $7 million for his new social network idea

Octi is a social app that wants to use augmented reality to build a new kind of social network. "The world is ready for a new platform — something exciting, something that's different than what's out there already," Octi CEO and co-founder Justin Fuisz told Business Insider in a recent interview. The twelve-person Los Angeles-based startup raised a $7.5 million seed round for its big idea from notable investors like Snap's former VP of Product Tom Conrad and Adobe's Chief Product Officer, S...
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SPHERES Creator Eliza McNitt on Virtual Reality Filmmaking

At this year's Tribeca Film Festival, the experiential director becomes the subject For the last few years, filmmaker and technologist Eliza McNitt‘s virtual reality experience SPHERES charted in several of our lists of favorites from film festival’s around the world. The three-part exploration of hidden songs among the cosmos brought new attention to the capabilities of VR as it set records for the medium and …
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Step into Childish Gambino’s musical universe with the Pharos AR app

Childish Gambino seems to be on a mission to take over everyone's smartphones. Now you can experience his musical and visual universe through his new Pharos AR app, available on both Android and iOS right now. The post Step into Childish Gambino’s musical universe with the Pharos AR app appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Vehicle Based Weapons – The Thinking Behind Truck Guns

Intro In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of people who carry “truck guns” or vehicle-based guns in everyday life. It can be tricky navigating certain laws when it comes to truck guns but we won’t get into the legality. Maybe I’ll dive deeper into the legality in a […] Read More … The post Vehicle Based Weapons – The Thinking Behind Truck Guns appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Los Angeles Tourism Teamed Up With Kabaq to Bring the Sunset to Snapchatters in 8 Cities

Los Angeles Tourism teamed up with augmented reality startup Kabaq--a subsidiary of New York-based AR and virtual reality company The Glimpse Group--to bring a taste of the Los Angeles sunset to Snapchat users in eight markets. Starting Wednesday and running through April 17, Snapchatters in New York; Chicago; Baltimore; Boston; Atlanta; Dallas; Washington, D.C.; and...
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Chevron Tech, Medical Informatics, ActivTrak, Linear & More TX Tech

Let’s catch up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—Chevron Technology Ventures Thursday launched a $90 million fund for energy investments. The fund is CTV’s seventh and investments will be made in high-growth startups with technologies that have the potential to improve Chevron’s core oil and gas business performance, says CTV President Barbara Burger. “We are using venture capital as a conduit for early access to innovation and to build a pipeline of innovation for Chevron,” Burger said...
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Angry Birds AR is coming to iPhone this spring

Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs took the scenic route to the iPhone. Rovio began flirting with augmented reality on the Magic Leap of all places, releasing First Person Slingshot for the headset last year. Last month, Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs hit Steam for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Now, it seems, the AR version of the title is finally ready for a mainstream audience, as Rovio preps the game for a spring release on iOS. The game, developed by Swedish company Resolution Games, builds on the ...
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Google is rolling out Snapchat-like AR effects to YouTube Stories

Started with Snapchat, Facebook extended the 'Stories' feature to Whatsapp and Instagram last year. Falling in the same line, Google has rolled out the much-used feature on YouTube as Reels in 2017 to about 100 creators. In an attempt to stay ahead of all its competitors, YouTube has added advanced AR effect tools to it, where users can add glasses, masks, hats and other items to short video clips. In a blog post, Google said, "To make all this possible, we employ machine learning (ML) to ...
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Apple said to launch AR glasses that relies on iPhone in 2020

Apple's long-rumoured head-mounted AR device will be ready by the middle of next year, according to the most reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Ming-Chi Kuo, who has always been accurate with Apple predictions has stated that mass production of AR headset could start as soon as the fourth quarter of 2019 and not beyond the second quarter of 2020. Furthermore, the company is planning to scrape a standalone device plan and expected to rely on the iPhone instead. According to Kuo, the AR glas...
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Here's everything we know about Apple's rumored smart glasses, which could arrive as soon as next year (AAPL)

Apple is rumored to release a pair of smart glasses as early as 2020. We've rounded up all of the details from reports over the years to give you an idea of what Apple might eventually release. Apple is reportedly working on a pair of smart glasses. The device is said to be an augmented reality (AR) headset, which overlays virtual images on top of what you see in the real world. Think "Pokémon Go," where you see the real world through your phone's camera, but digital Pokémon can also be seen ...
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Vtrus Gets $2.9M For Drones That Inspect Indoor Industrial Equipment

Vtrus, a Seattle-based startup developing drones designed to autonomously inspect equipment in factories and other indoor settings, has raised more than $2.9 million to support its commercialization efforts, according to a regulatory filing.Nine investors participated in the equity funding round, the filing shows.Reached by phone on Thursday, a spokesperson for Vtrus declined to comment on the startup’s technology, timeline for reaching the market, or plans with the new cash.Many people first l...
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Here's how Apple's long-rumored smart glasses will work, according to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple's first augmented reality (AR) smart glasses may rely on the iPhone in order to work. The headset could go into mass production as soon as Q4 2019 and as late as Q2 2020. The predictions come from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose projections about new Apple products have been accurate in the past.  Apple's first set of augmented reality (AR) smart glasses will rely heavily on the iPhone in order to function, according to the latest predictions from TF International Securities analyst Ming-Ch...
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Apple could launch augmented reality headset in 2020

According to a new report from Ming-Chi Kuo (via ), a reliable analyst on all things Apple, the company has been working on an augmented reality headset and is about to launch the device. This pair of glasses could go into mass production as early as Q4 2019 and should be available at some point during the first half of 2020. It’s still unclear what you’ll be able to do with this mysterious headset. Kuo says that it’ll work more or less like an Apple Watch. You won’t be able to use the AR he...
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You Are Not Ready For HoloLens 2

Microsoft figured it out. Tuesday I got my first opportunity to try out the HoloLens 2, and after slipping it over my head and taking a quick moment to calibrate the eye tracking, I was instantly able to move around the room and interact with objects crafted from light. It was annoyingly natural to participate in an…Read more...
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Tim Maughan's Infinite Detail: a debut sf novel about counterculture, resistance, and the post-internet apocalypse

Tim Maughan has long been one of the most promising up-and-coming, avante garde UK science fiction writers, whose post-cyberpunk short fiction mixed radical politics with a love of graffiti and a postmodern filmmaker's eye: now, with his debut novel Infinite Detail, Maughan shows that he has what it takes to work at longer lengths, and can sustain a first-rate adventure story that grabs and never lets go, without sacrificing the political and technological insights that give his work depth that...
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NetDragon Collaborates with China Unicom to Create Future Classroom as a Pioneer in 5G + Smart Education

HONG KONG, Mar 1, 2019 – (ACN Newswire) – NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (“NetDragon” or “the Company”) (Hong Kong Stock Code: 777), a global leader in building internet communities, has participated in the China Unicom “5G + Smart Education” Industry Read more… The post NetDragon Collaborates with China Unicom to Create Future Classroom as a Pioneer in 5G + Smart Education appeared first on TechRecur: Latest Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, Analysis, Press Releases.
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Seattle Venture Capital Watch: Modumetal, Illumagear, HaptX & More

February may be the shortest month of the year, but the past four weeks have seen many investments raised by technology businesses based in the Seattle area. Here are some notable deals from the past month: —Modumetal, a Seattle-based company that develops nanolaminated materials for use in armor, vehicles, building exteriors, and other products, raised nearly $17.5 million in new capital, according to an SEC filing. Forty-two investors participated in the equity funding round, the filing sho...
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