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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A profile of a successful education system, international art news, paramedical tattooing and more The Mental Magic of Paramedical Tattoos Tattoos, though cosmetic in nature, have a diverse and longstanding history of significant purpose. For Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio owner Eric Catalano, an unexpected request led to a moment of discovery: while tattooing fingernails on a man that lost the tips of two fingers in …
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Incredible Photographs From The Construction Of The Forth Railway Bridge, A 19th Century Engineering Marvel

Spanning 541 meters over the Firth of Forth, Edinburgh’s Forth Railway Bridge became the longest cantilever bridge in the world when the future King Edward VII drove its final “golden” rivet on March 4, 1890. Its length was surpassed a few decades later by the Quebec Bridge in Canada, completed in 1919, but the Forth Bridge still holds second place, and remains an incredible feat of engineering. h/ Source
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Rome unveils shrine dedicated to city's mythical founder

Newly found monument honouring Romulus includes 2,600-year-old sarcophagusA newly discovered ancient shrine believed to have been dedicated to the cult of Romulus, the legendary founder and first king of Rome, has been unveiled.The monument was discovered by archaeologists in a chamber beneath the Roman Forum, the political heart of the Roman empire, and includes a 2,600-year-old sarcophagus and a circular stone structure that is believed to have been an altar. Continue reading...
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Cabins designed to help you feel at one with nature: Part 2

When it comes to holiday getaways, everyone loves the idea of lounging about in a nice cabin surrounded by nature at its best. Whether it’s in the middle of a forest, by the sea or on a snowy mountaintop, one can never say no to cabin vacations! Architects and designers have been innovating the basic concept of a cabin itself, creating luxurious and cozy holiday destinations. So, we’ve curated a collection of comfortable cabins that will help you reconnect with nature and yourself!The Resort Man...
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This Airbnb Airship brings the stargazing to your room

Airbnb has single-handedly changed how the world travels – it has not only made travel accessible but taken it up to a different dimension altogether with its one-of-a-kind homestays. Airbnb filled this gap that benefits the traveler and the host but also provides multiple tiers between hotels and motels. Like many, I love to travel and sometimes on dull days I will check for the most unique Airbnb stays, you can actually book igloos, treehouses, sheep trailers, caves, castles, and even a POTA...
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La Bisbal, Spain’s Chocolate Factory Turned Residence

From the bones of a former chocolate factory, rising three stories on a historic block dating back to the late nineteenth century, architects Anna and Eugeni Bach fashioned a light-filled residence. The architects preserved the building’s stone-bearing facade and embarked upon different design directions for each of the floors within—from supporting a Catalan vault on the ground floor to employing large logs beneath brick and …
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Marc Thorpe designs live/work buildings built from earth bricks

New York-based architecture studio Marc Thorpe Design has unveiled renderings for the Dakar Houses, a series of live/work spaces for the artisans of furniture brand Moroso, located on the outskirts of the Senegalese capital of Dakar. Designed with compressed earth bricks, a common building material in western Senegal, the multipurpose units take inspiration from the local architectural vernacular. The economical earth bricks also have the advantage of thermal mass to provide comfortable indoor t...
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Home on a sloped ravine uses natural materials to blend into the landscape

Built by Chicago-based firm Wheeler Kearns Architects, the Ravine House is a beautiful home that sits tucked into a natural forest setting just outside of Highland Park, Illinois. Working directly with the nature-loving homeowners, the architects strategically focused on blending the minimalist home, which was built with natural materials, into the idyllic surroundings while reducing its impact as much as possible. The Ravine House comes in at more than 4,500 square feet across a single-story, ...
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CLT gives a sustainable community center in Copenhagen a welcoming feel

In the Copenhagen suburb of Brønshøj, local architectural practice NORD Architects has completed the Parish Center, a contemporary community center and place of worship that’s primarily built of cross-laminated timber to reduce the project’s carbon footprint. Selected for its renewable and durable features, the cross-laminated timber has also been purposefully left exposed throughout the multifunctional building to lend a sense of welcoming and warmth to the interior. The project serves as a gat...
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Why Rem Koolhaas Brought a Tractor to the Guggenheim

The architect, a champion of cities, now turns a spotlight on the countryside in a sprawling new exhibition about the other 98 percent of the world.
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NASA plans to use mushrooms to build sustainable housing on Mars like this one!

Let’s accept it – climate change is the biggest design problem of our lifetime. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, every brand from fashion to mental health and even construction is incorporating sustainable solutions in their work. In fact, a recent exhibition in Somerset, London was dedicated entirely to “the remarkable mushroom” showcasing its versatility. I am curious how mushrooms are used for construction given that that particular industry contributes to 39% of the world’s carb...
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An Architect's Sketch-and-Sculpt Tactic for Breaking Creative Block

What do you guys and gals do when you encounter Designer's Block?Mexico-based architect Alejandro de la Vega Zulueta, who designed the Antigua high-rise apartment building you see above, has a go-to trick that he presumably picked up in Foundation: He starts free-sketching random patterns, applying lighting and shadows to wring form out of them. Occasionally he digitizes these sketches into parametric diagrams, then realizes them as full-blown sculptures with a 3D printer."My inspiration is ofte...
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Yea or Nay: Would You Want to Live in a House with No Conventional Storeys, But 16 Micro-Levels?

Dezeen has been following the work of Japanese architect Yo Shimada, and his penchant for multi-level interior construction, for quite some time. Shimada's Kobe-based firm, Tato Architects, made a splash in 2013 with their House in Itami, which features an interior composed of multiple differing-height platforms, often using furniture to double as stairs between levels, like this:House in Itami House in Itami Their subsequent House in Miyamoto took the concept even further, essentially going ope...
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At the Snowman Café...

... you can talk about anything. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Hello Wood unveils a tiny cabin that sleeps up to 8 people

Most cabins are designed to let people enjoy a bit of quiet time, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, for those social butterflies who believe that getting back to nature doesn’t have to mean sacrificing time with friends, Hello Wood has created the beautiful Grand Cabin. Located near Csóromfölde, Hungary, the cabin’s looming A-frame volume was built from panels of prefab wood. Although the pitched-roof shape was inspired by traditional Czech-style mountain lodges, the ca...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Budapest, Cabin, Tiny Homes, Minimalist Design, Prefab Housing, Wood Cabin, Hello Wood, Grand Cabin, Prefab Wood Cabins, Csóromfölde Hungary, Hello Wood Via Apartment Therapy Photography, Tamás Bujnovszky

The City of Nashville Built a Full-Scale Replica of the Parthenon in 1897, and It’s Still Standing Today

Photo by Mayur Phadtare, via Wikimedia Commons A recent executive order stating that “the classical architectural style shall be the preferred and default style” for federal buildings in the U.S. has reminded some of other executives who enforced neoclassicicism as the state’s official aesthetic dogma. In the case of the U.S., however, neoclassical building does not draw from ancient sources, but from “a 19th century interpretation of what people were doing in Rome and Athens millennia ago,” as...
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Learn how to shoot better architectural photography from an actual architect

Architectural photography is possibly one of the most challenging types of photography there is. We see buildings every day of our lives, and most of them have been seen from just about every angle already. Seeing and photographing them in a new or interesting way isn’t easy. This video from 30×40 Design Workshop was actually […] The post Learn how to shoot better architectural photography from an actual architect appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Library Designs every book addict will add to their bucket list!

I’m a complete bibliophile! In fact, give me a good book and I can cuddle up with it, completely forgetting about the rest of the world. Hence, it’s no surprise that a library is one of my favorite places in the world, and I’m sure others share the same sentiment. Libraries are warm and comforting spaces with the promise of unlimited knowledge, and are the entryway to another world. So, we’ve curated a collection of exquisite and intriguing libraries that will awaken the bibliophile within each ...
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LEED Gold-targeted office mimics High Line via lush greenery

New York City’s award-winning High Line has attracted yet another sculptural building to its side — 512 West 22nd Street, a contemporary Chelsea office building that takes cues from the elevated park with landscaped terraces on every floor. Designed by local architecture firm COOKFOX Architects, the new building is inspired by not only its proximity to the High Line, but also the neighborhood’s industrial history. The office is expected to achieve LEED Gold certification.  Located adjacent to t...
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A Quiet Respite in a Bustling Open Workplace

More than a decade into the era of the open-plan office, a host of ancillary spaces like “phone booths” and “meeting pods” are cropping up, offering employees an escape from their co-workers.
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Who Was Carlo Scarpa?

His reimagining of ancient public buildings made him an Italian icon, but the 20th-century architect is perhaps best understood through the private homes he designed.
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Explore Ancient Athens 3D, a Digital Reconstruction of the Greek City-State at the Height of Its Influence

Today any of us can go Athens, a city with flavorful food, pleasant weather, a picturesque setting, reasonable prices, and a decent subway system. That is to say, we can enjoy Athens as it is, but what about Athens as it was? As one of the oldest cities in the world, not to mention a developmental center of Western civilization itself, its history holds as much interest as its present reality. Despite all the historical research into ancient Greece, we lack a fully accurate image of what...
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This concrete bubble-filled greenhouse comes together like a puzzle!

Architect Gerardo Broissin designed an intriguing pavilion that sits on the lawn at the contemporary art museum Museo Tamayo in Mexico City. The structure looks like it’s right out of another dimension, but it functions as a greenhouse of sorts! The pavilion has been created using concrete panels that come together like a puzzle. Named Egaligilo or equalizer in English, the puzzle-inspired panels of the pavilion are spread out across a steel frame, with bubble-like circles protruding from them.D...
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This ecological public restroom is the future of public amenities!

Overlooking the River Miño and Deva in O Valińo, in Trado, Spain, is a unique structure or to be more specific, an ecological restroom. The location is a popular hiking route, which attracts a growing number of visitors, with a healthy population of local citizens residing there. In an attempt to meet their needs, MOL Arquitectura unveiled plans for these ecological restrooms. The aim was to create a space that complements the natural environment and merges seamlessly with it. A container create...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Innovation in space food and slime, an artist's sudden success, and why we should eat more sea urchins The Future of Space Food MIT Media Lab’s Space Exploration Initiative focuses on all kinds of research and preparation for “the day when humanity becomes a space-native civilization, as comfortable in thFrom slime to space, tech and textilese cosmos as we have been on Earth.” The team …
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For 13 years, this photographer has been building an incredible 3D digital model of Athens

Starting in 2007, photographer and visual effects artist Dimitris Tsalkanis has been building a digital 3D model of ancient Athens. The result is an immersive historical recreation where everyone online is invited. How did Tsalkanis handle this Herculean (rather, Heraklean) task? He learned as he went. From Sarah Rose Sharp's article about Ancient Athens 3D in Hyperallergic: “I had no previous experience on 3D and I started experimenting in my spare time,” said Tsalkanis in an email int...
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South Africa's first interior 6 star Green Star awarded to Formfunc

The Green Building Council recently awarded South Africa’s highest possible Interiors Green Star v1 certification to Capetown-based company Formfunc Studio’s office spaces — the first such rating to be awarded in the country for an office and distribution center. Spearheaded by local multidisciplinary environmental firm Terramanzi Group, the design optimizes energy efficiency as well as occupant health and wellness. Designed with the Green Star Rating Tool in mind, the environmental consultants...
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How One Couple Transformed Their Brooklyn Brownstone to Age in Place

With lots of rooms — and stairs — a 19th-century brownstone isn’t an easy place to grow old. But after 40 years in Park Slope, they wanted to stay put.
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LEED Gold-targeted Ottawa library will honor local history

After nearly a year of public input by Canadians from coast to coast, Toronto-based Diamond Schmitt Architects has finally revealed renderings for the new Ottawa library and archives. Designed in collaboration with KWC Architects, the Ottawa Public Library and Library and Archives Canada Joint Facility will be an innovative landmark representative of all Canadians. The building will target, at minimum, LEED Gold certification and will reflect the region’s rich history and natural beauty with its...
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Vintage Storefronts in Valetta, Malta

I am traveling out of Paris this week, so I thought I would post all travel posts this week. Enjoy! On my visit to Malta last year, I stayed in the capital, Valetta.   The tiny capital, the smallest in Europe, only.08 meters square, has beautiful, baroque architecture from the 1600s. One of the distinctive architectural elements is the vintage storefronts which still have hand painted signs with groovy fonts and many have the original family owner’s names on them. I will be back in ...
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