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The Internet Archive is Saving Classic Flash Animations & Games from Extinction: Explore Them Online

Flash is finally dead, and the world… does not mourn. Because the announcement of its end actually came three years ago, “like a guillotine in a crowded town square,” writes Rhett Jones at Gizmodo. It was a slow execution, but it was just. So useful in Web 1.0 days for making animations, games, and serious presentations, Flash had become a vulnerability, a viral carrier that couldn’t be patched fast enough to keep the hackers out. “Adobe’s Flash died many deaths, but we can truly throw some dir...
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Lite YouTube Embeds - A Better Method for Embedding YouTube Videos on your Website

It is easy to embed a YouTube video but you’ll be surprised to know how much extra weight a single YouTube video embed can add to your web pages. The browser has to download ~800 kB of data (see screenshot) for rendering the YouTube video player alone. And these files are downloaded even before the visitor has clicked the play button. The embedded YouTube video not only increases the byte size of your web pages but the browser has to make multiple HTTP requests to rende...
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Build a COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool with Google Forms

Businesses and schools worldwide are using Google Forms to build COVID-19 self-declaration forms that employees, students and visitors must complete every day before they can attend work. Here is a sample COVID-19 Health Screening Form - if the answer is “yes” to any of the questions, the person is expected to stay home. After a respondent submits the form, a confirmation email is sent to them instantly with the Email Notifications add-on. The email is like a clearance ...
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How to Play YouTube Videos at Custom Speed

The settings pane in the YouTube video player lets you quickly change the default playback speed of the current video. You may go as high as 2x that will play the video at twice the normal speed. The lower limit is 0.25 that will slow down the video to one-fourth the original speed. Watch YouTube at Custom Speed YouTube allows you to play videos at 2x the original speed but what if you want to speed up and watch videos at an even higher speed - like 4x or 10x the n...
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Extract from ‘The Journey’: Responses to the archive

This sequence of texts was written in response to various photographs of Nigeria made between 1920 and 1929 that form part of the Colonial Office photographic collection The post Extract from ‘The Journey’: Responses to the archive appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Is Christianity rooted in psychedelic rituals?

In his new book, Brian Muraresku speculates that the Christian Eucharist could be rooted in the Eleusinian Mysteries. The wine and wafer of the modern ritual might have started off with a far more potent beverage. In this interview with Big Think, Muraresku discusses "dying before dying" and the demonization of women by the Church. Brian Muraresku wants to be very clear: the immortality key is not psychedelics. He's referring to the concept of "dying before dying," a mystical, near-death state...
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Google Drive Monitor - Get Email Alerts When Files are Deleted in your Drive

When you delete a file in Google Drive, it moves to the trash folder and stays there indefinitely until you manually empty the bin. That is how it has always been but, sometime this month, Google made one important change to how the trash bin works.Under the new policy, files that have been in Google Drive’s trash bin for more than 30-days are automatically deleted. This automatic cleanup does help reclaim space but if you happen to accidentally delete some important files or folders from your G...
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How to Search Emails in Gmail by Specific Time

Gmail supports a plethora of search operators to help you instantly find that elusive email message buried in your mailbox. You have size search - like larger_than:5mb - to find the big messages in your account. File search - like has:attachment filename:doc - will locate email messages that contain specific file attachments. This graphic illustrates all the known Gmail search operators that work both on Gmail website and mobile. Search by Date in Gmail Date search...
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How to Send Emails from a Different Address (Alias) with Gmail

Say you have two email accounts - [email protected] and [email protected] - the former is your personal email address while the latter is your work (corporate) email address. You are logged into your personal Gmail account but would like the mail merge to go out from your work account.Consider another scenario where the personal secretary needs to sends out emails on behalf of her boss. So she runs the merge while staying logged into her own Google account but the recipients will see her boss’s ...
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The Dorothea Lange Digital Archive: Explore 600+ Photographs by the Influential Photographer (Plus Negatives, Contact Sheets & More)

Shortly before her death in 1965, one of the New Deal’s most famous photographers, Dorothea Lange, spoke at UC Berkeley. “Someone showed me photos of migrant farmworkers they had just taken,” she said. “They look just like what I made in the ‘30s.” We can see the same conditions Lange documented almost 60 years later, from the poverty of the Depression to the internment and demonization of immigrants. Only the clothing and the architecture has changed. “Her work could not be more relevant to w...
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How to Password Protect Google Documents and PDF files in Google Drive

Introducing PDF toolbox, a new Google Drive addon that lets you password protect PDF files and Google Documents. The app can also help you unlock PDF files that are already protected with a password in your Google Drive.Watch the video tutorial to get started. Password Protect PDF Files To get started, install the PDF toolbox add-on and grant the necessary authorization. The app requires access to the file that you would like to encrypt (or decrypt) and you also have an an option to send t...
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Reclaim Disk Space - How to Find the Biggest Files in your Google Drive

Your Google account storage is shared between Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. What do you do when your Google account is running out of storage space? You either buy more storage from Google or the inexpensive option is that you spend some time spring-cleaning your account and delete the emails and files that could be hogging up the storage space. Recover Spaces in Google Drive First things first. Go to and click on the “View Details” link to know the tota...
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10,000 Vintage Recipe Books Are Now Digitized in The Internet Archive’s Cookbook & Home Economics Collection

“Early cookbooks were fit for kings,” writes Henry Notaker at The Atlantic. “The oldest published recipe collections” in the 15th and 16th centuries in Western Europe “emanated from the palaces of monarchs, princes, and grand señores.” Cookbooks were more than recipe collections—they were guides to court etiquette and sumptuous records of luxurious living. In ancient Rome, cookbooks functioned similarly, as the extravagant fourth century Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome demonstrates. Written...
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How to Make your Documents Read-only in Google Drive

The files in your Google Drive are private by default and only the owner has initial permissions to view, edit or delete their files. If you choose to share a file with other people, you can decide whether others have read-only access to your files or if they are allowed to edit and comment on your files.You can always remove external collaborators from your documents to prevent them from editing your files but how do you prevent yourself (the owner) from accidentally editing your own files in G...
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How to Embed Barcode and QR Code In Google Forms Notifications

The Google Form Notifications add-on lets you automatically send Google Form responses in an email message to one or more recipients. The email notifications are dispatched the moment your form receives a new submission.The more recent version of the Google Form addon includes support for QR Code and Barcode symbols that you can embed in the email messages. The images can be generated from static text or you can create dynamic images based on answers submitted by the user. Add QR Code images...
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Explore a Digital Archive of Student Notebooks from Around the World (1773-Present)

To bring back memories of your schooldays, there's nothing quite like the sight of your old exercise books. This holds true whether you went to school in Ghana in the 2010s, Italy in the 90s, France in the 80s, China in the 70s, Japan in the 60s, or India in the 50s. All of these examples and many more have come available to view at the Exercise Book Archive, an "ever-growing, participatory archive of old exercise books that allows everyone to discover the history, education, and daily life of ...
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The Internet Archive Will Digitize & Preserve Millions of Academic Articles with Its New Database, “Internet Archive Scholar”

Open access publishing has, indeed, made academic research more accessible, but in “the move from physical academic journals to digitally-accessible papers,” Samantha Cole writes at Vice, it has also become “more precarious to preserve…. If an institution stops paying for web hosting or changes servers, the research within could disappear.” At least a couple hundred open access journals vanished in this way between 2000 and 2019, a new study published on arxiv found. Another 900 journals are in...
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Omar Badsha: Recording the roles of the ordinary

Saho’s Omar Badsha believes in the power of people telling their own stories, but more funding to support this practice is crucial The post appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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How to Link Websites Without the Eventual Broken Links

Have you ever been browsing an older website, only to find yourself face-to-face with a 404 error when you click on a link to a long-abandoned site? What about searching up an old bookmarked article only to find that it’s now stuck behind a paywall?Read more...
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Time-Binding and The Music History Survey

Musicologist Phil Ford, co-host of the Weird Studies podcast, makes an eloquent argument for the preservation of the “Chants to Minimalism” Western Music History survey—the standard academic curriculum for musicology students, akin to the “fish, frogs, lizards, birds” evolutionary spiral taught in bio classes—in an age of exponential change and an increased emphasis on “relevance” over the remembrance of canonical works: Perhaps paradoxically, the rate of cultural change increases in pro...
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The Winamp Skin Museum Is X-Tremely Gnarly

At this moment, thousands of people around the world are booting up the just-released remaster of the classic Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game and hearing those plinking Primus riffs on the soundtrack for the first time in a couple of decades. If you’re one of the people who are about to spend the weekend going…Read more...
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Ranking NHL Teams By Goaltenders

Now that the 2019-20 NHL season is over and the Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing, it’s time to rank the teams by position once again. Starting with the goaltenders since that position seems the most solidified on paper across the league as of today. When it comes to ranking goaltenders, starters still carry the most weight despite the fact it’s becoming a two-goalie league, and positional depth is more important than ever before. With that in mind, in the first of a four-part seri...
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How to Search Google Images by the Exact Size

Google Images earlier offered a useful “search by size” option in advanced search to help you find logos, wallpapers and other images on the Internet by their exact size (or resolution).For instance, you could limit your search for landscape photographs to image files that were at least 10 Megapixels in size. Or, if you are were using Google Image search to find wallpapers for the desktop, you could specify the image resolution as 1920x1080 pixels and Google would only return large images with t...
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February 7, 1986

The Weekly Mail, February 1986 The post February 7, 1986 appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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February 14, 1986

The Weekly Mail, February 1986 The post February 14, 1986 appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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February 21, 1986

The Weekly Mail, February 1986 The post February 21, 1986 appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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February 28, 1986

The Weekly Mail, February 1986 The post February 28, 1986 appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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January 17, 1986

The Weekly Mail, January 1986 The post January 17, 1986 appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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January 24, 1986

The Weekly Mail, January 1986 The post January 24, 1986 appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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January 31, 1986

The Weekly Mail, January 1986 The post January 31, 1986 appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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