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Quick Hits: Polar Bears invade Russian Town

Residents terrified as dozens of polar bears invade Russian town A remote archipelago in northern Russia has declared a state of emergency after an invasion of polar bears has sparked fear among residents. Novaya Zemlya, located in the Arctic Ocean, has been swarmed with polar bears since December. The region’s largest settlement, Belushya Guba, has reported more than 50 polar bear sightings. Local administrators say that the polar bears have attacked people and entered buildings and that pa...
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Russian Authorities Declare State of Emergency After 'Mass Invasion' of Polar Bears in Remote Settlement

Russian authorities have declared a state of emergency in the remote, sparsely populated Novaya Zemlya islands in the Arctic Ocean, the BBC reported this weekend, after “dozens” of polar bears whose food sources are limited due to climate change started rooting through homes and other buildings near the settlement of…Read more...
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Magnetic north isn’t even close to where it used to be

Magnetic north has recently been moving north from Canada to Russia in a cold hurry. It's moving about 33 miles a year instead of the usual 7 miles. World navigation models had to updated ahead of schedule to catch up with it. None If you're reading this as you travel the arctic, odds are you're probably already a bit confused. Your compass has been, well, strange, lately. That's because magnetic north has been moving. Quickly. It's never been stationary, but recently it's been moving around 4...
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The North Magnetic Pole’s Mysterious Journey Across the Arctic

Scientists accelerated the update of a model of Earth’s fluctuating magnetic field, which is needed to keep navigational systems functioning. Many wondered what’s happening inside the planet’s core.
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Kings of the Yukon - An Alaskan River Journey ~ Adam Weymouth

I spent the last few weeks of 2018 paddling along the Yukon and the best thing was I didn't even know I wanted to go. Hadn't planned it in the diary, no travel insurance, no fretting about getting there. The canoe held up after a few  dicey moments over some rapids, and the grizzlies spared us. I've stopped off hither and yon and learned a lot about Alaska, a country that is the size of France, Germany, Italy and the British Isles combined (population 277 million) and yet is home to just 741,894...
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How warmer waters threaten Arctic Ocean life

The Barents Sea is shifting from an Arctic climate to an Atlantic climate, and is now said to be at tipping point as its waters heat up.
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Migrating Magnetic North Pole

I'm not that familiar with the scenario of the flipping of the magnetic poles but because some are, I'm posting these two articles about recent moving of the magnetic field. Back in March there was an article about the earth's magnetic pole "wobbling": Quote: "At the heart of the matter, geologists believe, is a disturbance in the outer core of the Earth’s interior (2900km below the surface). This superheated pool of molten metal is what generates the magnetic field. “If we look at our best num...
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Luxury cruise to Antarctica

Colin O’Brady would’ve had a much better time if he’d ended each day eating popcorn in a hot tub. Not to say the man who recently completed the first unassisted trek of Antarctica didn’t enjoy himself. Just that his trip probably would have been better if he could have spent his downtime soaking in hot water and enjoying a hot buttery snack. Such is the life if you opt to see Antarctica aboard the most luxurious ship to ever hit the White Continent. The Silversea Silver Cloud erases all Shack...
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Cold case: world’s northernmost settlement sees first bank robbery

Failed heist was on Norway’s archipelago of Svalbard – just 1,000km from the north poleAn armed man has robbed a bank in the world’s northernmost settlement on Norway’s remote Arctic archipelago of Svalbard – but he was caught shortly afterwards, authorities have said.The heist was the first bank robbery in living memory in the territory, which is located in the Arctic Ocean, about halfway between continental Norway and the north pole. Continue reading...
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Almost all of the oldest, thickest ice in the Arctic Ocean is gone due to climate change

Due to climate change, temperatures in the Arctic are among the warmest on record, and the amount of sea ice there is close to its all-time lowest level.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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The Arctic we once knew is gone

Atop the globe, there's probably no turning back. Melting trends in the Arctic today are increasingly stark. The 2018 Arctic Report Card, produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), depicts a thawing world that is continuing to warm and melt at an unprecedented pace. "I think that the report demonstrated everything we’ve been seeing for the last decade," Jeremy Mathis, a NOAA Arctic scientist who was not involved with this report, said in an interview.  "The chan...
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Exploring Earth's final frontiers: Five Deeps Expedition attempts to visit the bottom of the world's oceans

For the last three years, a society of explorers, oceanographers, engineers and scientists has been secretly working on a project without precedent; now the adventurer Victor Vescovo will push the results of their labour to the limit. A collaboration between undersea-technology company Caladan Oceanic, specialist tour operator Eyos Expeditions and Triton Submarines, the Five Deeps Expedition is the first global ocean journey to send a manned submersible to the five deepest points below the surfa...
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Ocean fertilization by unusual microbes extends to frigid waters of Arctic Ocean

Microbes that provide natural fertilizer to the oceans by 'fixing' nitrogen from the atmosphere into a form useable by other organisms are active in the cold waters of the Bering and Chukchi Seas.
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NASA weighs in on petroleum development in Arctic Ocean

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — America’s space agency is weighing in on future petroleum development in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska’s north coast. Alaska’s Energy Desk reports that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management asked for comment as the Trump administration considers a 2019 lease sale in the Beaufort Sea. A letter from NASA says Beaufort […]
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Groups protest plans for possible lease sale in Beaufort

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Federal regulators are preparing an environmental review for a possible offshore lease sale in Alaska’s Beaufort Sea and environmental groups are calling foul. The legality of Arctic Ocean offshore lease sales is the subject of a federal lawsuit. Environmental groups say it’s irresponsible to plan lease sales ahead of a ruling. […]
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America's Northernmost City Is Having Another Dramatic Climate Change Year 

The northernmost city in the U.S. continues to be ground zero for the impacts of climate change. As sunlight fades from the Arctic, sea ice began to form this week around Utqiaġvik, an Iñupiat whaling community located on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. And that’s...not right.Read more...
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Lawyer: Trump exceeded power by reversing Obama drilling ban

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A lawyer says President Donald Trump exceeded his power when he signed an executive order reversing a ban on offshore drilling in vast parts of the Arctic Ocean and dozens of underwater canyons in the Atlantic Ocean. Erik Grafe, an attorney for the environmental group Earthjustice, made the argument Friday in […]
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Why the Trump administration is terrified of these children

Twenty-one children, adolescents, and young adults — all between the ages of 11 and 21 — were set to face off against the United States in an Oregon courthouse on Oct. 29.  But instead, the highest court in the land has temporarily halted the unprecedented climate trial after the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court — in a 38-page request — to put things on hold.  The young plaintiffs, some still in grammar school, are suing the U.S. government for supporting a national energy system tha...
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Earth’s carbon dioxide levels are likely the highest they've been in 15 million years

We’ve entered some profoundly unfamiliar planetary territory. Amid a backdrop of U.S. politicians still questioning whether the changing climate is attributable to humans (it is), it's quite likely that we’ve actually boosted Earth's carbon dioxide — a potent greenhouse gas — to the highest levels they’ve been in some 15 million years.  The number 15 million is dramatically higher than a statistic frequently cited by geologists and climate scientists: That today's carbon levels ar...
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Web-based open source dashboard of North Pole

It's called ArcCI (or Arctic CyberInfrastructure) and promises to combine the thousands of images that have been taken along the years of the Arctic Ocean into one global database that will help scientists and the world see the physical changes occurring in the region including ice loss. The hope is that this web-based repository will allow researchers to spend more time analyzing information rather than just collecting and processing data.
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UTSA creates web-based open source dashboard of North Pole

It's called ArcCI (or Arctic CyberInfrastructure) and promises to combine the thousands of images that have been taken along the years of the Arctic Ocean into one global database that will help scientists and the world see the physical changes occurring in the region including ice loss. The hope is that this web-based repository will allow researchers to spend more time analyzing information rather than just collecting and processing data.
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Life on the floor of the Arctic Ocean, with rigor and in detail

(PLOS) In an extensive and rigorous study of animal life on the Central Arctic Ocean floor, researchers have shown that water depth and food availability influence the species composition, density, and biomass of benthic communities, according to a study published Oct. 17, 2018, in the open-access journal PLOS ONE.
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Arctic sea ice decline driving ocean phytoplankton farther north

A new study reveals phytoplankton spring blooms in the Arctic Ocean, which were previously nonexistent, are expanding northward at a rate of one degree of latitude per decade. Although blooms did not previously occur in this area, phytoplankton were present in the Arctic's central basin at low biomass. The study also found the primary productivity of the phytoplankton, or the rate at which phytoplankton convert sunlight into chemical energy, is increasing during the spring blooms.
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Lapland is hiring Christmas Elves

A lot of people take temporary jobs over the holiday season to make some extra cash, but this might be the best, and most coveted, holiday job out there. Finland’s Lapland Safaris is looking for Elves this Christmas season to help guide visitors on holiday, lead them to buses, and generally spread Christmas cheer in the Arctic. According to the job posting, “An Elf is at the same time an entertainer, a guide, and mythical creature of Christmas,” and Elves should be “energetic, outgoing, posi...
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Things in the middle of the Arctic are getting really strange

In the deep middle of the remote Arctic Ocean, things are amiss. With the passage of summer, the ice — diminished by the warm season — is expected to regrow as frigid temperatures envelope the Arctic.  But, this year, it's not.  Specifically, sea ice in the Central Arctic basin — a massive region of ocean some 4.5 million square kilometers in size — hasn't started its usual rapid expansion, and unusually warm temperatures in both the air and the ocean are largely to blame.  "For the mo...
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9 countries and the EU protected the Arctic Ocean before the ice melts

Climate change is so quickly melting the far north that key nations just agreed to prohibit commercial fishing in the high seas of the Arctic for at least 16 years.
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This is not fine

A UN report compiled by a coalition of international climate experts has warned that “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” are required if global warming is to be limited to just 1.5°C. The report also sets out some of the dire consequences for both humanity and life on Earth if that threshold is exceeded, and points out that, conversely, limiting global warming would give people and ecosystems “more room to adapt and remain below relevant risk thresholds”....
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Scientists show polar 'polynya' supported marine life during last Ice Age

An oasis in the hostile Arctic Ocean sustained marine life and ocean circulation during the last Ice Age, according to a new study.
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Arctic ice hit one of its lowest points on record, but there’s another grim statistic

Sea ice in the Arctic has just about melted to its lowest point of 2018, and this reinforces a trend of dwindling ice atop the globe — where the climate is warming two to three times faster than the rest of the planet. As of last week, it's the sixth-lowest ice extent — known as the sea ice minimum — in nearly 40 years of satellite records, and with the summer's end it's likely to keep that ranking. This statistic alone might not carry the bite of 2012's extreme Arctic melt, ...
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People are worried about this lost beluga whale that was spotted in London's River Thames

Benny the beluga whale is a long way from home. After sightings of the animal swimming in London's River Thames went viral on Twitter on Tuesday, scientists and marine rescuers have expressed their concern for its wellbeing. SEE ALSO: 16 striking murals that show the devastating effects of climate change Here are some clips of the whale, nicknamed "Benny", which were filmed yesterday morning. For anyone twitching the #BELUGA its been feeding around the barges (see last tweet for location)...
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