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From The Career Files: Reimagining Innovation In Legal Education

Ari Kaplan speaks with Gabe Teninbaum, a professor at Suffolk University Law School and the director of the Institute on Legal Innovation and Technology.
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From The Career Files: Empowering Proficiency With The Legal Tech Assessment

Ari Kaplan speaks with Casey Flaherty, the founder of Procertas and the creator of the Legal Tech Assessment
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From The Career Files: Reinventing Legal Writing

Ari Kaplan speaks with Ross Guberman, the founder of Legal Writing Pro, who provides training on legal writing worldwide.
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From The Career Files: Doing The Ordinary Better Than Everyone Else Is A Hallmark Of Client Service

Ari Kaplan spoke with David Kempston, a Minnesota-based plaintiff's workers’ compensation lawyer, who is the self-published author of That's Why They Call It Practicing Law.
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Problems in Family Law Are More Than Just Gender

Lawyers agree on few things, but one of the issues that there appears to be consensus on is that the legal system is in crisis. The family law system is particularly strained, and complaints about family law go back decades. I touched on this briefly in my recent column in National Magazine, From 1997 to 1999, the Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access studied the impact of family law on children. The main complaint was that the process affected parents’ relationships with their chi...
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From The Career Files: Bridging The Gap Between Legal Education And Legal Practice Through Mentorship

What are some strategies for students who want to find an internship or a mentor?
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From The Career Files: Every Relationship Matters

Ari Kaplan chats with Peter Rouse, noted intellectual property lawyer and serial entrepreneur.
Tags: Technology, Law, Advice, Intellectual Property, Career Advice, Aba, Client Relations, Job Searches, Career Files, ATL Career Center, Ari Kaplan, Every Relationship Matters, Peter Rouse Building Your Book: If You Don’t Do This, Don’t Bother

Entrepreneur Ari Kaplan explains how his new technology can guide you down the path to riches and independence, but only if you embrace accountability.
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