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NHL Short Notes

WEDNESDAY’S RESULTS Home Team in Caps TORONTO 6, Washington 3 MONTREAL 2, Arizona 1 Minnesota 5, COLORADO 2 Nashville 2, VEGAS 1 St. Louis 5, ANAHEIM 1 Carolina 5, VANCOUVER 2   KADRI (HAT TRICK) HELPS MAPLE LEAFS REACH 30-WIN MARK Nazem Kadri (3-1—4) scored the fifth hat trick of his NHL career and first since Feb. 14, 2018 (3-2—5 vs. CBJ) to lead the Maple Leafs past theCapitals. Toronto (30-17-2, 62 points), which occupies second place in the Atlantic Division standings, ...
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50% of parents of young children are more exposed to anti-vaxx messages on social media, report finds

A survey by the UK's Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) showed that half of parents with children under five had seen anti-vaccination messages online. The anti-vaxx movement has found a foothold on social media, and a spokesman for the RSPH said people cannot afford to be complacent about its effect. A Guardian report pointed to the fact that some anti-vaxxers are targeting parents with paid-for ads. However, paid-for ads aren't the only way anti-vaccination messages are disseminated. ...
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Nurse Suspected Of Impregnating Incapacitated Woman Is Arrested

An Arizona nurse has been arrested for the sexual assault of an incapacitated woman in a long-term care facility. The assault resulted in a pregnancy and the birth of that child late last year.
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Best roadside lookouts in the US

Road trips are about a great many things. Cool playlists of the best song about every state. Excuses to eat more fast food in a week than you have since 2014. Gas station bathrooms. But they’re also about breaking up the monotony of the open road with a rest at a scenic lookout over something you’ve never seen before. It could be a mountain range, sprawling desert, or sweeping view of a modern city, but there’s something about scenic viewpoints that make us want to take a few minutes and appr...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 59: Hanging with the Machidas

Spent the day hanging out with RichardM and Bridget at the campsite near Quartzsite, AZ.The weather was warm and not windy at all which made it quite enjoyable to sit in the sun and chat about whatever was on our mind.  It would have been a perfect setting, but the large number of RVs surrounding us tended to ruin things a little bit.  Here's three views from the top of my URRV: We did take RichardM's truck into town to check out e-bikes for Bridget but nothing suitable was found.  One plac...
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Arizona lawmaker proposes 'porn tax' to fund Trump's border wall (the inquirer)

And you thought Blighty's age verification plans were bad [Author: [email protected](Carly Page)]
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Pop Culture's Next Scammer Obsession Is Elizabeth Holmes: Here's How Her Story Ended

After the breakout success of Netflix and Hulu’s Fyre Festival documentaries and with multiple adaptations of the story of New York City party scammer Anna Delvey coming our way, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the scam. And the next charismatic, yet flawed subject of fascination is Elizabeth Holmes, former Theranos CEO and subject of two documentaries, new podcast The Dropout, and Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie (Adam McKay’s big-screen adaptation of Bad Blood, the book about her rise and ...
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USC basketball looks to snap another skid – this one to Arizona

LOS ANGELES — Enough time has passed since the USC basketball team last beat Arizona that only one player is left on the roster who was a part of the victory. Bennie Boatwright, the Trojans’ sharp-shooting senior forward, was a freshman in 2016 when the Wildcats were toppled in a quadruple-overtime thriller, scoring 15 points in 41 minutes as one of USC’s five players in double figures in the upset. After one practice earlier this week, Boatwright recalled the lively home crowd that, for at leas...
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Lawyer: No proof nurse raped Arizona patient who had baby

A nurse who was supposed to be looking after an incapacitated woman at a long-term health care facility has been accused of raping her, weeks after the patient stunned her caregivers and family by giving birth to a baby boy , Phoenix police said Wednesday.
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Video shows migrant families using ladder to scale Arizona border fence

A group of 118 mostly Guatemalan migrants scaled the 18-foot-tall border fence on Monday night near Yuma with the help of smugglers using a ladder.            [Author: Arizona Republic]
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UCLA men’s basketball looks to offense to recapture Pac-12 success

LOS ANGELES — Murry Bartow wasn’t brought in to solve UCLA’s offense. The first-year-assistant-turned-interim-head-coach was hired as a de facto defensive coordinator, but on Tuesday, Bartow stood in the corner of the practice court in Mo Ostin Center and fielded questions on a turnover-prone offense and his trapping defenses alike. One proved particularly daunting. “When you look at your offense,” a reporter asked, “what does it need to be more efficient?” “Whew,” Bartow sighed. “How long do I ...
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New for SHOT: Kel-Tec CP33 .22 LR Pistol w/ 33 round magazine

Kel-Tec CP33 .22 LR Pistol 33 round magazine Arizona -( The long awaited Kel-Tec .22 LR pistol, with a 33 round magazine, has arrived at the Shot Show. The pistol is designated the CP33. It is a straight blowback design, which is simpler than the delayed blowback needed for the .22 rimfire magnum cartridges used in the PMR-30. The magazine design was patented by Toby Obermeit, lead engineer at Kel-Tec, in 2014. When I found out about it at the Shot Show in 2015, I thought a .22 ...
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Nurse arrested over Arizona care home patient pregnancy

A  nurse has been charged with rape after a severely disabled woman gave birth in care home in Arizona. The 29-year-old victim stunned her caregivers and family when she gave birth to a baby boy late last month, sparking an investigation. Nathan Sutherland, a 36-year-old licensed practical nurse, was arrested Wednesday on one count of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable adult abuse, Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said. Mr Sutherland was responsible for providing care to the victim dur...
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Nurse arrested in rape of incapacitated woman who gave birth in Arizona

A nurse who was supposed to be looking after an incapacitated woman at a long-term health care facility has been charged with raping her, weeks after she stunned her caregivers and family by giving birth to a baby boy, Phoenix police said Wednesday.
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Coyotes Weekly: Still Hanging Around

Don’t look now, but the injury-ravaged Arizona Coyotes, written off by many after losing no fewer than five key players to long-term ailments this season, are just two points out of a playoff spot after a 6-2-2 start to January. With a nine-day break coming up, it’s not inconceivable to think that this is a team that’s capable of getting healthy and going on a big second-half run to earn its first playoff berth since the 2011-12 season. Coyotes Week in Review After getting blown out 7-1 in Cal...
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Doctors who cared for Arizona sexual assault victim no longer treating patients there

Two doctors who led care for a woman who gave birth after being sexually assaulted at an Arizona health care facility are no longer treating its patients, Hacienda HealthCare said Monday.
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How one brokerage streamlined its social media marketing

Hunt Real Estate ERA, which has 1,300 agents across New York, Massachusetts, and Arizona, on Tuesday announced a partnership with Clearview Social, a social media strategy firm.
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Arizona nurse accused of impregnating woman in a vegetative state

A 36-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman in a vegetative state who then gave birth last month at a Phoenix health care facility, Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said Wednesday.
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Police: Mother of dead baby denied knowing she was pregnant

PHOENIX (AP) — Police say a worker accused of putting her newborn in a bathroom trash can at an Amazon distribution center in Phoenix, where the child was found dead, told investigators she didn’t know she was pregnant. Samantha Vivier of Tonopah (TOE’-no-pah), Arizona, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of unlawful disposal of human remains. […]
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Player and Puck Tracking in the NHL

Mark Giordano and John Tavares are keen to see what player and puck tracking brings to the NHL. They're just not exactly sure how all the data — the new technology is expected to provide as many as 10,000 statistical categories compared to the hundreds the league now has — will impact the on-ice product, if at all. "A lot of analytics have come into the game in recent years, but I still believe you really have to watch the game and the eye test is the best one," said Giordano, captain of t...
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Nurse arrested in rape of woman who gave birth at Arizona facility

A nurse who was looking after an incapacitated woman at long-term health care facility has been charged with raping her, weeks after she stunned her caregivers and family who didn't know she was pregnant by giving birth to a baby boy, Phoenix police said Wednesday.
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Nurse arrested after US woman gave birth in vegetative state

A male nurse has been arrested in Arizona for the sexual assault of a woman who gave birth while in a long-term vegetative state, police in the US state said Wednesday. The suspect -- identified as Nathan Sutherland, age 36 -- faces charges of one count of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable adult abuse, Phoenix police Sergeant Tommy Thompson told a news conference. Sutherland is a "licensed practical nurse who was responsible for providing care to the victim during this time the sexual...
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Ask the authors: The Supreme Court and the law of and for elites

The following is a series of questions posed by Ronald Collins to Neal Devins and Lawrence Baum on the occasion of the publication of their book “The Company They Keep: How Partisan Divisions Came to the Supreme Court” (Oxford University Press, 2019, 272 pp., cloth: $29.95). Neal Devins is the Sandra Day O’Connor Professor of Law at the College of William and Mary. Lawrence Baum is an emeritus professor of political science at Ohio State University. Welcome, Neal and Lawrence, and thank you fo...
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Misconceptions about Arizonans

Rugged, conservative, elderly, and rural — these are the sorts of adjectives people think of when they think “Arizonan.” These might have been true at one time, but the state is changing so fast that it’s hard to come up with a singular description that would fit the whole population of the state of Arizona. Yet here are 12 things outsiders always seems to get wrong about us. 1. We’re all old. Granted, the state is home to a lot of retirees, but with the three major colleges, improving job...
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Nurse arrested over US care home patient pregnancy

Police in Arizona say they have taken 36-year-old Nathan Sutherland into custody.
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Nurse arrested on rape charges in case of incapacitated woman who gave birth

Nurse Nathan Sutherland, 36, faces charges on two countsIntellectually disabled woman gave birth to boy in DecemberPhoenix police say a licensed practical nurse has been arrested on a charge of sexual assault in the impregnation of an incapacitated woman who gave birth last month at a long-term healthcare facility.The Phoenix police chief, Jeri Williams, said on Wednesday investigators arrested 36-year-old Nathan Sutherland on one count of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable adult abuse. ...
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Nurse Arrested in Sexual Assault Case of Incapacitated Woman Who Gave Birth

Nathan Sutherland was arrested for sexual assault and vulnerable adult abuse
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Lehner Conquering Demons and Competition

Robin Lehner may have signed a one-year free-agent contract with the New York Islanders last summer, but the 27-year-old Swede signed a much more important deal with himself. After being let go by the Buffalo Sabres, living through panic attacks, dealing with substance abuse and being diagnosed as bipolar with ADHD, PTSD and trauma, Lehner sought treatment to save himself, his family and his career. He made a pact to live a clean life. The turning point came on Mar. 29 when he asked for help fol...
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Pretenders in the World of Hunting Dogs

The world of dogs is full of pretenders and fantasists, as I have noted in the past, and these folks always bubble to the surface whenever the issue of hunting and working dogs is raised.The first squawk is from the lady who says of course her Kennel Club dogs work. By "work" she means over-large terriers participating in go-to-ground trials, or greyhounds chasing plastic bags tied to a string, or perhaps a Corgi chasing sheep in a half acre pen, or perhaps it's a golf cart pulled by dogs who c...
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Nurse arrested over sexual assault of woman impregnated while in vegetative state in Arizona health facility

A nurse has been arrested for sexual assault after an incapacitated woman gave birth to a child in Phoenix last month, according to police. The child’s birth sparked a police investigation into the Hacienda Healthcare facility, and it was announced on Tuesday that two doctors who had been in charge of the woman’s care were no longer with the company. CEO Bill Timmons resigned from the company earlier this month after the sexual assault and birth.
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