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Best bridges in the United States

Bridges seem to captivate people more than any other structures, not only as engineering marvels that connect previously separated areas but also as local icons that become unmistakable parts of a city. They’re places to relax, places to hone your photography skills, and sometimes places to beat your head against the steering wheel when stuck in traffic. But they always bring a sense of wonder and a little bit of closeness to the water. So it’s no wonder that bridges are among the most photog...
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Arkansas Wildlife Waterfowl Report for Jan. 9, 2019

Arkansas Wildlife Waterfowl Report for Jan. 9, 2019 USA – -(  Weather Patterns Continue to Affect Duck Numbers.Anecdotally, we've heard of some good waterfowl hunts of late, mixed in with reports of terrible hunts through the Delta and elsewhere. It's a matter of being in the right place at the right time, apparently, what with all the water the state has taken on since fall. Ducks haven't necessarily been at peak migration numbers to this point, but what birds are here is sprea...
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Most affordable American cities

Hasbro made headlines recently when it taglined its new Monopoly for Millennials game, “Forget real estate, you can’t afford it anyway,” which, while humorous, is only accurate in a dozen or so cities. If you’re not looking to move to San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York City, or other A-list locales, housing is still pretty affordable. Of course, sometimes said affordable housing is in places you can’t really envision moving. Lovely as cities like Dayton, Ohio, and Lansing, Michigan, m...
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Boondocking again and Uraling to Bent's Old Fort

I've been boondocking since Wednesday of this week, in the Hugo State Wildlife Area again.  This time in the middle campsite which I think is my favorite though it has the least strong cellular data signal.  I actually had to erect the antenna for the weboost cellphone booster.Not much to report till today, Saturday, just highly enjoyable solitude (except for cows) and the silence of the Colorado prairie.Wednesday:  Uma, the URRV, nestled in the trees A mild sunset along County Road 2G ...
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Tulsa “elected” capital of Route 66

Photo by Emma Nairne. Nations have capitals; states have capitals; roads generally do not. Route 66, however, technically hasn’t been a federally designated road for more than 30 years now — instead, it’s become something more like a blend between a destination and a cross-country community — so why not designate a capital for it? So went the thinking over at Route 66 News, where Ron Warnick decided to put it up to his readers to vote for the city that best exemplifies the history and the spiri...
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Gear on the Go: August 2018

August is a month for finding watering holes, hiding in cafes during the heat of the day, and staying up late to watch meteors flash through the sky. All summer long we’ve been able to adventure with our best friends. We’re in our final month here in Colorado and it’s almost time to head back east for the Fall portion of our tour. Whether you came to a festival, a meetup, or just hung out and enjoyed the outdoors with us we want to say thank you. See you soon Blue Ridge Mountains! Below is some ...
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Best places to travel this October

October is the only month of the year with an entire festival bearing its name. So, obviously, when considering the best places to go in October, the cities with the best Oktoberfest celebrations are probably at the top of your list. But there’s more to this month than Bavarian bacchanals. There are fall colors to be seen, costumes to dress up in, and Halloween parties to attend. Or, if you’re in New Mexico, balloons to fly. From that very famous balloon fiesta to spooky parades to German bee...
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The biggest event in all 50 states

Every state has that one event that everyone either looks forward to or gets the hell out of town for — that festival, parade, or sporting event that draws people from all over the world and is a great time if you go but an even better time to leave and rent out your house. For travelers though, these events are some of the best ways to experience a city. Some of them are household names, stuff like Burning Man or the Kentucky Derby or New Year’s Eve in NYC. But even the big events in smaller...
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Cool river-rafting trips in Colorado

Colorado’s mountains are diverse , and while many choose to traverse them with a backpack and trekking pole in hand, we’d much rather take in the sights from below — in the belly of a raft. But don’t think that just because you get to sit this is the easy way out; a trip down Colorado’s many rivers will have you winding through dramatic canyons, open valleys, and challenging whitewater rapids that will test your arm strength, not to mention your group’s ability to work as a team. Many river o...
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Snapping Turtle Crossing An Open Field

It is not too often I see a large Snapping Turtle out in a field! I spotted this one at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. The Arkansas River was behind it about two hundred yards. I'm not sure where it was going. the only water source in the direction it was headed was about 1/2 mile away. This is the second one I have seen in a weeks time. The other one was crossing a road and it was coming from the Arkansas River and going into a backwater area that was across the road. I...
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1984 Bike Tour: Day 40 – Running the Arkansas River, upstream

MAYSVILLE, COLO. - The climbing begins in earnest today, but we start with a long, cold, downhill after crossing the Silver Bridge, touted as the world's highest suspension bridge. The winding road takes us back down to the elevation of the Arkansas River.Along US 50, huge red outcroppings of rock towered over the road. The river rushed alongside. We could hear it as we pedaled upstream on the gentle grade. Down here we could look up the valleys sometimes and see snow-capped peaks ...
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Festival Recap: FIBArk 2018

Working festivals is never easy. It can be fun, but it’s not easy. Working four day long festivals with just a pup for company is even harder. This weekend Roxy took a break to celebrate her best friend’s wedding while Henry and I held down the fort at Americas Oldest Whitewater Festival– FIBArk. The Arkansas River Valley, specifically the area between Buena Vista, Colorado and Salida, Colorado, is one of our favorite areas in the state. It’s hard to beat sleeping at the feet of the Collegiate...
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Festival Recap: CKS Paddlefest

It’s that time of the year, folks. The Live Outside and Play team has landed in Colorful Colorado for the Elevation Outdoors portion of our tour. We spent our Memorial Day weekend on the banks of the beautiful Arkansas River in Buena Vista, Colorado. For many years now, CKS Paddlefest has taken over the town of Buena Vista during the official kick-off to the summer weekend. This was our second year and we were stoked to be back. Having just made the drive across the country we were still feeling...
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Illinois man found dead in river in downtown Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Little Rock police say the body of an Illinois man who had traveled to Arkansas for a wedding has been pulled from the Arkansas River. Officers said 28-year-old Brennen Willis of O’Fallon, Illinois, disappeared late Saturday after leaving his hotel for a jog. Police said someone reported seeing a body […]
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Whitewater river in Colorado a bright spot amid grim drought

SALIDA, Colo. (AP) — Despite a severe drought across the Southwestern United States this spring, there should be plenty of water for rafters and anglers in one of the nation’s most popular mountain rivers. State and federal officials say water from melting snow is rushing into the Arkansas River in central Colorado, thanks to a […]
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Colorado Event and Festival Schedule Live Outside and Play

The Live Outside and Play Road Team is on their way back to Colorado to celebrate the summer and play in the mountains. Six meetups, four festivals, and a boatload of adventures down, the west is calling and they must go. They have a summer full of events, with almost every weekend in a new location. Browse away, and then mark your calendars, we want to see your faces! CKS Paddlefest May 25th through 28th | Buena Vista, Colorado Sunny Buena Vista welcomes you with a wonderful festival featuri...
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Wichita Woman Dies When Car Tumbles in Arkansas River

Authorities say an 18-year-old woman was killed when her car tumbled into the Arkansas River in Wichita.
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The Live Outside and Play road team are back! And we’re ready to embark on a road trip of epic proportions from Colorado to the East Coast and back to the Centennial State again. And the 2018 festival tour is set to be bigger and better than ever. With 20 festivals on the docket, we’ll be making stops in tiny towns and metropolises — all while spreading the love adventure outdoors and representing Elevation Outdoors Magazine, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and this season’s awesome sponsors along ...
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Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Rex Nelson Writes of William Grant Still's "musical world"

William Grant Still (1895-1978) Northwest Arkansas Democrat- Gazette Saturday, March 10, 2018 REX NELSON: Still’s musical world "Composers are creative; makers," said Linda Holzer, a professor of music at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the coordinator of classical piano studies at the school. "They make music. They use melody, harmony and rhythm to create a world. It's a musical world, and it's shaped by what they know. "I'm a classical pianist, and ...
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Fourth fortune hunter dies looking for Fenn's Treasure

A fourth fortune hunter has died in the pursuit of a treasure chest containing more than $1 million worth of gold coins and jewels which is reputedly hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Jeff Murphy, 53, perished in June but the details of his death were only revealed eight months later. He was looking for Fenn's Treasure and died after going hiking up a trail within the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park, and falling 500ft down a rocky slope. Fenn's Treasure is said to have b...
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Body found in Arkansas River in southern Colorado ID’d

CANON CITY, Colo. (AP) — A body found in the Arkansas River in southern Colorado is that of a man who went missing after a rafting accident in late June. The Fremont County coroner’s office announced Friday that DNA samples identified the body as that of 31-year-old Eric Ashby. A photographer saw a man drown […]
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American White Pelican Flying Low

Yesterday I posted a photo I took in reference to an American White Pelican swimming in the Arkansas River at Robert S. Kerr Lock and Dam in Oklahoma. Today's photo is of an American White Pelican flying low over the river in the same area. I am photographing the Pelicans while sitting on the rocks below the dam on the south side, below the parking area. All About Birds website states that The American White Pelican are superb soarers (they are among the heaviest flying birds in the world) ...
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American White Pelican Wintering In Oklahoma

Winter is a great time to watch and photograph the American White Pelican here in Arkansas and Oklahoma. My favorite place to do this is at Kerr Dam in Oklahoma. Robert S. Kerr Lock and Dam and Reservoir are about eight miles south of Sallisaw, Oklahoma. The dam also contains a small hydroelectric power plant with four units capable of producing a combined total of 110 megawatts. (The lock, dam, and reservoir are named after Robert S. Kerr, former governor of Oklahoma and U.S. senator from Oklah...
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A Mexican artist is painting the 'world's longest mural' on the US-Mexico border wall — take a look

As the Trump administration seeks $18 billion over the next decade to more than double the length of the US-Mexico border fencing, one artist has another plan for the barriers. Mexican artist Enrique Chiu is working to cover the existing border wall in colorful murals. His ultimate goal is to paint connected works there that span over 600 miles — which would become the world's longest mural. Chiu sees the project, called the "Mural of Brotherhood," as "a way to unite the two nations that are di...
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Duck Hunters Now Waiting for the Thaw in Arkansas

Arkansas Waterfowl LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -( Arkansas duck hunters needed patience early in the 60-day season as the state endured record dry conditions, and now with water having arrived followed by an Arctic freeze, they wait for the ice to break. Forecasts say that should come later this week.Much of Arkansas got its much-needed rain before Christmas, but a drop in temperature into the teens, if not single digits, just days before the new year dawned left little water that wasn't f...
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Murder Witness Kidnapped, Thrown Off Bridge, Police Say

An Arkansas woman was kidnapped and thrown off a bridge after witnessing a murder on Christmas Day, police said. The unidentified 42-year-old woman told police she was hurled off Interstate 430 and into the Arkansas River that morning, according to KARK-TV.
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Police: Kidnapped woman found alive near Arkansas River

SCOTT, Ark. (AP) — Police say a woman was found alive near the Arkansas River after being kidnapped during a home invasion near Little Rock. KATV reports that Little Rock Police found the woman early Christmas morning. According to a police report, the woman said she was thrown off a bridge into the river and […]
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Heavy Rain, Likely Runoff Should Open Up Habitat for Ducks

Arkansas Duck Hunting LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -( The heavy rainfall that Arkansas waterfowl hunters have been waiting for all season finally arrived Tuesday, at least for the southern portion of the state, and with it comes hopes for better habitat conditions to spread out the duck migration into the state.A large area in east-central Arkansas received up to 6 inches of rainfall in a 24-hour period Tuesday-Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service, and a large swath of the s...
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Weather Conditions Hamper Ducks; Numbers of Geese Observed

Arkansas Waterfowl USA -( Ducks were prevalent in typical November numbers in areas that had water, particularly the artificially flooded private lands, but observers noted incredible numbers of geese throughout south-central Arkansas in the first week of state's waterfowl season.Luke Naylor, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's waterfowl program coordinator, said, “It was the typical story for this time of year. There were some ducks around, but overall it was pretty slim. Ev...
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AGFC Reminds Hunters to be Cautious While on the Water

Arkansas Waterfowl Hunters USA -( Along with extreme wind and dry conditions throughout most of the state, this year’s opening weekend of waterfowl season was marked by many boating accidents and near misses, including two tragic fatalities: one on Bald Knob Lake and the other on the Arkansas River.“The last thing a wildlife officer wants to do is notify someone’s family of these accidents,” said Capt. Stephanie Weatherington, boating law administrator for the Arkansas Game and F...
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