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17 Amazing Women Who Made History — That You've Never Heard Of

Update: In honor of Women's Equality Day, we're sharing this slideshow on 16 history-making women you've probably never heard of. Ahead, a look at the barriers they broke in supporting rights for all women.This story was originally published on March 8, 2016.It’s a pretty great time to be a woman. A lot remains to be done to support women’s rights around the world, but more women now have access to education, economic opportunities, and leadership roles than ever before.This progress is thanks ...
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Around The World And Back

Deciding to travel around the world is one of the most liberating things you can do. Upon deciding to take the big leap into the world, I remember feeling like my wings were open and my heart was truly free. I was freshly single, in need of a career change, and just generally looking to reignite a spark inside my stagnant feeling soul. There was so much hope and wonder in stepping out. After securing a remote job, I booked a ticket to Belgrade, Serbia and what I like to call “Beyond”. Initial...
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The Books That Samuel Beckett Read and Really Liked (1941-1956)

Samuel Beckett, Pic, 1" by Roger Pic. Via Wikimedia Commons Clad in a black turtleneck and with a shock of white hair, Samuel Beckett was a gaunt, gloomy high priest of modernism. After the 1955 premiere of Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot (watch him stage a performance here), Kenneth Tynan quipped, ''It has no plot, no climax, no denouement; no beginning, no middle and no end.'' From there, Beckett’s work only got more austere, bleak and despairing. His 1969 play Breath, for instance,...
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10 Unique Business Ideas from Around the World

Some of the best businesses are the most unique ones, ventures that fill a void and offer something that’s completely distinct and unparalleled. Around the world innovative individuals and groups are embarking on business ventures that stand out for their individuality and uniqueness. Unique Business Ideas from Around the World If you’re looking for some business inspiration, take a look at the following 10 unique business ideas from around the world. Rent-a-Cow Makes the Most of Livestock ...
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This Single Mother Took Her Family Around the World

Rachel Chanthavisay knew from an early age that she wanted to travel around the world. Born out of childhood imagination, Rachel’s dream was to discover and explore faraway lands. It was her belief in possibility, courage, and hard work that allowed her to transform fantasy into reality. With the help of Travel Planner Daniel Gamber, she took her daughter Mina, her sister, and her sister’s friend on an epic 80-day AirTrek around the world. Last year, the lively group left home to visit the coun...
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How Much it Really Costs to Travel Around the World Full Time

Perhaps the question I’m asked most often as a digital nomad is, “How much does it cost to travel full time?” It’s a question that, after 11 and a half years of traveling around the world, I am eminently qualified to answer, but up to this point have avoided. I began my travel-blogging journey in early 2007 when I purchased a six-month around the world flight through the Star Alliance program. At this point, I still had a house I was trying to sell and was saddled with... The post How Much it Re...
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Michael Anderson, director of 'Logan's Run,' 'Around the World in 80 Days,' dies at 98

British director Michael Anderson has died. His films include 1957's 'Around the World in 80 Days,' which won the best picture Oscar, and 1976's sci-fi cult classic 'Logan's Run.'            [Author: AP Entertainment]
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Original solo female travelers

Today’s solo female travel movement — the subject of so many articles, books, and blogs, the inspiration for so many trips and lifestyles — can trace its roots in America back to two people: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland. Bly and Bisland were New York-based reporters in the late 1880s, at a time when American women had still not been granted the right to vote. Women in the field of journalism in this era had a particularly difficult time — most publications would not hire them unless it was...
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22 Films That Inspire Us to Travel

I watched my favorite travel film recently and was struck by how much wanderlust it inspired in me. So I decided to ask my colleagues at BootsnAll and AirTreks, and I opened up to our Facebook community for input too. Here’s the list… what did we miss? Comment over on Facebook! The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - The story of a regular guy daydreaming of adventures at his routine job who finally gets up the nerve to stop dreaming and start tracking down his intrepid travel muse across continent...
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can you ace this geography quiz?

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10 secrets to happiness around world

The search for the secret to happiness has been going on probably since the dawn of humanity, and unsurprisingly we keep coming up with different answers. For me, the secret to happiness is sitting in my lounge chair with a cup of coffee and my cat, and with nothing to do but read graphic novels and eat gummy bears. I’m no intellectual. Hometogo has documented 10 other secrets to happiness according to cultures from around the world. While each “secret” is certainly unique, you might find reas...
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Flight deal of the week: fly Around the World for under £900

Our resident expert finds a multi-stop ticket with the world's best airline [Author: Jack Sheldon]
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Spectacular views of Paris from the rooftop of the Arc de Triomphe

Paris Panorama from the Arc de Triomphe Paris is a feeding ground for hungry snap-happy tourists. The streets are loaded with remarkable architecture, formidable cathedrals and historical landmarks. Without question, the city’s star attraction is the Eiffel Tower, the tallest structure in Paris and the most-visited paid monument in the world. Tourists flock from around the globe to capture the exquisite Parisian cityscape from its popular viewing decks. In peak season, it’s not uncommon for ...
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Epic Collection Of Chair Designs That You Would Want To Sit On Now (18 Pics)

Throughout centuries, there has been an evolving transformation in the furniture world. One such furniture that has evolved in shape,...
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Crossing the uncrossable: A tally of those who’ve driven the Darien Gap

Image via Google Maps. Driving around the world ain’t easy. Visas, funding, language barriers, supply management, and keeping the vehicle running all require resourcefulness and resilience. But even the hardiest of round-the-world drivers tend to stay away from the Darien Gap, leaving just a handful of expeditions that have driven from Central America to South America. Take your pick of adventurers who’ve set out to drive every hemisphere and check their route. Some, like the Paris-to-New-York...
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25 natural wonders to inspire you

OUR PLANET IS NUTS. No matter what crazy sci-fi movie sets or deep-space artist renditions your imagination has been exposed to, there’s more than likely an Earthly equivalent…along with hundreds more ‘other-worldly’ landscape features you’ve never even heard of or imagined. From household names like the Grand Canyon and Great Barrier Reef to other sites that fly a little more under the radar, here are photos of 25 natural wonders that will inspire you to get out the door and explore your world...
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Photos from our trip to Luxor, Egypt

Photos from our Travels in Luxor, Egypt Last week, when I was flipping through some old travel photos, I was reminded that we still have so many photos and stories that have yet to be shared. So, in an effort to rectify our tardy behaviour, we’ve uploaded a few photos from our last trip to Egypt, specifically from Luxor and the West Bank (home to the many pharaoh tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens). We hope you like them! An interesting perspective of Luxor Temple ...
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How Russia Hacks Elections in the US and Around the World

A brief history of Russia's digital meddling in foreign elections shows disturbing progress.
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Vintage isochrone maps show 19th-century travel times

In the late 19th century, travel times became a thing of fascination as modes of transportation improved by leaps and bounds (e.g., Around the World in 80 Days, published in 1873). Great thinkers of the day like Francis Galton even devised isochrone maps, which showed how long it would take to get from a central point to other points of interest. (more…)
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Crowdfunding campaign aims to restore round-the-world Jeep, send it to finish the trip

Photos courtesy Restore Jeep on Facebook. Just a mile or so. Despite driving 56,000 miles down two continents and up two others in the same Jeep, a single ferry trip negated Loren Upton’s dream of driving the entire route over land. Nearly 30 years later, Upton’s family has started raising funds to restore that Jeep and send him to Israel to achieve his goal. “Restoring this jeep would mean the world to a man who spent most of his life chasing his dream,” Laurence Upton, Loren’s nephew, wrote ...
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View Document – Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp

New titles just added recently, highlighted with this symbol. Around the World in 80 Days (the 1972 animated series) The Barkleys - animated series similar to All in
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10 Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around The World

Aaaaah Valentine’s Day… Love it or hate it, this lovey-dovey holiday is here to stay. Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal in the US. Lovers celebrate by showering their sweethearts with chocolates, love letters, cute stuffed animals and flowers. Many go on expensive dinner dates or plan trips with their significant other to show how much they care. Beginning as early as right after the new year, retail stores start stocking their shelves with teddy bears, chocolates and cards. This act of celeb...
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Four-Links – globetrotting Graham, Enfield in Africa, cab wars, Celica resto

“We should not teach them to be afraid,” Hermann Zapp said of the four kids he and his wife had while on a 17-year road trip around the world behind the wheel of a 1928 Graham-Paige. “We should teach them to take some risks … we should build people who are adventurous, who will discover, who like to change things.” (via) * Then again, for anybody planning a trip through western Africa on bike, this account at is equally terrifying and enlightening. (via) * After the recent...
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Picturing Wellness on the Road

Doing the best with what’s at your disposal, no matter the circumstances… This post comes from humanitarian, animal welfare supporter and travel photographer, Freya Dowson. A life on the road is a life of adventure. Every day is a new place. Every place brings with it new people and experiences – a different way of life with which to become familiar and to document. I’ve been working as a photographer for a while now, working overseas and shooting for some amazing charities around the world. ...
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Best Collection of New Year’s Party Fail Pictures (20 Pics)

What comes first when you hear new year? Yeah, parties, parties, and parties. This is the only word that can come together with the new year. So,... Read More The post Best Collection of New Year’s Party Fail Pictures (20 Pics) appeared first on Regretful Morning - Funny, Awesome, Sexy and Weird.
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20 awesome Christmas traditions all over the world

by Maggie Downs posted in Mom Stories A few years ago at Christmas, I was in a mall in Rwanda when the song, Do They Know It’s Christmas? began playing over the speakers. If you’re not familiar with it, that’s the song about Christmas in Africa. It was originally performed in 1984 by Band Aid,... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
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Everything Coming & Going On Netflix In 2017!

We are SO looking forward to next year! Not just because 2016 has been the absolute worst, but because the new year brings new titles to stream on Netflix! On Thursday, the streaming service released all the movies and shows coming and going on their service in January 2017 -- and it's a long list! Related: lan Thicke's Twitter Account Sends Out Fuller HouseTweet AFTER The Actor's Sudden Death Fans of Stranger Things can finally check out the O.G. roots of their favorite kid-friendly sci-fi when...
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Traveling Wide-eyed Around the World

Is it still something special to travel all the way around the world? Oldies like me might not think so since “back in the day” there weren’t 10,000 bloggers doing just that and writing about it, posting selfies every day on Instagram. You didn’t hear about jaunts to all the seven wonders by private jet. You had to call someone on the phone to work out a round-the-world airline ticket and they sent you paper. There weren’t a dozen round-the-world cruise options you could search by price or durat...
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