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Boycott Brexit Commemorative Medal Over Lack Of Oxford Comma?

“The ‘Brexit’ 50p coin is missing an Oxford comma, and should be boycotted by all literate people,” wrote the novelist Philip Pullman on Twitter, while Times Literary Supplement editor Stig Abell wrote that, while it was “not perhaps the only objection” to the Brexit-celebrating coin, “the lack of a comma after ‘prosperity’ is killing me”. – The Guardian
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America’s New Space Force Logo Seems To Have Been Modeled On Star Trek

The striking resemblance left many critics as stunned as though they had been zapped by Captain Kirk’s phaser. But others online insisted the logo was really based on the US Air Force One. – BBC
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The Dark Cloud Hanging Over The Grammys

For music fans, tracking such a harrowing volley of allegations and denials feels equal parts absurd and sad (especially arriving, as it has, in the midst of a Presidential impeachment trial that mirrors its rhythms). The debacle at the Academy distracts, in a dispiriting way, from the artists being honored. – The New Yorker
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“American Dirt” Was Supposed To Be A Monster Hit. So What Happened?

In the face of critiques, Jeanine Cummins is pushing back in public. Her publisher released a statement encouraging discussion around the title, while some authors and booksellers have come to Cummins’ defense. In a culture that is used to debating black and Asian representation and stereotypes, the entrenchment around “American Dirt” is fueling even more complaints over the ease with which popular culture still employs Latino-related stereotypes in contemporary movies, television and fi...
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So What Is Grime Ballet?

Artistic director Whitley, who has worked with the Royal Ballet and performing arts company Saddler’s Wells, suggests there are “a lot of assumptions” that go with words like grime and ballet and the types of people involved in each. – BBC
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Book Publishing Seems To Be Improving. Or Is It

More independent bookstores, sales up, even new plans for Barnes & Noble. But there are looming problems. Big problems with today’s publishing industry. – N+One
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Georgia Now Ranks 49th In Arts Funding. Here’s What That Looks Like

Long one of the stingiest states in terms of support for the arts, Georgia is now virtually at rock bottom, not willing even to put up enough money to collect the full amount of matching funds available from the National Endowment for the Arts. This year’s grants fall $300,000 short of the NEA’s allocations. – ArtsATL
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How Artificial Intelligence Is Taking Over Music

At CES 2020, Samsung introduced Neon, an AI-based companion that is being developed to be indistinguishable from a human companion. AI models are composing at a pretty high level right now. It won’t be long before most production music (background music, music for breaks in and out of segments, and other utility music) will be fully produced by AI. We’re only moments away from synthetic artists and superstars. We’re only a few months (maybe a year or two) away from completely artificial...
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Paris Opera Dancers End Strike

Dancers and musicians have been striking alongside public sector workers to oppose the government’s plan to scrap more than 40 separate pension schemes and replace them with a single points-based system. More than 70 shows have been cancelled since December at a loss of nearly 15 million euros ($16.5 million) — greater than the state’s annual contribution to the Opera pension fund. – France24
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Fort Worth Opera’s General Director Walks Out

Tuomas Hiltunen, the former top administrator at the Barenboim-Said Foundation who came to Fort Worth Opera after Darren Woods was fired in 2017, resigned last week, saying only that he and the company’s Board of Trustees had “different visions of the direction and goals of the company.” The Board’s announcement cited Hiltunen’s reduction in expenditures and said, “As we move forward, our top priority is, and always has been, ensuring that the financial health of the company is secure for decad...
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A History Of The Evolution Of MoMA’s Homes

This new MOMA is exhausting—and serene, and thrilling, and, finally, to a degree that only the greatest museums achieve, transcendental. Wandering the vast new spaces, tracing the familiar chronology of modernism through hushed, looming galleries built to a Louvre-like scale, following its sinewy path through sliding-glass portals and brushed-steel apertures that give seamlessly from Pelli to Taniguchi to DS+R (and Nouvel, thanks to the interthreading of the buildings), a visitor is ove...
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Right Place At The Right Time: Audience Member Steps In Save ‘Macbeth’

When the actor playing Lady Macduff injured her knee a few minutes into a performance at the Watermill Theatre in England, the production stopped – until a woman who toured nationally as Lady Macduff last year, and who happened to be in the audience, stepped in. Emma Barclay “will continue in the role for the next few performances” as well, the theatre announced. – The Stage (UK)
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Australia Must Change Its Laws To Protect Aboriginal Artists From Artistic Carpetbagging

The Indigenous Art Code, established in 2008, is a voluntary code “designed to protect artists by getting dealers to commit to treating them fairly and honestly. Sanctions can be imposed on dealer members who have acted unethically. But the code has no power to regulate private dealers who are not members. [The Minister for Indigenous Australians] said it was not working.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Is There Anything Steve McQueen – Turner Winner, Oscar Winner, Recent Knighthood Recipient – Can’t Do?

He’s not a big fan of artistic cowardice. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. End of. To get to that, you have to go in close, uncover what’s been hidden or covered over. Obviously, the easy thing is not to go there, but I have a need to go there.” – The Guardian (UK)
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How Can Australia Come To Terms With Its Past?

Australia’s Aboriginal poets had some ideas as Australia Day – or #InvasionDay, as it’s known by many on social media – fever hit the country over the weekend. Problem: “Australia is the only Commonwealth country without a treaty between its government and Indigenous people. Yet, in the resulting vacuum, long after the gong’s last clang, the work of First Nations artists maps some directions reconciliation, treaty and atonement might take.” – The Irish Times
Tags: Art, Australia, First Nations, Words, 01.25.20

Netflix Holds Its First Fan Screening At The Theatre It Bought In New York

Of course, it was for the sequel to the young adult rom-com To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and of course, the place was packed with superfans who could answer obscure trivia questions and cheer when the film’s stars made a surprise guest appearance. One woman said, “I love sitting at home on my couch and being warm and cozy. … But there’s just something a little bit more magical about seeing it on a big screen with a bunch of other people, too.” – The New York Times
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Thelma Schoonmaker – Martin Scorsese’s Longtime Editor And Collaborator – Says He Hates Eyebrows

The other things Schoonmaker, who is nominated for the eighth time for an Oscar for The Irishman, says, have more to do with Netflix as a studio, and the long experience of trying to get the movie made. “‘Scorsese’s general manager said ‘Netflix will give you the money and they will leave you alone’ – and they did,’ she says. ‘I can’t tell you what a blessing that was. We’re sorry about the [short] theatrical release but nobody else would make this movie. The film wouldn’t have been made withou...
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With An Organization In Budget Trouble, A Theatre’s Artistic Director Cut Two Shows – And Then His Own Job Was Eliminated

The St. Paul’s Park Square Theatre had a budget issue due to expected donor funding shortfalls and lackluster ticket sales. Now it has a leadership issue. “For ‘at least two years,’ Park Square will be in the unusual position of being an arts organization without a full-time artistic leader, Mattessich said. Board members plan to arrive at a solution this weekend at a retreat, he said. The plan is to create an ‘artistic committee’ — made up of Park Square staffers and Twin Cities theater artist...
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Should Architects Work For Tyrants?

The answer seems obvious, and it seems like it must be no. And yet, says a (supposedly) liberal and progressive architect who recently agreed to work with the homophobic and environmentally horrifying Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, “If there’s a responsibility that comes from the creative platform we’ve created, it is to use that platform to change the world for the better.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Alicia Keys Didn’t Just Host The Grammys, She Made A Clear Reference To Issues In The Industry

Keys was not playing the “sweep this mess under carpet for the awards show” game: “I’t’s a new decade,’ she said. ‘It’s time for newness. And we refuse the negative energy. We refuse the old systems. You feel me on that?’ … ‘We want to be respected and safe in our diversity,’ Keys continued. ‘We want to be shifting to realness and inclusivity.'” – The New York Times
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The Best Opera For Newbies, And Other Opera Questions

Tom Huizenga explains opera to NPR listeners: “It’s one of the most complicated art forms because, if you think about it: you’ve got drama, you’ve got music, you’ve got singing, you’ve got costumes, you’ve got lighting, you’ve got ballet sometimes. You’ve got all kinds of stagecraft. When all the cylinders are firing, it can be mind-blowing. But for me, it ends up being all about the voice. They’ve got to do it without a microphone, over the top of an orchestra, and they’ve got to project that ...
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TORCH film selected for Manchester Film Festival 2020

TORCH film selected for Manchester Film Festival 2020 A film made in St Helens and based on TORCH, a highly acclaimed theatre production about the town, is to be shown at Manchester International Film Festival (MANIFF 2020) on Tuesday 10 March. The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth, made by Merseyside filmmaker Caroline Smith […] The post TORCH film selected for Manchester Film Festival 2020 appeared first on Art in Liverpool.
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A Grammy Sweep For 18-Year-Old Billie Eilish (And Here Are The Rest Of The Winners Too)

Eilish, whose 22-year-old brother produced her album (and who won Producer of the Year), won Best Song, Best Record, Best Album, and Best Artist. Dudamel and the LA Phil won a Grammy; Jennifer Higdon won a Grammy; Joyce DiDonato won a Grammy … the entire list is at the link. – Los Angeles Times
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Dear Met: Please Create A Series Of Concert Performances

This series of unstaged performances of Berlioz’s La Damnation de Faust was an accident – they were meant to be seven fully-staged performances. But what a happy accident, and what the Met could learn from the experience: “Rameau, Lully, Vivaldi: The glory of early music could finally ring at the Met without the pressure and expense of full stagings. Ditto Messiaen’s Saint François d’Assise, a late-20th-century classic still unheard in this city.” – The New York Times
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How Britain Could Rescue Its Arts, And Arts Funding, From ‘Perennial Elitism’

A couple of ideas: Give more to regions, and have the Royal Ballet and Royal Opera tour the entire nation. – The Guardian (UK)
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Sam Mendes Wins The Directors’ Guild Award For ‘1917’

Can any other film win the Oscar? Doubtful. “The strongest best-picture spoiler is likely Parasite, the South Korean thriller that prevailed at the Screen Actors Guild Awards this month and could become the first film not in the English language to win the top Oscar. Still, with the momentum of the PGA and DGA prizes, 1917 will be tough to beat.” – The New York Times
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China’s 8,000 Terracotta Warriors: An Animated & Interactive Introduction to a Great Archaeological Discovery

Unless you're a Chinese history buff, the name of Qin Shi Huang may not immediately ring a bell. But perhaps his accomplishments will sound familiar. "He conquered the warring states that surrounded him, creating the first unified Chinese empire" — making him the very first emperor of China — "and enacted a number of measures to centralize his administration and bolster infrastructure," writes's Brigit Katz. "In addition to standardizing weights, measures and the written ...
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Plein Air Painting Workshop in Wanaka, New Zealand with Lori McNee, March 2021

Last year, I experienced a fabulous Wilbury Tours workshop in Wanaka, New Zealand. Now, I am thrilled to announce I am returning to conduct my own plein air painting workshop, February 28 – March 8, 2021! Plein air painting of Roy Glacier in New Zealand by Lori McNee Please consider joining my friends at Wilbury Tours, and me, on a trip of a lifetime in the South Island of New Zealand. We will be painting and exploring the stunningly beautiful Southern Lakes region of New Zealand. Penny Willo...
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Plein Air Landscape Painting Workshop in Seeley Lake, Montana June 6-7, 2020

Join me, Lori McNee, for a special two day landscape painting workshop adventure in beautiful Seeley Lake, Montana – June 6 – 7, 2020! Don’t want to miss this exclusive, yet affordable experience! We will be plein air landscape painting together at Rich Ranch in Seeley Lake, Montana – the gateway to the glorious Bob Marshall Wilderness. We will be, “Painting for a Dream” with Alpine Artisans – a non-profit dedicated to promoting and preserving the arts in the Seeley, Swan, and Blackfoot valley...
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Design Meets Fine Dining: Temporärt X Brag Challenges the Conventions of Restaurant Going

People have been socializing around the dinner table since the dawn of time when prehistoric humans gathered around the fire to eat their hunting or scavenging bounty. We may have come a long way since then, gastronomically and culturally, but the gist of the experience is pretty much the same.