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Warhol’s Factory Gets Spotlight in NYT

The New York Times has a piece on Andy Warhol’s entourage at The Factory, and the artist’s engagement with the figures in his inner circle. “When I first went to the Factory, there was an interesting group of young people. Andy always had some rich kids around him but also people who were incredibly flamboyant, incredibly transgressive,” says […]
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Way Beyond Muzak: Background Music Is Now Very Big, Research-Backed Business

“The background music industry – also known as music design, music consultancy or something offered as part of a broader package of ‘experiential design’ or ‘sensory marketing’ – is constantly deciding what we hear as we go about our everyday business. The biggest player in the industry, Mood Media, was founded in 2004 and now supplies music to 560,000 locations across the world, from Sainsbury’s to KFC.”
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Penske Media Acquires Art News

Penske Media Corporation, which owns Rolling Stone, Variety, WWD, and Deadline, has acquired Art Media Holdings, LLC, the parent company of ARTnews, Art in America, The Magazine ANTIQUES, and MODERN Magazine. “For more than a century ARTnews and Art in America have been leaders in breaking news and commentary on the art world,” PMC’s chairman and CEO, Jay Penske, said in a statement. “To welcome these fine […]
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Mary Ceruti to Take Over as Head of Walker Art Center

Mary Ceruti, current director and chief curator of SculptureCenter, will take over as head of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Art News reports. “The Walker has been a trailblazer in identifying the experimental and influential art and artists of its time, continually demonstrating the power of art to help us understand, navigate and shape the contemporary […]
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The Crowd-Sourced Novel That Became A Publishing Phenomenon

By the time Anna Todd wrote Chapter 90—of an eventual 295 chapters—her novel-in-progress had been read more than 1 million times. Multiple literary agents reached out to her, but she dismissed them as “crazy people,” figuring no legitimate professional would seek out One Direction fan fiction. Readers composed sequels starring After’s characters, uploaded video homages to the book, and—finally convincing Todd that she might have something big on her hands—chatted as Tessa and Harry on Twitter ro...
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Trying to work on the iPad and update some blog posts.  I’ll be talking to the local tech guy about the photo all disappearing from the desktop and what can be done to try to retrieve all those - I hope!!!   Until then, this isn’t as quick and easy (or familiar) to do on the iPad but it’s do-able, so... Hope you all are having a better November than I. I’ve had 4 migraines (which means 8 days) of pain or aftereffects of pain so far this month :(. And that was before I lost all the pho...
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Ossie Davis And Ruby Dee — 60 Years Together Onstage, Onscreen, And At The Barricades

A reporter goes on a treasure hunt in the great African-American acting couple’s archives, newly acquired by the New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.
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Roger Penrose’s Crackpot Theory Of Consciousness

He believes we must go beyond neuroscience and into the mysterious world of quantum mechanics to explain our rich mental life. No one quite knows what to make of this theory, developed with the American anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, but conventional wisdom goes something like this: Their theory is almost certainly wrong, but since Penrose is so brilliant (“One of the very few people I’ve met in my life who, without reservation, I call a genius,” physicist Lee Smolin has said), we’d be foolis...
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The Belly Dancer As Philosopher

“Westerners often imagine the [“Oriental”] dancer as the femme fatale. But the dancer is not a femme fatale. She is a mother.” In an interview that cites a Lacanian psychoanalyst and an anthropologist, the dancer known as Malak, born and raised in Spain and now an established instructor in Cairo, talks about the power of belly dance and the relations (of several sorts) between dancer and viewer.
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The Queer Coming-Of-Age Movie Has Arrived As A Genre

Spencer Kornhaber: “The first major-studio movie about adolescent gay romance, Greg Berlanti’s spring hit, Love, Simon, uses teen-comedy tropes to portray homosexuality as no big deal in a well-off, relatively woke slice of America. But other recent films, set in less tolerant places and eras, hint that integrating queerness into a schema that has been overwhelmingly straight isn’t so simple.”
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Major Seattle Art Collector Pledged Art To Museum. So Why Is It Being Sold This Week?

In 2007 Barney Ebsworth and other local donors pledged an estimated $1 billion worth of art to celebrate three things: SAM’s big downtown expansion, the Olympic Sculpture Park and SAM’s 75th anniversary. “We’re thrilled,” then-SAM director Mimi Gates told The Seattle Times. Fast-forward 11 years: Ebsworth died in April. This week, nearly 100 works from his collection, including most — or even all — of the 65 promised to SAM, are up for sale in a two-day auction that ends Nov. 14.
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How To Diversify Museum Art?

In a strategic effort to reshape the narrative of American art, the Souls Grown Deep Foundation will help five museums acquire paintings, sculptures and works on paper by self-taught African-American artists of the South. These acquisitions bring to 12 the number of museums that have received more than 300 works from the Atlanta-based nonprofit, through gifts and purchase.
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This Pair Roams The Globe, Restaging Revivals Of ‘A Chorus Line’

“[Bob] Avian, credited as the musical’s co-choreographer [with the late Michael Bennett], and [Baayork] Lee, the original Connie Wong, travel the world to stage virtually every major production of A Chorus Line, passing on the steps to new casts and identifying dancers who might be able to do the same in the future.”
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Why The Classical Music World Wants To Commemorate The End Of World War I: Anne Midgette

“Classical music loves anniversaries — because, more than any other branch of the arts, it’s focused on looking at an increasingly distant past. Classical music comes into its own at times of commemoration and mourning: Even the mass audience tends to embrace classical music at a funeral. … Today, when classical music is eager to reassert its relevance to the world at large, this kind of historical presentation appeals to presenters. The question is whether these Armistice observances actually p...
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Big Drop In Foreign Students Enrolling In US Universities

The new student enrollment slowdown could pose economic risks. International students at U.S. colleges and universities contributed $39 billion to the U.S. economy and supported more than 455,622 jobs during the 2017-18 school year, according to a separate report released Tuesday by NAFSA: Association of International Educators.
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Pre-Dawn Silent Dance Parties: A New Path To Community Or Even Bliss?

“An early-morning substance-free ‘party’ held about once a month in 25 cities across the United States …, Daybreaker events are like the compression shorts of Millennial experiences: Sort of uncomfortable, but also uplifting.”
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Actor Douglas Rain, 90, Mainstay Of Stratford Festival, Voiced HAL In ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

Even Keir Dullea maintained that Rain-as-HAL was the most compelling character in Stanley Kubrick’s film. Yet few people south of the border knew that Douglas Rain was also one of Canada’s greatest classical actors.
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Egypt’s New National Museum Wants Rosetta Stone Back

“Dr Tarek Tawfik, director general of the Grand Egyptian Museum, risked sparking a new row over the prized artefact … The stone fragment, which dates to 196BC, is one of the British Museum’s most popular exhibits. Before it was found by accident by Napoleon’s army in 1799 nobody knew how to read hieroglyphs. Scholars were able to use the Greek inscription on it as the key to decipher them.”
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Pages of the Sea - the WW1 Beach Portraits

I only found out about Pages of the Sea Project at the weekend. Little did I realise when I was walking right behind Danny Boyle 10 days ago (he lives near me) that I'd be writing about him this... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Filmmaker Wes Anderson co-curated a quirky art exhibition of oddball items in Vienna

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna started a program in 2012 that opened its doors for "remarkable creative individuals" to select pieces from their massive historical collection to present in an exhibition. Filmmaker Wes Anderson and his partner Juman Malouf are the most recent curators in this program. So, for the last two years, they have been putting together their offbeat Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin and other Treasures. Artnet describes the exhibit as "a totally quirky presentation of aff...
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Baltimore Symphony Suspends Concertmaster After Second Legal Proceeding Against Him

Two months ago, the principal oboist sued the orchestra over what she alleged was persistent harassment by Jonathan Carney; earlier this month, a musician from another group got a restraining order against Carney. Following the latter incident, Baltimore Symphony management has suspended Carney without pay.
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Milwaukee Symphony’s Next Music Director Is Ken-David Masur

The 41-year-old maestro — and yes, he is Kurt Masur’s son — is currently the Boston Symphony’s associate conductor and principal guest conductor of the Munich Philharmonic. He’ll take over full-time for the 2019-2020 season, and the following September, he’ll help open the Milwaukee Symphony’s new concert hall.
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Download Famous Art in High Resolution

The Art Institute of Chicago recently revamped its website and released a searchable database of high-resolution art. Even better, a lot of the art is in the public domain, meaning you can legally use it however you want, even for commercial purposes. (Check the copyright notice on each artwork’s page.) You’ll notice…Read more...
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Does Philadelphia Really Need Another Building For Contemporary Art?

In its two years of existence so far, Philadelphia Contemporary has run a very successful program of exhibitions and performances without any single building or address. (Director Harry Philbrick works out of cafés.) Now the organization has announced not only that it’s getting itself a building, but that it has hired the architect of Houston’s new Menil Drawing Center. The problem? No site and no money. Inga Saffron is skeptical.
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When Looted Antiquities Turn Up For Sale At Art Fairs, Who’s Responsible?

“What kind of responsibility should fair organizers have to protect the buyers? It would be discriminatory for a fair to restrict the inclusion of a dealer because of past issues and bad press, but at the same time, buyers will assume that fairs are curated to some extent, and that those selling there have been screened by the organizers … In fact, most fairs charge for galleries to exhibit and sell in them, and so there is a financial disincentive to be choosy about who shows.” Noah Charney con...
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Historians Have Revered This Book For 30 Years. It’s Only Now Getting Published

“Over the years, it’s been passed around, first in photocopies and later as a PDF. … It’s made its way onto required-reading lists and been cited hundreds of times.” There has even been a scholarly conference devoted to it. Julius S. Scott completed The Common Wind: Afro-American Currents in the Age of the Haitian Revolution in 1987, and it’s only coming out in print this month. Reporter Tom Bartlett investigates why.
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Barry McGee Catalogue

Writer Katya Tylevich’s Barry McGee, which examines the beloved multidisciplinary artist, is the accompanying catalogue and essay from McGee’s show at Cheim & Read earlier this year. With sketches, photos and more, the 72-page book traces his delightfully uncategorizable work—and thankfully doesn’t attempt to explain it.
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Figure Drawing

A figure at figure drawing class in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. [Author: [email protected] (kane)]
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Mushrooming Multimedia Company Wants To Be The Russian ‘New Yorker’ (Despite Its Insane Name)

“Yegor Mostovshikov is under no illusions about the names he and his co-founder chose for their media company, Mamikhlapinatana, and their main online news platform, Batenka, da vy transformer. Neither make any sense to the uninitiated, whether they speak Russian or English. … [Nevertheless,] over the last year, Mamikhlapinatana‘s monthly turnover more than doubled and it has grown from a side project, which Mostovshikov and co-founder Anton Yarosh ran in their spare time, to employing over 40 p...
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This Filmmaker’s Documentary Landed Him On An Al-Qaeda Death List

To shoot Of Fathers and Sons, about a family of fighters with the Syrian Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front, Talal Derki (a Syrian Kurd)returned home from a safe exile in Berlin and convinced that family and its fellow extremists that he was sympathetic to their cause. Now that the film is out, he’s getting plenty of threats.
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