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Updated versions of great reads from the "Square One Project" on criminal justice policy and reform

In this post from last fall, I noted the new Square One Project working to "reimagine justice" and conducting executive sessions and roundtables on the future of justice policy. In that post, I noted some early draft of interesting papers from the project, and yesterday I got an email pointing me to this page with links to these now finalized papers: Bruce Western, The Challenge of Criminal Justice Reform After three decades of growth in the U.S. incarceration rate, we have entered a period of ...
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New commentary at The American Conservative makes the case for "Why Conservatives Should Oppose the Death Penalty"

In prior posts here and here and here, I highlighted a series of lengthy articles in The American Conservative that were part of "a collaborative series with the R Street Institute exploring conservative approaches to criminal justice reform."   These folks are at it again with this new lengthy essay titled simply "Why Conservatives Should Oppose the Death Penalty."  The extendded essay, authored by Arthur Rizer and Marc Hyden of R Street Institute, merits a full read, and here are some excerpts...
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Robot criminals, 'overstated findings' by a crime lab analyst, bail advice that was costly to ignore, and other stories

Here are a few browser-clearing odds and ends that merit Grits readers' attention: 'Overstated findings' by DPS analyst The Texas Forensic Science Commission dinged a DPS lab chemist for "overstated findings" in the blood-spatter case Pro Publica's Pam Colloff has been following. See her latest update here. There oughtta be a law Texas extended sex-offender registration requirements for thousands of people without any legal authority, the Austin Statesman's Eric Dexheimer reported. Now, some are...
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New "Square One Project" already producing terrific paper on re-imagining criminal justice policy

This posting from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) describes a notable new criminal justice reform effort that formally launched a few weeks ago: The Square One Project, a three-year initiative to rethink justice policies from top to bottom, launched [on September 20] at D.C.’s National Press Club.  Square One brings together a diverse cross-section of academics, policymakers, and community organizers to re-examine traditional responses to crime and envision a new paradigm that can a...
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The American Conservative explains "Where the Right Went Wrong on Criminal Justice"

Arthur Rizer and Lars Trautman from the R Street Institute have this remarkable new commentary in The American Conservative under the full headline "Where the Right Went Wrong on Criminal Justice: Ending our 'incarceration nation' would help return conservatives to their roots, acting on principles most of them already hold."  Long-time readers are surely aware of my long-enduring contention that a lot of conservative ideology and rhetoric would seem to push toward advocacy for sentencing and ot...
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Occupational licensure reform advances

“The Latest On Occupational Licensing Reform: At the federal level and in the state of Michigan, there have been encouraging moves toward market liberalization.” [Thomas A. Hemphill and Jarrett Skorup, Cato Regulation mag] Related: George Leef, Regulation (reviewing “Bottleneckers” by William Mellor and Dick M. Carpenter II). “Florida Lawmakers Are Fast-Tracking Licensing Reforms” [Boehm] “But sadly Elias Zarate is no closer to being a barber, because he still doesn’t have a high school diploma....
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Police Violence: The Symptoms of Deeper Societal Issues?

By Arthur Rizer and Bardia Bastin The rash of police-on-civilian and civilian-on-police violence has once again brought to a boil the question of why a nation founded on the very idea of limited government power is so tolerant when the government exercises power in the most devastating way - by killing you. We don't seek here to argue the facts of the police shootings that have occurred over the past few weeks. It's easy (and lazy) to look at a video and say "that is a bad shoot" - and indeed,...
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Law Professor Resigns After Accusations Of Sleeping With Students

Above the Law, Professor Resigns After Accusations Of Sleeping With Students: Arthur Rizer, until late last week a professor at West Virginia University College of Law, is a former WVU Law Professor of the Year with a focus on national security law. A retired Lt. Colonel, he served in Fallujah... [Author: Paul Caron]
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Professor Resigns After Accusations Of Sleeping With Students

A well-regarded professor is out after a secretive investigation process and reports that a Title IX investigation uncovered relationships with students.
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