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Launching from YC, Eclipse Foods casts a long shadow over the $336 billion dairy industry

Eclipse Foods may be the company that finally takes milk out of the dairy business. Ever since the acquisition of WhiteWave Foods by the French dairy giant Danone for over $10 billion investors have been thirsting for a technology that would give consumers a better tasting, more milky (for lack of a better word), milk substitute than the highly valuable (but not very tasty) almond, soy, and other plant based dairy alternatives. There are at least $37.5 billion worth of other reasons for investor...
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Happy Spring! FREE Italian Ice at Rita’s! {3/20}

Free Rita’s Italian Ice 2019 – In case you haven’t heard, tomorrow, March 20 is FREE Ice Day at Rita’s stores across the country! Cue the happy dance! Every year Rita’s kicks off the First Day of Spring by giving away free Italian Ice to one and all.   All Day Wednesday, March 20 you... Read More Read more about Happy Spring! FREE Italian Ice at Rita’s! {3/20}
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Q&A: Autistic Accessibility in Music

Welcome to Part 3 of my Introductory Course to Improving Autistic Accessibility in Music. In this post, I will answer a selection of the wonderful reader-submitted questions, covering topics like sensory-friendly rooms, classroom techniques, wheelchair accessibility, stimming, and more. I have condensed, edited, and combined several questions. As always, my answers represent solely my own opinions and do not necessarily represent the views of other autistic people, whom you should learn from as ...
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Look! Look To Your Baptism!

W e Christians like to tell people where and how to look. To those crushed under the weight of sin or guilt we say, “Look to the cross! Look to the cross and see God’s justice for your sin being satisfied in his Son.” To those wearied by sorrow and suffering we say, “Look forward! God has promised that this light and momentary affliction will soon give way to an eternal weight of glory.” To those who are being persecuted we say, “Look up! Look up to the great cloud of witnesse...
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A huge trove of medical records and prescriptions found exposed

A health tech company was leaking thousands of doctor’s notes, medical records, and prescriptions daily after a security lapse left a server without a password. The little-known software company, California-based Meditab, bills itself as one of the leading electronic medical records software makers for hospitals, doctor’s offices, and pharmacies. The company, among other things, processes electronic faxes for healthcare providers, still a primary method for sharing patient files to other provide...
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A Corporate Confession of Sin & Assurance of Pardon

One of my favorite elements of a worship service is a confession of sin and the subsequent assurance of pardon. At Grace Fellowship Church we include this in almost every service and, from time to time, I like to share an example. Here is how we confessed our sins together using Psalm 32 as our guide. *** We just sang together, “All the redeemed washed in his blood / Come and rejoice in his great love!” One of the ways God displays his great love for us in his willingness to fo...
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Restoring The Films Of José Larraz

Arrow Video have restored three works from Spanish auteur José Larraz. Read more >>> [Author:]
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Camping & Me

I’m sure I must have camped when I was a kid but, apart from one sleeping-outside occasion when I was about seven which – due to my young and tender age – must have been a planned event and not an accident, I can’t remember camping at all under the age of 22 when I attended my first festival. ( = || []).push({}); Thinking about it now, my lack of camping experiences as a child must have in part had my mother to blame as, although I was on holiday with h...
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Beto O’Rourke could be the first hacker president

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has revealed he was a member of a notorious decades-old hacking group. The former congressman was a member of the Texas-based hacker group, the Cult of the Dead Cow, known for inspiring early hacktivism in the internet age and building exploits and hacks for Microsoft Windows. The group used the internet as a platform in the 1990s to protest real-world events, often to promote human rights and denouncing censorship. Among its many releases, the Cul...
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Before You Preach a Narrative Text, Study Your Hero

Samson Slaying the Lion (1628) by Peter Paul Rubens You will preach narrative far better if you know this literary archetype. The Bible is full of stories, and most of them revolve around a hero. From Abraham to Moses to Deborah to the True and Better Hero, much of Scripture is a hero’s journey. Which means every preacher needs to understand the literary archetype of the hero. This excerpt from Leland Ryken’s How Bible Stories Work: A Guided Study of Biblical Narrative—free this...
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Case Mod Friday: Golden Dragon

It seems these awesome Lian Li PC-011 builds never end! This week we have a very eye-catching build that has a great white and gold color design that just looks amazing! The post Case Mod Friday: Golden Dragon appeared first on
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Quick Cuts for Big Ears

Attending the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville is a delicious game of choice and chance, forcing you to pick between such things as overlapping performances by Rhiannon Giddens, Theo Bleckmann, and Joan La Barbara—and that’s just the first night! But with only a week to go until the kickoff of the 2019 edition of the festival (March 21-24), decisions will need to be made, so we’re combing through the schedule and getting excited to consume as much music as we can cram into our ears (and the hours ...
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Should Christians “Self Care?”

W ords and phrases come and go. Both within the church and without, they often rise for a while, then quietly slip into decline and disuse. It is an annual tradition for dictionaries to announce the new words they are adding as well as the antiquated ones they are removing. In recent days, I’ve repeatedly heard the phrase “self-care,” or one of its many synonyms. I’ve heard it used in church contexts and in secular ones. I’ve seen Christians and non-Christians alike laud it or...
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666: What Theories Add Up?

If there’s one part of the Bible virtually everyone has heard of, it’s 666—the “number of Beast.” And if there’s one thing no one can agree upon, it’s what that number stands for. We see 666 in Revelation 13:18: “let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.” The wording here is important: John tells readers that the number must be “calculated,” which means there must be a hidden meaning behind it. But how do we cal...
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The responsibility for a sustainable digital future

Mounir Mahjoubi Contributor Share on Twitter Mounir Mahjoubi is the French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs. On March 12, 2019, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the “World Wide Web”, Tim Berners-Lee’s ground-breaking invention. In just thirty years, this flagship application of the Internet has forever changed our lives, our habits, our way of thinking and seeing the world. Yet, this anniversary leaves a bittersweet t...
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The Resistance Forms: A Timely Reminder of What is at Stake in Church Struggles over Sexuality

The news out of the special General Conference of the United Methodist Church (UMC) made history. At last, a major mainline Protestant denomination had, after much maneuvering, turned back an effort to abandon its historic biblical affirmation of biblical sexuality and marriage. The event was an earthquake of sorts, sending shock waves around the world. And yet, even as there was cause for the faithful to be relieved by the vote, the real battle still lies ahead. The UMC, formed in 1968, is the ...
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Beginner’s Guide To Twitch Streaming – Part 2

This second entry into our beginner's guide series will focus on adding a few additional scenes and source types to add a bit of variety to your stream. While we do plan to cover the more advanced features of streaming setups in future guides, you won't find us discussing the pros and cons of encoder types here. The post Beginner’s Guide To Twitch Streaming – Part 2 appeared first on
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Nigeria’s drops consumer e-commerce, pivots to e-procurement

Nigerian startup is dropping consumer online retail and pivoting to B2B e-procurement with Gloopro as its new name. The Lagos based venture has called it quits on e-commerce grocery services, shifting to a product that supplies large and medium corporates with everything from desks to toilet paper. Gloopro’s new platform will generate revenues on a monthly fee structure and a percentage on goods delivered, according to Gloopro CEO D. O. Olusanya. Gloopro, which raised around $1 million i...
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Master Guide to Improving Autistic Accessibility in Music

“Something’s wrong!” my mom cried. “My headphones malfunctioned! My video sounds blurry!” I put on her new, fancy headphones and watched the video. It was the singer in the plaza. It sounded crystal clear. I had been there. “What do you mean it’s blurry?” I asked. “There’s a lot of noise! It didn’t sound like that in real life!” “Um, that’s exactly what it sounded like in real life,” I retorted, frustrated with her imaginary tech issue. My mom looked hurt by my dismissal of her problem. This w...
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What’s the Purpose (and the Benefit) of Family Devotions?

W hat’s the purpose of family devotions? Probably no habit or discipline is so lauded, recommended, or even commanded among Christian families than this. But what’s the point of it? What is it meant to accomplish? Over many years of leading family devotions, I have been surprised to learn that it’s both more and less than I had expected. As Aileen and I began building the habit of family devotions, first as something that followed dinner and later as something that preceded br...
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10 Classic Typefaces Every Designer Should Own (and where to get them for free!)

Just like all design trends, font styles come and go, but there are a number of timeless typefaces that will never go out of fashion. Eric Gill, Adrian Frutiger and Max Miedinger are celebrated names in the graphic design industry, who created many of the typefaces that have been used by professional designers for several decades. Their fonts allow you to produce fresh typography no matter what century you’re in, so you can rely on them throughout your design career. Back when I created a si...
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A Pastoral Prayer

Every now and again I like to share an example of a pastoral prayer from Grace Fellowship Church. I do this because there are few examples of pastoral prayers online and I thought these may serve to inspire themes, passages, or ideas as other pastors and elders prepare to lead their churches in prayer. Please feel free to use or to adapt these prayers however you see fit. Here is one pastor Paul Martin prayed before our church not too long ago. *** O God, we thank you and cal...
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The next great debate will be about the role of tech in society and government

Tony Blair Contributor Share on Twitter Tony Blair is the Executive Chairman of the Institute for Global Change and former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Industrial Revolution dramatically re-ordered the sociology of politics. In the US, the Populist Party in the United States was founded as a force in opposition to capitalism, wary of modernity. In the UK, the profound economic changes reshaped polic...
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Transportation Weekly: Waymo unleashes laser bear, Bird spreads its wings, Lyft tightens its belt

Welcome back to Transportation Weekly; I’m your host Kirsten Korosec, senior transportation reporter at TechCrunch . This is the fifth edition of our newsletter and we love the reader feedback. Keep it coming. Never heard of TechCrunch’s Transportation Weekly? Catch up here, here and here. As I’ve written before, consider this a soft launch. Follow me on Twitter @kirstenkorosec to ensure you see it each week. (An email subscription is coming).  This week, we explore the world of light detec...
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Y Combinator president Sam Altman is stepping down amid a series of changes at the accelerator

Sam Altman, the well-known president of the prolific Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator, is stepping down, the firm shared in a blog post on Friday. Altman is transitioning into a chairman role with other YC partners stepping up to take on his day-to-day responsibilities, as first reported by Axios. Sources tell TechCrunch YC has no succession plans. YC’s core program is currently led by chief executive officer Michael Seibel, who joined the firm as a part-time partner in 2013 and ass...
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Case Mod Friday: Copper II

This week for Case Mod Friday we have another build inside the Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic, but this one is a bit different as it has a copper theme with copper hard tubing and more! The post Case Mod Friday: Copper II appeared first on
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Almost 600 Family Dollar Stores will be Closed & Rebranded in 2019

Family Dollar Store Closing – Dollar Tree purchased the Family Dollar chain back in 2015 for almost 9 billion dollars in hopes to build an empire to compete with Dollar General & Walmart. Things have changed a bit! 600 Rebranded & Closed Stores in 2019 390 Family Dollar stores will close this year and 200... Read More Read more about Almost 600 Family Dollar Stores will be Closed & Rebranded in 2019
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Artist Financial Profile: Tony Manfredonia, Game Music and Orchestral Composer

Let’s Talk About Money, an Introduction You can learn just about anything on the internet. For musicians, there’s a trend in talking about, teaching, and practicing entrepreneurship—an essential skill for anyone who wants to make a life in the arts. To clarify, entrepreneurship, in the artistic sense, has evolved to encompass everything from the hard and soft business skills needed to run your career to starting your own business. People like Angela Myles Beeching, Mark Rabideau and 21CM, Garre...
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Enter Into the Programming World With Python Training

The Engineering educational modules in India recommend the universities to start the programming classes for the students with C, followed by C++ and Java. This has made an assumption that ‘C’ kick-starts the coding lessons for freshers. A straightforward metaphor would enable you to understand the difference between starting programming […]
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Rivian’s F-150 Masquerade: Fair Use or Trade Dress Infringement?

A little over one year ago, I blogged about , asking who owns the right to the “Spaceman” rider’s mark? Today I post a differnt thought-provoking question about electric car company Rivian: Does Rivian’s use of a Ford F-150 body when testing its electric truck technology in public risk trade dress infringement? If you haven’t seen the recent headlines, startup electric truck company Rivian has been testing its 100% electric truck technology under the hood of a Ford F-150 body: Credit: AutoBlo...
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