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Ingenious new search and rescue drone finds people by listening for screams

Rather than relying on expensive and unreliable thermal cameras, this new search and rescue drone uses an array of microphones to zero in on cries for help.
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Extra Crunch roundup: influencer marketing 101, spotting future unicorns, Apple AirTags teardown

With the right message, even a small startup can connect with established and emerging stars on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube who will promote your products and services — as long as your marketing team understands the influencer marketplace. Creators have a wide variety of brands and revenue channels to choose from, but marketers who understand how to court these influencers can make inroads no matter the size of their budget. Although brand partnerships are still the top source of revenue for ...
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Researchers created a brain interface that can sing what a bird’s thinking

Researchers from the University of California San Diego recently built a machine learning system that predicts what a bird’s about to sing as they’re singing it. The big idea here is real-time speech synthesis for vocal prosthesis. But the implications could go much further. Up front: Birdsong is a complex form of communication that involves rhythm, pitch, and, most importantly, learned behaviors. According to the researchers, teaching an AI to understand these songs is a valuable step in traini...
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This nifty online guide compares AI/ML tools and platforms

This Week in Machine Learning, an organization dedicated to demystifying AI/ML operations for everyone, recently filled a need in the market by launching a ‘Solutions Guide’ to open source and enterprise AI tools and platforms. TWIML’s Solutions Guide consists of several infographics and a litany of research and information meant to make the search for just the right ML solution easy. Per TWIML’s website: What we saw was a gap for both builders and providers. Builders need a trusted resource the...
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KeepTruckin raises $190 million to invest in AI products, double R&D team to 700

KeepTruckin, a hardware and software developer that helps trucking fleets manage vehicle, cargo and driver safety, has just raised $190 million in a Series E funding round, which puts the company’s valuation at $2 billion, according to CEO Shoaib Makani.  G2 Venture Partners , which just raised a $500 million fund to help modernize existing industries, participated in the round, alongside existing backers like Greenoaks Capital, Index Ventures, IVP and Scale Venture Partners, which is manage...
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Anduril raises $450M as the defense tech company’s valuation soars to $4.6B

The AI-powered defense company founded by tech iconoclast Palmer Luckey has landed a $450 million round of investment that values the startup at $4.6 billion just four years in. In April, reports suggested that the company was on the hunt for fresh investment and headed for a valuation between four and five billion, up from $1.9 billion in July 2020. The new Series D round was led by angel investor and serial entrepreneur Elad Gil, a former Twitter VP and Googler with a track record of investmen...
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This AI wants to play with your garbage so we don’t all die

Saving the world keeps getting harder every year. Not so long ago we were told that we had the power to make a difference if we all just sorted our recyclables. Unfortunately, that hasn’t quite panned out the way we were led to believe it would. The big problem is people. We suck at sorting, most of us don’t have access to proper bins and recycling services, and there’s just too much garbage for us to properly manage each day. We need help. Enter AI: There are few problems perfectly suited for r...
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Insurtech AI startup Akur8 closes $30M Series B

Automating insurance claims is a big business, and the world of AI is coming at it ‘full pelt’. The latest is Akur8, an insurtech automating insurance platform whose ‘Transparent AI’ product is trying to eat into the incumbent large business of Willis Towers watson, among others. It’s now closed a Series B funding round of $30m led by an undisclosed investor. This brings its total funding to $42m. The round is to support international expansion. Akur8 is used by actuaries and pricing teams to ma...
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IBM’s A.I. Mayflower ship is crossing the Atlantic, and you can watch it live

IBM's autonomous, A.I.-powered ship is currently on its way across the Atlantic Ocean -- and thanks to some amazing tech, you can watch the journey live
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SoftBank Vision Fund 2 leads $140M funding in Vishal Sikka’s Vianai

Vianai Systems, an AI startup founded by former chief executive of Indian IT services giant Infosys, said on Wednesday it has raised $140 million in a round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. The two-year-old startup said a number of industry luminaries also participated in the new round, which brings its total to-date raise to at least $190 million. The startup raised $50 million in its Seed financing round, but there’s no word on the size of its Series A round. Details about what exactly the Palo ...
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Oculus From Facebook to Begin Testing In-Headset Ads

If you thought you were safe from ads after escaping to virtual reality, think again: Oculus From Facebook will begin a small test of in-headset ads on the Oculus Quest platform. The social network's VR unit said in May that it would begin testing ads for Oculus content within its mobile application, and going in-headset...
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Facebook rolls out new tools for Group admins, including automated moderation aids

Facebook today introduced a new set of tools aimed at helping Facebook Group administrators get a better handle on their online communities and, potentially, help keep conversations from going off the rails. Among the more interesting new tools is a machine learning-powered feature that alerts admins to potentially unhealthy conversations taking place in their group. Another lets the admin slow down the pace of a heated conversation, by limiting how often group members can post. Facebook Groups ...
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Google News thinks I’m the queerest AI journalist on Earth

Have you ever wondered why Google News surfaces some articles higher than others? If you answered “no” to that question, you probably don’t work in marketing or journalism. Google News is among the largest traffic drivers for online news sources and it plays a huge role in our day-to-day lives. Think about it. Let’s say you’re a reporter who writes about barns. You travel the countryside looking for the most interesting barns and you write barn stories. When people search Google News for the wor...
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Hybrid events platform Brella raises $10M Series A led by Connected Capital

Hybrid event platform Brella has raised a $10M Series A funding round led by Connected Capital. Normally used as an offline networking app, Brella pivoted from live events into a virtual event platform after the pandemic hit. The company counts Informa, Marcus Evans, Questex and IQPC as customers Markus Kauppinen, CEO and Founder of Brella said the company is moving towards ‘immersive hybrid events that contain both live and virtual components’ as the world opens up post-COVID. Kauppinen said: “...
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Trigo bags $10M for computer-vision based checkout tech to rival Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’

While Amazon continues to expand its self-service, computer-vision-based grocery checkout technology by bringing it to bigger stores, an AI startup out of Israel that’s built something to rival it has picked up funding and a new strategic investor as a customer. Trigo, which has produced a computer vision system that includes both camera hardware and encrypted, privacy-compliant software to enable “grab and go” shopping — where customers can pick up items that get automatically detected and bill...
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Jennifer Lopez Will Battle a Killer AI in a New Netflix Movie

A person doesn’t get to be as famous as Jennifer Lopez without having a wide-ranging career. Music, movies, television—she’s basically done it all, with a few small exceptions. One of those is science fiction. Oh sure, she was in The Cell and Anaconda, but those came out decades ago. Now, Lopez getting back into…Read more...
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China says its fighter pilots are battling AI aircraft in simulated dogfights, and humans aren't the only ones learning

China is using artificial intelligence to hone the skills of Chinese fighter pilots. STR/AFP via Getty Images China has been pitting pilots against AI-driven aircraft in training simulations. A commander told the PLA Daily that the AI aircraft were "sharpening the sword" for Chinese pilots. The AI was also learning, highlighting the potential for AI systems in its armed forces. See more stories on Insider's business page. Chinese fighter pilots have been battling aircraft piloted by ar...
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Scale AI CEO Alex Wang weighs in on software bugs and what will make AV tech good enough

Scale co-founder and CEO Alex Wang joined us at TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility 2021 this week to discuss his company’s role in the autonomous driving industry and how it’s changed in the five years since its founding. Scale helps large and small AV players establish reliable “ground truth” through data annotation and management, and along the way, the standards for what that means have shifted as the industry matures. Good data is the “good bones” of autonomous driving systems Even if two algor...
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Solar concentration startup Heliogen basks in $108M of new funding

Sunlight is a great source of energy, but it rarely gets hot enough to fry an egg, let alone melt steel. Heliogen aims to change that with its high-tech concentrated solar technique, and has raised more than a hundred million dollars to test its 1,000-degree solar furnace to a few game mines and refineries. We covered Heliogen when it first made its debut in 2019, and the details in that article still get at the core of the company’s tech. Computer vision techniques are used to carefully control...
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Elisity raises $26M Series A to scale its AI cybersecurity platform

Elisity, a self-styled innovator that provides behavior-based enterprise cybersecurity, has raised $26 million in Series A funding. The funding round was co-led by Two Bear Capital and AllegisCyber Capital, the latter of which has invested in a number of cybersecurity startups including Panaseer, with previous seed investor Atlantic Bridge also participating. Elisity, which is led by industry veterans from Cisco, Qualys, and Viptela, says the funding will help it meet growing enterprise demand f...
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Why You Need to Understand Marketing Machine Learning Models

One of the technical marketing hurdles I hear marketers struggling with on a regular basis is the idea of an algorithm. Marketers talk about Google’s algorithm, Facebook’s algorithm, Instagram’s algorithm, and this bit of language matters a great deal in our understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes with big tech and marketing. To […]
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Australian ID verification startup OCR Labs raises $15M Series A to expand into UK/Turkey/Europe

With the gig economy came the need for ID verification, thus startups like OnFido (raised $188.8 million) appeared, alongside several others. But this sector is by no means ‘done’ yet. Now, OCR Labs, which emerged from Australia, has announced a €12.5M / $15 million Series A funding round led by Turkish investors Oyak Group, to expand its services and team to the UK, Turkey and Europe. Halkin Ventures invested in its seed round. The startup specializes in digital ID verification, customer onboar...
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Can A.I. beat human engineers at designing microchips? Google thinks so

Google found that artificial intelligence is capable of designing microchips. A.I.-designed chips were better and made quicker than those made by human experts.
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Is ‘brain drift’ the key to machine consciousness?

Think about someone you love and the neurons in your brain will light up like a Christmas tree. But if you think about them again, will the same lights go off? Chances are: the answer’s no. And that could have big implications for the future of AI. A team of neuroscientists from the University of Columbia in New York recently published research demonstrating what they refer to as “representational drift” in the brains of mice. Per the paper: Although activity in piriform cortex could be used to ...
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Artificial intelligence and the McData-fueled future of capitalism

Ba da ba ba bah, McDonald’s is capturing and storing biometric data on its customers without their knowledge or consent. Per a report from The Register, McDonald’s may be facing a class action lawsuit after an Illinois customer sued the mega-corporation for allegedly violating the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA): (The plaintiff) sued McDonald’s … on behalf of himself and all other affected residents of Illinois. He claimed the fast-chow biz has broken BIPA by not obtaining writt...
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Waabi’s Raquel Urtasun explains why it was the right time to launch an AV technology startup

Raquel Urtasun, the former chief scientist at Uber ATG, is the founder and CEO of Waabi, an autonomous vehicle startup that came out of stealth mode last week. The Toronto-based company, which will focus on trucking, raised an impressive $83.5 million in a Series A round led by Khosla Ventures.  Urtasun joined Mobility 2021 to talk about her new venture, the challenges facing the self-driving vehicle industry and how her approach to AI can be used to advance the commercialization of AVs. A...
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Fraud protection startup nSure AI raises $6.8M in seed funding

Fraud protection startup nSure AI has raised $6.8 million in seed funding, led by DisruptiveAI, Phoenix Insurance, AXA-backed venture builder Kamet, Moneta Seeds and private investors. The round will help the company bolster the predictive AI and machine learning algorithms that power nSure AI’s “first of its kind” fraud protection platform. Prior to this round, the company received $550,000 in pre-seed funding from Kamet in March 2019. The Tel Aviv-headquartered startup, which currently has 16 ...
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How startups can lure developers away from the Apples and Googles of the world

We can all agree that starting and running a startup is risky business. From finding financing to creating your first product. Going from initial point A to point B is difficult in any journey and ultimately there is only that one thing that can make it happen – your team. But how can a startup compete for programming talent against household names in the industry, like Google and Apple? The core driving force of any functioning business is of course its people. In the AI industry in particular,...
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Enterprise AI platform Dataiku launches managed service for smaller companies

Dataiku is going downstream with a new product today called Dataiku Online. As the name suggests, Dataiku Online is a fully managed version of Dataiku. It lets you take advantage of the data science platform without going through a complicated setup process that involves a system administrator and your own infrastructure. If you’re not familiar with Dataiku, the platform lets you turn raw data into advanced analytics, run some data visualization tasks, create data-backed dashboards and train mac...
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Should we be worried about robots taking our jobs? The answer depends on labor market institutions

Do new technologies, such as robots, destroy jobs and cause mass unemployment? Many current and past commentators have forcefully made this point in the public debate, but new research published in the Journal of the European Economic Association suggests that “technological mass unemployment” is indeed not something we should worry about.Instead, our research documents the subtle shifts in the German labor market brought about by industrial robots, and highlights the crucial importance of funct...
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