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How Experts Are Attempting to Combat Artificial Intelligence’s Racist Tendencies

Artificial intelligence might be the cutting edge of futuristic tech, but by its nature, it's also rooted in the past and present. The technology learns from human behavior, and as hundreds of years of humanity show, often veers into racism, misogyny and many other types of inequality. So, as conversations about confronting systemic discrimination have...
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A beginner’s guide to AI: The difference between video game AI and real AI

Welcome to TNW’s beginner’s guide to AI. This multi-part feature should provide you with a very basic understanding of what AI is, what it can do, and how it works. The guide contains articles on (in order published) neural networks, computer vision, natural language processing, algorithms, and artificial general intelligence. Among the most common misconceptions surrounding machine learning technology is the idea that video games dating back to the 1970s and 1980s had built-in “artificial intel...
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Do You Trust Lawyer Bots? Well, It Depends.

The Wall Street Journal seems to be asking the wrong question.
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Researchers use AI to determine which face masks work best for COVID-19

A growing range of face masks are popping up around the world, but many haven’t proven their effectiveness against COVID-19. A new technique developed at Duke University aims to measure which ones provide the most protection by counting the respiratory droplets they emit during speech. The system is compromised of a black box, a laser, and a cell phone camera. It works by measuring the droplets produced when someone speaks through the mask. The wearer first places their mouth at a hole in the fr...
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You Ask, I Answer: Why do Recommendation Engines Fail?

Oz asks, “Why is some consumer AI so bad? Instagram senses that I like bright-colored clothes. Then it shows me ads for bright-colored clothes that are also cheap crap that I’d never buy. What is the perspective of the companies? – It works great for most people. – We just need to get this right […]
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A US Air Force Pilot is taking on AI in a virtual dogfight — here’s how to watch it

An AI-controlled fighter jet will battle a US Air Force pilot in a simulated dogfight next week — and you can watch the action online. The clash is the culmination of DARPA’s AlphaDogfight competition, which the Pentagon’s “mad science” wing launched to increase trust in AI-assisted combat. DARPA hopes this will raise support for using algorithms in simpler aerial operations, so pilots can focus on more challenging tasks, such as organizing teams of unmanned aircraft across the battlespace. The ...
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AI Is More Likely to Misidentify Women’s Masks

The artificial intelligence powering computer vision is much more likely to mislabel protective masks as things like duct tape, jewelry and gags when women are wearing them than men, according to a new experiment from a data scientist at Wunderman Thompson. The agency's director of data science, Ilinca Barsan, recently published a blog post in...
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R&D Roundup: Supercomputer COVID-19 insights, ionic spiderwebs, the whiteness of AI

I see far more research articles than I could possibly write up. This column collects the most interesting of those papers and advances, along with notes on why they may prove important in the world of tech and startups. This week: supercomputers take on COVID-19, beetle backpacks, artificial spiderwebs, the “overwhelming whiteness” of AI and more. First off, if (like me) you missed this amazing experiment where scientists attached tiny cameras to the backs of beetles, I don’t think I have to ex...
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Conversational analytics are about to change customer experiences forever

Evan Kohn Contributor Share on Twitter A digital marketing and customer experience leader, Evan Kohn is chief business officer at Pypestream, where he created PypePro, an AI onboarding methodology used by Fortune 500 firms. Companies have long relied on web analytics data like click rates, page views and session lengths to gain customer behavior insights.This method looks at how customers react to what is presented to them, re...
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Algorithm that determines school exam results risks ‘baking in inequality’

An algorithm used to calculate exam results in England risks unfairly punishing poorer pupils, politicians have warned. The system was introduced when school exams were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers were instead asked to hand over their predicted grades for each student to exam regulators. The algorithm then adjusts their estimates by comparing them to the school‘s past results. The approach aims to moderate teacher predictions that are overly generous. But critics fear that b...
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Here are a few ways GPT-3 can go wrong

Liz O'Sullivan Contributor Share on Twitter Liz O’Sullivan is a co-founder and VP of Commercial at Arthur, an AI monitoring and explainability company. She is also Technology Director of STOP, the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, where she fights the ever-growing threat of technology-enabled surveillance. John P. Dickerson Contributor Share on Twitter ...
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You Ask, I Answer: Why Map Customer Journeys?

John asks, “If the customer journey is different for every person, why bother trying to map it?” The presumption is that the customer journey is a wide open field of possibilities, when it’s more like a densely wooded forest. There are a limited number of rational pathways to conversion, and mapping both the probability and […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Why Map Customer Journeys? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker.
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Algorithm reveals some of us have DNA from a mystery ancestor

Interbreeding gets a bad rap these days, but early humans loved a bit of interspecies action. Genes from fossils show our ancestors had entanglements with both Neanderthals and an ancient group called Denisovans. But new research suggests they also got it on with another mystery relative, whose DNA still exists in people today. Scientists from Cornell University and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory made the discovery by developing an algorithm that analyzes genomes. The software can identify segmen...
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Why ‘human-like’ is a low bar for most AI projects

Show me a human-like machine and I’ll show you a faulty piece of tech. The AI market is expected to eclipse $300 billion by 2025. And the vast majority of the companies trying to cash in on that bonanza are marketing some form of “human-like” AI. Maybe it’s time to reconsider that approach. The big idea is that human-like AI is an upgrade. Computers compute, but AI can learn. Unfortunately, humans aren’t very good at the kinds of tasks a computer makes sense for and AI isn’t very good at the kin...
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Study: Instagram’s algorithm favored Trump over Biden

Conservatives have long accused social media platforms of being politically biased. A new report suggests they might be right — but not in the way they claim. The Tech Transparency Report (TTP) found that Instagram pushed searches about Joe Biden towards negative hashtags about the former vice president, but blocked them for President Trump. The action was apparently triggered by Instagram‘s related hashtags, which direct users to content related to their previous hashtag searches. TTP compared ...
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You Ask, I Answer: The Future of Content Marketing?

Stephanie asks, “How do you see content marketing evolving in the future?” AI will produce much more of it, and our role will be as prompters and editors. We already see this with tools like Nvidia’s GauGAN, the GPT family of language generators, and the AIVA music composition system. When you look at the quality […] The post You Ask, I Answer: The Future of Content Marketing? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker.
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Depictions of AI are overwhelmingly white — and that’s a serious problem

The “overwhelming whiteness” of AI is erasing people of color from visions of our future, researchers have warned. The Cambridge University team studied depictions of AI systems in stock images, movies, TV, search results, and robots. They found that found the vast majority of them were portrayed as white. The researchers fear these depictions are creating a homogenous tech workforce who bake racial bias into their algorithms. “People trust AI to make decisions. Cultural depictions foster the id...
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Why Elon Musk is wrong about Level 5 self-driving cars

“I’m extremely confident that level 5 [self-driving cars] or essentially complete autonomy will happen, and I think it will happen very quickly,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a video message to the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai earlier this month. “I remain confident that we will have the basic functionality for level 5 autonomy complete this year.” Musk’s remarks triggered much discussion in the media about whether we are close to having full self-driving cars on our roads...
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AI models need to be ‘interpretable’ rather than just ‘explainable’

Last November, Apple ran into trouble after customers pointed out on Twitter that its credit card service was discriminating against women. David Heinemeir Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails, called Apple Card a sexist program. “Apple’s black box algorithm thinks I deserve 20x the credit limit [my wife] does,” he tweeted. The success of deep learning in the past decade has increased interest in the field of artificial intelligence. But the rising popularity of AI has also highlighted some of ...
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Researchers Rank Deepfakes as the Biggest Crime Threat Posed by AI

While science fiction is often preoccupied with the threat of artificial intelligence successfully imitating human intelligence, researchers say a bigger danger right now is people using the technology to imitate one another. A recent survey from the University College of London ranked deepfakes as the most worrying application of machine learning in terms of potential...
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Krisp snags $5M A round as demand grows for its voice-isolating algorithm

Krisp’s smart noise suppression tech, which silences ambient sounds and isolates your voice for calls, arrived just in time. The company got out in front of the global shift to virtual presence, turning early niche traction has into real customers and attracting a shiny new $5 million series A funding round to expand and diversify its timely offering. We first met Krisp back in 2018 when it emerged from UC Berkeley’s Skydeck accelerator. The company was an early one in the big surge of AI sta...
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‘World’s first’ AI-generated arts festival program opens this Friday

The Edinburgh Fringe is the world’s largest performing arts festival, but this year’s event has sadly been canceled due to COVID-19. Fortunately, art junkies can still get their fix of the Fringe at a virtual alternative curated by an AI called the ImprovBot. The system analyzed the 100-word text descriptions of every show staged at the festival from 2011 to 2019 — a total of more than two million words. ImprovBot uses this data to generate ideas for new comedies, plays, musicals, and cabaret. T...
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Google updates G Suite for mobile with dark mode support, Smart Compose for Docs and more

Google today announced a major update to its mobile G Suite productivity apps. Among these updates are the addition of a dark theme for Docs, Sheets and Slides, as well as the addition of Google’s Smart Compose technology to Docs on mobile and the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents without having to covert them. Other updates include a new vertically scrollable slide viewing experience in Slides, link previews and a new user interface for comments and action items. You can now also re...
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Sight Diagnostics raises $71M Series D for its blood analyzer

Sight Diagnostics, the Israel-based health-tech company behind the FDA-cleared OLO blood analyzer, today announced that it has raised a $71 million Series D round with participation from Koch Disruptive Technologies, Longliv Ventures (which led its Series C round)and crowd-funding platform OurCrowd. With this, the company has now raised a total of $124 million, though the company declined to share its current valuation. With a founding team that used to work at Mobileye, among other companies, S...
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Deepfakes are the most worrying AI crime, researchers warn

Deepfakes are the most concerning use of AI for crime and terrorism, according to a new report from University College London. The research team first identified 20 different ways AI could be used by criminals over the next 15 years. They then asked 31 AI experts to rank them by risk, based on their potential for harm, the money they could make, their ease of use, and how hard they are to stop. Deepfakes — AI-generated videos of real people doing and saying fictional things — earned the top spot...
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Is TikTok a Good Buy? It Depends on What’s Included

TikTok’s most valuable assets, a hyper-effective algorithm and a community of popular creators, may not be as easy to acquire as the company itself.
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Watch: Deepfakes Jay-Z raps the Navy SEAL copypasta meme to live jazz music

My editor-in-chief dared me to pull a bunch of random topics out of a hat and write a compelling tech story about them. Here’s what I got: Jay-Z, neural networks, the US Navy SEALs, and jazz music. Luckily for me, I happened across this video featuring a group of talented jazz musicians interpreting a Deepfake AI-generated version of Jay-Z rapping the infamous Navy SEAL copypasta meme. Natch. Adam Neely, a popular music YouTuber with over a million subscribers, released the video as part of a Cu...
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Microsoft, Amazon back a SoCal company making microchips specifically for voice-based apps

Microsoft’s venture capital fund, M12 Ventures has led a slew of strategic corporate investors backing a new chip developer out of Southern California called Syntiant, which makes semiconductors for voice recognition and speech-based applications. “We started out to build a new type of processor for machine learning, and voice is our first application,” says Syntiant chief executive Kurt Busch. “We decided to build a chip for alwyas-on battery powered devices.” Those chips need a different...
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UK ditches visa algorithm accused of creating ‘speedy boarding for white people’

The UK is scrapping a controversial algorithm used in visa applications following allegations that it discriminates against certain nationalities. Since 2015, the “streaming tool” has used a traffic-light system to rank visa applications to the UK. According to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI), applicants with “suspect” nationalities automatically received a higher risk score, reducing their chances of being granted a visa. The JCWI believes this led countless skilled profe...
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Apple hit with $1.43B Siri patent lawsuit from Chinese AI firm

A Chinese AI firm is suing Apple for alleged patent infringement involving the voice assistant Siri. Shanghai Zhizhen — also known as Xiao — is seeking $1.43 billion (10 billion yuan) in damages from Apple. It also wants the firm to stop selling products in China that breach the patent, which would mean most iPhones, iPads, and Macs would no longer be available in Apple‘s second-largest market. “As a tech person, I have a lot of respect for Apple, whose products and services bring a lot of value...
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