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The Museum Of Obsolete Legal Tech: Data Storage, Sans Robot

Before the cloud and AI, there was cardboard.
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The 5 articles you read in AI hell

The devil went down to Silicon Valley; he was looking for a soul to steal. But he ended up taking a consulting gig with Palantir instead. In the meantime, the algorithm’s in charge of punishing the wicked now. And these days the sign above hell’s gates reads “Abandon Open Source,” with an Amazon smile beneath the print. Those condemned to an eternity of pain and suffering in the modern era are now forced to read the same five AI articles over and over. Which kind of sounds like what it’s like to...
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Snap Introduces Arcadia, a Global Creative Studio for Branded AR Content

Snap Inc. opened the doors Tuesday to Arcadia, a new global creative studio for branded augmented reality. The company said Arcadia marks the newest member of its AR ecosystem, which also includes more than 40 trusted partners, tools like Lens Web Builder and its Creator Marketplace, which was introduced in May. Snap cited a recent...
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Where are all the robotaxis and autonomous cars we were promised?

We’re a couple weeks away from All Hallows Eve and there are plenty of things that go bump in the night for us to fear this year. Things such as dumb cars that can’t figure out how cul-de-sacs work without a human operator. And Tesla FSD’s proclivity towards driving the wrong way down clearly-marked one-way streets, for example. Up front: Rumors of the advent of truly driverless cars have been, for the most part, widely exaggerated. Elon Musk’s now infamous 2019 claim that Tesla would have one m...
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Snap Takes Over a Shake Shack in New York for the Week

The Shake Shack location at Hudson Yards in New York will be a Snap Shack through Thursday (Oct. 21). Timed to coincide with an ad industry event, Snap Inc. is taking over the restaurant and supplementing the Shake Shack menu with an augmented reality try-on mirror, free food, custom Snapchat lenses and limited-edition Snap Shack...
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Facebook to Create 10,000 EU Jobs Over 5 Years With the Metaverse in Mind

Facebook plans to create 10,000 new "high-skilled" jobs in the European Union over the next five years to help build out the metaverse. Vice president of global affairs Nick Clegg and vp of central products Javier Olivan said in a Newsroom post Sunday that reasons why the EU is a good region for investment include...
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Sorry former Pentagon expert, but China is nowhere near winning the AI race

Nicolas Chaillan, the Pentagon’s former Chief Software Officer, is on a whirlwind press tour to drum up as much fervor for his radical assertion that the US has already lost the AI race against China. Speaking to the Financial Times in his first interview after leaving his post at the Pentagon, Chaillan said: We have no competing fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years. Right now, it’s already a done deal. Chaillan’s departure from the Pentagon was preceded by a “blistering letter” where...
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Snap Uses Volumetric Video Technology for Halloween Kills AR Lens

Universal Pictures horror film Halloween Kills comes to theaters (and Peacock) in the U.S. Oct. 15, but Snapchatters in the U.S. may be getting a visit from Michael Myers sooner than that. Snap Inc. teamed up with the movie studio on an augmented reality experience using a new AR technology, volumetric video, which records videos...
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IBM commits high-scale inference platform ModelMesh to open source

IBM today announced it has committed its ModelMesh inference service to open source. This is a big deal for the MLOps and DevOps community, but the implications for the average end-user are also huge. Artificial intelligence is a backbone technology that nearly all enterprises rely on. The majority of our coverage here on Neural tends to discuss the challenges involved in training and developing AI models. But when it comes to deploying AI models so that they can do what they’re supposed to do w...
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Classical physics make time travel impossible. But what about ‘timeless’ travel?

A pair of scientists from the UK recently published a pre-print research paper discussing the theory of a universe with no beginning. Imagine it: our universe has always existed. The Big Bang either never happened or it was simply another event in the infinite history of… itself. On the surface it sounds counter-intuitive. According to the researchers, a quantum physics paradigm called a “causal set” structure makes it possible for the universe to exist beyond its perceived origin. Per the duo’s...
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Small Business Battles Cyber Threats with AI

Cybercriminals increasingly employ sophisticated tactics in their online disruptions, costing organizations $2.9 million every single minute. Research from RiskIQ also found that major businesses lose an average of $25 per minute because of data breaches alone. According to IBM, it takes 280 days to discover and contain the average cyber-attack, which costs an average of $3.86 million. Nefarious characters behind a keyboard are not the only source of threats complicating cyber security efforts....
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Why can’t Google’s algorithms find any good news for queer people?

If you’re interested in reading about the global suffering of queer people I’ve got just the place for you. It’s called “Google News.” Today’s actually an off day for the product. Typically, if you take a gander at the “LGBTQ+” topic in Google News you’ll find that about 90% of the stories surfaced by the platform’s algorithms are negative. But today is “Coming Out Day,” so there’s a handful of non-negative pieces in the feed right now taking up slots that are typically filled with negative ones...
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These startups are making the smart cities of the future safer

When you hear the term “smart city” your mind usually jumps to autonomous flying vehicles or drone-based pizza deliveries. But emerging technologies aren’t only being deployed to make our lives easier. There’s also a wave of new startups and scaleups working to make the cities of the future safer. We spoke with four cohorts from this year’s X-Europe smart cities accelerator program to find out more about how tech can be used to tackle both new and old security threats. Faster response times to v...
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Codifying humanity: Why robots should fear death as much as we do

Welcome to “Codifying Humanity.” A new Neural series that analyzes the machine learning world’s attempts at creating human-level AI. Read the first article: Can humor be reduced to an algorithm? World-renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts that AI will be “a billion times more capable” than biological intelligence within the next 20-30 years. Kurzweil’s predicted the advent of over 100 technology advances with a greater than 85% success rate. But, given the current state of cutting-edge artific...
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This Twitter bot will colorize your black and white photos

This Twitter bot will colorize your black and white photos— Boing Boing (@BoingBoing) October 8, 2021 "I'm a bot that transforms black and white photos into color using artificial intelligence," says @colorize_bot, a cheerful Twitter bot that performs is useful service free of charge. — Read the rest
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How consumer-facing ‘AI as a service’ is remaking the world of smart gadgets

Amazon’s Echo Dot is on its fourth generation. And within each of those generations there are myriad iterations and variations on the basic design. And that’s just the Dot. In all, there are dozens of different “Echo” devices. And each one is either a newly-introduced product or an iteration of a previous generation. And there will be more next year and more the year after that. That’s what the status quo looks like in smart gadgets. If you got a smart TV for your birthday last year, you can pro...
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Can AI help NASA find aliens on starless rogue planets?

The millennia-old search for extraterrestrial life has, so far, yielded little in the way of scientifically useful results. As far as humanity can prove, ET is purely hypothetical. Yet there are more believers than skeptics. Even in the scientific community. It seems like the generally accepted belief on alien life can be boiled down to: the universe is very big and it would be silly to think that we’re all alone in it. But famed Italian physicist Enrico Fermi took a different perspective. Fermi...
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Why Chatbots Fail in Banking

Growth of these AI-powered tools is rising, but they get mixed reviews. When they come up short, the problem usually isn't the technology. The post Why Chatbots Fail in Banking appeared first on The Financial Brand - Banking Trends, Analysis & Insights.
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The 15 Best Spielberg Protagonists Ranked

Over past 50 years, Steven Spielberg has been one of the prolific and successful directors in Hollywood, with more hits under his belt than almost any other filmmaker. His work, whether historical drama or action adventure, is deeply human, and one of his most unique qualities is how easily he makes audiences fell in love with the universes that he creates. In order to do this, Spielberg needs both characters that spark the imagination, and actors with the charisma and talent to breathe life int...
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Codifying humanity: Can humor be reduced to an algorithm?

Welcome to “Codifying Humanity.” A new Neural series that analyzes the machine learning world’s attempts at creating human-level AI.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A robot walks into a bar and the bartender takes its order. The robot says: “I’ll have whatever my developer likes.” If you’re not laughing right now it’s because the joke isn’t funny. And if you are laughing, it’s because the joke is funny. That’s how jokes work. It’s also how people work. Humorous or not, the premise of the joke...
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FDA gives a green light to cancer diagnosis AI

Big news for digital diagnosis: a company called Paige.AI offers software that scans biopsied prostate tissue for cancerous cells. Launched in 2018, the company has previously worked with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center— the only healthcare AI company with access to patient tissue slides from the cancer treatment and research institution. — Read the rest
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Introducing The Museum Of Obsolete Legal Tech!

Here, we’ll be profiling devices of years and centuries past, while bringing you up to speed on their present-day counterparts.
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The Empathy Equation: How AI Will Reshape Creativity in Marketing

Technology has had a monumental impact on the creative industry. This is true not only in how people consume the things we create, but also in how we craft the work itself. For example, the rise of digital cameras didn't just allow us to shoot more shots. It democratized the capturing of images. So much...
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WPP, Snap Partner on Augmented Reality

Ad giant WPP and Snap Inc. opened the doors to The AR Lab, a global partnership aimed at helping brands use augmented reality to build and deliver immersive experiences for consumers. Ecommerce is the primary focus of The AR Lab, and the two companies will combine Snap's AR technology with WPP's integrated capabilities across creative,...
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Amazon tells Tesla to hold its beer in contest for stupidest-robot-ever-built

Amazon held a hardware event yesterday to announce an all-new lineup of data-capturing-tools it intends to market as robot assistants and security devices. Interestingly, the general public seems to be enjoying the idea. Where Tesla was almost universally mocked for its silly robot announcement stunt, Amazon’s latest reveals have been met with a lot of positivity. Apparently, people are really into the idea of letting a giant megacorporation fill their home with surveillance equipment. But there...
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To Combat Bias in Advertising, IBM Is Enlisting AI’s Help

With an arsenal of data scientists, IBM is not aiming for small goals. They have their eyes on the big prize, demonstrated by one of their recent initiatives: addressing bias in advertising. Spearheading that drive is Randi Stipes, CMO of Watson Advertising and Weather; developer marketing at IBM, who shares that to best mitigate bias...
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Researchers use AI to determine which animal diseases will infect humans next

Did you know Neural is taking the stage on Sept 30 and Oct 1? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your ticket now! A team of researchers from the University of Glasgow in the UK have created an AI-powered system for identifying which diseases will make the leap from the animal kingdom to causing human infections. This could go a long way towards preparing us for the next pandemic. COVID-19 and dozens of other viruses th...
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Facebook to Invest $50M Over 2 Years Into Responsible Development of the Metaverse

Facebook will invest $50 million over two years in the XR Programs and Research Fund, earmarked for programs and external research related to responsible development of the metaverse. The social network said it will collaborate with academic institutions, civil rights groups, governments, industry partners and nonprofits, and its initial partners in the effort include: Africa...
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GPT-3 can summarize books as well as a human can

OpenAi announced that it has trained the GPT-3 AI to summarize books, and it does a remarkable job. Our best model is fine-tuned from GPT-3 and generates sensible summaries of entire books, sometimes even matching the average quality of human-written summaries: it achieves a 6/7 rating (similar to the average human-written summary) from humans who have read the book 5% of the time and a 5/7 rating 15% of the time. — Read the rest
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TikTok’s algorithm is helping ‘psychics’ exploit Gabby Petito’s death

Opportunistic, predatory human beings claiming to be ‘psychics’ have taken their scams to TikTok in order to exploit the tragic murder of Gabby Petito. And the algorithm’s giving them a boost. File under: Absolutely disgusting. Up front: 22-year old Gabby Petito, a travel influencer, recently went missing. Their case reached the public spotlight due to scrutiny over another person’s involvement and is currently an ongoing homicide investigation. As is usually the case in high-profile homicide in...
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