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Sales statistics for December 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales and Streaming Statistics for December 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, with full breakdowns of your streams and sales across all stores and platforms in your Statistics page. If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to [email protected] and our friendly support team will be happy to help. The post Sales statistics for December 2019 now available appeared first on RouteNote Bl...
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Sundance: Feels Good Man charts a path of redemption for Pepe

Can a meme be redeemed? That’s the central question in Arthur Jones’ Feels Good Man — a documentary that premiered at Sundance this year charting the course of the creator of Pepe the Frog, a comic book character turned universally recognized meme, as he attempts to reclaim it from racists and shitposters. The sweet, gentle pacing of the doc fits well with the calm, sensitive demeanor of its creator Matt Furie . Furie is described as “ethereal” by one of his friends in the piece and that’s ...
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Caffeine inks exclusive agreement with Drake preps Ultimate Rap League for launch

Two years after getting a $100 million commitment from 21st Century Fox to build a mobile-based live streaming platform that could compete with Twitch, the startup Caffeine has scored another coup by partnering with the biggest name in music — Drake. With buying power of Fox (now owned by The Walt Disney Co.), a Murdoch on the board (Lachlan), and an exclusive contract with Drake, Caffeine is hoping to take its streaming service beyond gamers and sports and become the platform for live str...
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Wide Open 11

We are excited to announce our eleventh annual national juried art show, Wide Open 11 opening May 9, 2020. Virtually every medium is accepted. This call for submission is open to all residents of the U.S. and its Territories 18 years of age or older. All artwork must be original...Read more »
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Spotify are getting rid of Artist’s listener count in their Discovered On section

Unfortunately Spotify have confirmed that they are getting rid of listener counts for the playlists where artists were discovered. Spotify have confirmed that they’re getting rid of how many listeners have streamed artists in the playlists they’re featured in. The feature gave an insight into the power of playlists by showing the streaming discoveries in each artist’s ‘Discovered On’ section. CzechFencer said on Spotify’s forum that after they updated their Spotify client on Mac OS they...
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Disney’s Myth: A Frozen Tale should be a case study for anyone filmmaking in VR

This week, on my way to check out a little ride debuting at Disneyland in California, I stopped by Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank to check out Myth: A Frozen Tale. Myth is a new VR experience created by a team working at the studio that debuted with the movie but has not yet launched for the public. It uses Frozen 2 as a jumping off point but is not a continuation of the story.   Instead, it builds off of the story of the movie and uses the tech to put the viewer into the world to ...
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2019 — Borbay’s Year In Review… Europe, Portraits, Universal Hip Hop Museum and Community Theatre

2019… oh, what a year… Europe, Whistler, Vegas… portraits… a museum collection… New York press — let’s jump right in my very good friend. [Friends, due to an undisclosed server issue, my incoming emails are not working at the moment. If you’d like to reach me, try: [email protected] — thank you!] I had the great …
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Call for Entries: Landscape Artist of the Year 2020

Tonight is the FINAL of Landscape Artist of the Year 2019  Which means it's time for the Call for Entries for Landscape Artist of the Year 2020! Artists enter with a landscape artwork. Those... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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How to edit your artist profile on Deezer

Deezer are reportedly working on a platform for artists to keep up to date with their music performance and edit their artist profiles. Until Deezer launch their version of Spotify for Artists, you will have to get in touch with them personally to make changes to your artist profile when your music is live. With an email you can still edit your artist image, bio, the URLs linked on your page, and playlists that appear on your profile. Get in touch with Deezer’s team at [email protected]
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Max Q: NASA signs up new Moon delivery companies

Sign up here to receive Max Q weekly in your inbox, starting December 15. There were lot of highlights in the space industry this past week (even though a rocket launch that was supposed to happened is now pushed to Monday). The biggest news for commercial space might just be that NASA signed on five new companies to its list of approved vendors for lunar payload delivery services, bringing the total group to 14. SpaceX is among them, and Musk’s company had its own fair share of news this wee...
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Hallway Borbay — The Holiday 411

Greetings, my dear, good friend. The holiday season is upon us… so if you were dreaming about a “Borbay in your Hallway” — here is the 411… COMPLETED BORBAY’S You can view the available, completed Borbay’s here — Password: MyPlaceInJackson Oh, and as a thank you for an amazing year — shipping will be included …
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Artist Steve Locke to Deliver Annual St. Francis College Frank Greene Lecture

Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2019 Time: 11:10 am – 1:10 pm Location: St. Francis College (180 Remsen St., Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn) Free and open to the public. Steve Locke is a Boston-based artist, raised in Detroit, Michigan. He received an M.F.A. in 2001 from the Massachusetts College of Art and...Read more »
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YouTube are starting music documentaries with Mark Ronson and Johnny Cash

YouTube is expanding it’s original content with new documentaries looking at some of the most influential musicians in the world. The first music documentary to come from YouTube’s new push will release this Saturday. The first video from the Google owned proprietor of online videos will look at the internationally renowned producer Mark Ronson and his rise to fame to becoming one of the most famous musicians in the world. The launch precedes a feature on legendary country musician John...
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Common product designs reimagined to create uncommon humor-filled results!

Do you remember how as kids (and me as an adult too!) you would lie down on the grass and looked at the sky to decipher shapes out of clouds? Designer Jose Navarro’s work brings the same childlike curiosity with some expert photo manipulation to make us see the other side of the objects we use in our everyday life! Mixing concepts, images, and colors, Jose is setting Instagram on fire with his handle @j.m.navarro with illustrations that bring us a touch of humor, inspiration and basically make y...
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Wayne Thiebaud working on etchings (video)

Below is a rather good short video about Wayne Thiebaud working on etchings.  The video was made by the Crown Point Press, based in Hawthorne Street in San Francisco. (They have some impressive... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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More Wayne Thibaud: "This for you is my world to look at"

Where to see more about Wayne Thiebaud Add caption For me this is a bit of a click and salivate post!  In all honesty written entirely for me - for looking at from time to time - rather than... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Lucian Freud - new books and exhibitions (Autumn 2019)

More on the famous painter Lucian Freud - this blog post covers two books - about his plants and early life two book reviews - of the latter an article in today's Observer by William Feaver his... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Films about artists - Mrs Lowry & Son

Those of us with northern roots will be interested to know that The Gala Premiere of Mrs Lowry & Son is next Tuesday 27 August 2019 at the Lyric Theatre at The Lowry in Salford. The film is... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Open Studio Weekend – central Vermont artisans

Vermont’s Fall Open Studio Weekend is coming up this weekend, October 5 & 6! Artists across the state are madly cleaning their studios just for your visit. That’s right – they want to see you! Most Vermont craftspeople work in studios located in or close to their residences. These are places of production and inspiration located in downtowns as well as at the ends of dirt roads. They are exciting places to visit because they reflect the dynamic yet organized process that is used to produce the ...
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Why did my painting not get selected?

One of the questions which artists who submit paintings to art competitions want to know is "Why did my painting not get selected" This post: makes a suggestion to those running open exhibitions... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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A Leap of Faith with a Whole Lot of Glitter: A Story of Making it as an Artist in Berlin Today

photo: Nathan Thomas.  What does it take to step into the art world of a city intimidatingly overflowing with non-appreciated creative potential? iHeartBerlin writer Andy sat down with his friend Qeas Pirzad—scene-beloved socialite, out-and-proud Sagittarius, every dance floor’s favorite disco queen, and up-and-coming contemporary artist—to find out what that challenging path can be like. The result is an intimate conversation—laying open the artist’s personal creative journey, venturing into ...
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Subway Therapy: An Evening Discussion with Matthew “Levee” Chavez

Join us for an evening discussion with Matthew Chavez who will talk about his process and what he has learned by engaging with thousands of people around the world through a project that began in the New York City subway system. Subway Therapy: An Evening Discussion with Matthew “Levee” Chavez
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10-Year-Old Girl Follows In Dad’s Footsteps To Become Tattoo Artist

Noko Nishigaki, daughter of a famous Japanese tattoo artist, “Gakkin”, recently moved to Amsterdam. She worked for three years on her drawing techniques, and now she tattoos amazing images in the studio. More: Instagram h/t: dazeddigital View this post on Instagram Which insect do you like? I had a Mantis as a pet when I was 5. I made a little forest in the big insect cage.
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Promote gigs on Pandora with Ticketmaster now on the music service

Find the latest gigs from favourite artists and music you’ve just discovered with Ticketmaster concerts now on Pandora as you stream. Pandora want to make sure that music fans never miss out on gigs that the artists they’re loving and listening to are playing. Following last year’s partnership with Eventbrite, Pandora have teamed up with Ticketmaster to bring even more concerts to the music streaming service. Pandora have integrated concerts from Ticketmaster into their artist promotion...
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A Goddess For You Soap

Artist Judy Chicago is familiar with the goddess theme and has interpreted the Venus of Willendorf—an oolitic limestone figure from 30,000 BCE—for this limited edition soap. Made in collaboration with botanical beauty brand Red Flower, it’s crafted from sustainably sourced ingredients and scented with moonflower, river grass and freesia.
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Find out how many streams you’ll need to buy an iPhone

It’s hard to tell how much you earn per stream and especially hard to tell how many streams you’ll need to earn a big amount of money. But this site helps you out using the currency of Iron Man suits, Coachella tickets, and Taco Bell tacos. Guitar Tricks have launched their Song Streaming Calculator to quantify just how many streams it will take to buy a meal, get a drink and, if you’re really popular on Spotify playlists, buy your own Space Ship. For just 250 streams you can get yourse...
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Plex adds more TIDAL-powered features, including ‘Artist TV’ for playing music videos

Media center app Plex today is rolling out new features to expand upon its partnership with TIDAL, the streaming music service it began working with last November. Before, Plex subscribers could fill in the missing albums from artists in their library by way of TIDAL, but this option was only available within playlists. Now it’s available in users’ own music collection, too. In addition, a new feature called Artist TV allows you to play the artist’s video catalog along with other similar v...
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If you watch one celebrity-filled, anally obsessed charity video before Earth Day, make it this one

Lil Dicky, the white comedy rapper with questionable taste but an impressive rolodex, has come up with a millennial’s Earth Day answer to the 80s celebrity-studded, charity hit “We are the World“. Dicky isn’t tackling African famine, instead he’s come up with an oddly anally-fixated paean to the Earth’s climate and the disaster the world faces if there isn’t some collective action taken to reverse our current course of carbon emissions. To hammer this message home, and raise money for Leonard...
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Meow Wolf, the George R.R. Martin-backed immersive experience designer, pushes into XR

It’s been a long time since the original ten members of Meow Wolf’s art collective had to scrounge in dumpsters for the raw materials to bring their galaxy spanning visions to life. Now, with well over $18 million in financing behind them, the story of a troupe of misunderstood, hardscrabble artists trying to create something unique in an unlikely corner of the U.S. has morphed into a vision of corporate aspirations that span the nation — and potentially the globe — with help from some of the la...
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