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Airi Shijouji Cowgirl Ero-Figure Has Record-Breaking Udders

Asanagi will surely work the figure-loving crowd into a frenzy once again as another of their illustrations has been converted into a collectible, the curvaceous Airi Shijouji boasting some world-shattering udders that will definitely have perverts aching to do all sorts of uncouth things to them come January of next year. Airi Shijouji can be […]
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‘Beloved’ Author Toni Morrison’s Lower Manhattan Loft Comes to Market

Not all artists and/or intellectuals are starving. Case in point is the lower Manhattan loft of late literary lion Toni Morrison that’s come for sale less just over a year after her passing, in August 2019 at 88, with an asking price of $4.75 million. The Nobel Prize winning writer and university professor, whose Pulitzer […]
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Artists & Cosplayers Flaunt Frilly Skirts for Miniskirt Day

The shortened iteration of the glorious skirt has been celebrated come the advent of Miniskirt Day, an occasion that has convinced people to share illustrations (either drawn by themselves or others) of pretty anime girls wearing the breezy attire and likely causing social media to look similar to any other day considering how commonplace such […]
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Hololive English Erotic Art Growing at an Unfathomable Rate

A bit over a month since their debut, the Virtual YouTuber stars of Hololive English have already established themselves as powerhouses, growing hundreds of thousands of followers on their respective YouTube channels and social media, and naturally leading to an equally voluminous amount of fan art in the process. Erotic artists have not been idle […]
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Artist Yamiochi Umekichi Loves When Girls Get Ganged up On

The distinguished style of Yamiochi Umekichi may make it quite effortless to pick their glorious work out from the rest, an attribute that will likely aid in boosting their notoriety, on top of the fact that their art focuses on anime girls having sex and performing erotic favors. The artist seems quite content with the […]
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Hana Fukiishi Bunny Girl Ero-Figure Bashfully Flashes Figure Fanatics

A new version of the tasteful figurine depicting the luscious Hana Fukiishi in a bunny girl outfit instead has her resting on the ground and feeling bashful, the courageous woman managing to work up the bravery to expose her bare breasts for perverts – Hana Fukiishi can be used and abused when she arrives in […]
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Comics, Contracts, and Covid: Inside the Scandal at Terrific Production

The novel coronavirus pandemic has devastated the comic book industry. So it seemed too good to be true that one publisher was not only hiring en masse, it was recruiting new talent. But it could come at a price: the company would keep half of their pay until 90% of Americans were vaccinated against covid-19.Read more...
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Fate/Grand Order’s Himiko Loves Flaunting Her Perfect Waki

Fate/Grand Order’s newly enlisted Himiko has solidified herself as not only a competent fighter but a gorgeous woman in addition, as hordes of artists have already begun churning out tributes to the girl and her yokochichi, with some foregoing this side-boob teasing and instead baring her breasts entirely. Official artwork of lusty Himiko: Some of […]
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Artist Himuro Shunsuke an Avid Lover of Girls From Gacha Games

The accomplished Himuro Shunsuke, like many other artists gifted with the talent of exceptional drawing skills, has a penchant for sketching fabulous females, with girls of the IdolMaster series and gacha games such as Azur Lane, Granblue Fantasy, and Fate/Grand Order seemingly being considered as most vital. Shunsuke’s creations will surely attract those who also […]
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Another Artist Bullied Into Deleting Account “Don’t Draw Black Characters If You’re White!”

Yet another peaceful bullying has taken place on Twitter as an artist deleted their account after they were attacked for drawing black versions of anime characters despite not being black themselves (allegedly), an apparent travesty amongst those of Twitter’s outrage cult. The artist, Tar Dawn, was performing the cringe-inducing deed of sketching black versions of […]
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Okinawan Idol Ganaha Hibiki’s Birthday Couldn’t Be Any More Thoughtful

IdolMaster’s animal-loving Okinawan Ganaha Hibiki has been showered in praise as her birthday has once again arrived, the ceremonial art of producing celebratory illustrations and constructing goods-laden shrines commonly practiced by dedicated otaku still being honorably upheld. The well-known fictional idol has drawn quite the massive crowd on Twitter as illustrations and photos of fan-made […]
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Nekomusume Ero-Figure Exuding the Utmost Confidence

The artist known as Ban has pumped out a figurine based on one of their illustrations, depicting a gorgeous female wearing cat ears and a cat tail who can also be stripped nude and surely serving as an irresistible collectible that otaku will make as their first priority come her arrival in March 2021. This […]
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Artist Creeeen Enjoys Ravaging Beautiful Anime Females

Creeeen has established that there are no boundaries for their sexually depraved works, as the artist not only sketches erotic art but animates lewd scenarios too, typically subjecting the female to shameless shenanigans that will instill lust in any man. The artist known as Creeeen offers all sorts of mediums for perverts to digest, from […]
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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Dakimakura Covers Capitalize on Lewd Swimsuits

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!‘s buxom daughter and mother characters Hana and Tsuki once again star on dakimakura covers, dressing them up in luscious bikinis once more and they will surely compel otaku into coughing up cash. The naughty art of the girls that will be used on the front and back of the dakimakura covers: The […]
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The Best Star Wars Movie Posters of All Time

Star Wars has some of the most gorgeous posters in the history of cinema. Part of that is because of its beautiful iconography: lightsabers, spaceships, aliens, etc. Another reason is each film has been released and re-released so many times, there are way, way more poster versions to choose from. Read more...
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YouTube Music launch Global Charts letting your explore the most popular music around the world

Browse the top songs, music videos, artists and trending music around the world and in 57 individual countries with YouTube Music’s new Global Charts. YouTube Music launched the Explore tab within their music streaming platform in April. Explore is YouTube’s music discovery tool, showing new albums, singles, music videos, charts, mood/genre playlists and trending content based on your listening data. YouTube Music have now added a new Charts feature within the Explore tab. Global Char...
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It’s vital to get the Copyright Amendment Bill right

The currently proposed hybrid ‘fair use’ principle does not do nearly enough to protect artists, and will bankrupt them if it forces them to litigate each instance of copyright infringement The post It’s vital to get the Copyright Amendment Bill right appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Ramona Fradon, age 94, drew a great Wonder Woman comic

A little bit of living history from Ramona Fradon, 94 years old and still killing it.— Rob Wieland Is Red 5 Standing By (He/Him) (@robowieland) October 4, 2020 Silver age comic book virtuoso Ramona Fradon, 94, shows her exemplary ligne claire chops in this single panel cartoon starring Wonder Woman and a nameless schlubby villain.
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Discover your listening similarities with your favourite artists using Spotify’s Listen Alike

Find what listening habits you share with top musicians, podcast creators, influencers and everyday listeners with Spotify’s Listen Alike feature. Using Spotify’s listening data, Listen Alike shows how listening to music connects us even while we’re apart. Simply choose a creator from the list such as Addison Rae, Alicia Keys, Anne-Marie, H.E.R, JaackMaate, John Legend, Megan Thee Stallion, SAINt JHN, Tones and I and more. Spotify will analyse your listening traits and calculate your Ali...
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Genshin Impact Artwork Leaving a Lasting Impact

Artists have wasted no time benefiting off the popular gacha-laden Breath of the Wild ripoff that is Genshin Impact by drawing artwork of its many stylized females, thrusting them into sexual situations and likely garnering the favor of both players and those who enjoy browsing the creations of the erotic art community. The gallery of […]
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Art student dumped 32 tons of carrots outside university. It was art.

Last week, Rafael Pérez Evans, an MFA candidate at London's esteemed Goldsmiths University, hired a truck to dump 32 tons of carrots outside the school. Some people thought it was a prank but apparently it was art, mirroring how European farmers sometimes dump produce in front of government buildings as a form of protest. — Read the rest
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Zenonzard’s Luscious Card Art Disgracefully Censored for the West

Smartphone card game Zenonzard has been forced to kowtow to censorship just like so many other Japanese games in the past few years, as observant players have realized the card art for many female characters has been covered up to reduce their bare skin. Zenonzard is a digital card game available on smartphones whose gimmick […]
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Absurdly Curvaceous Yuumi Ero-Figure Can Be a Loyal Pet

Illustrious artist Asanagi has another figurine coming based on one of their lewd drawings, as the immensely buxom and shapely Yuumi can be seen wearing a schoolgirl outfit; the pretty girl can be forced into donning cat ears and a not so innocently attached tail when she arrives in April 2021. Yuumi can be pre-ordered […]
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Lewd Leg-Lifting Art Sweeps Twitter Off Its Feet

Befitting October, one of the most active months for artists on social media, a new trend of drawing girls lifting their luscious legs to form an I-shape has emerged on Japanese Twitter, quickly spreading throughout artist communities and resulting in a surplus of erotic art. All the fantastic I-shape leg-lifting can be followed on Twitter, […]
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Bashful Shino Momose Bunny Girl Ero-Figure Clasps the Pole

Skilled artist Hayabusa‘s original female Shino Momose has come to life through this brand new purchasable figurine, depicting her timorously wearing a bunny girl outfit whilst holding onto a dance pole – buyers can make Shino blush even harder when they strip her nude come May 2021. Shino Momose can be pre-ordered now.
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Twitch launches a rights-cleared music catalog for streamers, Soundtrack by Twitch

Twitch today is introducing a new tool, Soundtrack by Twitch, that will allows it creators to add licensed music within their streams. The feature, which has been in development over the past year, is meant to not only make it easier to find rights-cleared music, but also to address the ongoing issues creators face with having their archives muted. At launch, Soundtrack by Twitch is working with a variety of label and distribution partners, but doesn’t have agreements with the majors themselv...
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Sophia Cowgirl Ero-Figure Desperately Desires a Milking

Males who enjoy women with bountiful udders might be intrigued by this new luscious ero-figure, as it is based upon an illustration sketched by the legendary Asanagi and features a schoolgirl who can be stripped down into a cowgirl outfit – the raunchy Sophia can provide buyers with sustenance come February 2021. Sophia can be […]
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Bump of Chicken Pokemon MV Scorching Hot

Revered alternative rock group Bump of Chicken are once again the center of acclaim as they have performed for a Pokemon-centric music video, which is specially animated and features all sorts of characters from the franchise that will also likely fuel nostalgia. The music video set to Bump of Chicken’s “GOTCHA!”, amassing a formidable 1.4 […]
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M Histoire Ero-Figure Eagerly Shows Off Her Private Parts

Amamitsuki‘s illustration of a stimulating schoolgirl has proven inspirational enough to serve as the basis for an erotic figurine, as it has the maiden spreading her legs wide whilst exposing her breasts and vagina – the sultry figurine can be enslaved by collectors in January of next year. The M Histoire figure can be pre-ordered […]
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Artist Kunaboto Prefers Well-Endowed Anime Women

Kunaboto is an artist that several appreciators of erotic art will probably align with as they seem to have a fixation for gargantuan breasts; their fascination with sketching realistic hair and often placing it on the girls’ underarms might perhaps be a point of contention, however. Numerous different scenarios are presented to observers in Kunaboto‘s […]
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