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Clubhouse put a big bullseye on social audio

I’ve previously written about Clubhouse (What makes Clubhouse great and what may cause its demise). Perhaps it’s boredom, or Zoom fatigue, but there’s something quite appealing these days about having social conversations without turning on a camera. The early buzz of Clubhouse (despite being invite-only and iOS having a total reach of about 2 million users) along with the rising popularity of podcasts has shown that consumers crave social audio interactions and that there’s plenty of room f...
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The most important 2021 Predictions in entertainment tech and gaming

“It follows that the goal of forecasting is not to see what’s coming. It is to advance the interests of the forecaster and the forecaster’s tribe.” PHILIP TETLOCK, SUPERFORECASTING: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF PREDICTION Covid-19 accelerated the adoption of entertainment tech, gaming and commerce. But are these trends here to stay? 2020… where to start? If you look at the prediction lists of 2020, none (or at least very few), would have foreseen the chain reaction of Covid-19 to both enterpri...
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‘Motion Leads to Value’: Aryeh Bourkoff Aims to Rewrite the Narrative for Big Media

LionTree CEO Aryeh Bourkoff is a master dealmaker. But the prominent investment banker isn’t content to simply facilitate M&A transactions. His loftier goal is to help rewrite the narrative for Big Media at a time of massive transition in the industry. As Bourkoff explains on the latest episode of the Variety podcast “Strictly Business,” the […]
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Gaming is Eating the World

Guest post by Kevin Baxpehler, Managing Partner at Remagine Ventures Yes, the title is “click-bait” but there is some truth to it, bear with me.  Computer gaming has been around for decades and there are some interesting articles about the history of gaming, e.g. here or here. What I want to highlight is the more recent growth of the gaming industry, its way to world domination and how it crosses geographies, societies, age, demographics and industries.  It’s not the size, it’s what yo...
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A top tech banker warns that growth-at-all-costs startups won't cut it anymore after this year's unicorn IPO flops

LionTree founder Aryeh Bourkoff said the market isn't closed to startup IPOs, even after a string of disappointing performances this year, but investors aren't keen on companies with a "growth at all costs" mentality.  In an annual letter to staff obtained by Business Insider, Bourkoff wrote about the disconnect between the public and private markets.  That's not a bad change, he said: startups will have to strengthen their business models and improve corporate governance, which leads to "more...
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Google insiders have a weird reaction to executive changes, and FedEx's war with Amazon rages on (AMZN, GOOGL)

Hello!  Welcome to your weekly fix of Business Insider's Prime stories. I'm Cadie Thompson, Business Insider's deputy executive editor, and I'm helping fill in while Matt Turner is on paternity leave.  This will be our last newsletter for 2019, as we will be taking next Sunday off. With that in mind, we'd just like to say thank you for being a loyal Prime member and we can't wait to do 2020 with you.  Bracing for 2020 The year is coming to a close, which means it's time to start planning for ...
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How might the streaming wars escalate?

With its $135 billion market cap, Netflix has approximately globally and the best streaming tech. Today, content is king and Netflix has a big chunk of it (see our post on Entertainment as the new Oil). But for the first time in 12 years, Netflix is also facing real competition. Disney+ successful debut with 10 million subscribers on day one showed the market that it’s possible to compete, if you have the content arsenal, and with the Disney catalog, Marvel, Star Wars and ESPN, they c...
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Sony Pictures Entertainment and AT&T Shop GSN Games Unit (EXCLUSIVE)

Sony Pictures Entertainment and AT&T are awaiting the first round of bids for GSN Games, a unit of the GSN cable channel that produces social and casino games. GSN Games was quietly put on the block a few months ago. Sony owns 58% of the company while AT&T holds the remaining 42%. Aryeh Bourkoff’s LionTree […]
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LionTree’s Aryeh Bourkoff on Stock Market’s ‘Healthy Correction’ and What to Watch for in 2019

The stock market’s steady decline during the past few weeks has nerves on edge about the onset of a bear market and possible economic downturn to come. Aryeh Bourkoff, head of media-centric investment bank LionTree, sees the recent swings in key indices as a “healthy correction” and emphasizes that business fundamentals across corporate America remain […]
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Investment Bank LionTree’s CEO on What Deal-Minded Media Players Need to Know

It’s hard for LionTree CEO Aryeh Bourkoff to sit still these days. During an hour-long interview at his Madison Avenue office, staffers frequently, and discretely, show him notepads with names of clients needing urgent advice from one of the most popular strategists in tech, media and telecom. “I don’t know a single media company today […]
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Twitter CMO Leslie Berland Addresses CES 2018 Gender Imbalance

When the CES 2018 roster of keynote speakers was announced on November 29th with nary a female speaker at the world’s biggest technology event, the response was swift and firm, including an action alert from the women’s organization GenderAvenger and this tweet from Twitter Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland: Hey @CES. Big respect for what you’ve built. Please do better here. I’ve got a long list of amazing women to hit your stage . Let’s talk. #changetheratio — Lesl...
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CES Responds to Diversity Backlash, Announces 'Keynote Panel'

Days after it started receiving backlash for appearing to include only men in the keynote addresses listed online, the group that runs the massive tech conference CES is describing details of a previously planned "Keynote Panel" that includes at least one prominent female executive. The group, the Consumer Technology Association, has also responded to criticism in a blog post.The panel, presented by the consultancy MediaLink, will feature A&E Networks president and CEO Nancy Dubuc, Discovery Com...
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