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The power of conformity: How good people do evil things

After World War II, many psychologists wanted to address the question of how it was that people could go along with the evil deeds of fascist regimes.Solomon Asch's experiment alarmingly showed just how easily we conform and how susceptible we are to group influence.People often will not only sacrifice truth and reason to conformity but also their own health and sense of right and wrong. It's the last question of the quiz, and Chloë knows the answer: it's Bolivia. Yes, it's definitely Bolivia....
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What are we like? 10 psychology findings that reveal the worst of human nature

It's a question that's reverberated through the ages – are we humans, though imperfect, essentially kind, sensible, good-natured creatures? Or deep down are we wired to be bad, blinkered, idle, vain, vengeful and selfish? There are no easy answers and there's clearly a lot of variation between individuals, but this feature post aims to shine some evidence-based light on the matter. Here in the first part of a two-part feature – and deliberately side-stepping the obviously relevant but controvers...
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Stream 35 Hours of Classic Blues, Folk, & Bluegrass Recordings from Smithsonian Folkways: 837 Tracks Featuring Lead Belly, Woody Guthrie & More

Image of Woody Guthrie by Al Aumuller, via Wikimedia Commons Marshall McLuhan’s chestnut “the medium is the message” contains some of the most important theory about mass media to have emerged in the past century. In its honor, we might propose another slogan—less conceptually tidy and alliterative—that brings to mind the arguments of critical theorists like Theodor Adorno: “the economy is the culture”—the economic mechanisms that govern the “culture industry,” as Adorno would say, determine th...
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7 Marketing Psychology Tips to Improve Your Business Marketing

Marketing is the bridge between your product or service and your consumers. Without marketing, products and services exist in a vacuum. According to Eric Samson, a marketer’s success is: contingent on their ability to influence customer behaviors which makes doing marketing an exercise in consumer psychology. Considering how important marketing is, businesses should be doing everything they can to improve their marketing strategy and techniques. But where should you start? Here are 7 fundamenta...
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Review: ‘Indecent’ Pays Heartfelt Tribute to a Stage Scandal

Paula Vogel makes her long-awaited Broadway debut, telling the story of a Yiddish drama shut down in 1923.
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‘Indecent’ Pays Heartfelt Tribute to a Stage Scandal

Paula Vogel makes her long-awaited Broadway debut, telling the story of a Yiddish drama shut down in 1923.
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Depression: Loosening the Noose of Stigma

I’ve run into the subject of depression quite a bit recently. Coincidentally and through no deliberate search of my own, I have come face-to-face with what seems to be a significant cultural shift in our alternative sports community… we are suddenly opening up, showing vulnerability, and reaching out to others for help. That is so incredibly awesome! I have encountered this subject so much in personal conversations and media over the past month that I feel compelled to share some of the puzzl...
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God Speaks Again: New Yiddish Rep Revives "God of Vengeance" in New York City

New Yiddish Rep's astonishing revival of Sholem Asch's God of Vengeance, performed in its original Yiddish with projected English subtitles, takes the audience to a modest-looking Jewish household in an indeterminable time period. Sarah (Tony nominee Eleanor Reissa, who also directed the play) and her young teenage daughter Rifkele (Shayna Schmidt) are cheerfully preparing for a party. It's a special occasion: Yekel Tchaptchovitch, the family patriarch, is buying a Holy Scroll (also known as a...
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First Nighter: Sholem Asch's Inflammatory 1923 "God of Vengeance" at La Mama, Jonny Donahoe's Adorable "Every Brilliant Thing" on HBO

There are two immediately pressing reasons to see Sholem Asch's God of Vengeance, currently produced by the New Yiddish Rep at La MaMa. The first is historical curiosity. This is the 1906 play that scandalized theater-going Jews and others at its 1923 production for depicting a lesbian relationship. Included in it--horror of horrors!--was a first-time on-stage same-sex kiss. The second, and related, reason to rush out is that this is the controversial work serving as the inspiration for Indece...
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Here's How The AP Should Have Written Its Hillary Clinton Article

On Tuesday, The Associated Press published a sweeping new investigation into the mingling of Clinton Foundation donors and official State Department business. It has since come under fire for conceptual and structural flaws. By limiting its investigation of the Clinton Foundation to specific financial contributions that led to direct and specific benefits for donors, The Associated Press left itself vulnerable to criticism that no verifiable “quid pro quo” could be established from its findings...
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‘Holy Rollers’ Director Kevin Asch Boards Crime Drama ‘Zealous’

“Holy Rollers” director Kevin Asch is on board to helm Israeli crime drama “Zealous,” Variety has learned exclusively. Asch will re-team with “Holy Rollers” actor/producer Danny A. Abeckaser on “Zealous,” which will be set in New York City with shooting starting in the fall. The story, written by Asch, Abeckaser and Jon Carlo, centers on... Read more »
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This Is the Person You Most Need to Take on a Date

More Watch the Republican Debate Moments That Got Social Media TalkingWhy ‘Twitter’s Final Days’ Has the Ring of TruthIndonesia Is Asking Facebook and WhatsApp to Block Gay Emojis “Waiting for one more, are you?” the waiter, who was much too close to my face, inquired. If I were on a date, I wouldn’t have ordered dessert first. And second. But I guess you get a lot of looks thrown your way when you dine at one of the fanciest restaurants in town by yourself. Well, I shouldn’t say by mysel...
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DTM: Ludwig and Asch's sons get DTM test

The sons of former DTM drivers Klaus Ludwig and Roland Asch will test the series' modern machinery with Mercedes next week at Jerez
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