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The Kunga Is the Oldest Known Hybrid Bred By Humans

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ScienceNews: Meet the kunga, the earliest known hybrid animal bred by people. The ancient equine from Syro-Mesopotamia existed around 4,500 years ago and was a cross between a donkey and a hemippe, a type of Asiatic wild ass, researchers report January 14 in Science Advances. Horses didn't appear in this region of Asia until 4,000 years ago, centuries after their domestication in Russia. But dozens of equine skeletons were excavated in the early 2000s fro...
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Turkey's president vows to 'save' the country from the largest outbreak of 'sea snot' on record

An aerial view showing 'sea snot' on Turkey's Marmara Sea on June 4, 2021. YASIN AKGUL/AFP via Getty Images Turkey's Sea of Marmara has seen the largest outbreak of "sea snot" on record. The President has promised to "save our seas" from the substance caused by pollution. It is causing problems for marine life and the fishing industry. See more stories on Insider's business page. Turkey's President Erdogan has promised to save the country's seas from "sea snot...
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The physics of swarm behaviour

The locusts have no king, and yet they all go forth in ranks, noted King Solomon some three thousand years ago. That a multitude of simple creatures could display coherent collective behavior without any leader caused his surprise and amazement, and it has continued to do so for much of our thinking over the following millennia. Caesar’s legions conquered Europe, Napoleon’s armies reached Moscow: We always think of a great commander telling the thoughtless multitudes what to do.Statistical physi...
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Burberry Goes Fur-Free, Will No Longer Destroy Unsold Items

Riccardo Tisci is changing more at Burberry than just its logo. On Thursday, the British heritage brand announced that it will no longer burn $36 million worth of excess clothes and cosmetics, a move it came under fire for this past July (over the past five years, Burberry has destroyed over $100 million worth of merchandise)."This commitment builds on the goals that we set last year as part of our five-year responsibility agenda and is supported by our new strategy, which is helping tackle the...
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Asiatic Cheetahs Face Extinction With Fewer Than 50 Left, Protection Funding Pulled

With fewer than 50 Asiatic cheetahs left in Iran, and the United Nations pulling funding from a protection plan at the end of December, it may be the end of the line for this creature. “Lack of funding means extinction for the Asiatic cheetah, I’m afraid,” Iranian conservationist Jamshid Parchizadeh said to the Guardian. “Iran has already suffered from the loss of the Asiatic lion and the Caspian tiger. Now we are about to see the Asiatic cheetah go extinct as well.”
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The significance of the Russian Revolution for the 21st century

The year 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, one of seminal events of the 20th century. The Russian Revolution “shook the world,” as the radical American journalist John Reed so aptly put it, because it led to the establishment of the Soviet Union, the world’s first socialist and totalitarian society. The Soviet regime’s example and its commitment to a world socialist revolution aroused passionate hope and enthusiasm and equally intense fear and loathing worldwide, depend...
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Cheetah 'more vulnerable to extinction than previously thought'

Urgent action is needed to stop the world’s fastest land animal becoming extinct, experts have warnedUrgent action is needed to stop the cheetah – the world’s fastest land animal – becoming extinct, experts have warned.Scientists estimate that only 7,100 of the fleet-footed cats remain in the wild, occupying 9% of the territory they once lived in. Asiatic populations have been hit the hardest, with fewer than 50 surviving in Iran, according to an investigation led by the Zoological Society of Lo...
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Penelope Fitzgerald Centenary Weekend : December 17th 1916 - 2016

Born on December 17th 1916, Penelope Fitzgerald would have been 100 years-old today and, to celebrate the centenary of a much-loved and respected author, I have taken the liberty of a rummage in the dovegrey basement to find a post for today and tomorrow to mark the occasion. It is hard to imagine that the First World War was in progress and this is what was happening on this day one hundred years ago... Western Front - German counter-attack near Verdun; they recover Les Chambrettes. Eastern ...
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Mattia Passarini Creates Powerful Portraits Of People Living in Remote Places

Mattia Passarini is a talented freelance portrait photographer from Italy, who based in China since 2006. He is focused in photographing the remote corners of the globe and the cultures that inhabit them. His passion in capturing disappearing cultures, ancient rituals, and everyday life leads him to travel to the most neglected countryside areas. Mattia’s works are exhibited in museums, galleries, and photography festivals around the world. Yali who live in the west papua Indonesia, is a major ...
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Asia in Paris

This part of Paris, in the 13th arrondissement, was completely transformed during the 1960’s and 70’s. Within this area you find what is referred to as the “Olympiades”. It seems that Paris had some ideas about being a candidate for the Summer Olympic Games 1976, but the candidature was never presented. However, there were some ideas of an Olympic village which gave the name “Olympiades” and buildings and places got names referring to previous Olympic sites, like Athens, Helsinki… ...
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The end of the cross country season: Pett

Goodbye, number 33. You served me well  Today I ran the last race in the East Sussex Cross Country League for 2015-16. I pre-entered, and a mere £12.50 entitled me to race in six events, and use the same number for each. Put that in your pipe, expensive events, and smoke it. In the event I only ran five of them, as I was away for the foggy Firle Beacon event. Pett was a fitting climax, with lashings of mud. To compare and contrast with the Twitten runs, if you were to take Lewes’s twittens, sla...
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