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Be The Queen (with Elsa Majimbo) – Episode 8 of Professional Troublemaker

This week on Professional Troublemaker, I’m talking to 15x chess champion, professional bragger, comedian, and social media sensation Elsa Majimbo. Pre-global pandemic, Elsa was a journalism student with just over seven thousand followers. Fast forward a few viral videos later, and Elsa is out here with a Fenty endorsement and other major corporate partnerships, taking meetings with actors and musicians she’s looked up to for years, releasing her own ASMR song about snacks on Apple Music an...
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Self-medicate your anxiety in these digital ambience rooms

Ambience videos are a YouTube genre that plays peaceful soundscapes against an animated backdrop, like a haunted Victorian manor or an elf coffee shop or a stranger's living room. They're created for the sole purpose of "soothing," which differs from ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos that are meant to titillate you with sounds of whispers, and hair brushing and nail tapping.  — Read the rest
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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Pleases With More ASMR

Hoping to draw more visibility to the impending second season, Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu has released another ASMR-type binaural video, this time starring the beautiful Lumachina Weselia and sure to be regarded as a treat for those who revel in such auditory ventures. The official Twitter account uploaded the flirty video and […]
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A Smart Flipboard Sign at Home Is Incredibly Pretentious, but It Has That Wonderful Sound

Once a staple of train stations and airports around the world, animated flipboard signs, perpetually updated with arrival and departure times, have slowly been replaced with giant TV screens. Nostalgia’s a powerful marketing tool, however, so there’s now a smart flipboard display designed to fill your home with those …Read more...
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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Binaural Video Calmly Soothes

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu has teased fans with an ASMR video of sorts to attract further attention toward the anime’s second upcoming season, great news for those with a fetish for audio-based erotica. The official Twitter account for Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu released not only the binaural video (which […]
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7 hours of rain-soaked ambient "cyberpunk" music

Here you go. This will fix you right up. It's 7 hours of the soothing sounds of perpetual rain and ambient techno as you fly through a dark neon-lit futuristic cityscape. A new life awaits us in the off-world colonies!Image: Screengra
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Making a wooden dogsled with no power tools

I love that people are starting to brand unnarrated build videos as ASMR. In this vid, Chop with Chris builds a lovely little dogsled using nothing more than hand tools. Definitely fun and oddly soothing to watch. Image: YouTube
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10 pandemic ads that didn’t suck

Nike 'You Can't Stop Us' Nike and Wieden+Kennedy s howed us all how to pull off a creative feat during pandemic filming restrictions, with the stunning  “You Can’t Stop Us.”  Created by sifting through 4,000 pieces of footage to splice different athletes together, it portrayed seemingly disparate sports coming together as one, at a time when we all needed a message of unity. Facebook: "Never Lost" The pandemic ad that became everyone’s template, Facebook’s poetic “Never Lost”  fr...
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The top YouTube talent managers in 2020

Matter Media Group; Night Media; Rare Global; Select Management Group Hi, this is Amanda Perelli and welcome back to Insider Influencers, our weekly rundown on the influencer and creator economy. Sign up for the newsletter here.Signing with the right talent manager can help take an influencer's business to the next level.  - from negotiating the best rates for a brand deal to talking clients through a sudden PR disaster. In 2020, managers helped clients weather the coronavirus' huge impac...
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On Technology and Focus: ASMR, VR, and the First Steps Toward Immersive Single Tasking

Around 2010, a curious new term arose in obscure but energetic internet chatrooms: autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR, as it was soon abbreviated, described a peculiar form of paresthesia experienced as a tingling that starts in the scalp and then moves down the back. It’s often triggered by specific sounds, like soft whispering or a paintbrush scraping canvas. Not surprisingly, those sensitive to ASMR sometimes found Bob Ross reruns to be a reliable source of the effect. What makes ASM...
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Relax for 30 minutes with the Singing Ringing Tree

On a hilltop in Burney, Lancashire, the Singing Ringing Tree hums with the sound of the breeze blowing through its tubes. Enjoy the birds, wind, and sunset in this ASMR video by Richard Cutler. Via Wikipedia: Completed in 2006, it is part of the series of four sculptures within the Panopticons arts and regeneration project created by the East Lancashire Environmental Arts Network (ELEAN). — Read the rest
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Podcast Radio partners with Corus Entertainment

Corus Entertainment’s Curiouscast podcast network has entered into a content partnership with Podcast Radio. Among the podcasts to be featured on the station are the true crime podcasts Crime Beat and Dark Poutine, music documentary podcast The Ongoing History of New Music, and ASMR sleep podcast offering bedtime stories for grownups, Nothing Much Happens. “Curiouscast produces some fantastic high-quality podcasts and we’re excited to provide them with a showcase and an opportunity for UK rad...
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Capybaras chow down on a jack-o-lantern

Halloween came early for these capybaras in Japan, who got a tasty pumpkin spice treat at Nagasaki Biopark, and guests can walk right up to them as they enjoy their seasonal treat: You can see this event called "Capybara's Jack-O-Lantern Time" every autumn. — Read the rest
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Adidas Blends Surreal, Satisfying Art and ASMR in a 12-Hour Video Starring Its New Shoe

Adidas Originals has created a rather bizarre 12-hour YouTube video featuring its new ZX sneaker and describes the extremely long-form work as typical of the "escapism content" consumed by teens online. The video, on a channel titled "ZXience Network" features a stream of "oddly satisfying" ASMR-like clips that have only the trainer in common. It...
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Hennessy: 150 years

This year, Hennessy X.O. celebrates its 150th anniversary. To honour this legacy Hennessy has collaborated with DDB° Paris to create a unique campaign that evokes the viewer’s senses in a hypnotic fashion. With its intricate textures and rich colours, the visual brings to life the complexity of the French amber liquid. The organic shapes, floating around the iconic Hennessy bottle, allow us to represent an unravelling of flavours which evolve on the palate and create a mind-bl...
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ASMR Is Overwhelmingly White. Here Are Some Black Artists To Watch.

Hushed, relaxing ASMR videos are wildly popular on YouTube, but Black creators rarely get featured.
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Satisfying Sand Kit With Ball Shaped Case For $7.26 From Amazon

Satisfying Sand Kit With Ball Shaped Case For $7.26 From Amazon This was selling for $13.82 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon. Make your own satisfying magic sand and ASMR effects! This “Mold & Cut” Case set comes with everything you need to mix your own glittery magic sand in 3 […]
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ASMR has been around for 10 crinkly years — here’s what we know about it now

 So you like TNW? Then join our upcoming online event, TNW2020, you don’t want to miss it. ASMR is the third most popular search term on youtube worldwide. But in case you haven’t heard of it, it stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR is a complex emotional state that only some people experience when they hear, see, and feel certain “triggers,” such as whispering, delicate hand movements, and light touch. The feeling is described as a tingling sensation beginning at the crown of t...
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9 affordable 'covid compatible interests' to actually enjoy yourself more during the pandemic

Jordan Siemens / Getty Images Six months into the coronavirus pandemic in the US, the pandemic had radically altered how people nejoy themselves.  In a recent Bloomberg opinion article, George Mason economist Tyler Cowen suggested that a key to feeling happier during the time might be to spend money in "covid-compatible interests" like perhaps buying more books and tipping better when you eat out. Business Insider has put together a list of nine affordable things you could do to treat you...
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The Joy of Watching Old, Damaged Things Get Restored: Why the World is Captivated by Restoration Videos

The internet has given us a few new ways to watch things, but many more new things to watch. It's not just that we now tune in to our favorite shows online rather than on television, but that our "favorite shows" have assumed forms we couldn't have imagined before. Thirty years ago, if you'd gone to a TV network and pitched a program consisting of nothing but the process of antique restoration — no music, no narration, no story, and certainly no stars — you'd have been told nobody wanted...
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This video of a Burn barrel is like a Yule Log for Burners

Christmas has come early for Burners. Shalaco has released this 40-minute-long video of an on-playa Burn barrel doing its thing. screengrab via Shalaco/YouTube
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Watch this colorful and hypnotic inking of a letterpress

Blending all the colors of a seaside vista, Jukebox Print shared this lovely footage of their letterpress being inked. This overprint instructable with neon Pantone shades is really cool, too! Image: YouTube . Jukebox Printing
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So satisfying: Plants growing timelapse compilation

The YouTube channel Boxlapse exists primarily to show timelapses of plants growing (it's like ASMR for your eyes). Here's a compilation of their "best of" videos — 190 days of growth crunched into three minutes. screengrab via Boxlapse/YouTube (Geekologie)
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Warner Music acquires IMGN, a social media publishing platform, for under $100M

It’s a whole new playing field these days for music labels and publishers, and today one of the biggies made an acquisition to help it sharpen up its strategy to better understand what people want to see and hear online today. Warner Music — one of the big three recording giants alongside Universal and Sony and which owns labels like Atlantic, Elektra and others and has a huge roster of artists that includes the likes of Madonna, Ed Sheeran and Linkin Park — is acquiring IMGN Media, a Tel Aviv a...
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Calmind can beat back the anxiety, soothe your mind and make you a happier, healthier you

Considering the state of our world, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to find lots and lots of people pushed to their breaking point. Anxiety and stress are often constant companions during the best of times. But now, with fear and frustration running rampant, it’s easy to be subsumed by all the distractions and pressures and general uncertainty of everyday life. The Calmind Mental Fitness app might not be able to answer all the questions keeping people up at night, but this digita...
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The Quarantine Stream: The Nomadic Ambience YouTube Channel Takes You to Places Near and Far

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.) The Movie: Various short films from YouTube Channel Nomadic Ambience Where You Can Stream It: YouTube The Pitch: A series of high-quality videos that are part ASMR, part haunting road trip. Why It’s Essential Quarantine Viewing: Can’t get away right now? We’re all pretty much in the same boat. But with Nomadic Ambience, you can get a glimp...
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A Beatboxing Buddhist Monk Creates Music for Meditation

Most of us assume Japanese Buddhist monks to be silent types. In their personal lives they may well be, but if they want to go viral, they've got to log onto the internet and make some noise. This is the lesson one draws from some of the Buddhist figures previously featured here on Open Culture: Kossan, he of the Beatles and Ramones covers, or Gy?sen Asakura, the priest who performs psychedelic services soundtracked with electronic dance music. Depending on your taste in music, their per...
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Listen to this beatboxing Buddhist monk

Now for something completely different. Listen to Japanese Zen Buddhist monk Yogetsu Akasaka take beatboxing to a whole new place. VICE: The 37-year-old went viral in May, after posting his “Heart Sutra Live Looping Remix,” a video that’s relaxing like ASMR, and engrossing like a DJ set. With the loop machine, he layers sounds and chants all coming from one instrument — his voice. screengrab via Yogetsu Akasaka
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Coffee shop ambient sound, for those staying at home who miss it

Unmute your volume, go into the kitchen, and make yourself some coffee now. Enjoy. If that one isn't to your liking, try this one. And here's another popular one, just background noise. Coffitivity: ambient "coffee shop" sound to plug into for enhanced creativity
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Drift Off to Sleep Through the Tranquil Voices of Popular Seiyuu in This ASMR Series

A relatively new ASMR drama series known as Nekogurashi has been building up a reputation as it contains the sweet melodic voices of popular seiyuu, a commendable trait that will likely have otaku taking up the hobby of ASMR as a result. The series so far has four videos, which have all managed to accrue […]
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