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Excavating knowledge

Photo by Steve Wheeler Theories of learning can be useful in helping us to understand the possibilities of learning, and also to guide teachers in their pedagogical practice. But to which theories should we subscribe? Furthermore, in the digital age where every aspect of our lives is governed by technology, do the theories from the last century still have relevance? The following exploration of the theory known as 'constructivism' may present some clues:Learning relies on the individual...
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Cultural Appropriation, Cultural Exploitation, Cultural Genocide: Problems of Neoliberal Diversity Management

In Canada, “a yoga instructor…says her free class at the University of Ottawa was cancelled because of concerns over cultural appropriation….‘There were some cultural sensitivity issues and people were offended’,” this despite the fact that yoga was deliberately spread to the West by Indian gurus and was meant to be shared. In Lethbridge, Alberta, high… Read More Cultural Appropriation, Cultural Exploitation, Cultural Genocide: Problems of Neoliberal Diversity Management
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Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic. Words and Pictures on How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Alien Next Door

I’d heard good things about this anthology before Vulpes Libris was offered a copy, so I grabbed it. It’s a miscellany from Saqi Books, consisting of dialogues, short stories, art … Continue reading →
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Why Your Assimilation Process Is the Foundation to Visitor Retention

While most churches implement a number of systems to help them carry out their mission, assimilation can often get lost in the shuffle. But assimilation, the process through which we build relationships and connections, lays the foundation for a visitor’s meaningful immersion in the church, and subsequently, their intentional discipleship. It begins with a visitor’s first visit to your church and ends when that person becomes connected to and engaged with your church. But it is possible,...
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3 Challenges Every Church Faces & How to Overcome Them

While successful churches know the numbers of who is showing up to their services every week, they also recognize that to do amazing ministry in their communities, they must truly care about who those people are, why they showed up, whether they will come back, and how to deeply connect with them. All churches face the same challenges with assimilation, engagement and retention, but successful churches know they must think critically about how they can better measure, monitor and manage ...
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Nativistic Movements

Originally published as: “Nativistic Movements” By Ralph Linton and A. Irving Hallowell American Anthropologist, 45(2), 1943, pp. 230-240 NATIVISTIC MOVEMENTS By RALPH LINTON ———-page 230———- AT THE time that the centennial meeting of the American Ethnological Society was planned, the writer was invited to contribute a paper on nativistic movements in North America. When he… Read More Nativistic Movements
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