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World's most instagrammed forests

About a third of the world’s landmass is covered in forest. And in addition to providing important stuff like the oxygen we breathe and habitats for wild animals, they also make for some downright jaw-dropping photographs. From the towering redwoods of California to the cloud forests of Costa Rica, the trees covering our planet can be our most beautiful sites when captured correctly. We took a look at’s study of the 15 most-Instagrammed forests in the world and found some of ...
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Nature photographer captures up to five bird species on a Canon 400mm f/5.6 lens

Itamar Campos is a Brazilian landscape and nature photographer whose “birds sitting on long lens” images have caused marvel among his peers and photographers in general. The bird images are captured inside the Atlantic Forest which is 70km outside the city Curitiba, where Itamar resides. The city is located in the Parana state in the […] The post Nature photographer captures up to five bird species on a Canon 400mm f/5.6 lens appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Climate may play a bigger role than deforestation in rainforest biodiversity

In a study on small mammal biodiversity in the Atlantic Forest, researchers found that climate may affect biodiversity in rainforests even more than deforestation does.
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Top 10 Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro

From all holidays in the sun, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil might be the one with the most activities to partake in. With its vibrant nightlife, iconic attractions and one of the seven wonders of the world, the city, which was once the capital of Brazil, has a lot to offer travelers from all different tastes. 1) Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow) Designed by the neo-futuristic architect Santiago Calatrava, the applied science museum aims to create an open dialogue about the next 50 years. It tak...
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A beautiful brick home is embedded into the Brazilian countryside

Brazilian firm Estúdio Penha has tucked a brick-clad home into the sloped landscapes of an expansive forest outside of São Paulo. Partially embedded into a grassy hill, the gorgeous Quinta da Baroneza House blends quietly into its natural setting thanks to an expansive green roof and muted brick cladding that matches the same color of the local soil. Located in an open patch of the Atlantic Forest, the nearly 7,000-square-foot home was designed to blend in with its surroundings while providing...
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Brazil-endemic plant genus Mcvaughia highlights diversity in a unique biome

A new species of the Brazil-endemic small genus Mcvaughia described as part of a extended revision of this unique group. Mcvaughia is a genus of the plant family Malpighiaceae comprising just three known species, all of which endemic to the unique and recently recognized Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests biome found in the Atlantic Forest and Caatinga domains in northeastern Brazil. The study was published in the open-access journal PhytoKeys.
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New software could save 745 species in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest without hurting agribusiness

Brazil's Atlantic Forest is one of the world's most biodiverse regions, but relentless deforestation threatens hundreds of species of plants and animals.Recently, a team of researchers created a computer program designed to optimize how forest land can best be used.The approach could be used by governments and organizations in other parts of the world to maximize biodiversity gains while minimizing economic losses. None New research shows that using a computer program to optimize land use in Bra...
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Energy-producing pavilion proposal for Expo 2020 mimics Brazil's biomes

 Architect Gabriel Kozlowski has proposed a stunning, energy-producing structure for the Brazilian pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Created in collaboration with Gringo Cardia, Bárbara Graeff and Tripper Arquitetura, the conceptual design showcases a variety of sustainable systems, from construction materials like rammed earth to passive solar design strategies. Although the competition entry was not ultimately chosen for the Expo, the design does offer an inspiring look at the integration of Braz...
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Study puts the Neotropics on the map of the world's food production centers in antiquity

Sambaqui societies had sophisticated diet. Study suggests that hunter-gatherer communities living in coastal Atlantic Forest areas between 8,000 and 1,000 years ago consumed a range of plants and more carbohydrates than expected for the period and region.
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Once majestic Atlantic Forest 'empty' after 500 years of over-exploitation

(University of East Anglia) New research finds that 500 years of over-exploitation has halved mammal populations in South America's once majestic Atlantic Forest.A new analysis of mammal populations reveals the devastating effects of human disturbance since the area was first colonised in the 1500s.They found that apex predators and large carnivores, such as jaguars and pumas, as well as large-bodied herbivores, such as tapirs, were among the groups whose numbers had suffered the most.
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5 Cool Activities to do When Travelling in South America

If you’re considering going on a vacation soon, why not consider South America for your holiday destination? Yes, beach holidays in the US are fantastic, but South America offers amazing activities for first-time travellers and pro-adventurers alike. Learning Textiles with Puchka, Peru Puchka is a textile school and cultural tour operator, which takes participants behind the scenes of the usual tourist hotspots. You’ll not only be introduced to locals and experience their traditional lifestyles,...
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Comprehensive study on Atlantic Forest mammals

The Atlantic Forest, the second most biodiverse forest system in South America (after the Amazon), once covered roughly 463,000 square miles of habitat. Today, only 8-12 percent of this original habitat space remains. Ninety-six co-authors compiled trait information on 39,850 individuals from 279 different mammal species and 388 separate populations into a single, comprehensive study on Atlantic Forest mammals to advance zoological research and to emphasize the urgency of protecting this area's ...
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Ninety-six scientists co-author paper on rainforest mammals

The Atlantic Forest, the second most biodiverse forest system in South America (after the Amazon), once covered roughly 463,000 square miles of habitat. Today, only 8-12 percent of this original habitat space remains. Ninety-six co-authors compiled trait information on 39,850 individuals from 279 different mammal species and 388 separate populations into a single, comprehensive study on Atlantic Forest mammals to advance zoological research and to emphasize the urgency of protecting this area's ...
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10 Field Artists Working Across Aesthetic Boundaries

While field recording has existed for over a century, it has changed and progressed along with the rest of the industry. Here we look at ten people working in field recording who are crossing aesthetic boundaries to capture sounds from the outside world. _____________________________ Guest post by Patrick McGuire of Soundfly's Flypaper The roots of field recording go all the way back to early 1900s when pioneer musicologist John Lomax began recording cowboy songs in Texas. His son ...
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Molecular analysis confirms zoonotic transmission of malaria in Atlantic Forest area in southern Brazil

Malaria was eliminated from southern and southeastern Brazil over 50 years ago, but a number of cases each year in areas of the Atlantic Forest prompted researchers to investigate the possibility of zoonotic transmission - where human beings become infected, via a mosquito bite, with a malaria parasite that usually infects monkeys.
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Malaria parasite spreads from howler monkeys to humans

Researchers identify Plasmodium simium in Atlantic Forest area of Rio de Janeiro state, raising concerns for eradication of disease in Brazil and beyondA form of malaria parasite that has spread from howler monkeys to humans in Brazil has been identified by researchers, raising concerns for eradication of the disease in Brazil and beyond.Malaria was thought to have been eradicated from southern and south-eastern Brazil 50 years ago, but more than 1,000 cases reported since 2006 from the Atlantic...
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Skin microbe diversity can vary with forest type and habitat in Brazilian frogs

The diversity of microbes on the skin of frog species in Brazil's Atlantic Forest can vary with habitat, according to a study published July 5, 2017 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Ananda Brito de Assis from University of São Paulo, Brazil, and colleagues.
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World's Rarest Boa Rediscovered After 64 Years

The Cropan's boa, native to Brazil's Atlantic Forest, hadn't been seen alive since its discovery in 1953.
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Best hikes around Rio de Janeiro

Photo: tpsdave This is but a small number of excellent hikes around Rio de Janeiro. Let it inspire you to strap on your boots and escape the city, enjoy the fresh air and views of the coast. Editor’s note: These spots are all taken directly from travelstoke®, a new app from Matador that connects you with fellow travelers and locals, and helps you build trip itineraries with spots that integrate seamlessly into Google Maps and Uber. Download the app to add any of the spots below directly to yo...
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Purrball Meets Burrball in Brazil - Book Giveaway!

    Visiting Brazil, an earthquake hits and separates a family from Purrball, their beloved cat. Purrball's mad dash leaves her lost in a jungle where she becomes fast friends with a very clever sloth named Burrball. The two quick-witted animals embark on a journey to find Darryl, the loving and loyal boy who longs for his adorable missing cat. This is the magical story of a new children's book, Purrball Meets Burball in Brazil.  Witty word rhythms and rich illustrations makes this delightful b...
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Born in China Trailer is Disney’s Look at Adorable Nature of the East

Born in China trailer is Disney’s look at adorable nature of the East Moviegoers who see Disneynature’s new True Life Adventure film Born in China during its opening week in Spring 2017 will benefit World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Based on opening-week attendance, Disneynature, via the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, will make a contribution to WWF to help protect wild pandas and snow leopards in China. Check out a new Born in China trailer featuring breathtaking footage from the film below.Dire...
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Atlantic Forest evolution [Biological Sciences]

Leite et al. (1) conclude that isolation according to the forest refuge hypothesis (FRH) may have had a minor, if any, role on Atlantic Forest (AF) biotic evolution based on genetic data from five mammal species. Their evidence comes from signatures of population expansion during both glacial and interglacial periods,...
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New dimension to Atlantic Forest biogeography [Biological Sciences]

One or two diversification models alone cannot explain biodiversity evolution in the Atlantic Forest, or any other megadiverse biome, as we (1, 2) pointed out long before Raposo do Amaral et al. (3). In our recent paper (4), we present the Atlantis Forest hypothesis (AFH), which is an additional perspective...
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