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How Many Streaming Services Can One Person Be Expected To Pay For? We’re Starting To Find That Out

“The average number of video streaming services utilized per U.S. user has fallen for the first time, according to technology research firm Omdia. … ‘In the past, many have posited an ultimate limit to the number of services a consumer will be able to manage,’ Omdia highlighted. ‘With U.S. growth stumbling, many will be asking if seven is the new ceiling for video streaming video services (pay and free).'” – The Hollywood Reporter
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3 Ways to Engage Your Audience

I love presentations that make an impact. You remember what has been shared. You have actionable takeaways. And, if you are lucky, you exit the Zoom meeting or conference feeling inspired. Those are the good ones. The common framework that exists among these impactful presentations, is an engaging speaker. They are confident, well-prepared, but more importantly they are wise with their word usage and that’s what we tackle today. So, how do you become a more engaging speaker? It’s starts with how...
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How Did US Public Broadcasting Become The Institution It Is? It Sure Wasn’t Easy

“As self-evident and uncontroversial as the belief in equal access to information sounds within the noncommercial media sector itself, politically the concept always faced resistance. … Fast forward to 2021, and the origin of public broadcasting looks something like a social movement.” – Current
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The Next Streaming Wars Are Coming

Coming to those who are interested in Spanish-language media, to be a little more precise. Disney, Netflix, and Warner Media, and Univision all have a piece of the pie – and are tugging, hard. “It’s easy to see why streamers and studios see a gold mine. Latinos consistently accounted for a disproportionate amount of moviegoing before the pandemic, yet they are severely underrepresented onscreen and behind the camera, including at Netflix” – Los Angeles Times
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HBO Max Walks A Tightrope Of Media Rights

Success in streaming, as Netflix has shown, ultimately requires reaching subscribers in every corner of the planet. But taking a streaming service around the world is complicated and expensive. It involves creating locally-sourced shows in multiple languages and navigating regions that don’t have reliable broadband or many consumers with credit cards. For HBO Max, it also means deciding when is the right time to give up revenue from licensing deals. – Los Angeles Times
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Performance Venues Are COVID-Safe At Full Capacity If Audience Wears Masks: Study

“According to the results, the wearing of masks cuts the spread of aerosol droplets by 99 per cent, with those transmitted also travelling much more slowly. Professor of biophotonics at [University College London], Laurence Lovat, says: ‘Andrew Lloyd Webber is right. If theatre-goers wear appropriate masks and follow other rules already in place, theatres become safe places to go to.'” – WhatsOnStage (London)
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In Vegas, The Shows Are Coming Back. Will The Tourists Come To See Them?

“The change since last spring, as measured by the return of surging morning-to-midnight crowds, is head-snapping. While just 106,900 tourists visited Las Vegas in April 2020, according to the Convention and Visitors Authority, some 2.6 million people visited this April — a big rebound, but still almost a million shy of what the city was attracting before the pandemic.” – The New York Times
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Uncertain But Hopeful, Carnegie Hall Announces Reopening Plans

“The upcoming season will be more modest than usual: about 90 concerts, compared with a typical slate of 150, though more may be added depending on the state of the pandemic. With the virus still raging in many parts of the world and variants circulating, Carnegie said it planned to require concertgoers to show proof of vaccination. It has not yet decided whether to mandate masks inside its three spaces.” – The New York Times
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How Podcasts Became Substitutes For Friends During The Lockdown

“The number of podcasts … ballooned, filling voids in the professional lives of the hosts and the social lives of the listeners, and in some cases replacing both. There were periods during lockdown where I was hearing more from certain podcasters than anyone else on Earth – even the people I was sharing a home with. But believing that people you encounter through the media are your friends is not a new phenomenon. It is called parasocial interaction, a term coined by sociologists Donald Horton ...
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Using Words To Connect With Your Audience

If you want to connect with your audience, you’ll need to learn how to use words Image Credit: Barney Moss As speakers we often get a chance to hear other speakers present. Sometimes we’ll be memorized when a speaker puts on a show that captivates their audience. They are able to deliver a powerful speech for a number of reasons. Perhaps they have mastered the art of using body language. Maybe they used props that caught our attention. However, all too often it can be easy to get da...
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‘Why Should The Best Show People Somehow Keep Making The Dullest, Tackiest Hodgepodge Of A Tony Awards Show?’

“Even when not being manipulated by moneybags, the awards have regularly represented Broadway as a neurotic mess: defensive about its marginality, embarrassed by its serious works and insecure about its commercial appeal. … Now is the time for the Tonys to pull their act together.” Jesse Green has a few ideas, and even argues that the recent decision to split the telecast in two could be a good idea. – The New York Times
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Oh, Great — Now Going Back To Movie Theaters Will Become Part Of The Culture Wars

Owen Gleiberman: “To go or not to go? To believe in the primacy of the communal, cathartic big-screen experience or to see it as a stodgy, unhip relic? No one thought this way about the movie theater versus VHS or DVD; the industry wasted no time transforming those technologies into ancillary markets that helped keep movies afloat. But streaming has changed the chemistry. The two radically different ways of experiencing filmed dramatic entertainment (theater vs. home) will now be competing as n...
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The Era Of The Big Comedy Film Is Over

TV shows, TikTok, live mini-shows, Instagram Stories, and memes – comedy has changed. Even the second Borat movie, though it was made and was fairly popular, only shows that “the form itself is in transit, evolving and branching out into a multiplicity of approaches that reflect the diverse and pulsating world we now live in.” – Prospect (UK)
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Why ‘The Great British Baking Show’, ‘Project Runway’, And Other Reality TV Competitions Have Been The Hits Of The COVID Era

“Rather than offering an escapist vision of a world unravaged by pandemic, I’ve taken reassurance from the way these shows offer an escapist vision of pandemic. They present quarantine conditions as a utopia in which creative laborers, isolated in a single space for an extended period of time, yield art validated through external adjudication. They have ‘flourished,’ instead of slowly sinking into their couches.” – The American Scholar
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Can The Movies Recover From The Pandemic?

Well, A Quiet Place II‘s boffo box office seems to indicate that people are sick of their living rooms and, one hopes, fully vaccinated and ready to go to the movies. – Variety
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A Sound Check In Inglewood

How’d the dry run for the YOLA concert hall go? “It would be hard to imagine a less proper acoustic assessment, or a better real world one. The ensemble of student string players spent the pandemic practicing at home and taking instruction via Zoom. Yet their assignment, on only their third time back together, was the tricky first movement of Bach’s Fourth ‘Brandenburg’ Concerto. This also happened to be their introduction to a new hall with a startlingly lively presence unlike any venue they’d...
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30 Years Ago, SoundScan Completely Upended The Pop Music Business

“On May 25, 1991 — 30 years ago Tuesday — Billboard … started counting album sales with scanners and computers and whatnot, and not just calling up record stores one at a time and asking them for their individual counts, often a manual and semi-accurate and flagrantly corrupt process. … Virtually overnight, SoundScan changed the rules on who got to be a mega, mega superstar, and the domino effect — in terms of magazine covers, TV bookings, arena tours, and the other spoils of media attention an...
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‘Let The People Pee Without Missing A Note!’ — Maybe Doing Two-Hour Operas With No Intermission Isn’t Such A Good Idea

For its first post-pandemic performances this fall, Lyric Opera of Chicago — based, it seems, on feedback from potential audience members and official guidelines last year — decided to keep all performances under two-and-a-half hours and eliminate intermission. When he reported this, writes Chris Jones, “my mailbox immediately filled up with one burning question from Chicago’s opera fans: When do I pee?” – Yahoo! (Chicago Tribune)
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Smaller Museums Across U.S. Try To Reach Communities They’ve Missed Before

“This is an existential moment for museums across America, with many facing yawning budget deficits alongside calls for deep structural change — and visitors only trickling back through their doors as the pandemic’s chill on cultural life slowly lifts. For some directors of small and midsize museums, the events of the last 12 months have given fresh urgency to their outreach initiatives — particularly to Black communities — and their efforts to make their collections relevant to a restless and ...
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Movie Theatres Are Begging Audiences To Return

Apparently, 70 percent of the moviegoing public – which is, let’s note, far higher than the percentage of fully vaccinated people in the U.S. – feel comfortable going to reopened movie theatres now. This week, “before the studios showed off trailers for their upcoming slate of movies, [Arnold] Schwarzenegger led the audience in a chant: ‘We are back. We are back. We are back …'” – NPR
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Will Audiences Return To Movie Theatres?

Like so many businesses, the movie theater industry has been ravaged by the economic effects of the pandemic. Theaters were starved of audiences when lockdowns went into effect, and studios delayed new releases or, in some cases, put them out on streaming services. Some chains have shut down and others have declared bankruptcy. AMC Entertainment’s chief executive, Adam Aron, said this month that the chain had been “within months or weeks of running out of cash five different times between April...
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Game On Episode 1: Livestreaming

In 2021, gaming is the world’s biggest social platform. That’s right. With 4 billion active gamers worldwide, brands should be using these platforms to speak to their ever-expanding audience. But what if you’re not a gaming (or gaming-adjacent) brand? How can you participate? Join us on Wednesday 26th May at 9am (BST) for the first in a three-part series that explores how brands can authentically get into gaming. Hosted by Global Head of Cultural Insights, Lore Oxford and Business Deve...
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Radio City Music Hall Set To Reopen At 100% Capacity, No Masks Required

The first scheduled event is the finale of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival on June 19. Only vaccinated people will be admitted. And how will management ensure that patrons are telling the truth about their shots? Said CEO James Dolan, “That’s a really good question, I have no idea.” – The New York Times
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There’s A Brief Post-Lockdown Window For Britons To See Their Museums Devoid Of Tourist Throngs

And that seems like something to celebrate, and take advantage of, to a lot of museum directors. “We know that all museums’ audiences will be more local, which offers a great opportunity for arts and culture to sit at the heart of their communities, especially where those communities have experienced such hardship over the past year.” – The Observer (UK)
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We Need Unconventional Art Now More Than Ever

After 15 months of COVID-19 restrictions, deaths, infections, fear, and all kinds of life challenges, we must have more public art. “It does a simple but essential thing: reminds everyday people that they are not alone in this bizzarro moment, and miraculously and fortunately, they are still alive and kicking.” – Hyperallergic
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Hollywood Is Now Producing Companion Podcasts To Movies And TV Series

Why? Money, of course: to put it in business-speak, the companion podcast “offers a new way for creators to diversify IP assets.” What’s the draw? “People want to spend more time thinking and talking about the shows that they’re watching, whether they’re binge-watching it or watching it once a week,” says HBO’s director of podcasts. “It’s on their mind, and it’s a platform that really complements their watching experience.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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NPR Is Starting To Put Its Most Popular Podcasts On Traditional Radio

The traffic started out the other way, of course, with over-the-air programs being released as or adapted into podcasts. “But podcasting has turned into an incubator of sorts for new radio shows, with several now making their way to local airwaves. … Starting out as a podcast offers show creators a chance to explore and experiment while also building a following — which can help when the subject matter is inherently challenging.” – The Washington Post
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As Broadway Prepares To Reopen, Here’s How It Will (And Won’t) Be Operating Differently

“Ticket-buyers are being told they will be required to wear face masks (although it’s not clear how changing advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention might affect that expectation). Theaters will have upgraded HVAC systems with virus-trapping filters. Most ticketing will be digital. And theaters are reserving the right to impose a variety of safety protocols” — on casts and crews as well as on audiences. “Prices, at least so far, are similar to what they were prepandemic, alth...
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Performance Venues And Museums In UK May Reopen Next Monday (Though Many Will Not)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the lifting of a series of pandemic-related restrictions as of May 17; the new measures include the reopening of theatres, cinemas, concert halls, museums, and similar venues. However, social distancing requirements and capacity limits will still be in place, and many theatres say they can’t afford to reopen to only half-full houses. – BBC
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La Scala Is Opening Again

With a 500-person limit, a record high in private funding, new digital streaming infrastructure, and a mandate to be more ecologically conscious, the Milan opera house and its new artistic director, Dominique Meyer, are ready to put the horrible experience of 2020 behind them. – The New York Times
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