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Next Step In Social Distancing And The Arts: Live Performance For One Audience Member At A Time

In a project called “One on One”, the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, known as one of the most innovative in Russia, will let 850 people (as many as the auditorium could hold) register for a lottery for each ballet, concert, or opera; one winner will get to buy a ticket at the regular price and attend. Says director Marat Gatsalov, “We’d been told that we can’t let viewers into the theatre hall. But that doesn’t mean we can’t let just one viewer in.” – The Guardian
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Radio Listenership Soars, Streaming Less So…

Global, which owns Capital FM and talk station LBC, said online radio listening had risen by 15%. The BBC said streaming of its radio stations had risen 18% since last week. Meanwhile, data from two US analytics companies suggested use of music-streaming apps such as Spotify had dipped by about 8%. – BBC
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Major League Baseball Announces A Virtual Opening Day

The ball parks are closed, but baseball will move online. It will happen Thursday, on what would have been opening day across baseball. The virtual event will feature a classic game for all 30 teams, a game they win. The schedule includes classic postseason games, no-hitters and walk-offs. – Yahoo!
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Will Movie Theatres Survive The Apocalypse?

Even during past recessions, consumers still flocked to theaters to forget their troubles. With ticketing and concession sales now evaporated, many analysts fret that some cinemas will not be able to survive without government assistance. – Los Angeles Times
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Even during past recessions, consumers still flocked to theaters to forget their troubles. With ticketing and concession sales now evaporated, many analysts fret that some cinemas will not be able to survive without government assistance. – Los Angeles Times
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Maybe Figuring Out How To Get Your Work To An Audience Is Part Of The Creative Challenge

Playwright Nick Green created the Social Distancing Festival website to host rehearsal videos, designs, photos, excerpts and other pieces of work that have been cancelled or postponed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He put out a call for submissions on Saturday, March 14. By the next day he had 23,000 page views and, as of Thursday, 270,000 unique visitors. – Toronto Star
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Librarians: If We Can’t Lend Books During Lockdown, Let’s Make Our Buildings And Bookmobiles Wi-Fi Hotspots

“The [American Library Association] urged the FCC to waive E-rate restrictions so libraries could not only offer [free] Wi-Fi access via local libraries, but could also provide broadband service to disconnected communities via bookmobiles and mobile hotspots without running afoul of FCC rules.” – Vice
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Thanks To Social Distancing, Drive-In Movie Theaters Are Having A Comeback

“Drive-in movie theaters may seem like a blast from the past, something out of the 1950s or ’60s. Numerous baby boomers haven’t gone for decades; Gen Xers and millennials, perhaps never. But there are still 305 of them in the United States” — and they’re seeing increased demand from stir-crazy customers. – The New York Times
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Actors And Others Read Us Sonnets Online

This story came out before Sir Patrick Stewart performed “Let us not to the marriage of true minds/Admit impediments” (aka Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116) on Instagram, but there are plenty of other actors and regular folks performing sonnets, in a move started by actor Michael Gaston. – LitHub
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What Theatre Can Do For Humanity In The Midst Of This Unprecedented Crisis

First of all, theatre can acknowledge the uncertainty, anxiety, grief, and pain of this time – and the resilience that so many people are bringing right now. “Some theatres … have recorded performances, and many others are doing or considering live streaming. That is a good start. After this crisis passes, we will also need to equip education and community engagement departments with the funds and technology tools needed to make our work more accessible to our communities—the future of our fiel...
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“Sweet Land” Opera Was A Hit. Then It Had To Close For The Virus. So One Performance For Just The Cameras

“I think of it a little bit like if a house was burning, and you had the opportunity to run in and save a piece of humanity,” says Industry founder Yuval Sharon. “That’s what we’re doing.” – Los Angeles Times
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Movie Box Office Falls 97 Percent As Theatres Shut

Box office revenue limped to a historic low of $300,000 or less on Wednesday as the vast majority of cinemas in North America closed their doors indefinitely due to the coronavirus crisis. That compares to $10.7 million in revenue on the same Wednesday a year ago, resulting in a year-over-year decline of 97 percent. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Opportunity: Unplug, Pick Some Music And REALLY Listen

There was a time when listeners treated the mere existence of recorded sound as a miracle. A wonder, a kind of time travel. Priests warned of early wax cylinders being tools of the devil. Vintage images from the space age show couples seated around their high-fidelity systems as if being warmed by a fireplace. – Los Angeles Times
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EU Asks Netflix To Stop HD Streaming As Internet Use Soars

With so many countries on forced lockdowns to fight the spread of the virus, hundreds of millions working from home and even more children out of school, EU officials are concerned about the huge strain on internet bandwidth. – CNN
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Atlanta Is A Majority-Black City. Why Is There So Little Black Theater?

“Though Atlanta’s … bustling professional theaters staged 187 productions last year, only 22 were by playwrights of color.” Jesse Green went there to talk to black actors and directors, and to the directors of two big and largely white theaters, “to see whether a city that has long been a magnet for the black middle class is dealing any better with these matters than New York does — which is to say, not very well.” – The New York Times
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Holland Cotter’s Five-Point Plan To Save The Souls Of Traditional ‘Encyclopedic’ Museums

“They need to rethink the Temple of Beauty branding they’ve coasted on from the start. They need to acknowledge the often conflicted relationship between aesthetics and ethics. They need to address what their collections leave out. They need to reconsider their own role as history-tellers and history-inventors. In short, they need to redefine what ‘encyclopedic’ and ‘museum’ and ‘art’ can mean. … Here’s a five-point plan to move that process along in a post-coronavirus future.” – The New York T...
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Finally We’re Learning Online

If there is a silver lining in this crisis, it may be that the virus is forcing us to use the internet as it was always meant to be used — to connect with one another, share information and resources, and come up with collective solutions to urgent problems. It’s the healthy, humane version of digital culture we usually see only in schmaltzy TV commercials, where everyone is constantly using a smartphone to visit far-flung grandparents and read bedtime stories to kids. – The New York Time...
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Right Now Boring Online Social Sharing Is Comforting

It’s not just Americans broadcasting their living spaces to the world in the hopes of finding digital company. In the midst of a pandemic, kids with smartphones and wireless access and unlimited free time are showing us what a room looks like globally. American teenagers are watching TikTok videos from countries that are two or three weeks ahead of the United States in quarantine measures, peering into the life they will soon be living. – The Atlantic
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Some Theatres Have Hired Film Crews Quickly So ‘All That Work Wouldn’t Be Lost’ To The Shutdown

At Signature Theatre in Arlington, Va., the staff hired a crew to film a new play whose run was supposed to last until March 29 – and the theatre is shut until March 30. The idea is not 100 percent figured out yet, and there are definitely Equity and other union issues to discuss, but … “The theater decided it might be able to show the play to patrons still holding tickets by giving them special access to the film online. … Many companies, like Signature, are asking people to donate the cost o...
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In Which ‘The Atlantic’ Argues That Theatre Shutdowns Could Be Good For Plays

Shakespeare apparently wrote King Lear while the Globe was shuttered because of the bubonic plague (a trope that echoed heavily on Twitter over the weekend). Then there’s the economic opportunity: “Given that the bubonic plague particularly decimated young populations, it may also have wiped out Shakespeare’s theatrical rivals—companies of boy actors who dominated the early-17th-century stage, and could often get away with more satiric, politically dicey productions than their older competitors...
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Does Democratization Of Culture Mean The End Of Audience?

“My current research situates audience development within work on culture as a vocation, and wider debates around the democratisation of culture and cultural democracy. Audience development both replicates and reproduces (rather than challenges) the dominant cultural hegemony – most notably in subsidised cultural institutions. As such, it has traditionally been seen as a management tool for the democratisation of culture.” – Arts Professional
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A Fundraiser For The Academy Of Music Is Philadelphia’s Biggest High-Society Event. Here’s How It Should Change For The 21st Century.

Eyebrows shot up last month when the Philadelphia Orchestra (which owns the building) and the Kimmel Center (which operates it) announced that the Academy Ball, held every year but one since 1957, was called off for next year and would be reconsidered entirely. Peter Dobrin makes the case that the Ball is a unique Philadelphia tradition that shouldn’t be ended but can definitely be made more relevant. – The Philadelphia Inquirer
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Data: How Movie-going Declined In North America Last Year

A detailed report released Wednesday by the Motion Picture Association helps to explain why moviegoing dipped in North America last year by 4 percent to $11.4 billion. Two key stats: The number of frequent moviegoers declined, and the number of tickets sold to all consumers slipped across every age group compared to 2018. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Most Arts Events Canceled In Seattle

If the future is unclear for arts organizations, it’s even scarier for individual artists, backstage artisans and stage hands, many of whom survive job to job. Those who are union members may have access to specific emergency funds, but others are left adrift. – KUOW
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Theatres Need To Get Ahead Of This: Cancel Now

Apparently, the show must go on even if it kills us. While the country is staring down the barrel of a public health catastrophe, theaters are up against a different enemy: their ragged balance sheets. But by staying open, theaters are not just acting shortsightedly. They’re betraying their core constituency, older patrons, who are the group most vulnerable to coronavirus. – Los Angeles Times
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Rise Of The Internet Celebrity Talk Shows

The passive celebrity interview is over. Now celebrities must work for their press — or, at worst, they have to be interviewed by another celebrity. These practices makes sense in the social media era. Instagram, Twitter and other platforms are designed to let fans feel closer to celebrities than ever before, and have allowed those celebrities a control over their personas that they did not used to have. So, the new shows do what they can to soothe — or rattle — celebrities into a state ...
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Broadway Theatres Ask Actors And Audiences To Stop Gathering At Stage Door

Neither producers nor performers and crew nor patrons want to suspend all performances until COVID-19 is under control (whenever that may be), so the theatre owners and producers of the Broadway League are “highly recommending that all stage door activities be eliminated for the time being.” And folks are cooperating, mostly. – The New York Times
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Cancel The Concerts And Close The Theatres Now, Says Leading Critic — This Virus Is Too Dangerous

Justin Davidson: “It’s easy for me to call for a shutdown. I’m not the one who’ll be hemorrhaging millions every night or facing months of unemployment. … [But] the evidence suggests that the choice is not between a shutdown and no shutdown; it’s between shutting things down now, when the disease is still relatively rare in our area, or waiting until more people have died, the virus has propagated further, and the medical system starts to be overburdened.” (Charles McNulty agrees.) – New York M...
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Digital Entertainment Surpasses Box Office For First Time

Consumer spending on digital home entertainment surged to $48.7 billion last year, up 24% from 2018, according to a new report from the Motion Picture Assn. Worldwide theatrical ticket sales were $42.2 billion, up 1% from the prior year, said the MPA, the Washington-based lobbying group that represents the major Hollywood studios and Netflix. – Los Angeles Times
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Americans Are Still Going To The Movies

North American audiences are not staying away from theaters amid virus concerns, according to the weekend’s box office numbers. Disney and Pixar’s “Onward” topped the charts as expected and the Ben Affleck basketball drama “The Way Back” also opened normally. – Washington Post
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