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You Might Not Hate Hearing Your Own Voice With This Discounted Blue Snowball Microphone

Whether you’re looking to start a podcast, or just want your Skype calls to sound better, the Blue Snowball is one of the most popular affordable USB microphones you can buy, and Amazon’s offering the murdered out black version for for $30 today, or about $10-20 less than usual.Read more...
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The ONOFF speaker turns a ubiquitous digital interaction into a physical product

The shape of the ONOFF speaker needs literally no introduction if you’ve ever used a gadget in the past 5-10 years. Ever been around a smartphone, a tablet, or even a laptop? Chances are you’ve seen something quite similar. The toggle-switch UI. Found in most Settings areas of apps, websites, and systems, the toggle-switch lets you switch on or off a feature… and is ubiquity makes it a perfect visual metaphor for being on or off. Yongha Yang took that digital UI and turned it literally into the ...
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Hadean Planets and Spiritual Work

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Bowers & Wilkins' New Alien-Looking Wifi Speakers Aim to Take on Sonos With High-Resolution Ambitions

Bowers & Wilkins got a new Silicon Valley-based parent company three years ago, and now, the classic British audio brand has a new line of premium wireless speakers. The new Formation Suite starts at $900 for a very alien-looking thing called the Wedge and tops out at $4,000 with the even more alien-looking Duo. Based…Read more...
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Bowers & Wilkins' New Wireless Speakers Aim to Take on Sonos With High-Resolution Ambitions

Bowers & Wilkins got a new Silicon Valley-based parent company three years ago, and now, the classic British audio brand has a new line of premium wireless speakers. The new Formation Suite starts at $900 for a very alien-looking thing called the Wedge and tops out at $4,000 with the even more alien-looking Duo. Based…Read more...
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The JBL Jr Pop is a wireless bluetooth speaker just for the kids

“Big Sound for Music’s Tiny Fans” is perhaps the best way to describe the JBL Jr Pop, a conceptual speaker created by Shenzhen-based Kim Hyojin.A winner of both the Red Dot Design Concept Award and the iF Design Award for the year 2019, the JBL Jr Pop is a junior speaker, designed to be child-friendly, and give children their dedicated music-listening device. The Jr Pop is small, light, rugged, and comes with a leash that the child can use to carry their sound with them. A comforting ring of lig...
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The Best Place to Stand at a Concert, According to a Sound Engineer

I hate concerts but I’ve been to hundreds, standing amidst a sweaty pit of people clamoring to get closer to the stage.Read more...
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Earphones for when you don’t want to be disturbed

Earphones are a great tool to use when we want to close ourselves off to the outside world and for those time when we are just feeling a little less talkative. However, some people just don’t get this hint as they persistently try to be heard over your music. This issue led to the development of Gem; the wireless earphones that communicate your desire to not be disturbed.Gem’s method of showing this derives from the technology used within electrochromic smart windows; its outer-shell changes fro...
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New Ways of Seeing: James Bridle's BBC radio show about networked digital tools in our "image-soaked culture"

James "New Aesthetic" Bridle (previously) is several kinds of provocateur and artist (who can forget his autonomous vehicle trap, to say nothing of his groundbreaking research on the violent Youtube Kids spammers who came to dominate the platform with hour+ long cartoons depicting cartoon characters barfing and murdering all over each other?). So there's no one better poised to comment on the way that the meaning of images is changing thanks to networked digital tools that have created an "...
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This 3D-Printed Metal Guitar is Absolutely Indestructible.

A lot of moments in rock history are defined by the iconic guitar-smash… and while I personally don’t think it’s particularly nice to smash musical equipment, what if you designed a guitar that, if you look at the image immediately below, couldn’t be smashed?That’s what Sandvik decided to do. Designed to show off their advanced titanium additive printing techniques (and also their engineering prowess), they designed the world’s first guitar that can’t be smashed. Literally. Many have even trie...
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If Audio Is Hot, Why Isn’t Radio Partying?

While the massive uptick in the popularity of audio seems like it should be good news for traditional broadcast radio, the reality is that much of this resurgence has manifested in the form of podcasts and new forms of tech like smart speakers. _____________________________ Guest post by Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media Strategies You'd have to be a 40 year radio veteran to remember the clever slogan depickted above.  It was actually a mega-effort for the RAB circa 1980, created by the f...
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These $4,000 Roll-Up Headphones Don't Even Cup Your Ears

It doesn’t matter how amazing they sound, or how flawlessly they cancel noise; your fancy headphones are all but useless if they’re too clunky to actually carry around. Inspired by the metal links on a watch strap, the MKo1 Roller from Luzli feature a neat head strap design that can be rolled up tight and compact for…Read more...
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Luzli’s Roller MK02 headphones take design inspiration from Swiss watches

Which is probably why they’re in no way cheap
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With its adjustable ring position, losing an earphone is a thing of the past!

As technology advances and popularity increases, the size of wireless earphones is dramatically decreasing. Whilst this not only makes the devices appear visually very similar to each other, more significantly it makes them extremely easy to lose! Both of these issues have been addressed with Pretzel, a unique and intriguing concept that certainly looks like a more practical alternative for the real world!Pretzel’s distinguishing feature is the ring that sits on the external side of each device;...
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K-Tek Airo Booming Intro Kit 1 Review Airo by K-Tek announces an integrated new Booming Intro Kit packed with essential audio tools especially designed for content creators who require quality, affordable audio sound for their video. All they need is a shotgun microphone and this new kit. Made by the company known for designing award-winning equipment for top audio mixers and boom operators, four Airo fundamental tools come in a handy black over-the- shoulder carrier, ready to help the user create professional aud...
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K-Tek Stingray Audio SunHat Review Detailed Description K-Tek introduces the first Stingray hat especially designed for sound recordists working outdoors. The new Stingray Sunhat not only provides heat and sun protection but is a perfect fit with over-the-ear headphones. The simple and ingenious design features an ample opening over each temple with magnetic snaps, so users can wear the hat, put headphones on, slip the earphones through the openings, and close the magnetic snaps of the brim. The Stingray Sunha...
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K-Tek Airo Mixer Bag 1 Review Detailed Description The Airo Mixer Bag (AMB1) is the first of its kind and fits the latest generation of smaller mixer/recorders including Sound Devices MixPre-3, MixPre-6 and Zoom’s F4 and F8. This mixerbag has black rigid front and back panels for structural strength and to allow the bag to stand up straight on a table top. A large side and bottom zipper opening allows for easy access to inputs, outputs, media and battery compartments. Wireless receivers can be attached to M...
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A microphone and speaker with a gentle aesthetic!

This product oozes sophistication, quality and a high level of refinement, that have each been captured within a device that doesn’t shout about its presence… this is the Microphone Speaker by Zhao Hu.Unlike conventional microphones, this device carries a far more considered aesthetic, that been achieved through its soft, flowing curves and muted colors. Consisting of three, equally as beautiful components, the microphone, charging base and the main base, that each carries dedicated functions to...
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The Recon Ride Podcast – Paris-Roubaix 2019

Episode 91: Paris-Roubaix 2019 The “Hell of the North” has the coolest nickname in pro cycling, and with a wide-open start list, the 2019 edition could be especially infernal. Temporary RSS | SoundCloud Photo by Felouch Kotek (CC).
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How to convert your vinyl to a digital format

There are all sorts of reasons for ripping records and storing them digitally, but what's the best way to do it? We cover the different types of equipment and software available for ripping records at any price in this guide. The post How to convert your vinyl to a digital format appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Nokia’s Home Assistant encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle

Now if a Google Home or an Apple HomePod could give me inputs on how to stay healthy, by collating my information and giving me tips on how to live a better life, I’d definitely consider it. If a home assistant could tell me if my sleeping patterns needed improvement, or that my diet could use some tweaking, or perhaps some outdoor time for my heart-rate, that’s what I’d really value in a home assistant. Nokia’s Home tries to be that guardian. Designed as a conceptual device by Rik Oudenhoven du...
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The Symfonisk Speaker Lamp has the style of IKEA, but the soul of Sonos

Designed by IKEA, and Powered by Sonos, you’re looking at the Symfonisk, a range of offerings by the two collaborating companies. Designed as a table-lamp-speaker and a bookshelf-speaker, the Symfonisk aim at merging home-decor with smart-technology, and powerful audio to create products that simply enrich houses. The table-lamp comes with a lamp and lampshade at the top and a speaker at the bottom, while the bookshelf speaker is designed to occupy the spatial footprint of an encyclopedia (somet...
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The Cavalier Air is a hipster-looking smart-speaker that also wirelessly charges phones

Cavalier’s approach to audio is best described as classic. It uses classic materials and styles to create audio devices that don’t look particularly uber-tech. The Air, Cavalier’s latest offering, much like its ancestor, the Maverick showcases an absolutely retro-hipster attitude by ditching the boring plastic for knit fabric, wood, and leather.The Air is essentially a combination of three things. A smart-speaker, a clock, and a wireless charger. Its unique shape allows it to be all three, as th...
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Anker Upgraded Our Readers' Favorite Bluetooth Earbuds, and They're Just $22 Today

Our readers voted Anker’s SoundBuds Slims as their favorite affordable Bluetooth headphones, but we may need a recount, as Anker recently released the upgraded SoundBuds Slim+, on sale for just $22 today with promo code AKSLPLUS.Read more...
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The amazing story behind the sounds of Star Wars: Episode IV

In this wonderful video, Ben Burtt, sound designer for Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, reveals the secrets behind the fantastic zaps, beeps, and growls in that first film in the series. His first task was to figure out Chewbacca's voice that, ultimately, came from a pet bear on a farm in Tehachapi, California. Also, I distinctly remember when I was a kid hearing for the first time that Burt discovered the blaster sound during a hike when he accidentally banged his backpack on a guy-wire an...
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