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Urbanista's New Solar-Powered Wireless Headphones Will Run Forever as Long as You Stay Outside in the Sun

The limitations of battery technology continue to be the bane of every gadget’s existence, but, like the solar calculators of yesteryear, Urbanista’s new noise-canceling Los Angeles headphones feature a solar panel that helps recharge the battery any time you’re exposed to even dim lighting indoors.Read more...
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These Headphones Offer Solid Active Noise Cancellation for Those on a Budget

Urbanista isn’t a household name. Founded in Sweden, the company makes low-cost, high-design headphones for folks who don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on options from Apple, Bose, or Beats. Their latest product, the Miami, is a pair of active noise-canceling headphones with 50-hour battery life and a tempting…Read more...
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THX's First Consumer Gadget Is a Tiny Headphone Amp That Will Have You Embracing Wires Again

THX is a brand synonymous with sound, best known for its eardrum-tickling deep note trailer played before movies in theaters. For years, THX has partnered with hardware makers, lending its expertise in sound to improve the audio capabilities of everything from smartphones to laptops, and now the company is finally…Read more...
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Sony's New 360 Reality Audio Speaker Sounds So Damn Good, but It'll Cost You

Sometimes, a Bluetooth-enabled speaker is really all you need. But the nice part about having a speaker with wifi capabilities, too, is being able to simply tell your smart assistant what to play without having to fiddle too much with the speaker itself. It helps when that speaker also delivers exquisite audio the way…Read more...
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How to Set Up Skype's Active Noise Cancellation on Your Desktop

“Zoom” may have overtaken “Skype” as the preferred shorthand for making video calls, but Microsoft’s chat service hasn’t gone anywhere. The newest Skype upgrade brings an active noise cancellation setting (ANC) to desktops and laptops, which filters out background sounds while keeping your voice audible.Read more...
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The Apollo Solo Turns Your Mac Into a Recording Studio

Recording audio into your Mac or PC requires a standalone digital signal processor. The most popular models are the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or the PreSonus AudioBox USB 96, but now advanced audio tech manufacturers are getting into the DSP hardware game. Take the $699 Universal Audio Apollo Solo, for example, which is …Read more...
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A deep dive into the German and UK editions of The Beatles Collection BC13

You probably have to be a true vinyl and audio engineering nerd to care about this video. In it, Andrew from Parlogram Auctions spends 20 minutes comparing the UK and German editions of the infamous BC13 Stereo Box Set of The Beatles catalog. — Read the rest
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JBL's Xtreme 3 Is a Nearly Perfect Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With summer right around the corner, you might want to consider JBL’s Xtreme 3. It’s a durable and portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers a surprising amount of bass for those who like to listen to music even at top volumes.Read more...
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These 'Invisible Headphones' Promise to Beam Audio Into Your Ears

Open-ear audio is having a moment. JLab and Bose both have sunglasses that double as discreet headphones, but perhaps the most intriguing open-ear technology I’ve seen so far is the SoundBeamer, a device that can supposedly beam sound directly into your ears and your ears alone.Read more...
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How to Work Out Quietly So Your Neighbors Won't Want to Kill You

Home workouts are convenient, but they sure can be loud. You can jump and stomp as much as you want in a fitness dance class, or even drop barbells if you’re in the right kind of gym. But at home, your downstairs neighbors or sleeping toddler might not approve. Instead, tailor your workout to your environment.Read more...
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A musician couple used biosonic MIDI technology to convert their baby's ultrasound into music

From Consequence of Sound: The baby, named Luca Yupanqui, is the soon-to-be child of Psychic Ills bassist Elizabeth Hart and Lee "Scratch" Perry collaborator Iván Diaz Mathé. Yupanqui created the songs on her album using biosonic MIDI technology that translated her in-utero movements into sound. — Read the rest
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Long Sheets of Paper-Thin Printed Speakers Could be the Future of Surround Sound

A proper surround sound setup usually involved a room filled with boxy speakers in every corner, but researchers at Germany’s Chemnitz University of Technology have developed a way to print long strips of paper loudspeakers that can be rolled up into a 360-degree surround sound experience more immersive than even a…Read more...
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These Cheap Noise-Canceling Earbuds Give AirPods Pro a Run for Their Money

In a world in which Apple is now selling $549 headphones, and the major players like Bose are sure to follow suit with equally pricey devices, it’s refreshing to find a pair of earbuds that offer solid noise cancellation, excellent design, and a great price.Read more...
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I Love The New Bose Frames Even If I Look Like an Absolute Jabroni

I liked the original Bose Frames. They were stylish sunglasses that featured audio-based augmented reality, which actually seemed like a clever workaround for the technological challenges of smart glasses. But alas, Bose AR wasn’t meant to be. Last summer, the company shuttered that division and as a result, Bose…Read more...
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How the oil industry accidentally created autotune

Autotune gets a bad rep. Sure, it's been abused by plenty of artists, notably T-Pain and Cher's "Believe" single. But used as a mild assistive, it can be a great way to punch up a piece of music. Like anything involving computers, it's junk-in, junk-out; with a decent base take, it can elevate a good performance into a great one is almost imperceptible ways. — Read the rest
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This is not a review of Apple’s new AirPod Max headphones

I’ve had Apple’s AirPod Max headphones for less than 24 hours, so there is no way I would attempt to write a review of any sort. But I do have some of those oh so popular these days “first impressions” to share. Mostly on build quality, but I’ll throw a few first listen thoughts at you too. These are thoughts that I have now that may change or get reinforced as I continue to evaluate them over the next week or so. So consider the below a sort of draft review that I’m publishing my early notes on...
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When people used to press bootleg recordings onto X-Rays to pass around Soviet Russia

Brian Heater of TechCrunch has a fascinating post on his SubStack about "music on ribs" — when people in Soviet Russia would rip audio onto discarded X-Ray printouts in order to share them with friends: It's difficult to say whether Philo was first to discover that the soft, pliable nature of X-rays made them – if not ideal, then at least suitable media for pressing records. — Read the rest
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How does sound travel through space?

Twenty Thousand Hertz is a podcast about sounds. Case in point: the latest episode, "Space Audity," which explores how, exactly, sound travels through the vacuum space, and the very practical technological complications that would make potential Martian communications difficult. — Read the rest
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New "soundbeaming" technology claims it can broadcast music to your brain without headphones

Stereogum explains this eerily dystopian sci-fi device from Noveto Systems: SoundBeamer 1.0. Developed by Noveto Systems, the product reportedly creates a personal sound bubble that allows you to hear 3D audio while continuing to observe other sounds in the space. According to Noveto, the product's sensing module locates and tracks your ear position, creating sound pockets in your ears by sending ultrasonic sound waves. — Read the rest
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