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Xiaomi launches its own smart glasses, of course

Mariella Moon Contributor Mariella Moon is an associate editor at Engadget. More posts by this contributor FAA opens probe into anomaly on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceflight Xiaomi is challenging Facebook in the wearables arena by launching its own smart glasses. The device won’t only be capable of taking photos, but also of displaying messages and notifications, making calls, providing navigation and translating text...
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Astronauts on the ISS are using augmented reality apps to help with repairs

Astronauts on the ISS are testing out a new Augmented Reality (AR) system which can help in the inspection and maintenance of station equipment.
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Facebook's Smart Glasses Give People a Good Reason Not to Trust Your Ray-Bans

Facebook’s smart glasses are here. They’re made by Ray-Ban, which means they look stylish, and as far as features go, they’re on par with many “smart glasses” currently on the market, with built-in cameras and speakers. Facebook is the biggest name to attempt smart glasses for consumers in years, and they probably…Read more...
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Review: Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories make the case for smart glasses

Facebook’s first pair of smart glasses doesn’t feel like much of a Facebook product. You won’t find the Facebook logo emblazoned on them or even its name in small print by the serial code. They aren’t Facebook Stories or Ray-Ban’s Facebook Stories or even Ray-Ban Stories in collaboration with Facebook. Unlike other Facebook-designed hardware like the Quest 2 or Portal, the Ray-Ban Stories feel more self-aware and restrained as though the company knew exactly what use cases they needed to hit, an...
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Facebook debuts its Ray-Ban Stories smart sunglasses

Facebook announced their long-awaited foray into the smart glasses space Thursday morning, launching the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses in partnership with eyewear giant EssilorLuxottica. The svelte frames are some of the most low-profile yet available to consumers and will allow users to snap photos and videos with the two onboard 5 MP cameras, listen to music with in-frame speakers and take phone calls. The glasses need to be connected to an iOS or Android device for full functionality, though ...
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Facebook's Ray-Ban Glasses Leaked and They Look Awfully Familiar

After years of murmurs, Facebook was all set to formally announce its first pair of “smart” sunglasses today. Ray-Ban, Facebook’s partner on this project, even put up a splashy site teasing the announcement two days ago. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even posted video clips supposedly taken with the device. And then…Read more...
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How emerging technologies could shape the 2032 Olympics

After being postponed a year due to the pandemic, the 2021 Tokyo Olympics are cause for great excitement. We’ve waited impatiently to once again, behold the impressive display of sporting skills and competitive endeavors from the top athletes in the world. But an additional factor to get excited about this year is the introduction of many new technologies used to enhance the whole experience. Being held in Japan, arguably one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, it’s no s...
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How to earn more gold in The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Players can spend gold on new weapons, armor, and items while out on their Witching adventure. But how do you earn more gold in The Witcher: Monster Slayer?
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Zuck Confirms Facebook's Smart Glasses Will Be Its Next Stab at Hardware

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Facebook’s collaboration with Ray-Ban on a pair of augmented reality glasses. But in comments during an earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that no, he hasn’t forgotten about the device. It’ll actually be the company’s next hardware release.Read more...
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Zuckerberg is turning trillion-dollar Facebook into a ‘metaverse’ company, he tells investors

Following the quarterly release of Facebook’s earnings numbers where the company’s CFO takes time to walk analysts through the nitty gritty of the company’s financials, CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a moment to zoom out and wax on the company’s future goals, specifically calling out his ambitions to turn Facebook into “a metaverse company.” “I wanted to discuss this now so that you can see the future that we’re working towards and how our major initiative across the ...
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The Tipping Point for 3D content is Now

The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behaviour crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. Malcolm Gladwell,  Some tech revolutions happen quickly, like a tsunami. For example, smart phone penetration. Others take time, and multiple waves, until they become mainstream. I believe we’re now at the tipping point for 3D content adoption and why it represents a huge opportunity for startups. 3D content has been around for a while. What’s driving 3D ...
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Snap had its best quarter in four years

If you’ve started using Snapchat more regularly this year, you’re not alone. At yesterday’s Q2 earnings call, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel announced that the platform grew both revenue and daily active users at the highest rates it has achieved in the last four years. Snapchat now has 293 million daily active users, growing 23% since last year. Snap went public in 2017 with a $24 billion valuation, but not long before then, the ephemeral photo sharing app experienced a massive hiccup: Instagram cloned ...
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Can advertising scale in VR?

Michael Boland Contributor Share on Twitter Mike Boland is chief analyst of ARtillery Intelligence, an AR/VR research firm. More posts by this contributor Mobile and enterprise are the keys to VR/AR scale One of VR’s prospective revenue streams is ad placement. The thought is that its levels of immersion can engender high engagement with various flavors of display ads. Think billboards in a virtual st...
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Lego should snap up this rapid-fire brick-finding iOS app

Lego has worked extremely closely with Apple over the years, experimenting with unreleased iOS tech and demoing it onstage at launch events like WWDC; this has included some pretty heavy tinkering on the augmented reality ARKit platform that they’ve integrated several of their play sets with, adding digital experiences to the physical toys. But one of the most impressive integrations between iOS tech and physical Lego bricks just popped up on the App Store, and it’s built by a team of fans. The ...
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How to cut through the promotional haze and select a digital building platform

Brian Turner Contributor Share on Twitter Brian Turner, LEED-AP BD&C, leads strategic planning for product development and project work at Buildings IOT. Throughout his career, Brian has provided hands-on expertise to architects, engineers and building owners to design and implement integrated building systems. Everyone from investors to casual LinkedIn observers has more reasons than ever to look at buildings and wonder what’...
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Apple and Snap partner JigSpace, the ‘Canva for 3D,’ raises a $4.7M Series A

When former Art Director Zac Duff started teaching a game development course online in 2015, he faced the same challenges that teachers around the globe have become all too familiar with after a pandemic-induced lockdown. So, he used his experience in 3D design to build a virtual reality classroom to make remote learning more engaging for his students. Instead of entering yet another Zoom lecture, the school gave students VR headsets to transport themselves to the Ancient Greek-inspired classroo...
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Psychedelic VR meditation startup Tripp raises $11 million Series A

As an increasing number of startups sell investors on mobile apps that help consumers prioritize well-being and mindfulness, other startups are looking for a more immersive take that allow users to fully disconnect from the world around them. Tripp has been building immersive relaxation exercises that seek to blend some of the experiences users may find in guided meditation apps with more free-form experiences that allow users to unplug from their day and explore their thoughts inside a virtual ...
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Google Glass Was Ugly, but Facebook's AR Baseball Hat Might Actually Be Worse

One of the biggest hurdles for augmented reality devices is design: No one wants to wear an obvious gadget on their face. Realizing the issues Google Glass had with gaining consumer traction, it seems Facebook may embrace a unique design for a future wearable. Folks, it’s a baseball hat. Read more...
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Meet the Illuminarium: The multisensory theater that makes Imax look prehistoric

In addition to sights and sounds, the interactive Illuminarium exhibit can also produce specific smells, vibrations, and environmental sensations like wind.
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Everyone you know is a Disney princess, which means AR is queen

This weekend, all of your friends morphed one by one into animated, Pixar-inspired characters. This isn’t a fever dream, and you’re not alone. On Thursday, Snapchat released a Cartoon 3D Style Lens, which uses AR to make you look like a background character from “Frozen.” Naturally, even though TikTok’s own AR cartoon effects aren’t quite as convincing as Snapchat’s, people are turning to TikTok to share videos of themselves as Disney princesses, because of course they are. This isn’t the first ...
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Adorable animations visualize the "Invisible Roommates" that share your WiFi

I'm a big fan of Nicole He's creative technology work, which often uses whimsy to illuminate our relationships with technology and privacy. Her latest project, Invisible Roommates, is no exception. Created in collaboration with Eran Hilleli as part of the Everyday Experiments initiative sponsored by SPACE10 and IKEA, Invisible Roommates reveals all of the internet-connected devices that surround us in our homes by turning them into adorable animations: Invisible Roommates is an augmented real...
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Apple AR headset reportedly delayed after being a no-show at WWDC

After being a no-show at WWDC, Apple's AR headset is reportedly delayed till the second quarter of 2022.
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Facebook’s Spark AR platform expands to video calling with Multipeer API

At today’s F8 developer conference, Facebook announced new capabilities for Spark AR, its flagship AR creation software. Since Spark AR was announced at F8 2017, more than 600,000 creators from 190 countries have published over 2 million AR effects on Facebook and Instagram, making it the largest mobile AR platform, according to Facebook. If you’ve ever posted a selfie on your Instagram story with an effect that gave you green hair, or let you control a dog’s facial expression by moving you...
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TFB Review: Mepro Foresight – Meprolight Red Dot Of The Future

There are a lot of optical sight options for your firearm. Today we take a look at an interesting optic that has a lot of potential and features you do not normally see in a reflex sight. The Mepro Foresight is an advanced augmented red dot sight that has a wide variety of reticles and […] Read More … The post TFB Review: Mepro Foresight – Meprolight Red Dot Of The Future appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Augmented reality NFT platform Anima gets backing from Coinbase

Augmented reality and non-fungible tokens, need I say more? Yes? Oh, well NFTs have certainly had their moment in 2021 but the question of what they do or what can be done with them has certainly been getting voiced more frequently as the speculative gold rush begins to cool off and people start to think more about how digital goods can evolve in the future. Anima, a small creative crypto startup built by the founders of photo/video app Ultravisual, which Flipboard acquired back in 2014, is look...
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Snap Doubles Down on Its Smart Glasses Line, Buys AR Display Supplier for More Than $500 Million

Snap is going all-in on its augmented reality smart glasses whether consumers want them or not. Right after announcing the latest generation of its Spectacles line, news surfaced that Snap has agreed to acquire WaveOptics, which supplies the AR displays powering its frames, for more than $500 million, the Verge…Read more...
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Snap Doubles Down on Smart Glasses Line, Buys AR Display Supplier for More Than $500 Million

Snap is going all-in on its augmented reality smart glasses whether consumers want them or not. Right after announcing the latest generation of its Spectacles line, news surfaced that Snap has agreed to acquire WaveOptics, which supplies the AR displays powering its frames, for more than $500 million, the Verge…Read more...
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Snap acquires AR startup WaveOptics, which provides tech for Spectacles, for over $500M

Snap yesterday announced the latest iteration of its Spectacles augmented reality glasses, and today the company revealed a bit more news: it is also acquiring the startup that supplied the technology that helps power them. The Snapchat parent is snapping up WaveOptics, an AR startup that makes the waveguides and projectors used in AR glasses. These overlay virtual images on top of the views of the real world someone wearing the glasses can see, and Snap worked with WaveOptics to build its lates...
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Snap Announces Spectacles 4.0 with Built-In AR Displays That Aren't for Sale

Snap continues to forge ahead with its line of techy camera glasses despite previous generations largely proving unprofitable and/or unpopular. But hey, fourth time’s the charm, right? On Thursday, Snap announced its newest Spectacles smart glasses with built-in AR displays, but don’t expect to get your hands on them…Read more...
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Snapchat's newest shoppable feature lets you browse clothing by scanning pictures of your favorite outfits

Snap Snap just just introduced Screenshop, which allows users to scan and shop their friends' outfits. Snapchatters scan their friends' clothing, or upload a saved photo, and can shop similar items in the app. Screenshop lets shoppers unlock "shopping recommendations from hundreds of brands." See more stories on Insider's business page. If you've ever lusted after your friend's wardrobe, you can now shop looks inspired by their outfits - all within Snapchat.Users to "s...
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