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Ithaca mayor is set to propose a plan to replace the city's police with a civilian-led agency, report says

Svante Myrick, mayor of Ithaca, NY. Andy Katz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick plans to propose a plan to replace the city's police with a civilian-led agency, GQ reported. The plan was created as part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's executive order for New York cities to review their police departments. The proposal includes an agency with armed "public safety workers" and unarmed "community solution workers." Visit the Business section of Insider for more stor...
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Austin is buying a hotel to house the homeless. The money to run it is coming from the police budget

Money to operate the hotel is expected to be provided by cuts from the Austin Police Department budget and reinvested in Austin Public Health.         [Author: Austin American-Statesman]
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Pediatrician fatally shoots another doctor and himself during hostage situation in Austin

A pediatrician diagnosed with terminal cancer killed another pediatrician during a hostage situation before turning the gun on himself, according to an Austin Police Department news release.
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What does a successful "Defund the Police" campaign actually look like? Reconsidering Texas' abolition of Tulia-style drug task forces in light of 2020's #DefundThePolice frame

In 2020, the phrase "defund the police" captured the public imagination, for good or ill, and became the centerpiece of conservative messaging against Democrats in the fall. But it wasn't that long ago that Texas defunded dozens of regional drug task forces without any of the #DefundThePolice backlash. At their height, those task forces collectively made around 12,000 arrests per year (see FN 26 in this report), but in 2006, Gov. Rick Perry eliminated their funding with the stroke of a pen, the ...
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Top Ten Texas Criminal Justice Stories of 2020: Looking back at a crazy, (literally) sick year

It's been a crazy year,  both for me personally (I underwent throat-cancer treatment and lost nearly 100 pounds) and for the state and nation generally, between COVID, the Trump un-election, and the massive protests surrounding Houstonite George Floyd's death that in many ways defined the year.If we were ranking criminal-justice stories, those protests would be the biggest one from any traditional newsroom perspective, even if the coronavirus in jails and prisons claimed more lives. But those pr...
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Texas man charged with capital murder in deaths of Houston friends missing since 2016

Harvey Lester Cyphers, 53, of Austin, Texas, was arrested and charged with capital murder in the 2016 deaths of friends Sidney Taylor and Krislyn Gibson, both 35, who were visiting Houston for the 2016 Urban Music Festival. They were last seen alive on April 2, 2016. Cyphers was taken to the Travis County Jail where his bond was set at $1.5 million. The U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force and the Austin Police Department are investigating.
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Dallas chief resigns; Manley remains: WTF?

Grits should have mentioned Dallas police Chief Renee Hall's resignation in yesterday's post about the Dallas budget, but it seemed like a separate topic. She wasn't resigning over budget cuts, like the chief in Seattle. Rather, she left after a half dozen city council members declared they'd lost confidence in her leadership, largely as a result of a tone-deaf after action report that seemed to pre-exonerate officers for misconduct while overstating protester "violence." I wrote at the time:In ...
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Police complaints and the politics of public-safety budgets

Just to see what was there, yesterday Grits went through recent, formal complaints against Austin police officers from protests last month, as compiled by the Office of Police Oversight. For highlights with links to the complaints, see this Twitter thread. This is information that was made public as a result of the Austin Justice Coalition's victory in the 2018 police-union contract fight.Until recently, no one could see this information unless 1) the complaint was sustained and 2) the officer w...
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Slave catching the dominant, early Texas law enforcement apparatus

Upon learning of Austin PD's racist, early history, Grits has been digging in a little to Texas' early law-enforcement agencies to discover if others have similar roots. This is a first installment, merely an initial inquiry, on a topic I want to delve into more deeply over time. So if it seems incomplete, it is. Please bear with me. If you're not satisfied in the end, you can have a full refund. Rangers not Texas' earliest law enforcement. Some might think the Texas Rangers were the state's ...
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Racism and the origins of Austin policing: A history lesson for the governor

Governor Abbott is upset that a Texas school teacher compared police officers to Klansmen. My guess is that there's more to the story than is being bandied about in social media, but Abbott tweeted:A teacher in a Texas public school comparing police officers to the KKK is beyond unacceptable. It’s the opposite of what must be taught. The teacher should be fired. Grits is here to push back on "the opposite of what must be taught." If we're going to be honest about the history of policing in A...
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Texas could freeze property taxes in cities that defund police, governor warns

Gov. Greg Abbott's announcement came one week after Austin city officials voted to cut the Austin Police Department budget by a third and funneling those funds into social services.
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An Austin police officer appeared to grope a woman's breast after pulling her over for a traffic violation

The Austin Police Department defended the officer's conduct, saying he followed the department's regulations and that no female officer was available.
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Austin Council demands reform; police chief touts toothless half measures

Whether history will view the resolutions passed at the Austin City Council yesterday as a true turning point for policing in this city remains to be seen. But the resolutions at least opened up the possibility we could see change on a scale previously unseen at the police department in the Texas capital. Leadership Change: Council has "No Confidence" Item #96 on yesterday's agenda included a statement of no confidence regarding Police Chief Brian Manley and the city's public-safety leaders...
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This spreadsheet lists 500+ videos of alleged police brutality amid George Floyd protests

The publicly accessible Google Sheet lists nearly 600 incidents of alleged police misconduct.Each entry is organized by city, and most contain a link to a video.From tear gas to rubber bullets, the videos highlight the extensive powers police are given in certain situations. Activists have been compiling videos of violent clashes between protestors and police in the two weeks since George Floyd was killed by officer Derek Chauvin. Hundreds of these videos appear on a that currently lists more...
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The Austin Police Department Explains Its Bizarre Thank-You Card Tweet

America is, you might be aware, expressing a groundswell of disgust against police brutality following the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor—a challenging scenario many local law enforcement departments have responded to with an increased escalation of said brutality. Considering the sheer number of videos…Read more...
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Feeling hopeless: Is there room for moderation on police reform?

Via Twitter. A few weeks ago, Grits was on a Zoom call with local activists asking Austin city manager Spencer Cronk to fire his police chief, Bryan Manley. There are many reasons, but the proximate cause was an APD officer murdering Mike Ramos, an unarmed black man whom the cops assaulted while he stood before them with his hands in the air, then shot to death when he fled. Cronk refused, but said he might reconsider as the situation developed.  Chas Moore of the Austin Justice Coaliti...
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Why there's no way Austin PD can hold a July cadet class and comply with City Council's orders

Today on Twitter, Grits analyzed a December Austin City Council resolution delaying Austin PD cadet classes until their training could be analyzed and revamped. I decided to embed the links and republish the string here. Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk announced today that the Austin Police Department will hold another cadet class in mid-July, despite having achieved very few of the benchmarks the Austin City Council said they must address before doing so. Here's the council's resolution.For e...
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Austin PD racism, local media's lapdog nature, all exposed by one report

Grits has said many times that the local press in Austin reside, in large part, in the breast pocket of their law enforcement sources and generally do more to cover up problems than expose them. That was certainly true of initial coverage of a just-published report commissioned by the City Council regarding allegations of racism among Austin PD command staff. Headlines included:"Probe finds no proof of racist remarks by Austin police leader, but calls for change""Investigator largely unable to c...
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Texas gun control advocate prevented from getting free locks

A firearms trade association distributing taxpayer-funded gun locks to Texas residents to prevent accidental shootings advised the Austin Police Department not to give any to a woman affiliated with a gun control advocacy group, emails show. The Police Department ultimately rejected Leesa Ross' request last year for 100 cable locks that were being given out as part of a program that followed several mass shootings, including one at a Houston-area high school that officials said was carried out...
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Sheriff candidate targeted for refusing to train detectives in Reid technique, prioritizing rape victims ... and this is an attack, how?

Until now, Austin PD brass, investigative reporters who studied the case, and Sgt. Liz Donegan all agreed: Donegan was removed as head of the Sex Crimes Unit in 2011 because she insisted on following the FBI Uniform Crime Report's definitions on whether a rape case is "cleared" while APD brass wanted her to fudge the numbers to boost the clearance rates upward. Chief Bryan Manley portrayed the incident as a disagreement that was resolved with her removal. Regular readers will recall the scandal ...
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Woman's body found in the investigation of missing mother Heidi Broussard. A baby was also found alive

Authorities investigating the disappearances of an Austin, Texas, mother Heidi Broussard and her infant daughter found a woman's body at a Houston home on Thursday, the Austin Police Department said in a statement.
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Austin should freeze police hiring until pension problem resolved

Since the local press has ignored the topic, let's delve a bit deeper into the pension crisis at the Austin Police Department. As Grits reported yesterday, an audit released in July found that the city will never cover its police pension liabilities at current contribution rates.Bizarrely, in response to this news, some at city hall have claimed they need to hire MORE police officers with exorbitant pension promises so they can pay for the retiring officers. This argument fundamentally misunders...
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$12K bail for stealing $1?; Twin Peaks prosecutions petered out; Harris justice system still digging out after Harvey, and other stories

Here are a few odds and ends that merit Grits readers' attention while mine is focused elsewhere: Hurricane Harvey aftermath still affecting Harris County The Houston Chronicle reports on long delays and an uncertain future for Harris County criminal courts. Commenters are blaming the new county judge, but this is a crisis she inherited. Meanwhile, terms of the county's bail settlement proffer has been announced; more on that development once your correspondent has time to digest it and talk to ...
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“Is Austin Racist?” Let’s Start There.

“Is Austin Racist?” That’s a Good Question I owe a lot of my professional and personal growth to Austin.I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Austin is my first love. So much of my world opened up in this city when I started driving down here on weekends my senior year of high school to see concerts at Austin Music Hall or La Zona Rosa — or just to walk around downtown, which was way more fun than walking around Killeen.My infatuation with Austin solidified when I set foot on campus at U...
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More than a clerical error: DPS audit proves Austin PD forced out sex-crimes chief for refusing to fake clearance rates

Auditors from the Texas Department of Public Safety  confirmed allegations that the Austin Police Department pressured the head of its sex-crimes unit to improperly classify rapes as "exceptionally cleared" when that was not the case. She was removed from her position when she didn't comply.Chief Bryan Manley announced the results from the DPS audit late afternoon on New Years Eve, hoping it would get lost in the holiday media cycle. That's a disgraceful, punk move. This is too serious an issue ...
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Top Texas #CJreform Stories of 2018

Passage of the First Step Act was clearly the biggest criminal justice policy story of 2018, and congrats to all the Texans who were a part of that. But Grits wanted to take a moment to identify the biggest state-level Texas criminal-justice stories of the year. Here's the list I came up with. Let me know what else you think should have been included.1. Elections: Creuzot, Gonzalez, in, Abel Reyna, Nico Lahood out; Harris Co. and appellate courts sweep Democrat: Texas statewide races failed to "...
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MyPart finds that next def jam

Picture it: you have the perfect song for Kelly Clarkson. It’s a mix of genres and styles best described as “Since U Been Gone” meets “911 Is A Joke.” How do you get it in front of Kelly so she can add it to her next album (imagine her singing “My heart is on fire when you’re not there/But the Austin fire department doesn’t care”)? You talk to MyPart. MyPart lets aspiring creators and musicians submit stuff to their favorite artists. A vetting system separates the hits from the chaff and, by ens...
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Cody Wilson: 3D printed gun company owner arrested in Taiwan for sexual assault of Texan minor

Cody Wilson, who has played a central role in making 3D-printed weapons available online, has been arrested and detained in Taiwan in connection with the sexual assault of a minor in Texas. The 30-year-old was detained in Taipei and subsequently transported to the National Immigration Agency. Commander Troy Officer of the Austin Police Department said earlier this week that the force had filed an arrest warrant against Mr Wilson for a second-degree felony charge of sexual assault.
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3D gun printing company owner accused of assault

The creator of the world's first fully printed 3D gun has been charged with sexual assault on a child in Texas, the Austin Police Department said Wednesday.
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Owner of 3D gun printing company accused of sexual assault of a child

The creator of the world's first fully printed 3D gun has been charged with sexual assault on a child in Texas, the Austin Police Department said Wednesday.
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