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$100,000 Autonomous Drones & Mobility Investment Challenge

Austin startup, ZPEG, wins $100,000 Defense Innovation Challenge on June 6, 2019 Robots! Drones! Autonomous cars! If your startup works with anything that walks, rolls, flies, or swims by itself, you might be able to win $100,000! The challenge will occur on March 10 in partnership with Guinn Partners and the Center for Autonomous Robotics. Part of the second annual Fed Supernova, this will be an entirely virtual experience that draws national attention and connects leading entrepreneurs, in...
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Radar, reborn: How a new spin on an old idea could revolutionize autonomous cars

Most autonomous cars use lidar and other light-based sensors to see the world around them. But what if they could use radar, too?
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Million-dollar driverless racing challenge coming to Indianapolis

A driverless racing challenge coming to Indianapolis has revealed the Dallara-designed car the competitors will use to house their autonomous technology.
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From Paris to NYC, Mobileye will bring self-driving cars to metropolises

Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Detroit and New York City will all see fleets of Mobileye-powered vehicles rolled out in early 2021.
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It's Been A Year And I'm Still Thinking About The Sony Car

For companies that exist to build cars, automakers sure like to parade around non-working mockups with the promise they’ll one day be drivable. How ironic is it that when Sony, a major tech company, decided to bring a car to the Consumer Electronics Show last year, it brought one that ran.Read more...
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Toyota's Robocars Will Wash Themselves Because We Can't Be Trusted

On Christmas Eve, the United States Patent and Trademark Office publicly released an application submitted by Toyota for a “car wash judgement system.” It’s not a patent application for a system that judges how well you washed your car, nor a system that washes your car while judging you and calling you a bad owner…Read more...
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Apple reportedly aiming to build electric car for 2024 launch

Apple appears to be revving up Project Titan again after a report suggested the firm is looking to launch an electric vehicle with autonomous features in 2024.
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Tesla's software is years ahead of the competition, giving it a huge advantage over legacy automakers, prominent VC says

Tesla ability to send out over-the-air system updates is years ahead of its competition, and gives it a major advantage. Tesla Tesla has a huge software advantage over legacy automakers that will bring in billions in deferred revenue in coming years, according to a Tuesday report from Loup Ventures' Gene Munster.  The EV maker is three to five years ahead of competitors when it comes to offering over-the-air software updates, Munster said, showing its technological lead.  It will take lega...
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Amazon's autonomous vehicle startup Zoox just unveiled a robotaxi EV without a steering wheel that can go 16 hours without charging - see what it looks like

The firm says its first vehicle can run for 16 hours at a time. Zoox Amazon-owned autonomous-taxi company Zoox unveiled its first vehicle Monday.  Zoox designed the vehicle for cramped city streets, giving it the ability to drive in both directions and steer with all four wheels.  The electric vehicle can travel 16 hours between charging, Zoox said.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. After six years in business, Zoox - Amazon's autonomous vehicle company - unveiled its fi...
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Uber gives up on developing its own self-driving car

Uber has announced it's selling its self-driving car unit to Aurora, a Silicon Valley-based startup founded in 2017 by experts in autonomous-vehicle technology.
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Amazon's Zoox Driverless Car, or Possibly an iMac G3 on Wheels, Spotted in San Francisco

Zoox, the Amazon-owned autonomous taxi company, is scheduled to reveal its first self-driving cars on Dec. 14. Spoilers: They look dorky as hell.Read more...
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An autonomous-vehicle company that uses technology Elon Musk said is 'doomed' went public via SPAC and is up over 110% in 3 days

Ben Margot/Associated Press Shares of Luminar Technologies jumped as much as 25% on Monday, extending a three day gain of over 110% that began after the company went public via SPAC on Thursday. The autonomous vehicle start-up uses laser sensors, called lidar, that enable cars to drive themselves. Elon Musk criticized the technology, saying "Anyone relying on lidar is doomed," in 2019.Luminar went public through a reverse merger with SPAC Gores Metropoulos. Shares traded above $37 on Monda...
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CEO of Yandex Self Driving Group predicts that autonomous vehicles will roam freely around major cities within five years

Yandex's self-driving car Mikhail Pochuyev/TASS (Photo by Mikhail Pochuyev\TASS via Getty Images Russian internet giant Yandex is competing with US tech giants such as Google in driverless cars. Its driverless cars unit claims 4 million kilometers driven, and has raised $150 million in fresh funding to spin out from its parent firm. Business Insider named CEO of Yandex Self Driving Group Dmitry Polishchuk to our list of 10 leaders transforming consumer tech in Europe. Vis...
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Waymo Is Building an Entire Fake City to Improve Its Driverless Car Testing

As much as I love technology, there’s still a lot about it that I don’t trust. Driverless cars are one of them. One horror story about an autopilot malfunction is enough to scare most people away from the tech, and that’s definitely the case for me. I’ve spent 15 years learning how to dodge a car that’s about to merge…Read more...
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Honda Says Will Be First To Mass Produce Level 3 Autonomous Cars

Japan's Honda Motor said on Wednesday it will be the world's first automaker to mass produce sensor-packed level 3 autonomous cars that will allow drivers to let their vehicles navigate congested expressway traffic. From a report: "Honda is planning to launch sales of a Honda Legend (luxury sedan) equipped with the newly approved automated driving equipment" before the end of March 2021, Honda said in a press release. The race to build self-driving cars is a key technology battleground for autom...
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Waymo’s autonomous cars steer clear of any potential election unrest

Waymo has taken its autonomous cars off the streets of San Francisco to ensure they don’t get caught up in any election-related unrest that may occur.
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Lexus Dreamed Up Two Different Autonomous Futures That Will Help Us Relax

When it comes to autonomous vehicles, one of the biggest complaints is that they’ll take away the reactive, human elements of driving that see us making split-second decisions and not, y’know, immediately crashing into walls when the car is unleashed. It’s hard to relax and let some code control your vehicle. But…Read more...
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This self-driving racing car could have done with a driver

An autonomous racing car got off to a terrible start in a recent contest when it veered off the track from a standing start and drove straight into a wall.
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Watching Unlisted Driving Videos From GM's Cruise Autonomous Cars Reveals Some Alarming Behavior

Just in case anyone out there forgot, autonomous driving is hard. Incredibly hard. Getting two tons of inert wires and transistors and motors and lenses to somehow navigate a complex, real-world environment is almost comically difficult. The fact that we’re able to make machines that can do any of it at all is…Read more...
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Ford reveals the vehicle destined for its autonomous-car services

Ford has unveiled its fourth-generation autonomous test vehicle as it moves toward the launch of commercial services using the technology.
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New self-driving car algorithm keeps you safe by constantly predicting doom

New autonomous vehicle algorithm constantly predicts every scenario it could face. And then figures out how to get out of them without hurting anyone.
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Self-driving car algorithm could save lives by constantly predicting the worst

New autonomous vehicle algorithm constantly predicts every scenario it could face. And then figures out how to get out of them without hurting anyone.
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Driver in fatal 2018 Uber self-driving car crash charged with negligent homicide

A Volvo XC90 fitted with Uber's self-driving technology. Uber In March 2018, a self-driving Uber car struck and killed a woman in Tempe, Arizona, who was crossing the street at night. Investigators said Rafaela Vasquez, the car’s operator, was watching a video on her phone at the time of the crash and didn’t brake in time. Vasquez has been charged with negligent homicide in Maricopa County Superior Court. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In March 2018, a woman in Tem...
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Watch Ford and Bosch demonstrate automated valet parking system

The system takes the stress out of parking and makes better use of space
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Autonomous vehicles set to get their own special roads in Michigan

Michigan wants to build special roads for exclusive use by autonomous vehicles
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The history of self-driving cars

From New York City's so-called phantom cars to Waymo's prototypes, the self-driving car has come a long way.
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Robot-car startup Aurora navigates its way to Texas for testing

Its autonomous minivans and huge Class 8 trucks are bound for the Lone Star State
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Aftermarket autonomy: This magic box gives your car self-parking abilities

It's not Tesla-level autopilot, but that's the whole point
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The Portfolio: David Phume

Animator, roboticist and artist David Phume is on a mission to show that technology is not just for the geniuses in Silicon Valley The post The Portfolio: David Phume appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Autonomous ridesharing isn’t dead: How Waymo is adapting to the post-COVID era

Despite the challenges, the company fully expects continued growth in 2020
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