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Why Collaboration Is the Key to Building Better Products

It’s no secret that working together in a team to achieve one common goal leads to a smoother and faster process. After all, two minds are always better than one, wouldn’t you agree? Just as it sounds, collaboration is a practice that brings together the whole team to achieve a specific goal. Working in a collaborative environment opens the doors to creating a product that offers real value in a fast and efficient manner and maintains a strong team. Essentially, this practice can significantly e...
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3 critical areas to organize in your flexible career

Some of the most successful agents in the world are meticulously organized and have a set schedule that they live by. Here are a few organizational tips and tricks you can use to make the most of your not-so-strictly defined job.
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5 online tools for keeping tabs on your reputation

Every individual and business should be aware of what is being said about them online — but the internet is so vast, you might need a little help knowing how or where to begin. Here are five online tools every real estate agent can use to monitor their online reputation and keep tabs on any cyber chatter surrounding their brand.
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Recycle this post! 8 ways to get the most bang for your ideas

Blogging has many steps — writing, rewriting, editing and writing again. The key to working smarter — and not harder — is to make sure that one of those steps includes recycling your best insights so that you get the most ROI from your efforts. Here are eight ways to reuse your hard work.
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10 proven ways to boost your real estate business’ profitability

What’s the one thing agents can do to dramatically increase their profits? Take it from 10 pros who know, and tap into their ideas for keeping more of your hard-earned commission moving forward.
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When Clients Win, You Win: The Value in Building Relationships Over Client Lists

Though agencies loudly tout the importance of transparency, ongoing federal probes show that clients—and the public—still struggle to trust advertising agencies. The ongoing industry conversation about media transparency was shocked into life by the Association of National Advertisers‘ 58-page anonymously sourced 2016 report, detailing agencies’ widespread use of opaque business practices such as kickbacks. The report sent shockwaves through the advertising community, and our continued conversat...
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Over sending birthday cards? Try these 7 unforgettable ways to connect with past clients

Everyone has received a generic birthday card from the dentist or insurance agent. It’s nice to be recognized, but it doesn’t make a lasting impact. Here are three business-building activities that are memorable, personal and keep the agent at the top of the client’s mind.
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4 tips for locking up after an open house

The basics of securing a home after an open house might seem obvious enough: After you’re sure the last buyer has walked out the front door, lock it! But so often we become complacent, and we can’t afford to. Here are a few helpful steps you can take to ensure a property is fully secure before leaving.
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50+ content marketing ideas that’ll reel in buyers

We spend all day answering questions from clients. Turn those queries into your next blog post, YouTube video or Facebook Live segment. Here are more than 50 ideas for content related to buyers to help them get off the sidelines and become homeowners.
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Fresh design ideas for staging a home in spring

Interior Marketing Group Founder and CEO Cheryl Eisen and Co-Staging Director Christina Slater offer some simple-to-implement tips for staging contemporary, yet warm environments.
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How to find your niche market as an agent

Today’s up-and-coming homebuying generations, from the millennials to Gen Z, are all about personalized service. It’s no secret; they expect it at every turn, and that includes their real estate transactions.  
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5 Strategies to Address New Challenges in Asset Management Marketing

The asset management industry isn’t what it used to be. In the face of continued growth, the market has become increasingly crowded and fiercely competitive. But while competition has increased, differentiation among investment offerings has diminished. What’s more, there’s been a fundamental shift in the relationship between clients and brands. In today’s customer-centric business climate, investors expect firms to provide them with modern, highly personalized experiences—wherever they are, and...
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Stop buying leads! Go with this proven prospecting method instead

Sick of spending thousands monthly on low-converting leads, veteran agent James Festini decided to cut them out of his business entirely. Here’s how he generates up to 25 qualified leads per week for free.
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Prospector, networker, converter, marketer: What’s your strength?

Figuring out your personal strengths and letting the rest go will allow you to grow your business in ways you never knew were possible. Once you have identified the archetype that best fits you, use these guidelines to see which tools and strategies are most likely to contribute to your success.
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You’re fired! 10 tips to prevent clients from giving you the ax

To help you avoid the nightmare of getting fired, we’ve compiled a list of 10 commonly overlooked situations that can frustrate clients and lead them to sever your relationship and how to handle them.
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Event Marketers Are Ignoring the Power of Video—Here’s How to Catch Up

Video ads are one of the most potent tools in a marketing arsenal. So why do so many event marketers ignore it? According to a 2018 Animoto report on social video trends, 93% of business score new customers from video marketing on social media. Eventbrite research shows that 94% of event creators who use video say it’s effective. While both reports highlight the power of video marketing, they also note that less than half of event marketers actually use this effective tool. That’s a lot of busin...
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10 steps for creating a phenomenal buying experience

In an age where you have so much information literally at your fingertips, why do buyers still need a buyer’s agent? Your client experience is where your value lies. It’s yours to prove.
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50 blog post ideas that’ll attract homesellers

The best way to attract seller leads is to create quality information that will help them and position you as the local expert. Here are 50 blog post ideas aimed at attracting sellers. You only need to write them once, but you can repurpose them throughout your career.
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Avoiding trouble: 8 digital marketing rules for agents

There is increasing buzz around lawsuits against social media platforms, real estate agents and brokers over "scammy" and "spammy" lead generation activities. Some of these problems come from real estate professionals who don't fully understand digital marketing practices and technology. Here are eight easy rules for agents who want to stay out of the fray.
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3 ways to actively ensure the longevity of your career

While attending the real estate licensing program, I learned an insane statistic: About 90 percent of real estate agents leave after five years. How do you prevent falling prey to the five-year itch? Actively continue your education through these three avenues.
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How SEO Can Drive Your Marketing Initiatives

Today’s modern marketing department encompasses a variety of roles that blend expertise in both traditional and digital mediums. Hiring for SEO related roles, in particular, has increased by over 40% in the last year. Companies are injecting more dollars than ever into organic search and content marketing. This strategic shift calls on SEO and marketing teams to move in concert in order to achieve mutual campaign KPIs. Crossing the collaborative divide requires an equally mindful transition towa...
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4 ways brokerages can expand their agents’ education

In the constantly changing real estate industry, how do real estate brokerages furnish their agents with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed? Here are some of the top strategies for fostering agent growth through coaching, ongoing education and proactive training programs.
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7 reasons pre-listing inspections are an absolute must

Contrary to popular belief, the celebrations shouldn't begin right when a contract is executed -- in fact, it marks the beginning of a long and uncertain process to a potential closing. The best way to increase a seller’s chances of closing smoothly is to have a pre-listing inspection done before ever coming on the market. Here are seven reasons why.
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How to keep your seller from straying to an iBuyer

How can agents position themselves as relevant with the onslaught of iBuyers becoming prevalent in markets across the U.S.? Here are four tips for showcasing your worth.
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Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2019

Technology is evolving at an extremely quick rate and as marketers or entrepreneurs, this implies you continually should know about the most recent changes, trends and be ready for change at any moment. Audience’s preferences keep on changing continuously just Read more… The post Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2019 appeared first on TechRecur: Latest Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, Analysis, Press Releases.
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21 contract terms every agent should be able to explain with ease

As we go about our business, we sometimes forget that clients might not be familiar with common terms agents throw around without thinking (aka Realtor speak). Here are the 21 terms we consider most crucial for agents to explain to buyers and sellers without benefit of crib notes.
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6sense Raises $27M to Uncover Hidden Interests of B2B Buyers

Let’s say you’re wondering whether another software provider could do a better job for your business than the one you already use. You start a web search on its competitors. Suddenly, you get a friendly message from your current software provider, asking how things are going.Was it a sixth sense? Nope, as you can probably guess by now. It’s technology.Companies such as 6sense are using advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence software to help their customers find early signals of int...
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The referral system that’ll land you 30 more deals per year

Most agents aren’t asking for referrals the right way or sometimes at all. If you’re not actively (and strategically) asking for referrals, you’re likely missing out on dozens of deals each year. Here’s how to effectively leverage your sphere of influence to close more referral deals.
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Don’t Call It a Comeback: Drip Campaigns Have Been Here for Years

I know what you’re thinking: Drip campaigns? They’re about as relevant as Michael Bolton. But here’s the thing about Michael Bolton: He’s always relevant! Truth is, the concepts behind drip campaigns—sending communications to customers and prospects on a regular basis—remain as relevant today as ever. The difference is that marketing automation has made this process much more sophisticated. Now, instead of scheduling the same series of emails to go to the same people on the same day each week, ...
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Open house cheat sheet: 6 questions to prep for

Part of preparing for an open house is having the information buyers will request at the ready. Whether creating a show sheet, adding information to the listing website or preparing for in-person exchanges, know the answers to these six questions. Well-researched answers just might help you sell that listing.
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