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Reefer Madness Redux

First post:22 June 2018Reefer Madness… If I listed all of marijuana’s claims – valid, maybe valid, yet-to-be-determined, complete poppycock – you’d go mad …Since then, even before then, we’ve been using:The mature stoner: why are so many seniors smoking weed?Older people are the fastest-growing group of cannabis users, as stigma fades and some seek an alternative to prescription drugs.Women Bought Twice As Much Cannabis in 2018 As They Did The Year Before… For all marijuana-related purchases, Ba...
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Keep Your Head Down? Why Congress’s Youngest Members Aren’t Falling For This Sexist Trope

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been called everything from a “little girl ” and “liberal darling ” to someone who “comes across like she is 16 years old.” She’s been accused of making her voice sound younger, of seeming “to lack even a modest helping of guile,” and not looking “like a girl who struggles.” Male columnists have been eager to offer unsolicited advice, telling her to slow down and “get some authority before she tries to use it.” The Wall Street Journal recently reduced ...
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New Consumer Insights Your Law Firm Marketing Plan Needs to Consider

Consumer insights are important when crafting a law firm marketing plan, and they have certainly changed a lot in the last few years. A new by Adobe lists five significant changes that you need to dial in to your marketing planning for 2019, including: Consumers spend almost 9 hours on average every day engaging with digital media. Does that number sound high to you? Then consider this: Millennials (23-34) spend 10.9 hours and Gen Z (18-22) spends 11.4 hours on their digital devices daily. Acc...
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5 ways casinos can attract younger generations of slots players

Millennials and Generation Xers may already go to concerts, dine and shop when they visit a casino, but how do you get them on the gaming floor? They need to be engaged to keep the market going, according to a panel of top casino gaming executives speaking at the Western Indian Gaming Conference at Harrah’s Resort Southern California last week. At a national level, slot players are decreasing, Marcus Yoder, vice president of business development for regulated markets at Glendale-based Gamblit Ga...
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Marketing to Gen Z: What Not to Do

As Generation Z grows to be a large part of consumers, it’s important to understand what kinds of marketing they are receptive to. It’s much easier to simplify them down to a generation of people who are always on their phones than it is to put the effort in to learn their behaviors. What to know how not to market to Generation Z? We’ve got you covered. Want help with your marketing efforts? Let us know. Who is Generation Z? As it happens, the categorization of Gen Z varies depending on who y...
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A New Generation of Prigs, Prudes, and Squares

Oftentimes when young people look back on the period of the 1940s and 50s, they see themselves as completely different than those who came of age during that time. And in many ways, they are. The rising generations hold far more progressive attitudes on issues of race, sex, gender, and more, and see themselves as quite a liberated group. Yet in other ways, today’s teens and 20- and 30-somethings — Generations Y and Z — are in fact surprisingly like their midcentury counterparts. Today we’ll ta...
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The Surprising Reason Millennials Are at Greater Cancer Risk Than Baby Boomers

We have yet to find a cure for cancer, but there's no debating that we've made a lot of progress in cancer research over the last few decades. While studies showing that smoking is a major cause of cancer started cropping up as early as the 1950s, it's only recently that the campaign to end this deadly habit began in earnest. There's also a growing body of evidence that eating large quantities of red or processed meat can increase your risk of cancer, leading many people to adopt...
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How to Talk Presidential

You can be the political life of the party.
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Millennials, Gen X and Even Boomers Will Ditch Banks for Amazon

A perfect storm is brewing, and traditional financial institutions are sailing straight into it. Can they survive a big tech incursion? The post Millennials, Gen X and Even Boomers Will Ditch Banks for Amazon appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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Pew: One-Third Of Gen Zers Know A Transgender Person

A full 35 percent of Generation Z say they personally know someone who uses gender-neutral pronouns like “they” and “them,”as compared to a quarter of millennials who said the same. Only 16 and 12 percent of Generation X and Baby Boomers, respectively, know someone who doesn’t use “he” or “she.” – The Daily Beast
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5 Email Marketing Trends to Watch out for in 2019

If your New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to boost your revenue, you need to bump up your email marketing. Email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, by 2020 email will be used by 3 billion people, that’s almost half of the world’s population. And with new technology, email marketing is only getting better. But if you want to take advantage of new email marketing tips and tricks, you need to keep up-to-date with the trends. Consumers get a ton of emails in their inboxes — 10, 20, even 30 a day — and ...
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A popular California marijuana brand just raised $75 million in funding from Super Bowl MVP Joe Montana and a former Yahoo CEO

Caliva, a popular California-based marijuana brand and dispensary, closed a $75 million funding round on Thursday. Investors in the round include Carol Bartz, Yahoo's former CEO, and NFL quarterback Joe Montana, a three-time Super Bowl MVP. Caliva's CEO Dennis O'Malley said in an interview he's "100% focused" on the California market. Caliva, a popular California-based marijuana brand, closed a $75 million funding round on Thursday, Business Insider has learned. The startup landed investments...
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Young Voters Keep Moving to the Left on Social Issues, Republicans Included

According to a new study, members of Generation Z are more open to social change than older generations, findings that could substantially reshape the nation’s political landscape.
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New Research Raises Concerns About the Dangers of Marijuana Use

Whatever your personal position on the subject of marijuana legalization, whether for medical or recreational use, a growing body of research reveals concerns over the potential harms caused by cannabis. The concerns are more than academic. With increasing public support (varying by demographic cohorts) for legalized marijuana, and 10 states legalizing recreational marijuana and 33 states where medical marijuana use is legal , the cannabis movement is just gaining steam. A new Pew R...
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This Is What Baby Boomers Don’t Understand About the Millennial Job Market

Baby Boomers think they've got all the answers when it comes to jobs, but we've got some info from Millennials that shows otherwise.
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Local Spotlight: Reverse Mortgages in Florida

Florida remains the retiree capital of the United States. No personal income tax, warm weather and plenty of sunshine drew nearly 78,000 retirees to the state in 2015 alone, according to the most recent U.S. Census migration data. That’s 50,000 more retirees than Arizona, the second state on the list. Regional Stats:Total FL Population: 21.3 million (World Population Review) Senior Population (Ages 65 and up): 19.1% (Pew) Average Home Value: $200,000 (Smart Asset)Year-over-year: Home Price Ap...
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The Best Work I Saw at the Medium Festival of Photography: Part 1

  My kids are 6 and 11. Right in that sweet spot where all the older people you meet say, “Cherish this time. It goes by so quickly.” Seriously. I’ve heard that a lot. My wife and I are trying to appreciate it, but as my son told me the other day, (with respect to the natural beauty that surrounds him in Taos,) it’s hard not to take it for granted. One thing I’ve discovered, one trick to make it last, is to try to make more memories. To do it on purpose. As a photographer, I’ll be honest, I don’...
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Study Says Over Half of Older Workers Suffer Involuntary Job Loss

ProPublica's If You’re Over 50, Chances Are the Decision to Leave a Job Won’t be Yours covers a fascinating study looking at the job paths of workers aged 50 or older. The study used data from the University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study. Since 1992, this study has followed a nationally representative sample of about 20,000 people from the time they turn 50 through the rest of their lives. Researchers from the Urban Institute analyzed this data with a focus on workers who enter the...
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The Spending Power Of Millennials And Industries We’re Not Killing

by Harsha Cuttari, CTO of AQUA Intelligence From avocado toasts and pumpkin spice lattes to pricey Yeezys and international vacations, Millennials and their 200 billion-dollar buying power have a great deal of influence over the economy. But, how exactly are Millennials spending their money and to what extent do companies have power over them? Millennials are moving away from material objects and spending a lot more money on traveling. The travel industry has the opportunity to sink or swim, pr...
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Gilet jaune: the uprising of a generation

Gilet jaune: the uprising of a generation The rise of the gilets jaunes rioters in France took many people by surprise. President Emmanuel Macron has caved in to the rioters’ demands and offered other policy concessions to try to mollify them. In doing so he is exacerbating the problems that led to people taking to the streets. His actions will certainly not resolve France’s underlying economic problems. In the week of December 10, an estimated 130,000 p...
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The BioIncredibles 2: iMicrobes is using methane to produce chemicals, and Mikey the Microbe Likes It

It looks like the BioIncredibles from Industrial Microbes in Emeryville, CA have come up with something that may well be in the long run more potent than even the stunning 2018 box-office performance of The Incredibles 2 from Pixar, also in Emeryville, which recently passed the billion-dollar box office mark and is now Pixar’s biggest hit, ever. The achievement of a major proof of concept is the news, in the case of Industrial Microbes — the ability to show that they can convert methane into mu...
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Class Valuation Acquires Landmark Network, Plans to Expand

National appraisal management company Class Valuation has acquired Landmark Network as of Friday, the companies have announced. Landmark, based in Van Nuys, California, has long been a leader in the reverse mortgage space through its real estate appraisal offerings, and Class identified the opportunity in Landmark based on its presence in the growing baby boomer market. “As we continue to execute our innovation strategy, we will take great interest in those firms that excel in service and reputa...
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Voices: Am I ‘Old’?

As with beauty, the meaning of “old” depends on the person you ask.
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Yet More on the Changing Nature of Retirement

We've covered the changing nature of retirement so often in our Baby Boomer section we feel like we're feeding a fed horse by covering it again. But it's an important trend and there continues to be a flurry of interesting articles on working in and/or delaying retirement. So ...  Quartz's Perennials, not millennials, will trigger the next wave of talent retention efforts provides a good description of the trend towards later retirement: "Increased life expectancy across the indu...
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aging in advertising

Ryan Wallman recently make a few hysterically true marketing predictions for 2019, including “Marketers will continue to ignore all consumers over the age of 35, unless someone discovers a way to put these consumers on the blockchain.” Baby Boomers control 70% of disposable income in the US, spend close to 50% of consumer products dollars, and have greater buying power in 119 of the top 123 CPG categories. Yet, only 5% of advertising dollars are directed at them. That’s not even accounting for ...
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Why We Miss the WASPs

Their more meritocratic and diverse and secular successors rule us neither as wisely nor as well.
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Generation Z is Entering the Workforce: How to Incorporate All Four Generations

61 million workers will enter the workforce this year from Generation Z. Next to millennials, this is one of the largest generations to begin working. And yet, fewer people over 60 are retiring as well. We’re looking at a diverse office space and a full-on headache for HR departments across the country. Most upper-level management still remains in the control of baby boomers. While many boomers have adopted mobile tech, they’re still woefully deficient in common skills like typing. How then do w...
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More on the Changing Nature of Retirement

There's been a recent flurry of articles on retirement, mostly focusing on older people staying in the workforce longer than prior generations. An examples is Harvard Business Review's When No One Retires. It covers the fact that the world is rapidly getting older, as is shown in the article chart below. It also goes into detail on what this means for corporations and their workforces. Key quote: This societal shift will undoubtedly change work, too: More and more Americans want to work...
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How Manufacturer And Private-Label Brands Differ

I am often asked, what are the pros and cons of having your own brand, versus supplying the product for someone else’s brand. As in anything, there are two sides of the coin, but deciding which way to go should never be a coin toss. More often than not, it is not an either/or proposition … it is both. The world of branding can be divided in roughly two ways: brands that are owned and marketed by the companies who actually produce the products or services, and brands that are owned and markete...
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