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10 Best Gifts For Newborns

A new baby is truly the best gift of all, but there comes a time when you may be seeking a gift for a newborn baby that’s just arrived. There is an abundance of new baby gifts on the market that are downright adorable. However, with this comes the tricky part – selecting one that is perfect! If you’re looking for the best newborn baby gifts out there, we’ve searched high and low to put together this helpful guide for you. Here are the top 10 popular gifts for newborns that brought a smile ...
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How To Find The Best Baby Clothes

There are a lot of difficult parts about parenting, but making sure you’re buying the right stuff is an unexpected obstacle for many. Whether you’re shopping for baby food, a crib or some clothes for your baby, it’s important to make sure you’re getting products that are safe and effective. Clothing can be an especially difficult one since babies often have sensitive skin that reacts to uncomfortable clothing. If you want to make sure you’re buying the best clothes for your baby, here’s wh...
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Resell your used Ergobaby carriers with this cool new program that keeps more baby gear out of landfills

When I read that you can now resell your Ergobaby carrier through Ergobaby’s new baby carrier buyback program, I got excited. I’ve tried to be more intentional about making environmentally conscious purchasing decisions lately, whether I’m reducing single-use plastics in my kids’ lunches or just fostering a love for our planet with my kids through great […]
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How To Find The Perfect Baptism Gown For Baby

When it came time to baptize our 5th child and welcome him into the Church, it was important to find the perfect baptism gown for baby. The first brand I thought of was Feltman Brothers. They are known for their vintage-inspired and classic baby clothes, so I knew they would have exactly what I was looking for. Feltman Brothers have been a go-to for anyone seeking special occasion wear, gifts, and accessories for their children, since 1916.  They recently added Preemie Clothes for boys ...
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Which Baby Gear Should You Rent Instead of Buy?

Having a baby is a pricey endeavor. Health care costs and the expense of getting prepared for a baby’s first year of life take a hefty bit of coin. As babies grow, their needs change, too. There’s no way to anticipate how quickly your child will transition through the stages, which could bring on a heap of unforeseen…Read more...
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10 Benefits of Toddler’s Climbing Toys

Climbing is what children often call their greatest passion. The purpose of climbing somewhere usually starts at 18 months when children get control of their body movements. At this age, children are aware that they can run, squat and pull. At first, it might look innocent: your child wants to sit like mom and dad at the table. However, once your child finds strength in his body, they might want to explore the limits as they do with others.  In general, parents can not do anything with ...
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10 Things You Actually Need To Bring In Your Hospital Bag

When you are in the final weeks, it is usually time to pack your hospital bag. Which can be a source of excitement or what is to come and stress about under or overpacking. There are some things that you will want to pack for your comfort, others are things you will undoubtedly need – and of course items for your new bundle. The hospital bag will also be the place that you will pack what will keep you comfortable during labor too!  It is easy to pack too much, especially when nesting ki...
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The absolute best wagon for families, from infant to big kid. And I’ve tried a lot of them.

I currently have…oh, probably 5 wagons in my garage. It’s overkill, for sure. I have the awkward and bulky molded plastic wagons that don’t fit easily in your car (sorry, sentimental Radio Flyer). I have the fold-down fabric wagons from the athletic store to carry all your gear to soccer games. I even have the […]
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How To Tackle Sleep Deprivation As A New Mother

For those of you who say that being a new mom is a full-time job, you’re wrong. It’s essentially two full-time jobs with back-to-back hours. We’re talking day shift and night shift, and then right back to the harsh, light of day once again. It’s not uncommon for young mothers to lose hours of sleep every night from bringing your new child home, right up till their sixth birthdays, and potentially beyond! How well your child sleeps is not only highly dependant on your child’s individu...
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4 Things You Need To Know About Your Baby’s Nutrition

There is so much information available on nutrition these days, you may find yourself wondering what to believe when you start to research. From the Keto diet to low-carb to Paleo, it’s often hard to know which way is the right way, nutritionally speaking. Proper nutrition is extremely important for everyone, therefore proper baby nutrition is an absolute must to give your child the best start in life. From introducing baby’s first foods to the toddler years, your baby needs to consu...
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Lulla dolls mimic Mom’s breathing for a better night sleep for all

The first few weeks of my son’s life, he refused to sleep without being cuddled up next to a parent. Since I know this is a problem for many newborns, and older babies too, I was excited to learn about the Lulla doll, which plays the sound of a mom’s heartbeat and breathing to soothe anxious […]
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Trade in Your Old Car Seats This Month at Target

If you’ve been wondering what to do with those old car seats taking up precious space in your home, Target will take them off your hands later this month.Read more...
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How to Safely Use a High Chair

The high chair can seem like the perfect spot to confine your baby or toddler while you’re eating a meal or trying to get some dinner prepped in the kitchen. Throw a few Cheerios on the tray and everyone is happy. But the high chair is also one of those things that parents of little ones use so often that your safety…Read more...
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We found the cutest, curated baby gift boxes. (And no, there are no babies in them. Just baby gifts.)

Heads, up baby shower attendees! I’ve found cutest gift idea for new babies in this collection of wonderfully themed Baby Boxy boxes. Since I don’t have the budget for a Snoo (sorry, new parent friends!), I usually like to go with an assortment of small, fun gifts for expectant parents. But Baby Boxy basically does […]
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A creative way to take baby milestone photos for more cuteness, less fuss

We didn’t have Instagram when my kids were babies, so I wasn’t exactly all over the “photograph every baby milestone” thing the way new parents are now. But if I had found this creative Monthly Milestone Play Mat made just for photographing those many baby milestones, I probably would have. I mean, so much easier than letter […]
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Handmade baby blankets to inspire dreams. Hopefully the sleeping kind, too.

When we first started this site, at the dawn of Etsy, I feel like we were sharing cute handmade baby blankets every other day. Well it’s been a while since I found a new one that caught my attention, until I discovered Elegant Infant Co. Mom-of-three Hope makes handmade blankets from charming fabrics with a […]
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Enter To Win a $50 Gift Card for ergoPouch!

On the 4th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… If you are a mom-to-be or you have kids under 6 years old, then you are definitely going to want to enter THIS giveaway! We teamed up with Australian-based company ergoPouch, to offer you a chance to win a $50 Gift Card to choose whichever of their products works best for you and your child! The beauty of ergoPouch products is that founder, Alina Sack, drew on her own experience as a mother to design products th...
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Enter To Win $50 of ergoPouch Products! Winner’s Choice!

On the 4th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… If you are a mom-to-be or you have kids under 6 years old, then you are definitely going to want to enter THIS giveaway! We teamed up with Australian-based company ergoPouch, to offer you a chance to win $50 worth of ergoPouch products from baby swaddles, sleeping bags, sleep suits , and long sleeve layers – whatever works best for you and your child! The beauty of ergoPouch products is that founder, Alina Sack...
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4 Ways To Child-Proof Your Home

The idea of starting a family is just the beginning of a lot of things and making sure you child-proof your home is just one. When a child comes into the picture, everything ranging from the food we eat to house we live in and places we visit, it all revolves around the safety of the angel we become responsible for. Making your house child-proof comes naturally in mind while preparing to welcome the new member in the family. Listed here are some innovative, yet hassle-free ways to child...
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Infant Walkers Are Still Bad 

Infant walkers, those wheeled contraptions that give babies who can’t yet walk the sudden ability to walk, are bad. This has been long established. But parents keep using them and so pediatricians are renewing the call for a ban.Read more...
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The most magical pieces of the new Harry Potter collection from Pottery Barn

If you regularly have to drag your kid (or yourself) out from behind a Harry Potter book, or you’ve ever been asked to personally sew a Gryffindor scarf for a Halloween costume, we’ve got great news. Because there’s an expanded new Harry Potter collection at Pottery Barn, and it’s pretty fantastic. In fact, there’s so much […]
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How to Buy the Right Baby Clothes

It’s hard to know what sizes you need to keep a baby properly clothed. Maybe you’re a new parent who doesn’t know, well, anything; maybe you’ve had a bit of a gap since the last kid and you need a refresher. Or you’re a childless person who is about to go to a baby shower with half a dozen newborn-sized ball gowns.…Read more...
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The Weird Baby Products That Parents Swear By 

When you become a parent, you are initiated into the weird world of modern baby products. There is something out there to “solve” every issue (and trust me, moms and dads navigating the messy terrain of new parenthood encounter a lot of issues). But how do you separate the truly world-changing innovations from the…Read more...
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5 best car seats for older kids, once you’re ready to ditch the infant seat

I’ve spent time doing a ton of research and reading reviews on the newest car seats for older kids, and have landed on these five as the best car seats for older kids right now. Hey, car seat safety is no joke, but you moms and dads already know that. It’s why you’re reading this, […]
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The best of the Amazon Prime Day deals: We’ll be updating all day

It’s here! It’s Amazon Prime Day, a shopping extravaganza for Prime members that starts today, July 16 at 3 p.m. EST/12 p.m. PST and runs a full 36 hours this year. And, lest you think it’s all just a lot of hoopla over crap you don’t want, we hope our list of the best Amazon Prime […]
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How to Record Your Baby’s First Year

A baby’s first year is full of significant milestones and moments you’ll want to cherish. However, kids grow up so fast that those memories can get a little blurry over time, especially when you have more than one child. Therefore, if you want to look back fondly on those special firsts, you’ll need to document them in a way that lasts. Here are some tips to help you record that all-important first year of life.   Take Lots of Photos During your baby’s first year, you’ll probably take loa...
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Raised Real Review & Exclusive Promo Code for $25 Off!

All 4 of my children’s first taste of food was avocado and sweet potatoes that I introduced when they were about 9-12 months old. I generally make my own baby food until they are old enough to eat table food and enjoy whatever the rest of the family is eating for dinner, but with this 4th baby I’ve just been so busy I’ve been begrudgingly giving him store-bought organic purees in pouches when I’m short on time. Thankfully, I found an easier option than preparing my own baby food that doesn’t hu...
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9 Critical Car Seat Rules That Every Parent Should Know and Follow

Have you heard that car accidents are one of the leading causes of death that can be prevented, especially for children between ages 1 and 13? Did you know every parent has the mandate to keep their children safe by using the right car seat? Studies have shown that parents who are on their fifth baby have improved much knowledge about babies but nothing about their safety in the car. This here is a matter of life and death that should be handled with the seriousness it deserves. Choosing ...
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Mealtime Must-Haves For Baby From bblüv

My youngest child recently turned 13 months old. He’s been casually picking at finger foods and eating purees for a couple of months now so we’ve had a chance to try out some new mealtime items like plates, bowls, spoons, and bibs. We recently got to try out a couple feeding items from bblüv that I am so impressed with, I just have to tell you all about them! Since he’s had the pincer grasp down really well since about 7 months old, he’s been loving things like small bits of banana, strawbe...
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4 Ways To Make Your Home Child-Safe

This post was sponsored by Window Covering Safety Council as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.   As a parent, your child’s safety and well being is a high priority which is why you want to make your home child-safe. Baby-proofing your home and keeping them safe is generally a no-brainer for responsible parents, but it’s easy for small things to get overlooked. While things like covering electrical sockets or installing ca...
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