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18 fantastic Easter gift ideas for kids, from Etsy shops that could really use the support right now.

We know that this year’s Easter gifts are going to take on a lot more meaning for our kids this year. At the same time, Easter gifts sold by small businesses can really make the difference in another family’s life, too. Which makes it an extra wonderful idea to peruse Etsy this year for Easter […]
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10 Best Gifts For Newborns

A new baby is truly the best gift of all, but there comes a time when you may be seeking a gift for a newborn baby that’s just arrived. There is an abundance of new baby gifts on the market that are downright adorable. However, with this comes the tricky part – selecting one that is perfect! If you’re looking for the best newborn baby gifts out there, we’ve searched high and low to put together this helpful guide for you. Here are the top 10 popular gifts for newborns that brought a smile ...
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5 Things You Might Forget When Shopping For Baby Gifts

Buying baby gifts for a friend or family member’s baby can be both an enjoyable and challenging experience. To make sure you give a gift that is both suitable and very well-received, remember the following five things. Personalized Gifts Are Often Better Received Don’t overlook the fact that anyone can buy readymade baby gifts from a store. So, if you want to give a more thoughtful gift that is sure to be cherished, consider personalized baby gifts. A gift hamper is one unique gift...
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Resell your used Ergobaby carriers with this cool new program that keeps more baby gear out of landfills

When I read that you can now resell your Ergobaby carrier through Ergobaby’s new baby carrier buyback program, I got excited. I’ve tried to be more intentional about making environmentally conscious purchasing decisions lately, whether I’m reducing single-use plastics in my kids’ lunches or just fostering a love for our planet with my kids through great […]
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The affordable, life-saving, NO FREAKING SNAPS baby pajamas our readers swear by

Last week, we shared the hilarious, if painfully relatable new mom complaint about snap-up baby pajamas, thanks to comedy writer (Jimmy Kimmel!), humorist (the New Yorker) and author of Nobody Will Tell You This But Me,  Bess Kalb. Seriously, she’s one of my favorite Twitter follows and that’s saying something. Of course, we should haven’t […]
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Reader Q+A: What is a thoughtful gift for a friend who’s had a miscarriage?

Recently, we received a question on Facebook that hit me in the gut: Q: What is a really thoughtful gift to give someone who’s suffered a miscarriage? This is so tough. And since October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month, it’s a topic I thought was important to tackle. I’ve been thinking a […]
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7 important reasons that children need baby dolls — both girls AND boys

For years, we’ve written about the joy and beauty and specialness of baby dolls as gifts for our kids, from newborns to toddlers, even our school-aged kids. A doll can be a cherished best friend, a bedtime comfort, a travel companion, a tea party guest, and these days, a source of endless smartphone photo inspiration. […]
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Lulla dolls mimic Mom’s breathing for a better night sleep for all

The first few weeks of my son’s life, he refused to sleep without being cuddled up next to a parent. Since I know this is a problem for many newborns, and older babies too, I was excited to learn about the Lulla doll, which plays the sound of a mom’s heartbeat and breathing to soothe anxious […]
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May the Fourth is definitely with you, with the cutest Star Wars baby and kids gifts on sale

The Pottery Barn Kids collabs have been so fantastic lately, but their ongoing Star Wars collection for kids is now a classic. And just in time for your May the Fourth celebration (in my home, that means buying Star Wars stuff), they’re offering 25% off nearly everything Star Wars for baby and kids. Whatever isn’t on […]
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Star Wars x Freshly Picked: The official baby shoe of the Rebel Alliance (and the Imperial Army, for that matter)

Alright, geek parents. We have big news. Our favorite baby moc brand has teamed up with our favorite interstellar film franchise to create the most adorable baby shoes this side of Tatooine. Brace yourselves, because the Star Wars x Freshly Picked collaboration is here, and it’s amazing. CMP is an rstyle affiliate. Related: 4 cool DIY Star […]
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An Easter onesie your baby can wear all spring and summer long

Not everyone is down for spending a ton on a fancy baby Easter dress that may get worn once — or even a specific Happy Easter onesie that won’t quite work once we hit May. But then I found this absolutely adorable spring bunny onesie from new baby shop, Kinderbirch and I thought, that’ll work! In […]
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14 seriously cute Easter gifts for babies to keep them from eating the fake grass

Looking for cute Easter gifts for a baby’s first (or second) Easter is always so fun. So much cuteness! So much pastel! So many rabbits! And the best part is, you can save all the good chocolate for yourself. I skipped the fussy baby bow ties and itchy crinoline dresses, and instead found toys, books, […]
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A peek at the irresistible baby moccasins from Toy Story x Freshly Picked

Susan Petersen’s Freshly Picked has kept us busy over the years, with incredible collabs and cult-favorite designs, and their latest offering will have you Disney-Pixar lovers squeeing: Check out their incredibly adorable Toy Story moccasin designs, created in partnership with Disney Baby. If you grew up with Andy and co, or know a mom-to-be who did (baby […]
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We found the cutest, curated baby gift boxes. (And no, there are no babies in them. Just baby gifts.)

Heads, up baby shower attendees! I’ve found cutest gift idea for new babies in this collection of wonderfully themed Baby Boxy boxes. Since I don’t have the budget for a Snoo (sorry, new parent friends!), I usually like to go with an assortment of small, fun gifts for expectant parents. But Baby Boxy basically does […]
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A creative way to take baby milestone photos for more cuteness, less fuss

We didn’t have Instagram when my kids were babies, so I wasn’t exactly all over the “photograph every baby milestone” thing the way new parents are now. But if I had found this creative Monthly Milestone Play Mat made just for photographing those many baby milestones, I probably would have. I mean, so much easier than letter […]
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The cutest Year of the Pig baby gifts for all the 2019 little piggies

On Tuesday, February 5, we celebrate Chinese New Year and ring in the Year of the Pig. We’ve always loved Chinese New Year animal gifts as thoughtful baby gifts — and I’m kind of amazed realizing we’ve now come full Chinese Zodiac circle, having first shared Year of the Pig baby gift ideas 12 years […]
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Handmade baby blankets to inspire dreams. Hopefully the sleeping kind, too.

When we first started this site, at the dawn of Etsy, I feel like we were sharing cute handmade baby blankets every other day. Well it’s been a while since I found a new one that caught my attention, until I discovered Elegant Infant Co. Mom-of-three Hope makes handmade blankets from charming fabrics with a […]
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Blankie Tails Sleep Sacks | Editors Top 10 of the Year

Welcome to our annual editors top 10 of the year! Through the rest of the year, we’ll be sharing 10 of our favorite things (no offense, Oprah) of this past year and we hope you love them too. Of course we love everything we’ve shared, but these things are all extra special to us.  – Liz […]
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The best list of last-minute holiday gift ideas that let you skip the $$$ shipping

I totally get the last-minute holiday gift problem. Believe me! I mean, we may have started amassing ideas for our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide in, like…February, but hey, we’re busy moms. And we’re busy shopping for you sometimes at the expense of our own families. (Oops.) So no judgments at all if you’re looking for […]
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Our favorite multi-denominational kids’ holiday tees for a happy Hanukkah, merry Christmas, and joyous everything

Leave it to Free to Be Kids to create a collection of positive multi-denominational holiday tees for kids and babies that I couldn’t wait to run here to share with you all. We’ve joked before about the dearth of cool, clever Hanukkah tees and gifts for kids, but yay! Now we have one more cool one to […]
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The most magical pieces of the new Harry Potter collection from Pottery Barn

If you regularly have to drag your kid (or yourself) out from behind a Harry Potter book, or you’ve ever been asked to personally sew a Gryffindor scarf for a Halloween costume, we’ve got great news. Because there’s an expanded new Harry Potter collection at Pottery Barn, and it’s pretty fantastic. In fact, there’s so much […]
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Our favorite indie kids’ designer has a new line that’s just…wow.

Both Kristen and I have girls who literally grew up in Courtney Courtney dresses. Courtney Chu’s hugely popular designs (as in, people avidly refreshing her web shop to pounce on new releases the second they’re announced) are all spectacularly crafted, comfy, and 100% one-of-a-kind since they’re all made from soft, upcycled cotton tees that she […]
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Glow-in-the-dark pacifiers for Halloween! Or you know, baby’s first rave.

On Halloween, bigger kids may get all the action when it comes to face paint, fake fangs, multicolored hair, creepy costumes, and spooky masks. But glow-in-the-dark pacifiers? These suckers (ha) are babies-only. Related: 7 easy, creative baby Halloween costumes you can make with a onesie After a few minutes’ light exposure, made by the designers […]
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Baby gear obsessed? The gorgeous fall DockATot designs are like works of art.

Not knowing what kind of sleeping arrangements you’ll encounter when you’re on vacation is one of the hardest parts of taking a trip with a toddler. Will the hotel have a crib? Will it be disgusting? Will your toddler “sleep” between you and your partner all night long, making your exhausted next day of vacation […]
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Enter To Win A $100 Gift Card for Estella NYC!

Hey, mamas! If you haven’t checked out Estella NYC yet, you are missing out! I’m super excited to introduce this amazing site to you and offer you a chance to win a $100 Gift Card to Estella NYC so you can grab something for your little one or a cute gift set for an upcoming baby shower you have to attend! Estella NYC has everything from baby gifts and gift sets to toys and baby clothes. You’ll even find blankets, dolls, and nursery decor!  Best of all, Estella offers a variety of organic clot...
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The Ruth Bader Ginsburg baby bib: For when dissent means no peas, please.

As she was browsing the Doylestown Art Festival today (lucky!), Kristen sent me a photo of these Ruth Bader Ginsburg baby bibs — or Ruth Baby Ginsburg bibs, as they’re called by maker Becky Garcia Dirtsa Studio — and I died right here and now. (Hyperbolically speaking, of course.) This homage to “our most stylish […]
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The unicorn donut teether is the It Baby gift of the year

Don’t you love when your favorite trends meld together into one perfect item? In this particular case, we’re talking  unicorns and donuts. So of course someone had to go ahead and create a must-have baby item in this new unicorn donut teether. From Loulou Lollipop, whose donut, ice cream, and other sweet-treat teethers we (ahem) drooled over when we […]
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Exquisite gifts that give back from a shop you need to bookmark, stat.

I mean wow! One bowl is made of woven grass. One bracelet is crafted from a parachute cord. And there's so much more! These gifts are truly unique.
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Oh, please please tell us they’ll come out with one for adults.

Since unicorns show no sign of going away — nor would we want them to — I couldn’t wait to share the most adorable baby gift ever: The soft, cuddly new unicorn hooded bath towel from Pottery Barn Kids. I saw it at a recent press event for all the new goodies coming out in […]
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4 stylish summer diaper bags to make schlepping your crap bit more glam

Now that my son is 4 months old, I’m craving a diaper bag that’s a little more stylish and summery than the workhorse tote I hauled around when he was a newborn. Because now that he’s screaming slightly less often — or at more regular intervals, anyway — I’ve been bringing him to so many […]
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