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Woman arrested at US border for smuggling 18 crocodile skulls and a single sloth

According to the Bangor Daily News, a Montreal woman was arrested at the US-Canada border in Highgate Springs, Vermont, after trying to smuggle the following items into the country: 1 three-toed sloth18 crocodile skulls and heads7 crocodile feet2 horseshoe crabs30 sea stars23 raccoon feet8 African antelope horns1 human skull "with mounted butterflies" 4 puffer fish6 six shark jaws The woman, Vanessa Rondeau, owns a retail store in Montreal called Old Cavern Boutique, which "offers for sale...
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Taxidermy rabbit toaster

Jack Devaney's fully-functional rabbit toaster [reddit] is from 2018, but is viral today because our taste for horror is now completely insatiable. (Previously.) 'There is no worse way to start a day than pulling hair out of your breakfast, so what about pulling your breakfast out of a hare?
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