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Robert De Niro Becomes the Bagel Boss in Weird UK Bagel Commercial

Robert De Niro was once hailed as the greatest actor of his generation. Now, he’s selling bagels in the UK. The acclaimed actor pokes fun at some of his famous wiseguy roles in a truly strange new commercial for British baking company Warburtons. The gist of the commercial is that New York tough guys are particularly outraged that folks across the pond would try to muscle in on America’s bagel action. At least, I think that’s what’s happening here. What makes this extra weird is the fact that D...
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Should You Slice Bagels Like a Loaf of Bread?

In our latest edition of “Hack or Wack,” we’re taking a look at this viral tweet from a St. Louis native: Read more...
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Get a Free Bagel a Day For the Rest of 2018 When You Sign Up For MyPanera

If you’re not already a member of Panera’s free-to-join MyPanera program, now might be a good time to sign up.Read more...
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Make a Better Schmear With Fermented Vegetables

I may not be a fancy New Yawka with intense bagel opinions, but I know I like eating them. Plain cream cheese has no shortcomings, but I have been known to enjoy a good flavored schmear from time to time. Scallion is great, and veggie is great, but fermented veggie? That’ll perk your morning right up.Read more...
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Ey, I’m a Real New Yawka, So Heah’s What I Think About Da Phone Bagel Pictchas

Ey, I’m Mista Real New Yawka from Da Big Apple, da biggest city in da whole woild. I tawk like “dis” and rememba da good old days when Ess-A-Bagel had da best bagel in da City and you’d neva eva think about gettin dat inna tube from da wiseguys at Stawbucks.Read more...
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St. Louis Lambert International Airport evacuated due to burnt bagel

Last night, St. Louis Lambert International Airport's Terminal 2 was fully evacuated due to fire concern. It was quickly determined that the smoke alarms were triggered by a burning bagel at one of the airport restaurants. (KMOV)
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Baking fantastic bagels is supremely simple

I love bagels. I wanted to learn to make delicious ones at home. I was surprised at how simple it really is. (more…)
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A New Variety of Poppy Seed Won't Make Drug Tests Think You're an Addict

Bad news if you were hoping to beat a drug test by blaming it on your breakfast. A British company called FDL, a “global supplier of speciality ingredients,” is claiming to have developed a new type of poppy seed with reduced levels of morphine that won’t produce a false positive result on a drug test.Read more...
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Berlin Journal: Guten Gefilte! Jewish Delicacies Beguile the German Capital

Young Jews have been emigrating to Berlin by the thousands, and their traditional foods, reimagined or not, are a hit on the flourishing foodie scene.
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Londoners enjoy bagel on train In honor of America's appreciation for British intellectual and cultural sophistication, I hereby present this video of Londoners enjoying a bagel on a train. Posted by Dougie Stew, it has the dimensions of an epic drama, with a call to action, a threshold guardian, a journey to the cave, and a hero returning clad in the golden fleece. It has everything.
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Britons enjoy bagel on train In honor of America's appreciation for Britons' intellectual and cultural sophistication, I hereby present this video of some of them enjoying a bagel on a train. Posted by Dougie Stew, it has the dimensions of an epic drama, with a call to action, a threshold guardian, a journey to the cave, and a hero returning clad in the golden fleece. It has everything.
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No, Poppy Seeds Probably Aren't Going to Make You Fail a Drug Test

Tales of poppy seed-covered foods being the cause of failed drug tests is a classic urban legend that’s been floating around since a certain episode of Seinfeld. While there may be some truth behind the myth, poppy seeds aren’t likely to ruin your drug test anymore.Read more...
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Be an Excellent Host and Give Out Bagels as Party Favors

You know what I miss about grade-school birthday parties? The party favors. Adults should give more party favors and, according to Kelly Conaboy of the Hairpin, those party favors should be bagels.Read more...
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Footsteps: Exploring the Montreal That Leonard Cohen Loved

‘I feel at home when I’m in Montreal — in a way that I don’t feel anywhere else,’ the late, great songwriter once said.
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YG handing out "Fuck Donald Trump" bagels in Compton today

It's the latest way YG has found to say "Fuck Donald Trump." Continue reading… [Author: Andrew Sacher]
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Nobel Prize in Physics Goes to Another Weird Thing Nobody Understands

The Nobel Committee used pastries to try and explain this year's award. The post Nobel Prize in Physics Goes to Another Weird Thing Nobody Understands appeared first on WIRED.
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17 signs you're a tourist in NYC

Photo: Jim Pennucci 1. You use a gold umbrella. Sidewalks in New York aren’t built for suburb-sized umbrellas. Leave them at home and do what us locals do: buy a small, $5 black umbrella with the curved handle on the street corner or in a deli. It should last you exactly one and a half rainstorms, depending on the wind. 2. You confuse bluntness with rudeness. We’re a friendly bunch and will help anyone who asks. But, we tell it like we see it. We walk fast, talk fast, and don’t linger for...
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Risky Baking: It’s Hard to Make a Perfect Bagel Without Lye

The quest to make a bagel in San Francisco rivaling New York’s best annihilates a stand mixer (twice) and an ego.
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Review: My Local Bagel Place's iPhone App

Like many people who live in New York and possess an enthusiastic appreciation for carbohydrates, I eat a lot of bagels. They are one of the things I will miss most about the city should I ever leave. I put them ahead of dollar slices, bodega cats, and free entertainment, like that time I saw the Winklevii on the subway.Read more...
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New Jersey stereotypes

Photo: Rod Herrea 1. We pronounce New Jersey like “New Joisey”. Please stop with this already. Also, we don’t all say “foggetaboutit.” Only someone doing a bad impersonation of a Jersey accent says this. 2. Livin’ on a Prayer is our state anthem. Maybe if you’re there for last call at Green Rock in Hoboken, or some other obnoxious bar. Only then do people somehow find a need to start belting out this timeworn Jovi tune. 3. Everyone from here is loud, obnoxious, and rude. Sure, any out-of...
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Carrot "Lox" Is a Tasty Vegetarian Bagel Topper

In terms of indulgent bagel toppings, nothing tops lox, but it can be kind of pricey, and it’s not exactly for everyone. To make a non-fishy, but still smokey-sweet lox-like topping, you’re going to want to roast some carrots.Read more...
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Bagels Can Maybe Give You Lung Cancer, Apparently

Residents of New York City, feel free to have a meltdown: according to a study published by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, it isn’t a stray mutated subway rat or a pack of bodega incense dipped in Axe that will somehow give you lung cancer.. Nope, apparently its your morning bagel—or as you can now call it, “the tastiest harbinger of death.”Read more...
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Bagels that look they're made from fluorescent Play-Doh

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn has been making rainbow bagels for 20 years. They serve them filled with cotton candy and rainbow-sprinkle-cake-flavored cream cheese.
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These Wackily Colorful Rainbow Bagels Are Breaking My Eyeballs

The rainbow bagel looks like a Willy Wonka creation crossed with used play doh set in a reality that I’m not quite prepared to live in. It exists at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York and is topped with a schmear of Funfetti cream cheese made with cake mix and is something you can eat. Sure, it’s visually impressive and by all accounts, edible, but it goes against all of nature’s generous warning signs for poisonous food and is just too damn cheerful to be a breakfast item. And yet it is. Re...
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