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McConnell Urges Trump To Listen To Bill Barr And Cool It On The Tweets

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said on Thursday night that President Donald Trump should lay off on tweeting his opinions about criminal cases after Attorney General Bill Barr said it’s “impossible” to do his job with Trump’s commentary in the background. “Maybe the President should listen to the attorney general,” McConnell said during an interview with Fox News host Bret Baier. “Do you think the tweet about his opinion on the Roger Stone sentencing recommendations is inapprop...
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Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Tears Into Conservative Pundit: ‘Get Your Facts Straight!’

Sparks flew Monday on the Fox News set between Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and conservative contributor Katie Pavlich, with Wallace demanding his colleague get her “facts straight” after Pavlich insisted that certain witnesses had not been called in the impeachment trial.Moments before President Donald Trump’s defense team began its arguments in the Senate impeachment trial, Pavlich noted during Fox’s pretrial coverage that while Republican senators are now weighing whether to call former Nati...
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Pompeo Says He Doesn’t Know Who First Described Embassy Threat As ‘Imminent’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did nothing to clear up confusion over whether there was “specific” intelligence supporting President Trump’s claim that there was an “imminent threat” by top Iranian military official Qasem Soleimani to attack four US embassies, during a Monday night interview on Fox News. When Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked Pompeo whether the Trump administration described the threat to the four embassies as “imminent” because “it pleased the lawyers,” Pompeo said he was unsu...
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Lee Tries To Clean Up ‘Worst Briefing’ Comment: ‘Worst’ Was Obama Benghazi Briefing

A day after saying that the Trump administration’s briefing on the strike that killed top Iranian military official Qasem Soleimani was the “worst briefing” he’s seen, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) attempted to clean up his comments in an interview with Breitbart Thursday. Lee told Breitbart that he wants to be “very clear” that he supports the administration’s legal and moral justification for the Trump-authorized strike that killed Soleimani last week. “I want to be very clear, my comments yesterday ...
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Fox News Anchor Bret Baier: Rather Than Question ‘Powerful’ Fiona Hill, GOP ‘Just Gave Speeches’

While Fox News’ opinion hosts and commentators push the narrative that this week’s dramatic impeachment hearings and its damning revelations are somehow good news for President Donald Trump, the network’s news division continues to concede to Fox viewers that the testimony has been, in fact, quite damaging.Following the conclusion of Thursday’s hearing featuring diplomat David Holmes and former White House Russia expert Fiona Hill, Fox News anchor Bret Baier said Hill was such a compelling witne...
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Fox News' take on Sondland's testimony: nothing to see here

Sondland’s impeachment testimony prompted the conservative channel to put forth the limpest text possibleFox News broadcasts as Gordon Sondland testifies in the public hearing in the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump on Wednesday. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty ImagesAn ostrich, according to common parlance, sticks its head in the sand when threatened. When Gordon Sondland gave his damning testimony on Wednesday, Fox News arguably adopted a similar strategy.As the US ambassador to the Europea...
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Fox Host Bret Baier Says Sondland’s Testimony Is ‘Very Damaging’ To GOP Talking Points

Fox News anchor Bret Baier noted that Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s public testimony on Wednesday dealt a major blow to Republicans’ defense of President Donald Trump in the impeachment investigation. “This, listen, on its face is very damaging to some of the arguments the GOP has been making,” Baier said during a brief break in the hearing. “I think it’s going to be fascinating to see in cross examination how they go.” The Fox News anchor observed that Sondland is “cleaning up for Gordon Sond...
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Fox News Is Trump’s Chief TV Booster. So Why Is He Griping About It?

A phone call from the president to the Fox News chief executive suggests a crack in the alliance between him and his favorite news network.
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Court of Appeal Finds No Expression Interests in Bill 5

Toronto might be the megalith of cities when it comes to Canada’s metropolis, but it has no constitutional authority to oppose the province’s interference with municipal elections. That is the invariable conclusion arising out of the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision this week. The split 3-2 decision largely focused on two main issues. The first, whether unwritten constitutional principles could provide a basis to resist provincial modifications of the election, was unanimously decided by the c...
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Fox’s Baier: Despite What Trump Says, ‘This Was Not No Collusion, No Obstruction’

Immediately after special counsel Robert Mueller’s statement Wednesday, which largely emphasized and reaffirmed the conclusions of his report, Fox News’ Bret Baier said that the comments contradicted President Donald Trump’s constant “witch hunt” mantra. “This was not, as the President says time and time again, no collusion, no obstruction. It was much more nuanced than that,” Baier said. He added that Mueller underscored that if his team had found that Trump definitely did not commit obstruc...
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Bernie Sanders Shines on Fox News

Again, Bernie Sanders is distinguishing himself from his Democratic colleagues on matters of character, confidence, and imagination. The Democratic party has rejected offers from Fox News to host its primary debates. But on Monday night, Sanders did a town hall from Bethlehem, Pa., which sits in one of those now-famous counties that suffered de-industrialization, voted for Barack Obama in 2012, and then went for Donald Trump in 2016. It was a very savvy move. It demonstrated Sanders’s verve, a s...
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How wide is Bernie Sanders' appeal? This cheering Fox News audience is a clue | Bhaskar Sunkara

The US senator drew cheers from the audience when he spoke about healthcare, revealing just how popular his policies areBernie Sanders was supposed to be deep behind enemy lines on Monday night. He was in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for a live town hall, hosted by Fox News, a network “not everyone thought [he] should come on”. It was a resounding success, and a reminder that Bernie, not Trump, can actually rally together a majority of Americans.The Fox News moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallu...
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How wide is Bernie Sanders' appeal? This cheering Fox News audience is a clue

The US senator drew cheers from the audience when he spoke about healthcare, revealing just how popular his policies areBernie Sanders was supposed to be deep behind enemy lines on Monday night. He was in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for a live town hall, hosted by Fox News, a network “not everyone thought [he] should come on”. It was a resounding success, and a reminder that Bernie, not Trump, can actually rally together a majority of Americans.The Fox News moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallu...
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Fox Host Scolds Bernie For Network Criticism: ‘We Can Get Over The Fox Thing’

During an hour-long town hall on Fox News on Monday evening, network host Bret Baier lightly scolded Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) for criticizing Fox, since the network was giving him “an hour of substance and talk on our airwaves.” In the first few minutes of the interview, Sanders jabbed the network for nothing having “a great deal of respect in my world” and criticized the media in general for focusing more on personalities than policy. “We’re very grateful that you’re here,” Baier said. “We...
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Oops! Hands Shoot Up When Fox Asks Bernie Town Hall About Gov’t Health Care

That didn’t go quite as planned for Fox News. During a town hall Monday with Bernie Sanders, anchor Bret Baier asked the audience a question about insurance. “This audience has a  lot of Democrats in it.  It has Republicans,  independents, Democratic  socialists, conservatives.  I want to ask the audience a  question, if you could raise your hand here , a show of hands of how  many people get their insurance  from work, private insurance,  right now?  How many get it from private ...
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McConnell On ACA Attack: Not Wasting Time On Repeal With ‘No Chance’ Of Passing

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) voiced the death knell for any renewed attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act Wednesday, telling Fox News’ Bret Baier that the Senate won’t waste its time with something that has “literally no chance of becoming law.” Even when Baier brought up the possibility that the current court action will propel the law back to the Supreme Court where it hypothetically could be struck down as unconstitutional, McConnell demurred. “Then we will ...
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Fox Host Blames ‘Fox Derangement Syndrome’ For DNC Decision On Dem Debates

Fox News host Brett Baier on Sunday criticized the “loud” voices on the liberal side of the Democratic Party for the Democratic National Committee’s decision to not partner with Fox for debates during the Democratic primaries. Calling it a “derangement syndrome,” Baier defended the work he and other journalists do on the news side of the operation and pointed to his difficulties getting an interview with President Trump as proof he’s not in Trump’s pocket. “There is a bit of Fox derangement s...
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Trump Ranks Fox News Reporters By Loyalty, And Steve Doocy Gets A 12/10

President Donald Trump has ranked the reporters who work at his favorite news network, assigning Fox News anchors loyalty scores, according to a New Yorker report. The scale usually operates on zero to 10. Bret Baier, Fox’s chief political correspondent, pulls only a six, according to the report. Baier has been known to push back against the Trump administration on occasion. Host Sean Hannity, Trump’s frequent companion, got a perfect 10. But Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy put the rest to s...
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Fox Host Dogged In Asking Why Jordan Didn’t Push Cohen About Trump’s Actions

Fox News host Bret Baier would not let Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) off the hook Wednesday night, pushing him again and again on why he spent the entire Oversight Committee hearing attacking Michael Cohen’s credibility instead of questioning the substance of President Donald Trump’s actions. Baier first played a clip of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) questioning why no Republicans were defending Trump on substance. Jordan pirouetted away, saying that Cohen is “not to be trusted.” Baier t...
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Ex-NSA whistleblower says she and other US ex-spooks targeted Americans on behalf of UAE

Lori Stroud is an ex-NSA spy who also contracted with the NSA through Booz Allen, who says that after she left the NSA, she was recruited to work on Project Raven, a secret, offensive surveillance and digital attack squad working for the autocratic United Arab Emirates regime alongside other ex-US intelligence operatives, working with the knowledge and approval of the NSA. Stroud says that while she originally believed she was only targeting non-US persons for surveillance and electronic a...
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Fox News Anchor Bret Baier After Car Crash: ‘Count Your Blessings Everyday’

Fox News anchor Bret Baier issued a statement Tuesday after experiencing a car crash with his family over the weekend in Montana. In the statement, Baier mentions that his Monday night tweet about not taking anything for granted was tweeted as he and his family “left the hospital banged up, but alive.” Read Baier’s statement below, via Mediaite: “After a weekend of skiing with my wife and two boys in Montana, driving to the airport Monday morning on icy roads, we were involved in a major car ...
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Fox News Signs Bret Baier to New Multi-Year Deal

Bret Baier will continue to deliver his “Special Report” to Fox News Channel viewers for the forseeable future, after he and the 21st Century Fox-owned cable-news unit signed a new multi-year deal. Baier will continue as anchor and executive editor of his 6 p.m. program as well as chief political anchor of the network. He will […]
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Conway Criticizes Pittsburghers ‘Politically Protesting’ Trump’s Visit

White House staffer Kellyanne Conway criticized the thousands of Pittsburghers  who protested the President’s visit to the city Tuesday in the aftermath of a synagogue shooting Saturday that left 11 Jews dead. In an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier from the White House lawn, Conway said it was “unfortunate people were out there politically protesting with different messages today.” “That is their First Amendment right, but this President was not about politics today, he was about the ...
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Saudis Tried To Court CNN’s Tapper, Fox News’ Baier With Super Bowl Tickets, Flights

As part of a broader effort to court influence in Washington, D.C., Saudi officials attempted to buy favor with some of CNN and Fox News’ biggest personalities earlier this year by offering them tickets to the Super Bowl and private flights to an event honoring the crown prince, The Washington Post reported. Officials specifically sought out CNN’s Jake Tapper and Fox News’ Brett Baier with the tickets and offers of a chartered flight to an event in recognition of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Sal...
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Locarno: Swiss Director Lionel Baier Set For Sicily-Set ‘South’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Swiss director Lionel Baier (“Longwave”) is developing “South,” a Sicily-set road movie mixing Europe’s immigration woes with those of a rocky mother-and-son rapport. Baier, a Locarno regular, said the film, now at script stage, will be the third in a four-picture series portraying contemporary Europe. “These films are about political ideas, but really [more] about […]
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Gowdy: Trump Advisers Should Weigh Quitting If He Doesn’t Heed Russia Intel

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said Sunday that President Donald Trump’s top advisers should consider resigning if he doesn’t follow their advice on Russia. “The evidence is overwhelming, it can be proven beyond any evidentiary burden, that Russia is not our friend and they tried to attack us in 2016,” Gowdy told Fox News’ Bret Baier. “So the President either needs to rely on the people that he has chosen to advise him, or those advisers need to re-evaluate whether or...
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TV Anchors Agape After the Trump-Putin Appearance

“Disgraceful,” Anderson Cooper of CNN said at the end of a news conference during which the reporters Jonathan Lemire and Jeff Mason asked tough questions.
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Jordan’s Defenders Peddling In ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy As Accusations Mount

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), weighed down with multiple accusations of lying and negligence from Ohio State University wrestlers he once coached, has sparked a “deep state” conspiracy rampage among his defenders. According to a Wednesday Vanity Fair report, it all started when Jordan dropped sinister hints during his Friday interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier. When Baier asked Jordan if he thinks the accusations are part of a conspiracy to bring him down, Jordan said no but added: “I think the timing...
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Jordan’s Boss, The Head Coach, Admits He Knew

One of the curious dimensions of the evolving Jim Jordan story is that the defenses of Jordan often become close to indistinguishable from the accusations against him. The first instance was that interlude in Jordan’s interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier in which he switched from adamant denials to making a distinction between formal accusations and “conversations in a locker room.” When Baier asked what “locker room” talk he’d heard, Jordan shifted back and insisted he hadn’t heard any. Now the...
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Jim Jordan’s Slow Bleed

Something is brewing on Capitol Hill that has an eerie resemblance to another set of events that happened just about 12 years ago as Washington hurtled toward the 2006 midterm election. In September 2006, ABC News first reported that Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) had exchanged sexually explicit text messages with underage male congressional pages. Later it was reported that after turning 18 at least two pages had had sexual encounters with Foley. Foley resigned from Congress and entered an alcoh...
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