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Flights canceled after volcano erupts in Bali

A volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island of Bali has resulted in the cancellation of some flights overnight, Reuters reports.

Mount Agung: flights cancelled after Bali volcano erupts

Volcano spews ash over popular tourist island but authorities yet to raise alert level Bali’s airport has cancelled flights following an eruption of the Mount Agung volcano, which spread ash over the south of the Indonesian island. The national disaster agency said Friday night’s eruption lasted four minutes and 30 seconds, spreading lava and incandescent rocks about 3km from the crater. Continue reading...
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Travel Tip: Always Check Your Visa

I handed my passport to the customs agent at Denpasar Airport in Bali, Indonesia. “30-day visa?” He asked. “That’s the one!” I replied. In my mind, a 30-day visa is equivalent to one month. If you enter on January 10, you should be out by February 10. However, travelers who are much smarter than me will assume that 30 days means 30 total days. So, if you arrive on January 10, you need...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Monkey Business: How Not to Get Bit by a PrimateWhat th...
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First Timer’s Guide to Skill Focused Travel

You’ve probably never heard of Skill-Focused Travel or SFT. Skill-Focused Travel is essentially about going on a quest. Instead of looking at your trip as a list of experiences to get through, I suggest using your travels as an opportunity for deeply rooted personal growth. The Bucket List Mentality After my trip through Asia, a friend asked to meet with me to discuss a similar trip she was planning. I saw her itinerary and shook my head. She had a mile long list of activities that couldn’t ev...
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GetYourGuide picks up $484M, passes 25M tickets sold through its tourism activity app

As we swing into the summer tourist season, a company poised to capitalise on that has raised a huge round of funding. GetYourGuide — a Berlin startup that has built a popular marketplace for people to discover and book sightseeing tours, tickets for attractions and other experiences around the world — is today announcing that it has picked up $484 million, a Series E round of funding that will catapult its valuation above the $1 billion mark. The funding is a milestone for a couple of reasons. ...
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Dogs welcome at White Sands park

Stepping out of your vehicle onto fine gypsum crystals is the closest thing to walking on the moon that most of us will ever experience. At White Sands National Monument, dunes of white sand ripple across a vast expanse of open desert, ceasing only at the feet of the towering Sierra Blanca mountains. This 224-square-mile protected area of rolling gypsum dunes in southern New Mexico is the truest embodiment of the state’s catchphrase as the “Land of Enchantment.” But any dog owner knows that p...
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13 Tropical-Scented Body Washes That Will Turn Your Shower Into a Vacation

Incorporating a tropical-smelling body wash into your daily routine this Summer is one way to transform your shower into a relaxing oasis. While you might not really be able to fly in a private jet to a beach in Bali and lie in the sun (while wearing SPF, of course), the scents of coconut, papaya, and citrus may give you a mini vacation right in your own home. We've selected hydrating formulas with invigorating scents that will make you smile almost as much as you would while sipping a piña col...
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Tatiana & Nikita’s Bali Waterfall Elopement

Tatiana & Nikita There is nothing quite like the waterfalls and rice paddies of Bali, and it seems today’s newlyweds,  Tatiana & Nikita agree. The pair decided to elope to the Asian hotspot. Using the talents of Yanushka Photo and WedBali to both capture their day, and bring their vision to life, the pair spent the day amongst beautiful Balinese backdrops, tying the knot in front of the beautiful Tibumana Waterfall. Continue reading Tatiana & Nikita’s Bali Waterfall Elopement
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Horwath HTL Industry Report: Bali Hotels & Branded Residences

Despite travel warnings most notably in China, Mount Agung's continued explosive activities and Lombok's earthquakes, Bali weathered the storm in 2018 although with slower growth after two years of double-digit growth in international arrivals.Within the next 5 years, Bali is expected to add approximately 7,000 rooms, with about 80% of the rooms being 3 and 4-star, in line with the greater mass-market dynamic.The hotel residence market remains flattened. With over 4,000 hotel branded resi...
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5 Ways Indie Travel Has Changed — And Stayed The Same — Since 1999

Twenty years ago, when I set off on my first multi-month vagabonding trip around Asia, I noticed that a lot of the backpackers I met – cool indie travelers from places like Denmark and Tasmania and Oregon – were fixated with the notion of what travel must have been like in the 1970s. Indeed, as enjoyable as Thailand and India and Japan were in 1999, there was this sense that we had missed out on an earlier, purer era of travel some two decades before – a time before the advent of dial-up Interne...
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'Overtourism': Surges in unsustainable tourism are destroying islands in the Pacific

The tourism industry is booming throughout the world but nowhere more noticeably than on the small tropical islands of Southeast Asia. Millions of tourists flock to these remote islands every day to enjoy the beaches and snorkel among the coral reef, but the traffic and waste they produce has forced some ecosystems to reach their breaking point. “Overtourism” is the new term for the overpopulation of tourists who wreak havoc on fragile ecosystems. Many Asian governments have had to close entire...
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Sir David Attenborough wants you to remix his 70 year old Indonesian recording

Legendary naturalist and beloved documentary maker David Attenborough is calling on producers to trance-ify his old field recordings. You’re never too old to get on the EDM scene, as Sir David Attenborough is proving at 93 with his call to arms of electronic producers. Sir David has shared a field recording of sacred gamelan music in Bali that he made 70 years ago in the hopes that it will be remixed. The 3 minute recording of traditional instruments was recorded during a search for a K...
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All The New Products You Need To Shop At Ulta In May

If you're the type to set beauty resolutions at the start of the year, spring is the perfect opportunity to check in on your strides. Have you been incorporating sunscreen into your skin-care routine every day? Are you branching out from your usual neutral lipstick into bright reds and berries? Have you perfected your ultimate 2019 goal, the mess-free cat-eye flick?Whatever your hopes and dreams of makeup mastery, it's never too late to aim even higher. Plus, with all the new releases in the be...
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11 ocean-friendly companies like Patagonia and Adidas that are removing plastic from our seas and transforming it into cool new products

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider, Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. There are all sorts of brands using recycled ocean plastics like derelict fishing nets and plastic water bottles to make cool and useful products. Below is a roundup of our favorite brands making some of our favorite products out of...
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Australian DJ known as Adam Sky dies on Bali island

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — An Australian DJ popular on the Asian club circuit has died at a resort complex on the Indonesian island of Bali. Adam Neat’s official social media pages carried a statement confirming his death, saying he died while trying to help a friend who suffered multiple fractures on Saturday. Indonesian police are […]
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Adam Sky, top Australian DJ, dies in accident in Bali

Adam Sky, 42, was involved in a fatal accident while trying to help an injured friend in Bali.
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Life Without Toys – Minimalist Family Travel

Is our travel life truly toy free? Nope. We’re not purists. But we are traveling with 99.9% fewer toys than we had at home, and our choice of toys has changed significantly. So, we’ve got stuff. It’s just different stuff than you might expect. At first, our paring down of child paraphernalia was an act of necessity – we simply could not carry a bundle of toys around the globe. That meant parting with many beloved staples- the ukulele that Bird got for his second birthday, Spider Monkey’s “fast” ...
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Australian DJ Adam Neat dies in Bali 'after crashing through glass'

Forty-two-year-old was reportedly rushing to help a friend who had fallen An Australian DJ, Adam Neat, has died in Bali after reportedly crashing through a glass door while trying to help a stricken friend.The 42-year-old, known professionally as Adam Sky, died while trying to help a friend who had suffered several broken bones on the Indonesian island on Saturday, his management has confirmed. Continue reading...
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Adam Sky, top Australian DJ, dies in accident on Bali

Adam Sky, 42, was involved in a fatal accident while trying to help an injured friend in Bali.
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Adam Sky, top Australian DJ, dies in accident in Bali

Adam Sky, 42, was involved in a fatal accident while trying to help an injured friend in Bali.
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Taking On The World | Family Travel

This family of four came to AirTreks with a very important mission: to embark on a never-boring adventure & make life happen all over the globe. With that, their radical sabbatical began in June of 2018 and the rest is history. Or rather, currently in motion! We had the chance to catch up with Laurie to hear all the details and delights of their world tour thus far. When did the idea of taking a round the world trip first come up for you and your family? We knew that we had a sabbatical from my...
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Unique Aspects You Should Know Before You Travel To Bali

If a holiday in Bali is on your list of things to do this year, this article was written with you in mind, and if it happens to be your very first time on this unique tropical island paradise, here are a few things about Bali that you probably don’t know. Image Source: Pixabay Stuff to Know Before You Travel To Bali Heavy Traffic While this Indonesian island is a tropical paradise, you are never far away from a traffic jam. Vehicles of all kinds (including some you have never seen before) a...
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Visit the Nusa Islands off Bali

The beaches, surf, and culture of Bali have been attracting sun-worshippers for nearly a century. Yet most visitors to this Indonesian island still don’t venture further than the mainland, despite it being just a short boat ride from a number of other visit-worthy isles. Bali saw more than six million tourists in 2018. But the far less crowded islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan — just off of Bali’s east coast — are reminiscent of the serene Bali of decades ago. These is...
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Monkey Business: How Not to Get Bit by a Primate

Somewhere along our evolutionary adventure, we lost our sense of knowing where we stand on the scale of predator and prey. Those who claim that we’re on the top of the food chain should take a closer look at how other animals interact with us. In many circumstances, we’re treated like prey. Want an example? Take a look at nearly every monkey-laden tourist site in Southeast Asia....Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Should You Visit the Chiang Mai Night SafariVisiting Vientian...
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Biden Unbound, on Foreign Policy

I’ve been publishing a series of emails about Joe Biden and his candidacy. Here I want to share something different. It’s an window into his candidacy and potential presidency. Back in 2004 I was writing an article for The Atlantic about John Kerry’s foreign policy. I did a range of interviews for that piece and one of them was with then-Senator Biden, in his office one evening up on Capitol Hill. It was loose and unstructured. When you talk with Biden he’s thinking out loud, discussing ideas, n...
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Step up and step out to support Women and Children in our shire! Nudge Nudge Wink Wink, May 5th

Cunning Stunts 36th Nudge Nudge Wink Wink is raising money for the Mullumbimby (MDNC) Women’s Resource Services (WRS) helping support women and their children experiencing domestic and family violence who live in the Byron shire. WRS aims to empower and assist women toward safety, self-sufficiency and wellbeing in the community by providing: Information and support, Assessment of situation including risks and needs, Safety planning and referral to services to improve safety, Case management, Cou...
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Redefining Road Travel, Family Style

I had no idea that traveling the world with my small children would be as challenging as it is. My parents, who have been with us for the last few weeks of travel, are joking that they are going to make T-shirts that say “We survived a year of travel with Bird and Spider Monkey.” Quite frankly, I think I’ve already earned more than a t-shirt at this point. If you have read my other posts, you will not be surprised to hear that this is way harder than I thought it would be. Maybe that’s because ...
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Coachella 2019: 25 photos of some of the best fashion we saw at Coachella

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a pretty fashionable place and our team spotted a lot of fashionable people. Check out our favorite fashion portraits from Coachella 2019. Sign up for our Festival Pass newsletter. Whether you are a Coachella lifer or prefer to watch from afar, get weekly dispatches during the Southern California music festival season. Subscribe here. Destiny Lara, of Los Angeles during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club in I...
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Coachella 2019: Our 50 best photos from Weekend 2

With the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival behind us, our team of photographers captured some stunning images of the music, the art, the fashion people, the fashion and, of everything else from the fest. Here are the 50 best photos from Coachella 2019 Weekend 2, as selected by photographers behind the lens. And if you want to look through more, here are our 50 best photos from Weekend 1. Sign up for our Festival Pass newsletter. Whether you are a Coachella lifer or prefer to watch f...
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24 Classic Travel Scams, and How to Avoid Them

This post 24 Classic Travel Scams, and How to Avoid Them appeared first on The Professional Hobo. It can happen anywhere, any time, in the blink of an eye, and before you know it you’ll be wondering how it could have happened to you. This article isn’t about theoretical situations that you may or may not encounter on the road; below you’ll read about 24 classic travel scams, as experienced by this panel of pro travelers! Brace yourself. None of us are immune (that is, until you read this article...
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