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Borneo Jazz Festival 2019 - All You Need To Know

This year marks the 14th year that the Borneo Jazz Festival is being held in Miri, Sarawak, and is also the second time that the event is taking place at Coco Cabana by the Esplanade. The Borneo Jazz Festival is one of Malaysia's pioneer jazz festivals that has seen over hundreds of jazz musicians from all over the world perform here in Miri. Borneo Jazz 2019 also takes place from 19th to 21st July, which will see numerous local and international artist take stage for the 14th year.  ...
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Bakelalan Bird Watching Trip Report

One of the few places that has been getting some bird watching attention is no other than the highland village of Bakelalan in Sarawak, Borneo. For the serious bird watchers, this is my Bakelalan bird watching trip report, done in November 2018.  First of all, Bakelalan or Ba'Kelalan is a Lun Bawang tribe village, located in the northeast highlands of Sarawak, Malaysia. It is also in the district of Lawas, which can be easily accessed from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah or Miri in Sarawak. Ge...
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Brunei – To Visit or Not, Given the New Sharia Law

On April 3, 2019, the Sultan of Brunei imposed Islamic sharia law on all residents of the country, including the 30% of the population who are not Muslims. In a nutshell, this means that people will be whipped or stoned to death for gay sex, adultery, sodomy, and rape, and the crime of theft will require a hand and a foot to be cut off. This is an escalation of previous laws, which carried a sentence of 10 years in prison for anyone caught in the act of... The post Brunei – To Visit or Not, Give...
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One Bus, Six Hours, and Eight New Passport Stamps

Overland border crossings suck. They’re one of my least favourite parts of travel. Not only do they usually mean dealing with hours of queueing beneath a scorching hot sun, but scams are rife, directions are non-existent, and nobody ever really seems to know what’s happening. And yes, I’m mostly referring to Southeast Asia as I write this. In the early days of my travels, I used to do everything I could to avoid overland border crossings. I flew from Budapest to Kiev to avoid crossing the border...
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How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Brunei?

Brunei has a reputation for being expensive for travellers. In some respects it is. When you compare the cost of travel in Brunei to somewhere like Vietnam, it is a little pricer. You’ll pay more for accommodation in Brunei, and won’t be cruising by on just $15 a day. In spite of that, I was surprised by how affordable Brunei was. Just like in Vietnam, you can grab a meal for as little as $1, and a bus ride in Bandar Seri Begawan is 80 cents per journey. There are plenty of free activities and a...
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Is Brunei Worth Visiting? My Experience in the Sultanate

I went to Brunei because everybody said it was boring. I’m aware that’s a weird reason to go somewhere, but I’m all about being different. If somebody insists a place isn’t worth visiting, I immediately add it to the top of my list and set off in search of its redeeming features. When I first considered checking out Brunei, I struggled to find many positive write-ups about the sultanate. Everyone declared the country dull. Articles explained it was only worth visiting for a day and that you shou...
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10 Unfortunate Byproducts of Long-Term Travel

There are people who believe that my life is all sunshine and roses. People who are under the mistaken impression that I flit from one endless, pristine beach with palm trees and rainbow umbrellas to another, forever smelling like coconut sunscreen. There are people who make the assumption that long-term travel is like being on vacation forever: waking up late, other people doing your laundry, drinks delivered poolside, cheap massages, and a general disregard for the temporal realities. Can I...
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Bakelalan Airport [Review]

This is a review of the Bakelalan Airport in Sarawak, specially done for anyone who is planning to visit this beautiful highland in northern Sarawak, on the island of Borneo.  Bakelalan is one of two main highland towns that offers probably the best of Malaysian Ecotourism and also rural tourism, which is purely community driven by the local Lun Bawang people here.  Review of the Bakelalan Airport in Sarawak Arriving at the Bakelalan Airport First of all, you should take n...
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15 Things-to-do in Southeast Asia that Ought to be on Your Bucket List

Southeast Asia has a charm that is unique in itself. The region, which is home to some of the most visited cities in the world, is a treasure-trove of rich culture and bewitching natural splendor. From adventure seekers, foodies and culture enthusiasts to history buffs, nature lovers and solitude seekers, people with different tastes hailing from different walks of life flock to Southeast Asia to realize their dreams of an unforgettable vacation. Those of you who have booked cheap flight ticke...
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Borneo: The Off-the-Beaten-Track Road Trip

Borneo has been on my bucket list since I was a little girl. Stories of jungle people, head hunters and exploratory expeditions up wild rivers filled with crocodiles called to my soul. When you think of ultimate road trip destinations, chances are Borneo isn’t the first place that comes to mind. But if you want to take a road trip that is off the beaten path, full of adventure and education, and guaranteed to be one that none of your friends did over their last summer vacation, taking the long,...
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March 2018: Travel Summary and Statistics

Travel is a rollercoaster, so after a wonderful January and a not-so-wonderful February, I was delighted when March brought me back to the dizzying highs from the start of 2018. I can’t believe how much I managed to pack into one glorious month! When I left you last, I had just arrived in Koh Chang and was itching to start exploring. Koh Chang was the first island I ever visited in Thailand, way back in 2012, and at that time, I was fully immersed in backpacker culture. I spent my days lazing on...
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10 Unfortunate Byproducts of Long-Term Travel

There are people who believe that my life is all sunshine and roses. People who are under the mistaken impression that I flit from one endless, pristine beach with palm trees and rainbow umbrellas to another, forever smelling like coconut sunscreen. There are people who make the assumption that long-term travel is like being on vacation forever: waking up late, other people doing your laundry, drinks delivered poolside, cheap massages, and a general disregard for the temporal realities. Can I...
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Feature: As Western banks leave, China adds Brunei to new silk road

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Reuters) - On a tiny island off Brunei's northern tip on the South China Sea, thousands of Chinese workers are building a refinery and petrochemical complex, along with a bridge connecting it to the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.
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10 Places to Visit in Southeast Asia for 2018

For anyone planning to travel to this part of the world in 2018, here is a list of 10 places to visit in Southeast Asia, catered for all types of travelers. This part of the world has been one of the must-visit destinations for many years and this list highlights some of the best places for travelers.  The countries in Southeast Asia consist of Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar and these places are seeing a huge increase in ...
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Brunei to Kota Kinabalu what an adventure

Geo 5.97267 116.071Edit I was going to include this in a blog post of Bandar Seri Begawan the capital of Brunei but this turned into such an adventure that I feel it deserves it39s own post. Getting from Brunei to Kota Kinabalu where I now am
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Flying Low Cost to Asia: Onboard Scoot’s ScootBiz

It’s hard to miss the cheery yellow livery of Scoot cruising down the runway or cheeky slogan telling passengers to “Get Outta Here!“. The medium- to long-haul carrier based out of Singapore is one of the newest airlines making flights more affordable between Australia and Asia. As one of the first airlines in the world to fly Boeing’s Dreamliner, and one of only three low-cost airlines in the world to be flying these beautiful planes, I was looking forward to experiencing the Scootatidue offere...
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Home United against champions Albirex headlines S.League weekend

Jason Dasey and PJ Roberts preview the latest ahead of week 4 in the Singapore S. League. The S.League is back this weekend after the international break and there can be no bigger match to resume proceedings than Saturday evening's top-of-the-table clash between Albirex Niigata (S) and Home United at Bishan Stadium. There is also an equally tantalising clash on offer on the same night, with traditional heavyweights Tampines Rovers and Warriors FC locking horns at Jurong West Stadium. Me...
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A Day with Orang Utans and Sunbears in Malaysian Borneo

On the northeast coast of Borneo lies Sandakan. The gateway to visiting some of Asia’s cutest but most endangered animals. The vivid orange-furred Orangutans and long-nosed Proboscis Monkeys – icons of Malaysia – Bornean Pygmy elephant and the lesser known Bornean Sun Bears all call this Malaysian State home. They each call Sabah home. But as the dense rainforest that covers the land recedes so too does the population of these, and many other, animals. When people say ‘Borneo’ I immediately asso...
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An Island Day Trip Close to Kota Kinabalu: Sepanggar Island

Fishermen walked past me, tourists with large bags and brightly coloured bathers wandered past me and boats at Jessleton Point began to fill; all heading to different islands in search of sun, snorkelling or sleep (yes, there are hotels on some of the islands just off Kota Kinabalu!). I was people watching, picking up freshly baked Malaysian delights and a fresh coconut on the way. Sabahan’s are known for being relaxed and easy-going. After a few weeks travelling through Indonesia, it was nice t...
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A Sunset Cruise in Kota Kinabalu

“Kota Kinabalu has the best sunsets in the world.” This is a phrase I was told many times over the past three years since when Malaysian Borneo’s biggest city was introduced to me. The Royal Brunei crew told me it, Brunei locals (many who holidayed there) said it, fellow bloggers told me it, and – of course – so did many of the Malaysians I met. They encouraged me to go visit. Finally, I listened. Yet as I stared out the windows of my room at Le Meridian Kota Kinabalu all I saw was a monochrome ...
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BRUNEI A Kingdom of us and them

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN BRUNEI 24th MarchBrunei has oil and gas to thank for its prosperity and unlike other countries tourism is not an essential source of income. Oil was discovered in 1929 and Brunei has prospered ever since despite the Japanese inv
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Been reading blogs about Brunei especially the capital Bandar Seri Begawan and it made me curious to experience the country and find answers to my questions.Arrived around 2am on the 22nd of April 2016. Everyone is picked by private cars except me. Ta
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