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German Law Banned Dying Light in European Nintendo eShop

European fans of renowned horror series Dying Light are out of luck if they want a digital version from the Nintendo eShop, all thanks to a German law that prohibits such titles. The situation came to light in the Dying Light subreddit, when a user asked if the game was showing up in the eShop […]
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Lydia “SquidGame” Temporarily Banned From Instagram Due to Squid Game

Noted streamer Lydia ran into some trouble on Instagram because her handle, SquidGame, shares a name with an incredibly popular Korean Netflix series known as Squid Game, an incident that will seem familiar to that of a League of Legends player named Corona. Lydia spoke about her troubles on Twitter, beginning with people trying to […]
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Twitch Allegedly Possesses “Do Not Ban” List

Sure to be deemed as typical for a corrupt Western platform intent on spreading propaganda and pushing the “diversity and inclusion” narrative, the recent Twitch leak that exposed the million dollar earnings of various lazy individuals also revealed the company possesses a “do not ban” list, which seemingly grants “special privileges” to certain people on […]
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China Demanding “Cartoon Makers” Create “Healthy Shows”

China’s censorship crusade hasn’t ended as now the communist nation is demanding that cartoons (and likely anime as well) be more “healthy” in its crackdown on violence, pornographic content and anything else it deems inappropriate, such as yaoi content and effeminate males. A notice delivered by the National Radio and Television Administration expressed that children […]
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China Labels Boy’s Love “Inferior Culture”, Demands Such Content Banned

China has continued to tighten its grip over the entertainment industry as now specifically boy’s love (also known as yaoi in Japan) has been targeted, the government demanding game companies to remove such content and anything similar, such as “effeminate men”. The Chinese Communist Party’s Central Public Relations Department has issued censorship demands to companies […]
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Facebook's Smart Glasses Give People a Good Reason Not to Trust Your Ray-Bans

Facebook’s smart glasses are here. They’re made by Ray-Ban, which means they look stylish, and as far as features go, they’re on par with many “smart glasses” currently on the market, with built-in cameras and speakers. Facebook is the biggest name to attempt smart glasses for consumers in years, and they probably…Read more...
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New York to Ban Sale of Gasoline Vehicles After 2035

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law a bill that effectively makes the sale of new gasoline-powered automobiles illegal within the state after 2035. On Wednesday, the state’s new governor took the brave step of copying California in deciding that all new passenger cars and light-duty trucks be zero-emission models within the next 14 years. Though she […] The post New York to Ban Sale of Gasoline Vehicles After 2035 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Facebook's Ray-Ban Glasses Leaked and They Look Awfully Familiar

After years of murmurs, Facebook was all set to formally announce its first pair of “smart” sunglasses today. Ray-Ban, Facebook’s partner on this project, even put up a splashy site teasing the announcement two days ago. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even posted video clips supposedly taken with the device. And then…Read more...
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The End of Leaded Gasoline, Lessons to Remember

Prior to 1970, buying leaded gasoline in the United States was as normal as picking up a carton of eggs or relaxing in your asbestos-laden home. After 1970, the U.S. Congress had officially adopted the Clean Air Act created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the gradual phasing out of leaded fuel began. While many […] The post The End of Leaded Gasoline, Lessons to Remember appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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OnlyFans Reverses Decision on Adult Sexual Content Ban

After a wave of backlash for banning the one thing they were famous for, OnlyFans has reversed their decision on banning adult sexual content. While this should be a relief to the sex workers who were about to lose a massive source of income, the reactions have been mixed, and the reasons behind the initial […]
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OnlyFans Banning Adult Sexual Content Starting October 2021

In a move that is sure to remind people of Tumblr and its predictable aftermath, naughty website OnlyFans will start banning porn on their website starting October 1st, even though adult sexual content is one of the website’s largest forms of income. Dan Primack, an editor at Axios, posted a screenshot of an email OnlyFans […]
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China Planning to Ban Karaoke Songs Containing “Illegal Content”

China is once again relentless in its endeavor to purge freedom from citizens as it is said the communist country is looking to ban songs from karaoke venues that possess “illegal content”, such as ones that “harm national honor” or “propagate obscenity”. The country’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism declared this impending banning spree, with […]
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Europe Proposes Banning Internal Combustion Cars By 2035

Last week, the European Union proposed banning the sale of all new internal combustion vehicles starting in 2035. With several member nations proposing restrictions in the coming years, EU leadership feels it can accelerate the timeline to force electric vehicles as the de facto mode of transportation. The European Commission has suggested making it illegal to sell […] The post Europe Proposes Banning Internal Combustion Cars By 2035 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Russia Bans Akira Film For the Sake of the Children

Russia has continued to ban more harmless anime for the sake of the children as the classic Akira film has next been targeted, the government citing that harm to the “health and mental development of children” is possible through witnessing the labeled masterpiece. The 1988 movie was slandered as harmful to children and subsequently banned […]
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Biden administration extends nationwide ban on evictions for one 'final' month through the end of July

Brandon Bell/Getty Images The Biden administration extended a nationwide ban on evictions until July 31. The move comes after Democrats called on Biden to extend the ban. The White House said it will work with state and local governments to prevent evictions. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Biden administration on Thursday extended a nationwide ban on evictions through the end of July, as renters recover from the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.The b...
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Legendary Artist Ishikei’s Twitter Account Made “Temporarily Unavailable”

Top tier ero-artist Ishikei had his Twitter account made “temporarily unavailable” for some reason, with his banner art or profile picture perhaps containing too risque of art and being responsible for this nonsensical ousting. Ishikei’s Twitter account contained a message stating his account “is temporarily unavailable because it violates the Twitter Media Policy” – all […]
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Russia Bans Five Isekai Anime, Deems They Promote “Reincarnation Beliefs”

In another move that will prove baffling to normal individuals, it is said Russia’s government has now banned more anime, albeit specifically ones that are of the isekai genre (being brought to an alternate world) because they are believed to promote “reincarnation beliefs”. Popular isekai shows have been banned from specific Russian websites after the […]
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Another Australian Man Arrested for Owning Inanimate Child Sex Dolls

The Australian government is once again fixated on harmless chunks of silicone as yet another man has been arrested for owning sex dolls of child-like proportions, with the culprit said to have also had “child exploitation material”. 45-year-old male culprit Terry Dunnett pleaded guilty in court to “two counts of possessing a child sex doll, […]
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A Dozen More States Virtue Signaling Over Vehicle Bans

Having noticed that Washington got a bit of publicity for vowing to ban all vehicles reliant on internal combustion after 2030, a dozen other American states decided it would be a good idea to reaffirm their own religious-like commitment to the environment by saying they too will be restricting your choice of automobiles by 2035. […] The post A Dozen More States Virtue Signaling Over Vehicle Bans appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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James "Project Veritas" O'Keefe banned from Twitter

James O'Keefe, conservative specialist in deceptively-edited gotcha videos that used to cause political earthquakes but are now virtually ignored, was yesterday banned from Twitter. Twitter says he was banned for abusing the platform's rules on platform manipulation (i.e. sockpuppets), but he claims it was because of his latest blink-and-you-missed it expose of some guy at CNN who hates Trump. — Read the rest
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Twitch Updates Terms of Use Allowing Banning for Offsite Conduct

Livestreaming giant Twitch has garnered inspiration from sites such as Patreon by updating its terms of use, now allowing the site to ban users for offsite conduct or content they personally don’t agree with, yet another move to try and control what people are allowed to say and do. An incredibly lengthy statement was made […]
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Japanese Apex Legends Players Banned for Saying “Nigero”

EA, the publisher of Apex Legends, has tried to take their awful reputation to new heights as they have decided to temporarily ban some Japanese players for saying “nigero”, despite it being an actual Japanese word and not the racial slur (“nigger”) the publisher wishes it was. Screenshots were shared online of players being handed […]
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Amazon Banning Even More Innocent Anime Figures for “Child Pornography”

Amazon has further expanded its “initiative” on banning anime figures on the false excuse that they are apparently child pornography, the items in question being nothing of the sort and not even remotely suggestive. A distributor of anime figures drew attention to the matter once again on Twitter, sharing emails sent by Amazon informing him […]
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Alternate Social Media Site Minds CEO Labels Loli Illegal, Bans Users

The co-creator and CEO of Minds, an alternate form of social media that prides itself on being “pro free speech”, has already begun the crusade of unlawfully banning users for posting things he doesn’t personally like, with the users in question being banned for posting loli anime girls. The subject came up after a few […]
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Illinois Lawmaker Blames Grand Theft Auto V for Carjacking Surge, Desires Ban

US Democratic State Representative Marcus Evans has claimed Grand Theft Auto V contributes and is an inspiration for the recent surge of carjackings happening in the Chicago area, the tired old excuse of fictional media being responsible for real world crime still yet to be dead and buried. To battle the increasing rate of carjackings, […]
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Virtual YouTuber Sakura Miko Banned From YouTube for a Few Minutes

Taking into account YouTube’s long history of unfairly banning content creators for a variety of reasons, many will probably not be shocked to learn that virtual YouTuber Sakura Miko was recently banned from the platform, albeit for a few minutes – she has since come back, but has expressed she has no idea why she […]
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Virtual YouTube Sakura Miko Banned From YouTube for a Few Minutes

Taking into account YouTube’s long history of unfairly banning content creators for a variety of reasons, many will probably not be shocked to learn that virtual YouTuber Sakura Miko was recently banned from the platform, albeit for a few minutes – she has since come back, but has expressed she has no idea why she […]
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Artist Ennorei Spontaneously Ousted From Twitter

Yet another skilled artist has been ousted from Twitter by more puritans as Ennorei had their account suspended, with the social media platform also preventing him from creating a new account. A Twitter denizen who knew about the reputed artist drew attention to the matter: The artist’s suspension was apparently due to one of their […]
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Jack Offs Trump

Rest in piss, @realDonaldTrump: Twitter has permanently suspended the president after he incited a riot at the Capitol this week.Read more...
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Reddit Bans r/Conspiracy Moderator and r/DonaldTrump

Amid a hardening consensus that conspiracy theories emboldened this week’s Capitol Building rioters—many adorned with “Q” garments, waving Q flags, screaming about election fraud—Reddit is quietly weeding out spreaders of election-related conspiracies.Read more...
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