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Batgirl Star Leslie Grace Reveals First Look At Her Costume

Despite being introduced into the "Batman" comic book series all the way back in 1967 (technically 1961, but I'm talking Barbara Gordon here), Batgirl is finally making her way into the live-action DC Extended Universe, with Leslie Grace set to play the iconic character in an exclusive film for HBO Max. Not to be confused with Batwoman, the Batgirl character has appeared in multiple animated series and "The Lego Batman Movie," but this is our first bonafide chance to see a live-action Batgirl si...
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Chris Woakes with the old ball, Mark Wood for his third Test in three weeks – dissecting England’s latest omission of a spinner for a day/night Test match

There is no right answer when it comes to England’s Test team selection right now. But there are different types of odd decision. The omission of a spinner for a day/night Test is the most predictable one. England picked five right-arm fast-medium bowlers and no spinner for the day/night Test in Adelaide. That went so well that they picked three, plus a tired fast bowler and again no spinner in Hobart. Once upon a time, working for a local newspaper, we spotted a weird result in a vegeta...
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The 20 Best Michael Keaton Movies, Ranked

Perhaps best known as the Caped Crusader of Tim Burton's "Batman" films, Michael Keaton has had a wide-ranging and thriving career. Keaton started off in comedy, training at the legendary Second City, before working on iconic television series such as "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" and "Maude." Keaton finally entered the big screen in "Night Shift" with a crackling, frenetic energy that would launch a successful film comedy career before Burton took the risk of casting him as Batman, a role that ...
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Why The Shocking Ending Of No Time To Die Divided Audiences

After three pandemic-related delays, the twenty-fifth film in the James Bond franchise and the fifth and final outing of Daniel Craig as the MI6 agent, "No Time To Die," is finally available for the world to see, and it was definitely worth the wait. The highly-anticipated film from Cary Joji Fukunaga was meant to be an epic swan song for Craig, who has played James Bond more than any other actor, and for a longer period of time spanning 15 years. Despite all of the factors that could have preve...
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‘It’s about quality of life’: septuagenarian gym owners keep their peers moving

Their shed may not be state-of-the art but a community-oriented approach to fitness is working out for Barbara and Peter Hill. Lifestyle editor Alyx Gorman introduces a heartwarming story that could get you movingYou can read the original story here: ‘It’s about quality of life’: septuagenarian gym owners keep their peers moving Continue reading...
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Email, Atmos, and LiDAR…Oh My! — Mac Geek Gab 907

You know what happens when your two favorite geeks get together, don’t you? Geeky talk about all kinds of things AND answers to all your questions. Listen as Dave and John help solve your email filtering issues, your Atmos setup, your house-cleaning needs, and more… all while ensuring everyone listening learns at least five new things. Press play…and enjoy this final episode of 2021! SPONSOR: Other World Computing’s new miniStack STX is exactly The Thunderbolt 4 Hub you want for your mac Mini. S...
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People who build our bikeways should not park in them

This happens far too often. Still. (Photo: Barbara S.) “The driver – part of the contractor firm – was very unapologetic and suggested we should just go around him.” We cover the problem of people parking cars in bike lanes so often that we’ve got a special category for it in our archives. Like right hooks and secure bike parking and debris-filled bike lanes — keeping people’s cars out of bikeways seems to be one of those nagging perennial problems that the Portland Bureau of Transporta...
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This Dark Plotline Was Cut From Doctor Who

For over 50 years, "Doctor Who" has remained one of the most important contributions to British pop culture and has developed a cult following across the globe. Following the adventures of the titular character, "Doctor Who" is about a rogue Time Lord who fled the planet Gallifrey in a stolen TARDIS ("Time and Relative Dimension in Space"), a time machine equipped with a malfunctioning "chameleon circuit" which typically allows the machine to take on the appearance of local objects as a disguise...
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Bond Producers Want To Work With No Time To Die Director Cary Fukunaga Again

Cary Fukunaga might be fresh off of directing the latest high-flying entry in the world of James Bond, but if Barbara Broccoli has anything to say about it, this won't be the last time he teams up with 007. The delightfully named owner of the James Bond film franchise can't stop saying nice things about the "No Time to Die" director, and it seems the feeling is mutual. Fukunaga's Bond film might feel like the closing of a door, but maybe it's also the opening of a window? At the very least, revi...
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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 15 Trailer: An Irish Banquet Of Humiliation And Murder

Season 15 of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is right around the corner, arriving on December 1, 2021, and FXX has released a new teaser to get everyone salivating for more. While the first trailer showed some fun bits of the gang in Ireland, it's looking like things aren't all that sunny on the Emerald Isle.  The Gang Has A Bad Time In the brief clip, Mac (Rob McElhenney) suggests they all go to Ireland after they discuss taking an "exotic" vacation. Charlie (Charlie Day) and Mac are of I...
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Barbara’s Morning Oat Crunch Original Cereal For Just $1.41-$1.93 Shipped From Amazon!
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Kroger: Barbara’s Cereal ONLY $1.99 Each Thru 12/1

Kroger: Barbara’s Cereal ONLY $1.99 Each Thru 12/1. Stock up deal on Barbara’s Cereal at Kroger. Thru 12/1, Barbara’s Original Multigrain Spoonfuls Cereal 24 oz is priced at $2.99 Plus we have $1.00 on Barbara’s Cereal Kroger Digital Coupon to use on this deal That will make the final price just $1.99 Kroger Deal Thru 12/1.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Everything We Know About Wonder Woman 3 So Far

Patty Jenkins' "Wonder Woman" was a bolt of lightning upon its release in 2017, giving the DCEU its first critically acclaimed film and beating "Captain Marvel" to the punch of being the first major female superhero movie in the post-"Iron Man" world. Its sequel, however, was a different story. Titled "Wonder Woman 1984," the '80s-tastic adventure bowed in theaters and on HBO Max on the same day after suffering multiple delays due to Covid. And when it did arrive, it left critics split, with som...
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Everything We Know About Batgirl So Far

It's hard to believe in light of the character's immense popularity over the years, but Batgirl has yet to make the leap from her comic book origins, small screen iterations, and even video game appearances to DC Universe feature films just yet ... in terms of live action, that is. At the very least, "The Lego Batman Movie" managed to do the character some modicum of justice! But all that's finally set to change with the upcoming "Batgirl," which will put Barbara Gordon in the spotlight she dese...
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Jenna Bush Hager makes incredible baby revelation about twin sister Barbara

When Jenna Bush Hager became an aunt to her twin sister, Barbara's newborn baby in...
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Deep-sea divers helped solve a century-old U-boat mystery in the waters between the UK and France

World War I-era German U-boat U-110, a near-identical model to U-95. Royal Navy This summer, British divers helped solve a century-old U-boat mystery. Deep-sea diving experts working for the Royal Navy examined a wreck off the English coast. They helped confirm the sub's identity and that of a sub found near France, both sunk during World War I. Deep-sea diving experts working for the British Royal Navy recently helped submarine historians solve a century-old U-boat mystery, drawing on...
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Veteran Falls Victim To Phishing Scam, Loses $19,000 From Chase Bank Account Meant For Daughter’s College Education

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Horror Legend Barbara Crampton Is Spending Halloweek Cosplaying The Divas Of Darkness With Fangoria

One of genre cinema's great bright lights is turning simply electric for the Halloween season. Fangoria has unveiled a new Divas of Darkness photoshoot with the legendary Barbara Crampton ("We Are Still Here," "You're Next," "Re-Animator") as she gets a Bride of Frankenstein bedazzling from make-up man extraordinaire Brett Freedman. The LA-based makeup artist is transforming Crampton into two more horror icons before the week is up, so keep your eyes peeled for that.For those of you not in the c...
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An Intimate Garden Wedding Complete With an Adorable Vintage Speedster!

One thing is for sure about this Santa Barbara shoot — the design may have been small, but it didn’t lack beauty in the slightest! Honour and Blessing Events and Jen Huang Bogan seamlessly put together a romantic day full of intimacy and the most cheery hues. It wouldn’t have been made possible without the abundance of vibrant florals by Lambert Floral Studio , which added an extra layer of freshness to the day. We can’t help but obsess over this bride and groom’s stellar sense of sty...
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A "visionary act of generosity" creates UCLA's new Barbara Streisand Institute

Featuring a Center for Truth in the Public Sphere amongst many others, UCLA's Chancellor is really grateful for Barbara Streisand's new donation. The press release is an odd choice when they could just have Barbara sue them to get the word out. — Read the rest
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Batman: Unburied Podcast Casts Gina Rodriguez As Barbara Gordon

There's a whole lotta Batgirl content coming our way, including a brand-new Spotify podcast from creator David S. Goyer called "Batman Unburied." While we've known that the audio drama was coming since 2020, an important casting announcement was made at DC FanDome: "Jane the Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez will be voicing Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl.At the global fan event on Saturday, Warner Bros., DC, and Spotify announced the final casting for the upcoming podcast. Rodriguez herself gave the a...
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First Batgirl Concept Art Shows Leslie Grace's Barbara Gordon Watching Over Gotham

"Batgirl" has had a long and complicated journey to the big screen, but the latest addition to DC's live action slate is finally coming together. Amongst the many treats presented at the DC FanDome event was our first look at the concept art for the upcoming "Batgirl" film, along with some very interesting tidbits from the cast and crew behind the project."Batgirl" made headlines earlier this year for its eventful casting process, which floated the names of many exciting Hollywood up-and-comers....
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Reagan's ranch is still threatened but firefighters gain ground on Alisal Fire

Santa Barbara's famed Reagan Ranch, known as the Western White House during the Reagan administration, narrowly escaped the flames of the Alisal Fire, which has charred nearly 17,000 acres since igniting last Monday.
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Which The Manor Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The characters in Amazon Prime's new horror film The Manor encapsulate all different types of people. When Judith moves into the titular manor after her stroke, she becomes part of a system that doesn't have concern for the old or people with declining health. While she is lucky that her grandson Josh visits her, she's concerned that she'll be forgotten. Meanwhile, in such a large house, Judith encounters a variety of different people.Nurses at the manor, as well as the other residents, have dif...
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SKY: The Power of Belief: To Hear a Smile

‘To Hear A Smile’ shares the poignant story of a day in the life of Barbara, a lonely pensioner who looks forward to her weekly call with Gary, a Sky employee who is part of the broadcaster’s Time to Care initiative. The initiative involves employees from Sky’s customer service group, who receive dedicated time each week to speak and befriend some of Sky’s older customers.
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How to Turn Single Women on in Nightclubs

A Survey on What Turns Single Women on When writing my first book, which was on how to pick up single women in nightclubs, I interviewed over 100 single women in nightclubs and asked them this question: "What kind of man turns you on in a nightclub?" Here are some of their responses, which tells you what they like in a man and what you should be doing to attract them: Robin - "A neat dresser, nice-looking, a man that treats me with respect."Kerry - "A very well-dressed man and has very good m...
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Bruce Wayne Got Batgirl Pregnant In Batman Beyond

Warning! Spoilers for Batman Beyond 2.0 #28 In a world inspired by the beloved DC Animated Universe, Batman once got Batgirl pregnant. Not only is their past relationship scandalous to fans— it’s also infuriating to Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing, who was Barbara Gordon’s boyfriend at the time. Although some fans might forget that both Bruce and Dick had romantic relationships with Barbara during Batman: The New Adventures, audiences were enraged when Batman and Batgirl got together in the a...
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Bruce Davison Interview: The Manor

Welcome to the Blumhouse is back with The Manor, a film centered on an elderly woman who moves into a nursing home following a massive stroke and suspects a dark secret behind the deaths of the residents. The cast for the film is led by horror icon Barbara Hershey alongside Nicholas Alexander, Bruce Davison, Jill Larson, Fran Bennett, Katie A. Keene, and Ciera Peyton. Screen Rant got the opportunity to exclusively speak with Bruce Davison for The Manor, the terror from writer/director Axell...
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The Manor Director Axelle Carolyn Dishes On Her Nursing Home-Bound Horror [Interview]

Axelle Carolyn is a one-woman indie horror powerhouse. In 2015, she inspired a handful of horror directors to contribute to "Tales of Halloween," a horror anthology centered on the best holiday. She went on to direct episodes of "American Horror Story," "Creepshow," and "The Haunting of Bly Manor," cementing herself as a person to watch in horror. Now she's teamed with the folks at Amazon and Blumhouse for "The Manor," one of the new crop of "Welcome to the Blumhouse" films. In "The Manor," writ...
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Love And Loss: The Power Of Owning Your Story

It is said that the longest journey we will ever make in life is from our head to our heart. Sharing the wisdom earned through the death of a loved one and other dramatic life changes can help lighten the load and guide us home to who we truly are. Join us for an hour-long discussion and journaling workshop with award-winning author Barbara Becker as we navigate the territory of loss, and ultimately, of love. It’s a landscape Barbara knows well. Her memoir, Heartwood: The Art of Living...
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