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Traeger's Grill App Now Works With Your Apple Watch

Traeger pellet grills and smokers are the centerpieces of many suburban barbecues, and those lucky enough to be able to tend these machines are considered gods among the brisket set. Now, after years of only being able to check and tweak your grill via your phone, Traeger is now offering an Apple Watch app for…Read more...
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One Grill to Rule Them All

You don’t often here the words “operating system” in tandem with talking about a barbecue grill… but then again, the Primero isn’t your average grill! Paired with your smartphone, it gives your grill skills a power punch of tech. Additionally, this Argentinian-style barbecue makes the more tedious tasks, such as heating the coals, getting the temperature right, or that inevitable liquid drip, a thing of the past.For starters, the Primero features an integrated charcoal starter, making it incre...
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