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Kamala Harris Will Be Dems’ Vice Presidential Pick, Biden Announces

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) will be former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate on the Democrats’ 2020 presidential ticket, Biden announced Tuesday. The development came in a tweet from Biden: Back when Kamala was Attorney General, she worked closely with Beau. I watched as they took on the big banks, lifted up working people, and protected women and kids from abuse. I was proud then, and I'm proud now to have her as my partner in this campaign. — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) August 11, 2020 ...
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U.S. Attorney General Barr says the left wants to tear down system

Barr also told a Fox News TV host he was worried that an increase in mail-in voting could lead to a contested presidential election in November, sounding in on an issue often raised by U.S. President Donald Trump. In an interview with conservative pundit Mark Levin, Barr said Democrats had pulled away from classic liberal values and now were akin to the "Rousseauian Revolutionary Party" aimed at destroying the institutions upon which the country was built.
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Petitions of the week: Religious employees, religious developers and more

This week we highlight cert petitions pending before the Supreme Court that ask the court to assess, among other things, claims of religious discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and standing requirements under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. In Dalberiste v. GLE Associates Inc., a Seventh-Day Adventist claims he did not receive a reasonable accommodation from a Florida firm so that he could have Saturdays off to observe the Sabbath. He asks the...
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James Comey Wrote a Letter in 2016. What Will Bill Barr Do?

Two investigations appear to be potential fodder for pre-election political machinations.
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Ex-acting AG Sally Yates defends FBI investigation into Flynn, calls Barr move to drop charges 'highly irregular'

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates pushed back Wednesday on current Attorney General William Barr's move to dismiss charges against President Donald Trump's first national security adviser, saying that the FBI's interviews with Michael Flynn were legitimate and calling the Justice Department dismissal "highly irregular."
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Prosecutor seeking Trump tax records cites probe of his business

By LARRY NEUMEISTER | Associated Press NEW YORK — A Manhattan prosecutor trying to get President Donald Trump’s tax returns told a judge Monday that he was justified in demanding them, citing public reports of “extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization.” Trump’s lawyers last month said the grand jury subpoena for the tax returns was issued in bad faith and amounted to harassment of the president. Manhattan District Attorney District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. seeks ei...
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Important reminders that federal prisons remain problematic and deadly COVID hotspots

Today my inbox got two dispiriting reminders that federal prisons are still struggling in many awful ways with the coronavirus pandemic.  One reminder came from this new Washington Post piece headlined "Frail inmates could be sent home to prevent the spread of covid-19.  Instead, some are dying in federal prisons." I recommend the full piece (which discusses numerous compassionate release cases), and here are excerpts: The Bureau of Prisons said 25 people have died in its custody this year whil...
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Study details how Georgia execution rate is "substantially greater" for those convicted of killing white victims than for those convicted of killing black victims

This New York Times article, headlined "A Vast Racial Gap in Death Penalty Cases, New Study Finds," highlights new research on the intersection of race and the death penalty.  Here are excerpts from the press piece with a few of the original links to the original research: Black lives do not matter nearly as much as white ones when it comes to the death penalty, .  Building on data at the heart of a landmark 1987 Supreme Court decision, the study concluded that defendants convicted of killing ...
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In the wake of George Floyd, a question looms: Who should be an officer?

Editor’s note: This is the first installment in a four-part series that will examine policing in California following George Floyd’s killing and subsequent protests and calls for widespread reform. Part 1 explores how potential police officers are recruited and selected. ••• Few job applications probe so deeply. Have you ever called in sick when you were well? Have you ever cheated on your taxes? Have you ever sexted at work? The application process for becoming a law enforcement officer – inclu...
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Is Trump's top cop, attorney general William Barr, a danger to democracy?

The attorney general’s many critics saw his combative display on Capitol Hill as proof of his willingness to enable Trump’s darkest impulsesWilliam Barr was hungry. “Mr Chairman, could we take a five-minute break?” the attorney general asked Jerry Nadler of the House of Representatives’ judiciary committee. “No,” retorted Nadler, his hearing almost done. Barr responded sardonically: “You’re a real class act.”It was pure Barr: a proud, combative, unflappable and unapologetic partisan warrior in t...
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Is Trump's top cop, attorney general William Barr, a danger to democracy?

The attorney general’s many critics saw his combative display on Capitol Hill as proof of his willingness to enable Trump’s darkest impulsesWilliam Barr was hungry. “Mr Chairman, could we take a five-minute break?” the attorney general asked Jerry Nadler of the House of Representatives’ judiciary committee. “No,” retorted Nadler, his hearing almost done. Barr responded sardonically: “You’re a real class act.” Related: Trump badly miscalculated in Portland – and even he knows it | Cas Mudde Co...
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Voting by Mail Is Crucial for Democracy

Especially amid the pandemic, it’s the surest path to a more inclusive, more accurate and more secure election.
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Trump Officials Reconsider Prosecuting ISIS ‘Beatles’ Without Death Penalty

American military officials in Iraq want two detainees taken off their hands and a British court has blocked sharing evidence for any death-penalty case. But other options are also getting a second look.
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ICYMI: Your TPM Weekend News Roundup

Trump Plants Seeds Of Doubt On The Election As is often the case these days, it started with a tweet. President Trump on Thursday escalated his war against mail-in voting by floating a delay to Election Day 2020. Trump doesn’t actually have the power to move the election; only Congress can do so. But the threat still serves a purpose for Trump, allowing him to undermine the results if things don’t go his way in November. State elections officials on both sides of the aisle quickly shot down the...
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Bill Barr Has Done This Before

This article first appeared at ProPublica. ProPublica Illinois is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force. Sign up for The ProPublica Illinois newsletter for weekly updates. As violent crime continued to climb in Chicago and other cities across the country, Attorney General William P. Barr announced that the U.S. Department of Justice was mobilizing to help: Dozens of federal agents would be sent to work with local police to combat gangs and i...
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Trump faces rare rebuke from GOP for floating election delay

By STEVE PEOPLES | AP National Political Writer NEW YORK — President Donald Trump repeatedly tests the Republican Party’s limits on issues including race, trade and immigration. Now he has struck a boundary. GOP officials from New Hampshire to Mississippi to Iowa quickly pushed back against Trump’s suggestion on Thursday that it might be necessary to delay the November election — which he cannot do without congressional approval — because of the unfounded threat of voter fraud. They reassured vo...
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4 Guards Charged in Inmate’s Beating at Alabama Prison

The charges, which include civil rights violations and obstruction of justice, stem from an assault at the Bibb Correctional Facility in 2018, prosecutors said.
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‘He’s Terrified of Losing’—Trump Goes Into Hyperdrive to Delegitimize the Election

As much of the political world went into an uproar over Donald Trump floating the idea of delaying the November election, inside the president’s orbit, his Thursday morning tweet suggesting just that was seen as something far narrower and more strategically focused.The president isn’t really trying to delay the vote. He is trying to preemptively delegitimize the likely results.Two administration officials and another individual close to the president say that what they saw Thursday morning was t...
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US Department of Justice sets another execution date for last week of August

In this recent post I wondered aloud "How many federal death row prisoners does Attorney General William Barr want to see executed in 2020?".  My main point in that post was that, after the completion of three federal executions earlier this month thanks to SCOTUS lifting lower court stays, it would now seem that AG Barr is likely to be able to complete how ever many executions he decides to set. Yesterday, via this press release, we learned that AG Barr wants to see at least one more execution ...
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McConnell And McCarthy Say No Way To Election Delay: ‘We Should Go Forward’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) rejected an idea floated by Trump to delay the November presidential election, saying Thursday that it should go forward as planned.  “Never in the history of the federal elections have we ever not held an election and we should go forward with our election,” McCarthy told reporters when asked about the proposition of a delay during a press conference.  The remarks follow a Thursday morning tweet by the President that suggested delaying the electi...
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Appeals Court Erases Order to End Michael Flynn Case, Sets New Arguments

The decision means that the legal saga over the criminal charge against President Trump’s former national security adviser will continue.
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Trump Can’t Legally Change The Election Day — But He Can Try To Undermine The Results

The President doesn’t have the authority to change the date of Election Day. But words never fail our commander in chief. So on Thursday morning, he suggested doing just that. With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote??? — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 30, 2020 Lawyers and ...
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Full Appeals Court Agrees to Hear Request to End Michael Flynn Case

The decision means that the legal saga over the criminal charge against the former national security adviser will continue.
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D.C. Circuit Court Agrees to Hear Case on Barr’s Decision to Drop Charges against Michael Flynn

The U.S. Appeals Court for the District of Columbia Circuit on Thursday vacated an earlier ruling by the court to dismiss the case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.A majority of judges on the Circuit Court agreed to an en banc rehearing of the case against Flynn, meaning that all eleven of the court's judges will oversee the case.> BREAKING: DC Circuit Court vacates panel's order that the trial judge dismiss Michael Flynn's criminal charges. Full court will rehear th...
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Trump floats November election delay, but it won’t happen

By ZEKE MILLER  and COLLEEN LONG WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is for the first time publicly floating a “delay” to the Nov. 3 presidential election, as he makes unsubstantiated allegations that increased mail-in voting will result in fraud. The date of the presidential election — the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in every fourth year — is enshrined in federal law and would require an act of Congress to change, including agreement from the Democratic-controlled House of Repres...
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Why Barr’s Pick for Brooklyn Prosecutor Faces Scrutiny From All Sides

Seth DuCharme returns to Brooklyn as U.S. attorney after serving a Justice Department that faced criticism of increased politicization.
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