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Before the Rain

There is 100% chance of rain for the next two days so I got out for some photos while I had the chance. It would be nice to be able to stop here and have a drink. It will be at least sometime in February before that happens. I guess we could all get together for drinks if we wore these. Saw these in a florist just starting to bloom. Cute mosaic dragon on rue du Dragon. It’s not by the famous mosaic artist whose pieces that I’ve been searching for. I see quite a f...
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Kalashnikov USA BARS Advanced Combat Micro Optic

Kalashnikov USA has announced the release of their first optics product – a red dot sight called BARS Advanced Combat Micro Optic. This is a non-magnified open-emitter red dot sight that is advertised as an extremely rugged sight developed for the AK platform. Let’s see what features this new RDS packs. The Kalashnikov USA BARS sight […] Read More … The post Kalashnikov USA BARS Advanced Combat Micro Optic appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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7-Layer Magic Cookie Bars

These 7-layer Magic Cookie Bars are made with seven delicious layers – crushed graham cracker crumbs, butter, sweetened condensed milk, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, coconut, and pecans. This 7-layer cookie recipe is a classic that everyone loves any time of year! 7 Layer Cookie Recipe You will love this classic cookie recipe that is sure... Read More The post 7-Layer Magic Cookie Bars appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Spiced Cheesecake Bars

If you love spiced desserts, then don’t miss these Spiced Cheesecake Bars with plenty of spices in both the crust and the filling! I can never resist desserts loaded with lots of spiced flavor. Those warm, comforting flavors are just irresistible, especially in the fall and winter. Combine those great flavors with cheesecake, and there’s […] The post Spiced Cheesecake Bars appeared first on Bake or Break.
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The new 10 p.m. curfew on UK pubs, bars, and restaurants will 'devastate' the industry, owners say. 'It's hard to understand how this is the solution to fighting the disease.'

Matthew Horwood/Getty Images The UK government introduced a 10 p.m. curfew for pubs, bars, and restaurants, and compulsory table service as part of its latest coronavirus safety measures. Industry bodies have described this as “another crushing blow” that will “devastate” the sector well into 2021. Two in five adults said they will go out less often as a result of curfew, according to a survey from market research company CGA. The curfew will also affect takeaways. CEOs of fast-food giant...
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Qantas sells decommissioned 747 airplane bar carts, stocked

Qantas airline retired its fleet of Boeing 747 airplanes and listed several fully-stocked bar carts for sale to the public. Starting at US$685 (or 169,000 Qantas frequent flier points), the carts sold out in an instant. From their shopping site: Enjoy drinks' service at home with a fully stocked bar cart from a retired Qantas 747. — Read the rest
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Quantas sells decommissioned 747 airplane bar carts, stocked

Quantas airline retired its fleet of Boeing 747 airplanes and listed several fully-stocked bar carts for sale to the public. Starting at US$685 (or 169,000 Quantus frequent flier points), the carts sold out in an instant. From their shopping site: Enjoy drinks' service at home with a fully stocked bar cart from a retired Qantas 747. — Read the rest
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Bars in Florida will reopen next week. The state recorded more than 200 COVID-19 deaths on Thursday.

Zack Vermes a bartender at Carmines Ybor Italian restaurant wipes off the bar while awaiting patrons on June 26, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. Octavio Jones/Getty Bars in Florida will be allowed to reopen at a 50% capacity starting on Monday, Secretary of Department of Business and Professional Regulation Halsey Beshears announced on Thursday.  Florida recorded over 2,500 new coronavirus cases and 211 deaths on Thursday.  Most bars were closed in June after coronavirus cases in the state surged....
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‘Everyone was drenched in the virus’: was this Austrian ski resort a Covid-19 ground zero?

At least 6,000 people say they caught coronavirus in Ischgl, dubbed ‘Ibiza on ice’, and their class action is gaining pace. Those who were there recall a terrifying weekIn the first week of March, Charlie Jackson had an argument with his wife. The recruitment agent, 53, from Pangbourne in Berkshire, was due to catch a flight to Innsbruck for a three-day “boys’ holiday”, skiing in the Tirolean Alps. Jackson’s wife, Carol, felt Ischgl, the resort booked by the group, was a bit too close to the par...
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Frosted Zucchini Bars

Frosted Zucchini Bars are flavorful bars made with plenty of zucchini, nuts, and cream cheese frosting! Zucchini is really a baking wonder. It’s amazing how a simple vegetable can make baked goods so moist and tender! When I have zucchini for baking, I tend to gravitate toward my favorite zucchini bread, but I also like […] The post Frosted Zucchini Bars appeared first on Bake or Break.
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Rap Megaverse Online Platform for Writing Rap Lyrics Now Launched

Rap Megaverse is an online platform focused on the craft of writing hip hop and rap verses. Rappers can drop bars on a daily topic or publish freeform written rap lyrics in a community for all skill levels. Visit There are two main areas to publish verses. The Megaverse,  which is a live feed where all verses are weaved together and built upon each other, creating a collective rap verse crafted by the community. Writers can also participate in a Daily Cypher that is topic-b...
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Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

With two kinds of chocolate and plenty of other great flavors, these Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars will quickly earn a spot on your favorite sweet treats list! I’m sure we’ve all baked and eaten our share of chocolate chip cookie bars. I usually like them, but I find often want something a little different […] The post Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars appeared first on Bake or Break.
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'Bar Lives Matter' concert promoted by Texas bar owner to protest coronavirus restrictions

The coronavirus is thrilled to learn that a bar owner in Texas is organizing a 'Bar Lives Matter' concert to protest the state's restrictions to slow the COVID-19 outbreak. Protesters are upset @GovAbbott shut down bars in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19. More than 30 bar owners are suing over the executive order. Protesters are demonstrating at the State Capitol and soon at the Governor’s Mansion. @KVUE — Jenni Lee (@JenniL_KVUE) June 30, 2020 It's pre...
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Cafe society returns to Paris as bars and bistros spill out on the pavements

Inside spaces reopened this week, but it’s the relaxed rules on outdoor terraces that bar and restaurant owners feel will create a quintessentially Parisian summer vibeOn a normal weekend, rue d’Aligre, near Place de la Bastille in Paris’s 12th arrondissement, is lined with raucous fruit and vegetable stalls and packed with shoppers and tourists heading for the historic Marché d’Aligre at its northern end. But now the stalls of the covered market are gone – they’ve moved to the open square in fr...
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Not in the pub quiz

We miss pub quizzes as much as you do so here’s a chance to indulge in some nostalgia The post Not in the pub quiz appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Cranberry Chocolate Chip Pecan Granola Bars

Cranberry Chocolate Chip Pecan Granola Bars are simple, baked granola bars filled with simple, delicious flavors! Homemade granola bars have been on my to-bake list for so, so long. Granola bars are a staple around here, so it only makes sense to make them myself with some favorite flavors. The beauty of homemade granola bars […] The post Cranberry Chocolate Chip Pecan Granola Bars appeared first on Bake or Break.
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New York City to-go cocktails

Since bars and restaurants are now closed in New York City — and several other places around the country — some businesses are making the most of the “new off-premises privileges” granted by the New York State Liquor Authority. As takeout and delivery are still permitted in NYC, some bars and restaurants are going the way of Louisiana’s drive-through Daiquiri bars, and serving cocktails to-go. As long as the drinks are sold in a closed or sealed container, and purchased along with food, it’s ...
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Coronavirus hits St. Patrick’s Day, but some pub owners plan to stay open

May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past. – Irish proverb The bagpipes will play. The Celtic bands will go on. Shots of Jameson will be consumed. For many Irish pubs, bars and restaurants, St. Patrick’s Day will not be a victim of the coronavirus, despite federal and state suggestions that bars close and people don’t congregate. At least, that is the plan as of mid-afternoon on Monday, March 16. “We are still deciding … to remain open,” said John Lyons, o...
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Why you should always sit at the bar

This is the Travel Take, where Matador’s writers and editors make the case for their favorite travel hacks, tips, and personal tics. An age-old dilemma has plagued bar-goers for centuries: “Table or bar?” It’s a question that seems as old as bars themselves, and it’s not all that hard to imagine thirsty serfs in the Middle Ages having to decide whether they’d rather throw back mead with the barkeep or crowd around a table with like-minded fellows. Nowadays, a whole host of factors play into t...
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10 of the best music venues in Brussels

The Belgian capital swings to jazz, dance and the avant garde, as well as pleasing rock fans, at multi-stage venues and intimate clubsMore than a century old, AB, as the locals call it, is a medium-size venue for rock, electronic, jazz, global, experimental and pop acts and is in the city centre, close to the Bourse (stock exchange). The main room is big enough to house major artists: all-standing crowds or fully seated ones, or a combination. Whoever is playing, expect the sound quality to be s...
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10 of the best bars near Europe’s main railway stations

Weary, bleary, or just plain thirsty, travellers can rest easy at this cool and cosy collectionPlus enter our competition to win two first-class Interrail passesThe Amano Grand Central hotel’s Apartment Bar is by far the swishest in the area and just five minutes’ walk from Berlin Hauptbahnhof. On the sixth floor, it has a warm, seductive ambiance with dim lighting, teal velvet stools and sofas, and memorable nighttime views over the city and Spree River. There’s a top-notch offering of cocktail...
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Top 5 après ski bars in Val d’Isère

Après ski is an opportunity to let your hair down and thoroughly enjoy yourself in the company of friends, loved ones and even complete strangers. It’s a time to unwind after all that physical and mental concentration on the slopes, to simply forget about everything else and experience the moment. Here are five venues in Val d’Isere […] The post Top 5 après ski bars in Val d’Isère appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Word of Mouth: Nashville

Tennessee's capital appeals for more than its music, neon signs and cowboy boots Part of the appeal of Tennessee’s capital city lies in its ability to retain its storied history as a lively, talent-rich musical destination while also thriving as a bustling metropolis of cultural institutions, worthy accommodation, excellent dining and more. Nashville has experienced significant growth over the past two decades, but plenty of …
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Upscale Hospitality at the Riggs Washington DC Hotel

In the shadow of the Capitol, contemporary luxury accommodation that reference a storied past Situated inside the illustrious, nationally registered Riggs National Bank building, which was built in 1891, the aptly named Riggs Washington DC hotel (open as of last week) nods to the property’s storied foundation without succumbing to kitschiness or architectural constraint. With 121,000 square feet to work with, the Lore Group (known …
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Tiny hedgehog pubs

Pet hedgehogs are all the rage these days, but the wild ones who live in the United Kingdom don’t have an easy life. According to Fay Vass, chief executive of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, “Hedgehog populations have declined by half in rural areas and by a third in urban ones in the last 20 years.” In an attempt to help the cute, spikey creatures, London’s Camden Town Brewery collaborated with the society to build mini pubs for hedgehogs. Photo: ‎Camden Town Brewery According t...
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10 of the coolest neighbourhoods in Europe

There are must-sees, of course, but to really get under the skin of Europe’s great cities go for our pick of less-touristy districts Continue reading...
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6 underbuzzed US nightlife spots

M iami, LA, and NYC are known for their electric nights. But what of cities with a bit less nightlife publicity? From Baltimore to Phoenix, you can still find plenty of places that pulse when the sun goes down — places that are open-air-dance-club good, that are secret-speakeasy good. From year-round Burning Man vibes, to smaller cities with unexpected and unbelievable craft beer scenes, to rooftops built for escaping the masses, here are a few under-buzzed nightlife scenes we all should be ta...
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Chicago to host "As You Wish!" a Princess Bride pop-up theme-bar

A Princess Bride themed pop-up bar is opening in Chicago. Perhaps you can find the man who killed your father... NBC Chicago: Inconceivable! "As You Wish," a "Princess Bride"-themed pop-up bar, will soon open in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood. The Sixth, which is located at 2202 W. Lawrence Ave., is launching the immersive bar on Feb. 11 with decorations replicating scenes from the 1987 film, according to Eater. The bar will also have 16 cocktails named after some of the movie's m...
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Six Unexpected Beer-Based Cocktails

From the subtle to the spicy and sweet, lager-based drinks from NYC bars and restaurants Whether seeking a cocktail with lower potency or searching for a different flavor profile, beer-based drinks provide an effective alternative. Effervescent, refreshing, and complex because they’re unexpected, these recipes range from spins on classics to entirely new concoctions—some are spicy, while others lean toward sweet. Best of all, most can …
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Word of Mouth: Oaxaca City, Mexico

From bustling marketplaces to mezcalerias and tranquil hotels, our favorite places in this city of dichotomies Mexico‘s southern state of Oaxaca encourages all who visit to indulge in its variety: within its borders thrives an array of climates and over a dozen indigenous cultures. This serendipitous formula produces some of the country’s most admired culinary assets and exports, mole and mezcal, as well as traditional …
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