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Victory for WA State Preemption in SAF-NRA Challenge of Edmonds Storage Rule

A Washington State appeals court panel ruled unanimously that a so-called “safe storage” mandate in the City of Edmonds is illegal under the state’s 36-year-old preemption statute. It’s a victory for SAF and NRA. HK P30sk Chained Gun Locked Pistol IMG: Dave Workman U.S.A. –-( A three-judge panel for the Washington State Court of Appeals, Division 1 has ruled unanimously that a so-called “safe storage” mandate adopted by the City of Edmonds violates the state’s 36-year-old preemp...
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WA Appeals Court Unanimously Upholds Preemption in SAF Lawsuit

WA Appeals Court Unanimously Upholds Preemption in SAF Lawsuit, iStock-884168778 U.S.A. –-( A Washington State Appeals Court panel has unanimously held that a so-called “safe storage” ordinance adopted by the City of Edmonds and challenged by the Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association and three private citizens violates the state’s 36-year-old model preemption law. The ruling is a “significant victory for Evergreen State gun and privacy rights,” said SAF founder...
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Amazon is Using AI-Equipped Cameras in Delivery Vans

Amazon drivers at some U.S. facilities will soon have an extra set of eyes watching them when they hit the road to make their daily deliveries. From a report: The company recently began testing AI-equipped cameras in vehicles to monitor contracted delivery drivers while they're on the job, with the aim of improving safety. Amazon has deployed the cameras in Amazon-branded cargo vans used by a handful of companies that are part of its delivery service partner program, which are largely responsibl...
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How to Turn a Spare Room Into a Home Theater

Gone are the days of seeing a movie just to feel the leather seats, smell the popcorn, and be with others in the movie theater. Indoor movie theaters are high-risk locations during the ongoing pandemic, so while we wait for mass vaccinations and fewer lockdowns, making your own home theater can be a clever…Read more...
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Baltimore Sisters Make Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Out Of Bamboo Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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Southern California representatives sheltering as Trump supporters riot in D.C.

As protesters stormed the United States Capitol and fought with police in Washington D.C. — actions many describe as an unprecedented attempt to prevent the transfer of power from the Donald Trump administration to president elect Joe Biden — elected officials from Southern California are evacuating their offices or staying under police protection. By 12:20 p.m. CNN and other news agencies reported that shots were fired on the capital grounds and at least one woman had been shot. She reportedly ...
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Friends for decades, these two women teamed up to direct a movie about the lives of Black women

Meagan Good and Tamara Bass met as teen actors at an audition in Hollywood more than 20 years ago, and they soon became fast friends. And even as the years passed and their fortunes in film and television diverged, their friendship held strong. Good, 39, has done steady work in movies such as “Think Like A Man,” “Anchorman 2,” and “Shazam,” as well as on TV. Bass, 42, found herself in that frustrating place where Hollywood sidelines talented actors they don’t know how to use. Tamara Bass, le...
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PUSH Play P.E. helps teachers during COVID-19 pandemic — and maybe forever

Elementary school physical education is experiencing an unprecedented change amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the change could be permanent, even when things return to normal. PUSH Play P.E. is providing a virtual service for classroom teachers that are responsible for instructing physical education. More privileged schools — usually with wealthy PTAs — can afford on-site P.E. teachers, but most elementary schools rely on traditional teachers to lead the course themselves. Converting from general...
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Who would get Kamala Harris’ U.S. Senate seat? The answer could be in Southern California

With the Associated Press and other major media projecting Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris as winners of the White House, two glaring questions — just theoretical mere months ago — are now framing Southern California politics: Who would take Harris’ seat in the U.S. Senate? And who could end up with posts in a Biden administration? Tough tasks lay ahead — and complex choices. “This will be one of the most important, most difficult and yes most costly transitions in modern American histo...
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A blue wave would've been a disaster scenario for US markets because of Biden's corporate tax plans, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass says A blue wave Senate would've been a "disaster" for American markets largely due to Democratic nominee Joe Biden's plans for higher corporate taxes, Kyle Bass told CNBC."We're talking upper brackets north of 60... that would've been terrible for our markets," the famed hedge fund manager said.Democrats had hoped for a blue wave sweep this election, but the US Senate is beginning to look like it might remain in Republican hands.Biden can also be expected to be "a lot softer" on ...
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What’s at stake for Karen Bass could go beyond election

Rep. Karen Bass looks to defend the seat in Congress she has held for the past 10 years representing parts of Los Angeles against Republican opponent Errol Webber. Webber does not have any substantial fundraising effort or formal campaign to speak of, so the contest will likely not be much of a challenge for the 66-year-old Democrat in a predominantly left-leaning district. But there could be something bigger looming for the Congresswoman whose career this year catapulted into national promise. ...
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Petitions of the week: “Bad Spaniels,” false testimony and more

Photo from Page 11 of Jack Daniel’s Properties’ Petition for Certiorari This week we highlight cert petitions that ask the Supreme Court to decide, among other things, how humor affects trademark liability and the extent of a prosecutor’s duty to correct false testimony. Jack Daniel’s Properties Inc. v. VIP Products LLC is a trademark case between the Tennessee whiskey distillery and an Arizona company that produces chew toys for dogs. In addition to selling liquor, Jack Daniel’s licenses its...
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‘Three-Ring Circus,’ part 2: How did the Lakers land Kobe Bryant?

Editor’s note: This is the second installment of a five-part serialization of “Three-Ring Circus,” Jeff Pearlman’s book about the Lakers era that featured Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and Phil Jackson. The book, which was written before Bryant’s death in January, was released Tuesday. Three-Ring Circus Kobe, Shaq, Phil, and the Crazy Years of the Lakers Dynasty Parts 1 2 of 14 The 1996 NBA draft was held on June 26, inside the Continental Airlines Arena, the East Rutherford, New Je...
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'Rest in peace Jay': sympathy for the far right foretells Trump's election strategy

The president has shown a lifelong penchant for inflaming racist hatreds and fears – expect much more of this before NovemberSix months into the coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump tweeted a rare statement of condolences, as the confirmed death toll in the US climbed past 183,000.But the expression of regret was not for victims of Covid-19. Instead the president memorialized a member of a far-right group killed in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night.“Rest in peace Jay,” the president tweeted, refe...
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The Positive Grid Spark is a versatile smart amp perfect for guitarists stuck at home

Powered amps for electric guitars have gotten some neat tricks powered by modern mobile tech over the years, but the new Positive Grid Spark ($299) might be the one that packs the most intelligence and versatility into a single package. From a companion app, to voice commands, to tunable modeling and home recording — on top of doubling as a standalone Bluetooth speaker — the Spark offers features for beginners and pros alike. The basics The Positive Grid Spark looks physically like your ave...
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Everytown Veepstakes Finalist Rep. Karen Bass Slips on Truth-Telling

By Larry Keane Rep Karen Bass accidentally stated what many Americans already knew – that Democrats want gun registration. IMG Bass.House.Gov U.S.A. -( Karen Bass (D-Calif.) joined the Everytown for Gun Safety’s Veepstakes and just might have let slip what her gun control goals would be should she join presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on the ticket as his running mate. Speaking with Shannon Watts, Rep. Bass decried gun control’s slow progress ...
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From Outsider to Insider: Karen Bass’s Unexpected Journey to Power

At every step in her political career, the California congresswoman had to be coaxed to run for a higher office. Now she’s a top contender to be Joe Biden’s running mate.
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Bass, Harris on Biden’s ticket? Either way, political effects would ripple in Southern California

With presidential candidate Joe Biden on the cusp of announcing a running mate, the stakes are high in Southern California, where the political domino effects could be profound if either U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris or Rep. Karen Bass are picked and ultimately win. It could happen. Both are on Biden’s short list of potential vice preesidential candidates — all of whom are women who in many cases would leave legislative posts that would need to be filled. Several Southern California leaders have emerg...
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Top VP Contender Rep. Karen Bass Denounces Past Cuba Comments

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic Rep. Karen Bass, one of the top contenders to be Joe Biden’s running mate, on Sunday defended her past travel to Cuba and the sympathetic comments she made after the death of Fidel Castro, the dictator who ruled the communist country for decades. Bass said she was trying to express her condolences to the Cuban people when she referred to Castro as “Comandante en jefe,” a term that roughly translates as commander in chief but is reviled by some Cuban exiles in Florida...
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Leading Democratic VP contender Bass defends stance on Cuba

Democratic Rep. Karen Bass, one of the top contenders to be Joe Biden's running mate, on Sunday defended her past travel to Cuba and the sympathetic comments she made after the death of Fidel Castro, the dictator who ruled the communist country for decades. Bass said she was trying to express her condolences to the Cuban people when she referred to Castro as “Comandante en jefe,” a term that roughly translates as commander in chief but is reviled by some Cuban exiles in Florida. Bass, who repr...
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The VeepStakes: South L.A. Rep. Karen Bass inching closer to becoming Joe Biden’s VP pick

In the dwindling days before the Democratic National Convention, South Los Angeles Congresswoman Karen Bass has emerged as a top-tier contender to be likely presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate for the White House. Perceived by national pundits as a Biden “short list-er,” Bass, 66, is in her fifth term in Congress representing the 37th Congressional District, which includes South L.A., Crenshaw, Baldwin Hills, Miracle Mile, Pico-Robertson, Century City, Cheviot Hills, West Los Angeles...
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Rep. Karen Bass Defends Past Remarks Praising Scientology

A top contender to become Joe Biden's running mate, Rep. Bass took to Twitter on Saturday to explain her 2010 comments.
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US politics: speculation intensifies over Joe Biden's VP pick – live

Texas ‘wide open for business’ despite surge in Covid-19 casesFollow the latest coronavirus developments on our global blogSign up to our First Thing newsletter 3.21pm BST Donald Trump has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. It’s the 12th day he has spent golfing out of the last 36. His motorcade was booed by a group of dogwalkers, while another person held a sign up reading “We are good trouble”, a reference to congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis who died last mon...
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Trump’s Approval Rating, Biden V.P. Search: The Latest in the 2020 Race

President Trump’s more sober messaging on the coronavirus crisis didn’t last long. For Joe Biden, the search for a running mate may last a little longer.
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Lobbying Intensifies Among V.P. Candidates as Biden’s Search Nears an End

Two women, Representative Karen Bass and Susan Rice, the former national security adviser, are among the most formidable contenders on Joe Biden’s list.
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Karen Bass, Susan Rice Rise As Biden's Search for V.P. Nears End

Two women, Representative Karen Bass and Susan Rice, the former national security adviser, are among the most formidable contenders on Joe Biden’s list.
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‘Building Bridges’: How Karen Bass Became A Leading VP Contender

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California’s leaders were deadlocked and on the verge of financial catastrophe in 2008. Five negotiators, including Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, couldn’t agree on a budget that would guide the nation’s most populous state through the Great Recession. Enter Karen Bass, who became Assembly speaker that May, the first Black woman to hold the role. She shifted the tone of the talks, helping the group find common ground. “When Karen came into the Big 5, everything ...
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Ocasio-Cortez Chastises Yoho For ‘Refusing Responsibility’ For Offensive Remarks

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said Tuesday that Rep. Ted Yoho’s (R-FL) “apology” from the House floor was nothing more than empty words. “I will not teach my nieces and young people watching that this is an apology,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted after Yoho made gestures at apologizing to the New York congresswoman for remarks that he had made on the Capitol steps on Monday, when he reportedly called the congresswoman a “fucking bitch.” “Yoho is refusing responsibility,” she said, tweeting aga...
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Rep. Karen Bass Says Yoho ‘Cannot Get Away’ With ‘Verbal Assault’ Against AOC

Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) said on Tuesday that a report that Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) had used offensive language in an altercation with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Monday amounted to a “verbal assault,” and there would “be a response.” Rep. Karen Bass called a report of offensive language used by Rep. Ted Yoho against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a "verbal assault." "He cannot get away with behavior like that," Bass told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday, adding that there would "be a respo...
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L.A. County Sheriff’s Department employee accused of sexual activity with detainee at jail in Lynwood

LYNWOOD — A 29-year-old sheriff’s department employee surrendered to investigators Tuesday and charged for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a detainee at a women’s jail in Lynwood. Roy’ce Bass was working as a non-sworn custody agent at Century Regional Detention Facility, at 11705 Alameda St., when he allegedly engaged in sexual activity with at least one detainee between August 2017 and January 2018, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The department’s Internal ...
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