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Which Should You Renovate First? Kitchen or Bathroom?

Many homeowners have renovations nestled amongst their future plans. The two focal areas, which can really make a house feel more like a dream home, are the kitchen and the bathroom. When executed intelligently, they can completely change the feel of a home, and the way you interact with it. Expert renovations can have significant ripple effects on improving your general quality of life. But which one should you tackle first? The kitchen or bathroom? There are many factors to consider befo...
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A full shower experience with 45% less water, the Nebia is changing how humans shower

People say that a cup of coffee can make or break a person’s day, I say that a good or bad shower has a stronger impact on the outcome of your day. A perfect shower is arguably more exhilarating than a great cup of coffee. It awakens your senses, opens your eyes, pores, and mind, and has you looking and feeling like an absolute champion. A dull, cold, lifeless shower, on the other hand, can have you feeling groggy, bitter, and shivering. The last time I checked, nobody likes a bad, spiritless ...
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7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

Let’s face it! The first room we visit before starting our day, and the last room to wash off all day’s worries, is our bathroom. Just imagine the opulent feel, if this bathroom gives the same luxurious touch as that of a five-star hotel’s suite. We can help you achieve the same level of excellence, with some amazing tricks. A luxury shower panel, elegantly designed thematic accessories, professional lighting, and voila! You have it in your personal space! Here are seven ingenious...
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Nebia by Moen: a perfect shower experience that saves 45% of water

People say that a cup of coffee can make or break a person’s day, I say that a good or bad shower has a stronger impact on the outcome of your day. A perfect shower is arguably more exhilarating than a great cup of coffee. It awakens your senses, opens your eyes, pores, and mind, and has you looking and feeling like an absolute champion. A dull, cold, lifeless shower, on the other hand, can have you feeling groggy, bitter, and shivering. The last time I checked, nobody likes a bad, spiritless ...
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5 Bathroom Storage Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

If you saw my master bathroom renovation at the end of last year, then you know I’ve had quite a few changes happening in the bathroom department in our house. I feel like each bathroom I’ve had since college has gotten a little better and a little more storage efficient each time until I’ve reached my pinnacle bathroom arrangement in this remodel. This is actually one of the smaller master bathrooms I’ve lived with square-footage-wise, so making use of all the possible space options has been e...
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How To Make Bath Time Fun for Kids

Baths and personal hygiene are a necessary part of life. Unfortunately, as parents with small children know all too well, many kids simply refuse to accept this fact. They avoid baths like the plague, and it can be completely exhausting to have to keep fighting them to get cleaned up at the end of the day. If you can relate to this struggle, here are a few tips on how you can make bath time more fun for your kids: Get the right equipment First and foremost, obviously, you will need...
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Spa-like guest bathroom makeover ideas

After living with our boring, brown guest bathroom for years, I finally decided it was time to renovate it, and make it a room I'm proud to have in my home. I always wanted to try painting a tile floor, and when I decided to give it a try, the inspiration for the whole room quickly fell into place. My the time it was done, I had transformed my boring guest bath into a beautiful and relaxing spa-like bathroom that makes a perfect guest retreat. First, let me show you what this bathroom looke...
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No more waiting for an empty room to step on this scale

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to step on the scale and perhaps didn’t feel confident? It can make many of us feel conscious to get on a weighing scale, it feels like everyone is watching you and judging you based on a number – that may or may not be true, but privacy is a right and Privacy weighing scale is here to make you feel more comfortable. You don’t have to weight (see what I did there?) to see if the room is empty enough before you step up!Some personal information, no ...
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Inclusively designed washing machine that takes a new ‘angle’ on doing laundry

Taking everyday home appliances and turning them into inclusive design products is an art and the world needs more of it! While most kitchen appliances have become smarter, tasks like vacuuming the house or doing laundry, require the user to be completely able which makes a lot of people dependent on others. Slip Wash is a concept design for a laundry machine that aims to solve this issue and make independent living possible for wheelchair users.The usual washing machine takes up more space with...
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Buyers looking for a fixer-upper? Here are 10 things to consider

It might sound like a great deal for your weekend warrior clients, but some properties just aren’t worth the price. Here’s what to watch out for.
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The Scariest Toilet In The World?

We’ve highlighted The Most Expensive Toilet, The iToilet and Toilets – Creative, Funny And Sometimes Just Plain Scary. Now there’s this “loo with a view” which is a London based public toilet encased in one-way mirrors. Source: Alamy/ Source: Jennifer Carlile / Is it something you could/would use?
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The electric toothbrush gets a chic, lush, forest-essentials makeover

Just because 9 out of 10 dentists recommend you use an electric toothbrush doesn’t mean toothbrushes need to look like specialized dental equipment. Meet the Forest Electric Toothbrush, a lush-looking tropically styled toothbrush that sits well with your expensive shampoos, conditioners, and bath bombs. The Forest Electric Toothbrush ditches the usual design language and color scheme previously set by brushes made by dental companies for something more in keeping with the relaxing style of a wel...
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Bathroom designs that you can escape to: Part 3

A super neat bathroom design is enough to melt the coldest of hearts! After all, we spend an extraordinary amount of time in there, carrying out personal activities, and it’s probably the one time we’ve ever truly alone. So we’ve put together a collection of aesthetically pleasing bathroom designs for some major inspo if you’re in the mood to revamp yours!This pristine bathroom design by Forte Design Studio perfectly incorporates neutral black and white tones with a touch of wood, resulting in a...
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Grow up! 20 unprofessional agent behaviors that need to stop

We all have days that make us want to drive into the country and shriek for as long as we feel like it in the privacy of our own cars. What makes it worse is when it’s other agents causing the frustration.
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Simple Geometry: Giro by Inbani

Giro by Inbani takes geometry to the next level with a collection of bathroom furnishings that make the grade. Made up of cylindrical and elliptical figures, Giro’s design is simple yet effective. The collection of sinks and bathtubs are available in pure white or black and are juxtaposed with faucets and spouts with metallic finishes. For more information visit The post Simple Geometry: Giro by Inbani appeared first on 3rings.
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Sustainable Living is the prerequisite of this home’s interior decoration

When you think eco-friendly, aesthetic is not the first thing that comes to your mind. Most of us will be stumped if we are asked to name three chic eco-friendly products to use daily, but Andrea Juhasz has created an entire interior space that is not only stylish but completely eco-friendly – above recycling and beyond sustainability. Let’s take a look at the details of what makes for a beautiful environment inside our home while protecting the one outside it.Sustainable and eco-friendly materi...
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Meet TIC, the most advanced and aesthetic way to carry your toiletries as you travel

Outwardly, the TIC is barely the size of a hip-flask. It’s squarish, slim, and slides right into your suitcase when you travel. Take it out and open it up, and TIC becomes the classiest travel toiletry kit you’ve ever seen. Integrated right into its slim design is a water-tumbler, and a wall or mirror-mountable kit that contains a toothbrush, toothpaste dispenser, and a bottle of mouthwash. For the jet-setting clean-shaven businessman, there’s a TIC kit that includes a complete razor set, alon...
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Yes, You Can Clean a Toilet With Mouthwash and Alka Seltzer

It’s hard to write an intro to a post about toilets without making everything filthy.Read more...
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Five Ways To Improve Your Bathroom For Under $25

It’s a new year and maybe you aren’t really interested in a whole new you — but you do like the idea of something new! How about spending a little bit of money, say … under $25? … to make some small but impactful upgrades to your bathroom? Sure! Here are some little ways to make a big difference in your bathroom.Read more...
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The Egret creates an all-purpose disinfectant that’s food-safe… just using water and salt

You’d be surprised what water and salt could do if combined in the correct way. Say hello to the Egret EO Blaster, an all-purpose cleaning spray that relies on the power of electrolyzed water to replace practically every other cleaning agent you use. When electrolyzed, the water and salt turn into a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide, which acts as a remarkable detergent and disinfectant, instantly killing bacteria, cleansing off harmful chemicals from food, purifying the air, ...
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Kohler’s new Alexa-enabled bath-fitting showers you with water as well as music

Kohler seems to have taken a massive liking to bathroom-singers with its new showerhead. With a halo-shaped design, the Kohler Moxie Showerhead allows you to fit in a wireless speaker into its negative cavity, giving you a luxurious Kohler-worthy shower with handpicked (or rather voice-picked) tunes to accompany you as you bathe.Now the Moxie isn’t a new product. Kohler released the quirky showerhead+speaker combination in as early as 2012, but the new update (to be showcased at CES2020 next wee...
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A full shower experience with 75% less water, the Altered Shower is changing how humans shower

Three years after developing the Altered:Nozzle and after saving over a billion liters of water in that time, the guys at Altered are back with a shower-head that uses an advanced form the very nozzle that they developed for faucets years ago.The Altered:Shower focuses on nailing down three aspects that make a ‘good shower’ – coverage, temperature, and pressure. The shower’s state-of-the-art nozzle allows lesser water to pass through, but focuses the stream into a dome, turning small drops int...
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Champagne Tastes: How to Create a Luxury Bath for Less

You stare at your bathroom in disappointment. You just got back from vacation and the differences between your bath and the hotel are astounding. Time to redo your bathroom. The problem is that you don’t have a lot of money to turn your bathroom into some type of luxury resort. What if we told you there are plenty of ways to get the look you want on a budget that’s friendly to your wallet? To create a luxury bath for less all you need is a few basic tools, a device that can pull up DIY tutorial...
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Karim Rashid’s latest Ikon travel kit doubles up as collectible art!

“I believe that we could be living in an entirely different world – one that is full of real contemporary inspiring objects, spaces, places, worlds, spirits, and experiences,” says Karim Rashid. And for the past twenty-plus years, he’s been trying to do exactly that, with over 4000 designs in production, 300 awards and an extensive portfolio of work that spans over 40 countries.Recently he joined hands with Dentiste, the South Korean oral care brand, to design The Ikon Collection, a travel kit. ...
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Laura’s Master Bathroom Makeover (Before + After!)

Anyone that’s ever renovated a house has that room that they desperately want to redo, but it gets put off for whatever reason (for what feels like a very long time.) When we moved into our house over four years ago, that room for me was our tiny dark master bathroom. Someone had redone the bathroom about four years before we moved in and … well, let’s just say I didn’t love the choices they made. They chose dark colors for the tile and countertop options (making the room feel smaller) and dark...
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Emma’s Laundry Room Makeover

I am beyond excited to share our laundry room makeover today! This has turned out to be one of my favorite room transformations in my house to date. In partnership with Elkay, I selected two of their stainless steel sinks – the Sturdibilt Stainless Steel Sink for the laundry room and the Stainless Steel Wall Hung Service Sink for the small half bathroom connected to the room. I absolutely love the quality and durability of my new Elkay sinks! I love that their sinks are so versatile and can be ...
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Gillette’s Apollo series celebrates 50 glorious years since man stepped stepped on the moon

On that fateful day, as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin boarded the Saturn V that was departing for man’s lunar mission, they did so with shaving kits containing Gillette’s razors. The company now celebrates 50 years since that glorious achievement, and its long-standing association with NASA, to launch the Apollo handle under its popular Razor Maker program that lets you choose custom 3D printed grips for your trusty Gillette blade.For space and science aficionados, you can now attach a lunar-th...
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The Best Stuff For Cleaning Marble, Granite And Other Natural Stone Surfaces

I recently got a spate of questions about cleaning natural stone surfaces like marble and granite. And yeah, these ubiquitous materials are kind of a bitch to clean and honestly shouldn’t be as ubiquitous as they are for that reason. ANYway! The problem with natural stone is that it doesn’t love anything acidic, which…Read more...
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A vinyl turntable inspired washbasin to hit you with a wave of nostalgia!

I’ve never really given much thought to washbasins, accepting them as a normal component of a washroom, and a structure to wash my hands in. However, Pasque D. Mawalla’s ‘Santuri’ washbasin has me intrigued! The name Santuri has been derived from the Kiswahili translation of the word ‘Record player’, as Mawalla is himself a native of Tanzania, East Africa. In an attempt to pay homage to traditional music roots, Mawalla created a washbasin that looks exactly like a record player or a vinyl turnta...
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There Is A Secret To Cleaning The Bathroom In Just 10 Minutes

The holidays are just around the corner, which makes this a perfect time for me to tell you the secret to cleaning a bathroom in just 10 minutes — with a lot of extra entertaining and people in and out of the house, it’s helpful to know how to keep your bathroom guest-ready without doing a ton of work. The trick here…Read more...
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