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6 Ways to Update Your Bathroom in 2021

It’s always nice to have a bit of a change once in a while, and updating your living space is a great way to do this. If you’re currently a bit bored with the way your bathroom is looking, perhaps sprucing it up a bit could be your next home improvement project? Not only will it make you feel better about how your bathroom looks, but these kinds of upgrades can also help to add value to your home. Below are seven suggestions on how you can update your bathroom that should suit every budget...
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7 Hacks For Upgrading Your Bathroom

Upgrading a bathroom from a seeming dormitory washroom to a posh powder room does not have to be the reason you break banks. Simple elegant purchases can give your bathroom the upgrade you desire. We are unconsciously attracted to bathroom spaces that are elegantly designed. They make us experience calm, soothing effects, and a jilt of happiness.  Below are 7 crucial tips that have been compiled with great consideration to assist you in your journey to a polished powder room. Create...
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5 Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom is an exciting time for any home owner, bringing you one step closer to your goal of living in your dream home. However, excited as you know doubt are to finally get rid of the dated avocado bathroom suite and grubby tiles, there are certain considerations to be aware of to ensure that you get the most out of your new bathroom. To help you out and give you a few ideas, here are five things to consider for your bathroom renovation.  What Type of Bathroom Do You ...
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7 Awesome Modern Bathroom Styles for Your Next Renovation Project

Renovating the bathroom leaves a lot of options to consider. The best way to go about choosing a design is to go with an overall style or “theme” that creates a certain look. Then, the perfect fittings and pieces will fall into place. To help, here are seven great modern bathroom styles to consider when you’re getting ready to give your loo a redo.  Modern Minimalism For those who like the look of clean lines and a nice, sterile bathroom space, modern minimalism is the way to go. T...
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Contemporary Bathroom Tile Wainscoting

I don’t have any active project in the works right now, because coronavirus but I’ve always loved watching how others are remodeling their spaces in fresh and creative ways. I’ve noticed some modern tile wainscoting installations beyond basic subway tile and they caught my eye. Wainscoting is a decades old way of making walls more interesting. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom anytime in the future, here are a few contemporary tile wainscoting installations to give your space that wow f...
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Brass Trim Uses in Design

The tile in my master shower has been chipping and falling off for almost a year so I have a plan in place to remove much of the tile and replace it with a better installation. I have a few insets for shampoo/conditioner so I was looking at different tile patterns and this installation stopped me in my scroll because the brass trim around the edges was to me the perfect detail. So I looked around and found even more examples of thin brass lines used to accentuate spaces in various installations....
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8 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

When you think of your five-star luxury hotel stays, you’ll realize that the lavish hotel bathroom is one of the key spots you’re likely to remember fondly. There’s just something about the shiny marble sink tops, vanity lighting, spanking clean bathtub; it’s just a luxuriously clean space free from the common clutter that you’ll find in the average household. The toilet is an extremely essential component of any household out there. While toilet upgrades may not be the first thing that co...
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Dino & Heidi’s Flip

Happy weekend friends! I’ve been spending this week in Portugal, tasting the food and seeing the sights of small towns in the Algarve, and the capital city of Lisbon. Portugal is *filled* with inspiration, check out my Insta stories today with pictures of tile on the buildings around Lisbon and at the Tile Museum. Today I’m in Aveiro, and tomorrow we’re off to Porto where we end our trip. A few days ago a friend of mine sent me some pictures of her flip house project and I was so impressed I ask...
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Patterned Tile + Bathroom Vanity Combos

I’ve been back and forth to San Francisco a few times this week meeting with a client. She has a full home renovation in progress and now that the drywall is up and the walls are painted, we’re in the ‘picking-of-the-finishes’ phase of the design (my favorite!). We’ve been focused on the two bathrooms and for her hall bathroom we chose this porcelain tile for the floor and this vanity in charcoal and I’m so sooo excited to see it all coming together. I love a bold patterned floor tile paired wi...
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Black + White Bathroom Makeover

*This post brought to you in partnership with Lowe’s. Happy New Year’s Eve friends! Today I’m ending the year sharing one of the things I do best: taking a mundane space and giving it a style makeover on a budget! My design studio has a small bathroom but it was so drab I couldn’t take it. It had nice new vinyl floors and decent shower tile but the rest of the space was boring in my eyes. Since I work here during the day I wanted it to be more than just functional and to give the bathroom a chic...
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Master Bathroom Design Plan

After spending many years staring at my master bathroom space and greatly disliking the finishes, the time has come to give the space a modern makeover. I’ve been living with broken and chipped tile that was never properly installed and a space containing not-so-exciting finishes. It’s functional but just not my style so this winter I’m giving my master bathroom a full renovation. I’ll be partnering with Lowe’s on this project, and the demo on the bathroom starts next week. The first project wil...
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The Teen Bathroom Remodel That Surprised Me

When you have an entire house to renovate in just six weeks, you cut corners where you can to help the budget and schedule. In my  mind, the hall bathroom (Teen Bathroom) was not the highest priority. Remodeling Priorities It’s not that the teen bathroom wasn’t important. It was just so incredibly bad that anything […] The post The Teen Bathroom Remodel That Surprised Me appeared first on Your home, only better..
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Flip House Bathroom Remodel

I came to Las Vegas for a quick trip in anticipation of getting the investment properties ready for sale, and also to photograph the master bathroom remodel which I hadn’t done yet. As I’ve mentioned before, this house was purchased solely for resale so I made decisions that would be best for this renovation including neutral finishes and budget friendly materials. Just like the hall bathroom makeover, I chose high contrast by installing a dark wood vanity cabinet and partnering it with a white ...
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Mixing Metal Finishes in the Bathroom

My friends, I always have renovation on my mind, and my attention as turned to my master bathroom. The tile and cabinets are too traditional for my taste so I’m budgeting a remodel. It’s not likely to happen anytime soon but it’s on the horizon. One detail I’m nuts about in bathrooms is the mixture of metal finishes. While I chose all brass for my tiny powder room refresh last year, I did mix chrome and black in the flip house hall bathroom and also in its master bathroom (to be revealed). There...
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Stripes in the Shower

I still haven’t remodeled the master shower in my investment property yet, it’s one of the last remaining projects to do before selling. While looking for inspiration, I stumbled across showers that go beyond one color subway tile and incorporate stripes with tile installed in both basic and creative ways. It’s a universal design truth: stripes are classic and never go out of style. I’ve seen my share of showers with a singular accent stripe of tile, however these examples show stripes symmetric...
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Moody Modern Bathroom Plan

Another new project landed in my lap, it’s a small hall bathroom for a shared commercial office. Rather than something light and bright like I did in my own home with my powder room, I’m headed in the opposite direction. This time I’ll create a moody modern space using a combination of deep hues on the walls (black or charcoal), a wood vanity, and brass accents. The Inspiration: images: 1 / 2 / 3 / Here is the 4×6′ space as it exists now, it’s one of those tiny bathrooms thrown together for u...
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Bathroom Remodel Burlington Vt

– Burlington Hampton Traditional Shower Bath mark our bathroom decorator & bathroom conception above and spotting much good figuring & bathroom concept. We also have small bathroom inspiration to helpfulness those with minimum space. When you see bathroom you like, you can hold the photography to an ideabook with just one snap. Your ideabooks about […] The post Bathroom Remodel Burlington Vt appeared first on
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Bathroom Remodel West Des Moines

– Bathroom Remodeling – Red House Remodeling mark off our bathroom decorator & bathroom conception subdivision and catching many succeeder opinion & bathroom suggestion. We also have littleness bathroom conception to support those with lowest space. When you see bathroom you like, you can reserve the image to an ideabook with just one step. Your […] The post Bathroom Remodel West Des Moines appeared first on
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