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A customer-training startup founded by a former Amazon employee is having its 'Zoom moment' during the pandemic as its usage increases by 5 times

Sandi Lin started Skilljar after spending years nearly four years at Amazon because she wanted to find a way to improve customer interactions.  Her company makes a customizable customer-training platform for software companies and has signed on big clients, like Tableau, Verizon, and Zendesk.  It's seeing demand skyrocket in the remote-work era as companies quickly look to connect with customers digitally, and having what one of its investors calls its "Zoom moment."  Online education and trai...
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A customer training startup founded by a former Amazon employee is having its 'Zoom moment' during the pandemic as its usage increases 5x

Sandi Lin started Skilljar after spending years nearly four years at Amazon because she wanted to find a way to improve customer interactions.  Her company makes a customizable customer training platform for software companies and has signed on big customers like Tableau, Verizon, and Zendesk.  It's seeing demand skyrocket in the remote work era as companies are quickly looking to connect with customers digitally, and is having what one of its investors calls its "Zoom moment."  Online educati...
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Thrive gives loans to students based on summer internships and job offers

Thrive, founded by Twitter alumni Deepak Rao and Siddarth Batra, wants to fund student expenses by looking at job offer letters as a way to evaluate loans. Today, it launched its loan platform and is accessible to students on over 400 campuses across 31 states. The San Francisco company helps underfunded students, a group that isn’t typically accounted for by traditional financial institutions that issue loans based on credit score. According to co-founder Rao, Thrive is for people like “first g...
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30 startups creating the future of work that will prosper in 2020, according to VCs

As the coronavirus crisis forces people to work remotely, tools that help them stay connected and productive are booming in popularity. We asked a select group of VCs to name enterprise startups that could take off this year as a result of the changing work environment. Each investor named two "future of work" startups: one in their portfolio, and one company they admire but have no financial interest in. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The coronavirus outbreak has changed...
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Facebook speeds up AI training by culling the weak

Training an artificial intelligence agent to do something like navigate a complex 3D world is computationally expensive and time-consuming. In order to better create these potentially useful systems, Facebook engineers derived huge efficiency benefits from, essentially, leaving the slowest of the pack behind. It’s part of the company’s new focus on “embodied AI,” meaning machine learning systems that interact intelligently with their surroundings. That could mean lots of things — responding t...
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Official Trailer for Ritesh Batra's Charming 'Photograph' Set in Mumbai

"Life is so unpredictable, my child." Amazon Studios has debuted the official trailer for the charming indie drama Photograph, the latest movie from one of my favorite directors - Ritesh Batra (of The Lunchbox, The Sense of an Ending, and Our Souls at Night). This first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and it also showed at the Berlin Film Festival. Batra takes us back to India to tell a story of two strangers in Mumbai, Rafi and Miloni, who meet one day when Rafi d...
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A Granada Hills middle school shines in gaining new accreditation status

Six LAUSD middle schools, including Frost Middle School in Granada Hills, made the grade in the first round of the esteemed accreditation process that gives students a boost in their future academic careers. All of the district’s high schools are accredited, which helps students looking to go to college. Leticia Mendez teaches her seventh grade math class at Frost Middle School in Granada Hills on Friday, February 15, 2019. Mendez was brought to the school as part of the school’s reduction i...
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Sundance 2019: Ritesh Batra's Lovely, Heartwarming Film 'Photograph'

Not everything is about falling in love, and being physical. Sometimes just spending time with someone can mean more than anything, and remind us we're not always alone. I adore Indian filmmaker Ritesh Batra's films about the random connections that mean the most to us. His sweet, touching storytelling lets emotions build through the moments and interactions - not just dialogue or story beats. Photograph is Batra's latest film after making two English-language features (Our Souls at Night, The...
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The Future Of TV Is Female

A young girl turns 16… and her body descends into uncontrollable chaos. No, not like mundane hormonal puberty chaos, but “I turn into other people when I touch them” chaos. Bad chaos. For the longest time, such an unexpected allegory for burgeoning womanhood would be relegated to the least-attractive time slot on some forgotten network or ignored by the television powers that be all together. But now, it’s Netflix’s pricey, prestige sci-fi epic The Innocents — It’s serious, and it’s taken serio...
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Some Tesla employees are disappointed that Elon Musk isn't taking the company private: 'We have so much external pressure' (TSLA)

Several Tesla employees told Business Insider they were on board with Elon Musk's plan to take the company private, and one indicated she was disappointed Musk was abandoning the plan. The employees believed that going private would remove the pressure to hit quarterly expectations, echoing what Musk had told them in an email. One employee shrugged off the whiplash-inducing change in strategy, saying that's just part of working at Tesla. We spoke with 42 Tesla employees about what it's really ...
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10 Awesome Uses For Sea Salt That Don't Involve Cooking

You're probably aware of the uses of sea salt when it comes to cooking, elevating the flavor of basic dishes and adding a kick of minerals and electrolytes to better your health. However, sea salt is also packed with benefits beyond cooking needs, where it can be used on the skin, for dental hygiene, and in self-care products to contribute to overall wellness. Here are a few surprising ways to use sea salt outside the kitchen. 1. In a Bath Adding sea salt to your bath can promote relaxation a...
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NBC Orders Comedy Pilot From Aseem Batra, Amy Poehler

NBC has ordered a pilot for a single-camera comedy that hails from Aseem Batra. The untitled single-camera project shows one woman’s hilarious unfiltered take on the side effects of trying to have it all. Batra will write and executive produce with Amy Poehler also executive producing via her PaperKite productions banner. Dave Becky of 3 Arts […]
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Ritesh Batra Puts His Heart Into ‘Soul’

Ritesh Batra’s “Our Souls at Night” will unspool out of competition at the Venice Film Festival and its stars, Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, will be honored with lifetime achievement awards at the fest. “Our Souls at Night” is about two lonely older neighbors who forge a relationship in Colorado. The 38-year-old Batra’s debut film,... Read more »
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How to Invest in Sports

In 2011, fans of the Green Bay Packers were offered the chance to buy shares in their favorite professional sports team. This was the first time Packers "stock" had been opened to investment in 15 years, and only the fourth time this had happened . Unfortunately for investors, it was an exceedingly bad deal.Unlike stock in profit-making companies, Green Bay offered sports fans no share of the Packers profits, nor any chance to profit from the enormous growth in the price of the shares. $10,000 ...
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CRISPR is used to eliminate toxic RNA which could treat RNA related diseases

CRISPR DNA editing is allowing correction of many diseases. But many other diseases are linked to RNA. Biotech startup Locana is using the power of CRISPR to develop treatments for disease caused by RNA. They use a technique for tracking RNA in live cells called RNA-targeting Cas9 (RCas9). In a new study, published August 10 in Cell, the team takes RCas9 a step further: they use the technique to correct molecular mistakes that lead to microsatellite repeat expansion diseases, which include myoto...
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Buying Your Own Professional Sports Franchise (at Least a Few Shares of One)

Plenty of fans might dream of owning a piece of their favorite sports teams -- and in a few cases, you can. But unlike most other business spaces, the opportunities for retain investors to get involved in this one are very limited.On this episode of Industry Focus: Consumer Goods host Vincent Shen and guest Fool Daniel Kline open up the mailbag and answer a listener's question on sports team stocks. The two talk about all the opportunities investors (and fans) have in the sports world. They also...
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‘Our Souls at Night’ Trailer: Robert Redford and Jane Fonda Feel the Love

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda are working together for the fourth time in their careers. They most famously starred in Gene Saks’ Barefoot in the Park, but they first appeared together in Arthur Penn’s The Chase. In 1979, they both starred in The Electric Horseman. Next month, we can see the two acting titans back together in a new movie from Netflix, Our Souls at Night. Below, watch Our Souls at Night trailer. Ritesh Batra‘s (The Lunchbox) movie is based on Kent Haruf‘s novel, which was ada...
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What We're Reading ~ 7/19/17

How do you value a subscription business? [25iq]The logic of patience [Value Investor India]A look at BOFI Federal Savings: Annals of the Bank of Misery [SIRF]On the struggles of shopping malls part 1 and part 2 [Adventures in Capitalism]America's venerable food brands are struggling [WSJ] Inside Formula One's (FWONK) race for world domination [FT]A look at Liberty Braves Group (BATRA) [Yet Another Value Blog]A new record high for US consumer debt [WSJ]This telecom bet big on landlines and lost ...
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Wondering How You Can Invest in Sports? Here Are a Few Ways

Investing is more enjoyable and easier to do when you're actually interested in your holdings. What could be a better way to do that than investing in sports? Though many sports teams are private, a few lucky investors can own shares in their favorite teams, and there are other less direct ways to put some skin in the sports game, such as investing in equipment makers.Let's take a look at a few ways that sports fans can mix their favorite hobby with their investments.Image source: Getty Images.C...
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Zaid Karim, Private Investigator, Part 8 – Badger

See the Story Index for Wael Abdelgawad’s other stories. Previous chapters of this story: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 (Note to readers: I just went back and made some major edits to Chapter 5. You may recall that there was a discovery Zaid made about Anna. I removed that, as I realized that it belongs at the end of the book, not in the middle. If you know what I mean, please do not mention it in the comments. Also, I apologize that the surpri...
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Liberty Media closes Formula 1 buy

Liberty Media Corp said Jan. 23 that it has closed its buy of Formula 1. Formula 1 has named Liberty Media its chief executive. Bernie Ecclestone, who was CEO, was named chairman emeritus. PRESS RELEASE ENGLEWOOD, Colo. & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Liberty Media Corporation (“Liberty Media”) (Nasdaq: LSXMA, LSXMB, LSXMK, BATRA, BATRK, LMCA, LMCK) and Delta Topco, the parent company of Formula 1 (Delta Topco herein referred to as “Formula 1” or “F1”) announced today that Liberty Media has completed i...
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Film Review: ‘The Sense of an Ending’

A couple years back, festival audiences fell in love with Indian director Ritesh Batra’s genuine gem of a debut, “The Lunchbox,” in which an accountant on the brink of retirement exchanges intimate notes with the complete stranger who has been cooking for him each day. That low-key treasure displayed Batra’s unique touch for the subtle... Read more »
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Liberty Media gets anti-trust approval for Formula 1 buy

Liberty Media Corp said Dec. 16 that it has received all appropriate anti-trust approvals in connection with its pending buy of Formula 1. PRESS RELEASE December 16, 2016 12:06 PM Eastern Standard Time ENGLEWOOD, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Liberty Media Corporation (“Liberty Media”) (NASDAQ: LSXMA, LSXMB, LSXMK, BATRA, BATRK, LMCA, LMCK) announced today that it has received all required approvals from all appropriate anti-trust authorities in connection with its pending acquisition of Formula 1 (the...
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The Sense Of An Ending Trailer Teases Excruciating Life Story

Jim Broadbent is one of the most amazing actors working today and he still doesn’t quite manage the attention he deserves. There may be some movement on that front on March 10th when The Sense of an Ending hits. The trailer is out and it looks as though the Julian Barnes’ novel is getting a great treatment. It may start out innocent enough with Broadbent’s Tony Webster as an aging, somewhat reclusive, man of a simple existence, but he is suddenly thrown back into his past and there are secrets t...
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Zomato acquires logistics-tech company Sparse Labs

Zomato has acquired Sparse labs, a two and half year old bootstrapped logistics-tech company founded by Pankaj Batra, to address an area where it has “immense room for improvement” – the tracking of delivery. Incidentally, Batra once worked as the Technical Architect at StudyPlaces, a company which Zomato backer Info Edge had also funded. Sparse Labs has a lightweight Android application which helps restaurants track and optimise their in-house delivery fleet, by transmitting a delivery-persons...
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Wounded religious sentiments and the law in India

We live in world suffused with offended religious sentiments: depictions of Muhammad in newspaper cartoons and hackneyed films spark violent global protests; courthouse officials in the US South refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses in defiance of the Supreme Court; and in India, authors threatened by thugs on the Hindu Right  “die” publicly in order to avoid a less metaphorical demise. Although our natural tendency might be to see religious offence as welling up from some interior core of ...
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Liberty Media Acquires Formula One for $8 Billion

John Malone’s Liberty Media Corporation announced on Wednesday that the company has purchased Formula One racing for a transaction price that represents the enterprise value of the iconic global motorsports business and its assets: a cool $8 billion. Chase Carey has been appointed as Chairman while Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone will remain in that role. The transaction, which valued Formula One’s stock at $4.4 billion, includes the initial sale of a 18.7% minority stake in Formula One, with...
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Poets Break Down Why They Won't Let You Mispronounce Their Names

If you can't pronounce Yesika Salgado and Aman Batra's names correctly, don't bother saying their names at all.   In a powerful spoken word performance posted by All Def Poetry on June 21, the poetic duo recounted what it was like for them growing up with names that were constantly being mangled and mispronounced by others.  "When you’re American brown girl, with two languages growing inside of you, you ask yourself how your name fits into a world that doesn’t call you what your dead father use...
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How to Buy a Pro Sports Team If You're Not a Billionaire

What sports fan hasn't dreamt of striking it rich and using all those billions to buy his or her very own pro sports team? Mark Cuban, current owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, did exactly that after selling his company for over a $1 billion in 1999.It's finally time for sports fans everywhere to stop dreaming. Now, virtually anyone can buy an equity stake in Major League Baseball's Atlanta Braves, no billion-dollar checks required. Read on to learn how to buy your shares, what your shares ac...
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There's a New Way to Buy Sirius XM Radio Stock

Image source: Sirius XM.Deal seekers have known for years that they can grab a piece of Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI)  at a discount by buying into majority stakeholder Liberty Media (NASDAQ: LMCA) (NASDAQ: LMCK) . Like many holding companies, Liberty Media has historically traded for less than the sum of its parts.The problem with buying Liberty Media as a way to latching on to Sirius XM on the cheap in the past is that it also meant inheriting the holding company's other stakes in basebal...
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