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Everything You Need to Know About Today's macOS 10.15.5 Update

The macOS 10.15.5 update is rolling out computers this week, bringing a handful of new features and settings with it—including a long-awaited feature that should help keep your MacBook’s battery healthier for longer.Read more...
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How to show battery percentage on your iPhone

Curious about your iPhone or iPad battery life? We’ll show you how to display the current battery percentage.
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How long do car batteries last?

Batteries are wear-and-tear parts, but their life cycle largely depends on what, where, and how you drive.
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The Best Jumper Cables for 2020

Jumper cables are an essential item for every motorist, and we suggest always carrying a set in your trunk.
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Here’s why you shouldn’t charge your MacBook Pro on the left side

A strange glitch causes Macs to overheat and slow down -- learn how to avoid it
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5 Important Tips To Maintain Your Car or Truck During COVID-19 Lockdown

Many of us have not used our motor vehicles at all since the Work-From-Home (WFH) order was enforced by employers due to COVID-19. Some of you may have used your vehicle only a few times. The good news is we are no longer sitting in traffic, spending our cash on gas, parking fees and general vehicle maintenance. When the time comes, and it will, to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that has been sitting for weeks or months. Here are tips on what to do prior to starting your vehicle and gettin...
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Why You Still Need to Drive Your Car a Little if You're Quarantined

With so many people working from home and physically distancing themselves—until May, as ordered by the Fed, and probably longer than that—your poor car has probably been sitting outside on the street or stuck in your garage. And that’s especially true if you’ve been trying to get all your groceries and other…Read more...
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Mugshot Madness: Pleasure P Arrested for Battery After Allegedly Hitting Checkers Employee With His Food

Pleasure P posed for this mugshot after he was arrested in Florida following an altercation with a Checkers drive-thru worker. TMZ reports that the former Pretty Ricky member was arrested early Thursday morning around 5:15 a.m. in Miami Gardens after he allegedly shoved a female employee in the chest with his bag of food through the drive-thru window. The police report states that the Checkers employee told cops the incident started when Pleasure P yelled at her through the intercom system for s...
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How to tell if your smartphone battery needs to be replaced

We've rounded up some helpful hints to help you tell whether your smartphone battery needs replacing.
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This weird gadget powers your camera with power tool batteries

Many of us have some DeWalt batteries lying around the garage or workshop. What if I told you that they can double as camera batteries? Well, thanks to the Mag Max 3A battery adapter from Kessler, they can. This clever gadget lets you power your camera, as well as other gear, with power tool batteries. […] The post This weird gadget powers your camera with power tool batteries appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Apple Might Replace Your iPhone's Battery Case for Free

If you’ve noticed that your $129 Smart Battery Case is struggling to charge your iPhone, or you can’t really charge the case itself that well (or at all), then you’ve got a defective product on your hands. Apple is aware of these issues and is ready with replacements, and you only have to jump through a single hoop to…Read more...
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How to Extend Your New Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite's Battery Life

The Nintendo Switch might not be as powerful as its competitors, but there’s still a lot to love about the system, including its massive library of games spanning multiple console generations, and its ability to seamlessly swap between playing on a TV to playing handheld.Read more...
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JBL’s solar powered headphones keep you charged all the time

JBL wish to free you from the worry of cutting your wireless listening short with headphones that charge on the go. JBL are currently crowdfunding a potential game-changer in wireless headphones. Their ‘Reflect Eternal’ headphones will use solar charging technology to charge whilst you’re on the go or sitting in the sun so you’re not cut short – unless it’s a particularly cloudy day. As headphones and earphones alike both move towards wireless options, battery life is becoming more of a...
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How long does a car battery last?

How long you can expect a car battery to reliably do its job depends on where you drive, what you drive, and how you drive it. New batteries last about five years, though your mileage may vary.
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Apple launches iPhone 11 smart battery case with a dedicated camera button

Apple has introduced a new series of its Smart Battery Cases for iPhone 11. And just like the phone is all about photography – so are the cases. There are three versions of the new battery case, and each of them has a dedicated camera button for easier access to your phone’s camera. As Engadget […] The post Apple launches iPhone 11 smart battery case with a dedicated camera button appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Best Battery for Honda Accord Based on Driving Needs

Car batteries wear out over time. When you’re ready to replace your battery, it’s important to purchase one that fits your car and the way you drive. Learn more about the best Honda Accord batteries to know what type of battery you should invest in. Here are five important elements to consider when buying a new car battery. What Is Your Car’s Battery Group Size? Unlike engine oil, car batteries have to fit in a specific position. Most Honda cars use a Size 35 battery, but you can check your car...
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Police: Man Assaulted Victim For Calling 911 About A Friend In Need

SONORA (CBS13) — Police arrested a 21-year-old Sonora resident early Tuesday morning for battery and two other felony charges. (credit: Sonora Police Department) Officers responded to the ER at 4 a.m. about a 30-year-old patient who was being treated for a battery. The officer investigating learned two hours earlier, Cole Cranstoun assaulted the victim at a home on South Stewart Street. Police said Cranstoun was upset the victim called 911 to help a friend with a medical need, prompting a law ...
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SH-101, the next generation? Superlative Instruments launch the svelte SB01

There’s an all-new keyboard instrument, born in the USA. It’s got the spirit of the Roland SH-101, but with modern design features. And CDM is getting an exclusive first look. It’s analog for the 21st century – rechargeable and thin, like a smartphone, but with analog circuitry and instrumental interaction, like the classics that inspired it. Superlative Instruments showed a non-final version of this instrument back at the Superbooth show in Berlin, but the company tells us they’ve b...
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On Pixel 4 battery, Google’s various teams don’t see pixel-to-pixel

Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are excellent smartphones with 90Hz screens, smart software, and killer cameras. But after three years, they still falter at battery life. Why?
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Fetty Wap Charged With Battery After Video Shows Him Punching Las Vegas Hotel Worker

Fetty Wap has officially been charged with battery after he was seen on video punching workers at a Las Vegas casino. The incident went down last month. According to TMZ, Fetty was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery for hitting the security guard in the head. Newly released video footage shared by the outlet shows a man believed to be the rapper outside the Mirage Hotel and Casino connecting two punches as guards surround him to try to take him down during a huge fight. Fetty was a...
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Toyota is extending warranties on EV batteries because they’re lasting so long

Previously covered for eight years and 100,000 miles the new warranty is extended to 10 years and 150,000 miles. This extension is valid for all 2020 Toyota hybrids.
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Creators of modern rechargeable batteries share Nobel prize

If you had to slip a couple AAs into your smartphone every morning to check your email, browse Instagram, and text your friends, chances are the mobile revolution would not have been quite so revolutionary. Fortunately the rechargeable lithium-ion battery was invented — a decades-long task for which three men have just been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The prize this year honors M. Stanley Whittingham, John Goodenough, and Akira Yoshino, all of whom contributed to the development of wha...
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Piston Slap: Unfit to Charge a Fit?

TTAC regular Ronnie Schreiber writes: Sajeev, Tonight, while driving on the interstate, the tire pressure warning light came on in my ’15 Honda Fit, then the ESC light came on, then the power steering warning light came on, and then the info display said to check the charging system. Everything seemed to be working just […] The post Piston Slap: Unfit to Charge a Fit? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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How to See Battery Percentage on iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery On iPhone 8 and earlier, you can choose to show the battery percentage in the status bar of your iPhone. To see the remaining battery, you need to go to Settings > Battery and turn on “Battery Percentage” toggle. However, the same isn’t possible on newer iPhones including iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, and iPhone 11 series. That’s because the new iPhones feature a wide notch or cutout at the top and hence there isn’t enough space to display the battery percentage icon. Che...
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Dave East Slapped With Misdemeanor Battery Citation After Las Vegas Threesome Turns Violent

Dave East tried to entertain two women in Vegas, but got a misdemeanor battery citation instead. Following his show at Drai’s Nightclub on Saturday in Las Vegas, the rapper invited two women back to his Delana Las Vegas hotel room for a threesome. However, his fantasy turned into a nightmare when something went really wrong. Police got involved, battery citations were handed out and a CAT scan was ordered. According to the police report obtained by TMZ, East claims that during the sexual encount...
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Nikon confirms some authorised retailers were selling counterfeit EN-EL15b batteries

Last week, B&H emailed customers who’d purchased EN-EL15b batteries from them. They said that some of the batteries were “subpar”. It was suspected that this was a euphemism for fake, and according to a statement released by Nikon to DPReview, the suspicions were correct. We have been made aware that some customers who purchased individual […] The post Nikon confirms some authorised retailers were selling counterfeit EN-EL15b batteries appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Learn how to boost your smartphone battery life with these tips

Our smartphones are an integral part of everyday life, but to keep them functioning at their best for the long haul, it's critical to preserve battery life. Here are some easy steps you can take every day to boost your phone's battery life. The post Learn how to boost your smartphone battery life with these tips appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Does Turning Off My Smartphone Affect Its Health?

As I was picking the letter for this week’s edition of Tech 911, I was reminded of how happy I am that my house has solar panels. This means I can leave most of my devices on during the day, charging away, and not feel guilty about how much electricity I’d be wasting otherwise. Read more...
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B&H offers free replacements for “subpar” (fake) Nikon EN-EL15b batteries

B&H has sent out an email to customers who recently purchased Nikon EN-EL15b batteries. Nikon Rumors posted a screenshot of the email, which states that they received a “subpar” batch of batteries, and as they have no way to know which customers received which batteries, they’re sending out replacements to everybody, and advising that you […] The post B&H offers free replacements for “subpar” (fake) Nikon EN-EL15b batteries appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Chargetech 124K is a beast of a power station with a 124,000mAh battery

Is that a power bank in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? That was my first thought when I was introduced to this beast delivering over 462Wh of power. That’s right, 124,800mAh at 3.7V. Now don’t get me wrong, I love power. I always have a Xiaomi 20,000mAh in my backpack and […] The post The Chargetech 124K is a beast of a power station with a 124,000mAh battery appeared first on DIY Photography.
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