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Does This Photograph Capture a Bear Chasing a Cyclist?

One version of this was captioned: "Some days it's hard to find motivation. Some days motivation finds you."
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Quick Hits: Polar Bears invade Russian Town

Residents terrified as dozens of polar bears invade Russian town A remote archipelago in northern Russia has declared a state of emergency after an invasion of polar bears has sparked fear among residents. Novaya Zemlya, located in the Arctic Ocean, has been swarmed with polar bears since December. The region’s largest settlement, Belushya Guba, has reported more than 50 polar bear sightings. Local administrators say that the polar bears have attacked people and entered buildings and that pa...
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Russian Authorities Declare State of Emergency After 'Mass Invasion' of Polar Bears in Remote Settlement

Russian authorities have declared a state of emergency in the remote, sparsely populated Novaya Zemlya islands in the Arctic Ocean, the BBC reported this weekend, after “dozens” of polar bears whose food sources are limited due to climate change started rooting through homes and other buildings near the settlement of…Read more...
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Boy lost in woods for three days says a bear looked after him

Casey Hathaway, age 3, was lost for three days in the woods of Craven County, North Carolina before police found him alive and well. He had survived pouring rain and near-freezing temperatures. According to Hathaway, a bear looked after him in the forest. "He made a comment about having a friend while he was in the woods -- his friend was a bear," Maj. David McFadyen of the Craven County Sheriff's Office told CNN. "In the emergency room he started talking about what happened in the woods and h...
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Three-year-old missing in NC forest said a bear kept him safe + Seeds sprout on moon

Three-year-old missing in NC forest said a bear kept him safe Casey Hathaway, a North Carolina three-year-old who went missing from his grandmother’s yard, has been found alive after spending two nights in the forest in freezing temperatures. The wind and rain became so bad while Casey was missing that authorities urged volunteers to stay home, and Casey was not dressed for the weather. But when rescuers, who searched the area with helicopters, drones, K-9 units, and divers, heard a crying ...
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Watch a wild polar bear trying to break into the box protecting a BBC filmmaker

BBC videographer Gordon Buchanan is on a mission of observing and filming a family of polar bears for one of his latest project. So, he came as close to the animals as possible – but one of the bears decided to get even closer. In this video shared by BBC Earth, you can see the […] The post Watch a wild polar bear trying to break into the box protecting a BBC filmmaker appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Nostalgia cookie of the day: Devil's Food Squares.

Look at this great commercial:That was the one cookie we always had at my house when I was a child — because these were the cookies my father liked. There were other cookies — Hydrox, Oreo, Vanilla Wafers, Pecan Sandies, Scooter Pies — but the king of all cookies was the Devil's Food Square. And I love the outdoor ethos of the commercial. These were clearly boys' cookies. Boys and grizzly bears' cookies. And I have to give this my "logos" tag for that Nabisco logo (which turns into a cowboy on a...
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In a Transylvania Town, Bears and Humans Collide at the Dumpster

With their habitat shrinking, brown bears in Baile Tusnad, Romania, have turned to scavenging. Residents sit and gawk, environmentalists want to protect the animals, but hunters just want to hunt.
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Wyoming Bear Attack Glock Had No Round In The Chamber

Dean Weingarten: With no round in the chamber and no magazine in the pistol, the Glock was rendered useless, if Mark Uptain ever got to it. Uptain had bear spray holstered on his hip. Chubon did not recall Uptain using the bear spray to the point where Chubon fled to get help. Uptain emptied the bear spray at some point during the fight. The 250-pound grizzly sow had evidence of bear spray on her. Mark Uptain was killed in spite of the bear spray. Carrying a semi-automatic pistol with an empty c...
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Is this the real life?

I can't believe this commercial that just ran on Fox News is for real — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) November 12, 2018 AND: If you don't like Trump, look at this genuine item of commerce I found for you:AND: If you like Trumpy Bear or have a Trumpster on your gift list, you can buy Trumpy Bear through the Althouse Amazon portal. And if you don't like Trump, here, buy yourself some men's undershirts to snuggle with while you think of Jake Gyllenhaal or whoever. [Author: no...
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Man Punches Black Bear In The Nose

In Western North Carolina: A Haywood County man says he battled a bear outside his home and he has the scrapes and bruises to prove it, WLOS reported. Sonny Pumphrey was in his driveway Tuesday afternoon when he says a mother bear and her two cubs showed up. He says the cubs ran off but the mother bear reared up and attacked him. “She made a charging dead run at me. That sucker was eyeball to eyeball to me,” he said. Pumphrey says he punched the bear in the nose, but then she dropped down and bi...
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I had a close encounter with a grizzly bear

I've always felt a spiritual connection with grizzly bears. They're slow, chunky and have an overwhelming affection for peanut butter--just like I do. From time to time, I'm fortunate enough to spot one, or at least the signs of one's passing, while we're in Alberta. But, as they generally don't want anything to do with people, being able to spend a prolonged amount of time with one is an incredible treat. It's a treat that I had the opportunity to partake in earlier today. Around 30 minutes ...
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Watch this drone terrify a mother bear and her cub

Have you seen the viral drone footage of mama bear and her cub trying to climb up a snow-covered mountain? The baby loses its footing several times and slides back down, but eventually manages to join his mom at the top. Many people have interpreted this video as a metaphor for determination, but biologists who […] The post Watch this drone terrify a mother bear and her cub appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Once Upon a Time in Montana

A traveler returns to his old town, where he’s tasked with watching over a just-perished stranger.
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Alaska’s Fat Bear Week contest

In the Alaskan bear community , there’s no such thing as fat shaming. When you’re the fattest bear in town, you not only guarantee a healthy hibernation, but also earn the prestige that comes with winning Fat Bear Week. On October 3rd, Katmai National Park and Preserve in King Salmon, Alaska, kicked off its tribute to its heftiest bears with this annual weeklong celebration of ursine girth. Organized in a bracket system, bears commonly seen on the park’s Bear Cam are pitted against each other ...
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Why Hungry Polar Bears Could Start Devouring Dead Whales

Just over a year ago, more than 150 polar bears amassed on a remote island off the north coast Siberia to devour a dead bowhead whale that had washed ashore. It was the largest swarm of polar bears ever recorded feasting on a stranded whale—but events like this could become more common in a warmer world. Read more...
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Why More Hungry Polar Bears Could Start Devouring Dead Whales

Just over a year ago, more than 150 polar bears amassed on a remote island off the north coast Siberia to devour a dead bowhead whale that had washed ashore. It was the largest swarm of polar bears ever recorded feasting on a stranded whale—but events like this could become more common in a warmer world. Read more...
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There Are Fat Bears in Alaska, and You Can Vote on Your Favorite

Katmai National Park in southern Alaska is home to thousands of bears. This week, rangers are celebrating the fattest through an online tournament.
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Watch this pair of brown bears fight over an elk carcass

I mean, it looks like an elk to me, but it could be a deer, too. In any event, I don't think I've ever felt as strong about leftovers as these two beasts do. I'm not advocating that anyone go out and take a bite out of a chunk of festering roadkill, but it does make you think.
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Yellowstone grizzly bear hunt cancelled thanks to court ruling

In the midst of yet another shitty news cycle, it's nice to hear that great things can still happen. Earlier this year, the state of Wyoming said "yeah" to allowing a maximum of 22 grizzly bears, once sheltered as a protected species, to be hunted. Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge Dana Christensen said "nah" to hunters gearing up to shoot at grizzly bears that call the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem home. From Earther: In his order, Christensen made clear that the case “is not about the eth...
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Mama bear plops her cubs in a minivan in the hopes of a roadtrip

Look, if a bear can figure out how to open the door of a minivan and get her cubs seated for a ride, I don't think it's too much to ask that she be able to take those kids of hers on a cross-country roadtrip to Disneyland. Hand over the keys.
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"After this kind of video do you still think Russia would fear of any sanctions?"

The top-rated comment, written a year ago, on this:Less than half way through, I was on the side of the bears. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Trilobites: Extinct Cave Bear DNA Lives On in Brown Bears

Modern brown bears are carrying a bit of genetic material passed down from the cave bear, in a study that suggests extinction does not always vanquish a species’ genes.
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Rug Hunting in Grizzly Country

For the first time in more than 40 years, Wyoming will allow hunters to shoot the big bears. It’s a bad idea.
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The Stone: The Beast in Me

We tend to forget we are animals, until we become prey.
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A gay club denied this hottie entry because he went out in high heels

"We don’t allow femininity," said the bouncer.
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Live stream of bears catching salmon in Katmai National Park.

Via The New Yorker, "Bear Cam’s Captivating, Unedited Zen":On a recent afternoon, there were around ten bears on the cam, using a variety of techniques to stalk the salmon. Some stood downstream of the falls, upright and staring straight down into the water for fish to grab, almost as a person might do. The most dramatic were those that perched on the rocks at the top of the cascade, grabbing at the airborne salmon attempting to leap over and continue upstream. It’s innately satisfying to see a ...
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A guerilla campaign to save grizzly bears in Wyoming is underway

Renowned environmentalist and chimpanzee buddy Jane Goodall has her fingers crossed: she’s entered the lottery to win the right to kill a grizzly bear in the area of Yellowstone Park. That Wyoming’s allowing the bears to be hunted is a big deal. There’s been a moratorium on taking down a grizzly bear in Wyoming for the past 44 years. This year, the state is allowing 22 of them to be killed by hunters. But, instead of taking down a furry behemoth so that she might eat its steaming heart to cele...
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St.-Girons Dispatch: It’s Bears vs. Sheep in the Pyrenees. The Shepherds Are Traumatized.

Under European Union rules, France must introduce more bears into the Pyrenees. But the animals are preying on sheep, to the horror of French farmers.
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Bear In The House, But A Dog’s Love Knows No Bounds

Via correspondent Fred Tippens, NY Post: GROTON, N.H. — New Hampshire’s Fish and Game Department says a 71-year-old woman suffered serious head injuries from an encounter with a bear in her home. The department says the bear somehow got inside the woman’s home about 1:15 a.m. Tuesday in Groton, a rural community in the central part of the state. The woman, who uses a wheelchair, was hospitalized. Authorities haven’t been able to talk to her yet. WMUR-TV reports evidence suggest the bear was trap...
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