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Stewart Brand and Brian Eno on “We Are As Gods”

In March 02021, We Are As Gods, the documentary about Long Now co-founder Stewart Brand, premiered at SXSW. As part of the premiere, the documentary’s directors, David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, hosted a conversation between Brand and fellow Long Now co-founder Brian Eno. (Eno scored the film, contributing 24 original tracks to the soundtrack.) The full conversation can be watched above. A transcript follows below.   David Alvarado: Hi. My name is David Alvarado. I’m one of the directors fo...
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Gillmor Gang: FreeCoin

The current rave about newsletters and so-called or social audio is just the latest version of the story of podcasting. Take the idea that podcasting is experiencing a new wave of popularity and scaffolding. Are you sure? Apple is bent on turning the space into a subscription model, and we’re all going to twist again like we did last summer. Somehow I doubt it. The basic attraction for me is not paying for podcasts. Subscription startups may be an important step forward, but the heart of the ...
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John Lennon’s ‘Plastic Ono Band’: Klaus Voormann on Making the Classic Album and Why a New Boxed Set is Essential

As far as “fifth Beatles” go, Klaus Voormann has forever been at the top of that elite list. Along with being an intimate part of the pre-Fab Four’s Hamburg circle, his trio Paddy, Klaus & Gibson was taken under the wings of Beatles manager Brian Epstein upon Voormann’s arrival to Great Britain. The bassist/graphic artist […]
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Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake: ‘My first band was the Spanking Newts’

Back with a new album, the Fannies frontman remembers his teenage years, from the kindness of the Specials to selling guitar strings to John Martyn – and trying to impress with his ice-skating skillsI got my parents to buy me a bass, because I admired the Clash’s Paul Simonon and thought that would be the easiest instrument to learn. McCormack’s was a Glasgow institution: when the Beatles played the Apollo, when it was known as the Green’s Playhouse, the amps came from McCormack’s. I got a cheap...
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Paul McCartney and St. Vincent Talk One-Man and One-Woman Bands — and Beatles — on Instagram

Paul McCartney and St. Vincent took to Instagram Live to have a chat about the remix she did for his new project, "III
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Watch wonderful new footage of John Lennon and Yoko Ono rehearsing "Give Peace a Chance"

Just a few days before John Lennon and Yoko Ono's historic Bed-In-for Peace in Montreal on May 31, 1969, the couple were chilling out in the Bahamas where this rehearsal was recorded. It's never been seen before. From YouTube: Originally set for New York, the second Bed-In was relocated to the Bahamas after John & Yoko were denied entrance into the U.S. — Read the rest
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AI Software Creates “New” Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Doors & Amy Winehouse Songs: Hear Tracks from the “Lost Tapes of the 27 Club”

What would pop music sound like now if the musicians of the 27 club had lived into maturity? Can we know where Amy Winehouse would have gone, musically, if she had taken another path? What if Hendrix’s influence over guitar heroics (and less obvious styles) came not only from his sixties playing but from an unimaginable late-career cosmic blues? Whether questions like these can ever be given real flesh and blood, so to speak, by artificial intelligence may still be very much undecided. O...
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Never before seen footage of John and Yoko

A special reissue of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band – The Ultimate Collection is coming out on April 23. Here's a new video from the John Lennon YouTube channel for the song "Look At Me," which includes previously unreleased 8mm footage of John and Yoko at home. — Read the rest
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Listen to George Harrison's stunning isolated vocals from "Something"

I vacillate between John and George being my favorite Beatle. At this moment, after listening to George's isolated vocals on "Something" from 1969, the scale tips toward Mr. Harrison. This was George's first composition selected as a Beatles A-side. Frank Sinatra famously described "Something" as "the greatest love song of the past 50 years." — Read the rest
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Exec Who Saved Capitol Records, Bhaskar Menon, Dead At 86

The record label was reeling in 1970: its cash cow, The Beatles, had disbanded, and it lost $8 million that year. Parent company EMI put Menon in charge the next year and he turned it all around: in 1973 Capitol released Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, and the label spent the decade issuing hit after hit by Tina Turner, Linda Ronstadt, Helen Reddy, Bob Seger, Grand Funk Railroad, and others. Menon went on to run EMI’s enormous worldwide music operations. – The New York Times
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In the Beatles' "Hey Jude," you can hear someone say "Fucking hell!"

I've listened to "Hey Jude" my entire life but had never noticed that at 2:58 in the song, one of the Beatles yells "Whoa! Fucking hell!" From Beatles History: Although engineer Geoff Emerick was not present for this recording session, he relates an occurrence of this day that made it onto the finished product. — Read the rest
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"I had to isolate, using Being Famous as an immense excuse for never facing anything. Because I was Famous, therefore I can’t go to the movies."

"I can’t go to the theater. But then sitting in this [Hong Kong hotel] room, taking baths, which I noticed Yoko did, every time I got nervous — I must have had about 40 baths — I’m looking out over the Hong Kong Bay, and there’s something ringing a bell. It’s like, what is it? And then I just got very, very relaxed. And it was like a recognition: this is me! This relaxed person is me!.... I rediscovered [in Hong Kong], the feeling I used to have as a youngster, walking in the mountains of Scotla...
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"He will obsessively listen to one song while working."

"He wrote one of his first plays to Leadbelly’s 'Ol’ Riley.' He listened to Bob Dylan’s 'Like a Rolling Stone' and 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' while writing 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern,' and John Lennon’s 'Mother' while writing the play 'Jumpers.'... [Tom Stoppard thinks] that art arises from difficulty and talent. 'Skill without imagination,' one of his characters says, 'is craftsmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us m...
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Deliberately Playing Copyrighted Music to Avoid Being Live-Streamed

Vice is reporting on a new police hack: playing copyrighted music when being filmed by citizens, trying to provoke social media sites into taking the videos down and maybe even banning the filmers: In a separate part of the video, which Devermont says was filmed later that same afternoon, Devermont approaches [BHPD Sgt. Billy] Fair outside. The interaction plays out almost exactly like it did in the department — when Devermont starts asking questions, Fair turns on the music. Devermont backs awa...
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Phil Spector’s Key Records: From the Ronettes to the Ramones

As loathsome as he may have been as a human being, the eccentric and obsessive genius of Phil Spector — pronounced dead on January 16, at age 81, while imprisoned for life for a 2003 murder — cannot be ignored. Spector crafted the role of record producer (to say nothing of his songwriting skills) into […]
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Author James Patterson on the moment his life changed direction, his working style, and his best career advice

James Patterson is the author of bestselling books like "Alex Cross" and "Michael Bennett." Stephanie Diani Dan Schawbel is a bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and host of the "5 Questions with Dan Schawbel" podcast, where he interviews world-class humans by asking them just five questions in under 10 minutes. He recently spoke with James Patterson, author of numerous New York Times bestselling books including the recently released "The Last Days of John Lennon." Patterson says th...
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The many voices of Paul McCartney.

May I recommend this highly detailed episode of "The Beatles Naked" podcast? I'm not yet half way through, but I'm so impressed with the analysis. There's so much of it! With the music played, so you can judge for yourself. I was interested, for example, in the discussion of the emotional effect of any slightly out-of-tune singing. Is it "soulful"? And has our experience of it changed over the years as present-day music is electronically tuned to perfection?And is it the case that there is a son...
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Enjoy this AI-generated album in the style of The Beatles

If your sense of Beatles completionism includes owning Rutles studio recording outtakes and the entire Zapple Records catalog, then you need OpenAI Jukebox's new album generated in the style of The Beatles.
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Goodbye to Gerry of Gerry and the Pacemakers.

The Guardian reports: "Marsden’s family said in a statement on Sunday: 'Gerry died earlier today after a short illness in no way connected with Covid-19. His wife, daughters and grandchildren are devastated.'... And his heart has taken some battering over the years. He had a triple bypass, an aortic valve replacement and ironically he also had a pacemaker.... Gerry and the Pacemakers played regularly alongside the Beatles. Both groups were part of Brian Epstein’s Liverpool-based management stabl...
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The Joys of Binge-Listening to Music During Lockdown

As this unprecedented year finally reaches its close and we look for the silver linings in nine months of lockdown, we think of time with family, time to recharge, time to think… and for some of us, quality time with another family member: music. Sure, there’s been no shortage of great television shows to binge-watch […]
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Happy Christmas!— #RingoStarr (@ringostarrmusic) December 25, 2020 ADDED: From Craig Brown's "150 Glimpses of the Beatles":Alone of all the Beatles, Ringo possessed no talent for composing. But one day, in a sudden flash of inspiration, the germs of a song entered his head, as if from nowhere. He worked on the song for three hours, and presented it to the other three the next day. After an awkward silence, they felt obliged to point out that it had already been written and recorded b...
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Wyatt Oleff, Kevin Pollak, Janeane Garofalo Join Beatles-Inspired ‘In My Life’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Wyatt Oleff, Kevin Pollak and Janeane Garofalo will star in Mark Rosman’s “In My Life.” As the film’s title suggests, the comedy/drama is inspired by the music of the Beatles. It follows Evan, a 16-year-old John Lennon wannabe, who is thrilled when the Beatles move in next door to his Beverly Hills home before playing […]
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Sneak preview of The Beatles: Get Back with fantastic unseen footage

As we patiently await Peter Jackson's documentary The Beatles: Get Back, here is a sneak preview montage from the film. Damn, this is gonna be great.
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Sneak Peek For Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back Documentary Revealed!

Sneak Peek For Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back Documentary Revealed! Disney has released a sneak peek for Peter Jackson’s forthcoming documentary film The Beatles: Get Back, providing a 5-minute special look at never-before-seen footage of the iconic band’s final moments together before their disbandment in 1970. Also featuring an introductory message by Jackson as he explains that the new montage video just aims to tease fans on what they can expect to see in the docufilm as this won’...
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First Sneak Peek Look at Peter Jackson's 'The Beatles: Get Back' Doc

"Get back to where you once belonged." Disney has unveiled a special "sneak peek" teaser trailer preview for the new documentary about The Beatles called The Beatles: Get Back, due out in theaters in August 2021. This is New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson's latest documentary (following They Shall Not Grow Old) that he has been working on for years, restoring hours & hours of old footage. It was delayed from release this year until August of next year thanks to the pandemic. "From one Beatl...
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"When Paul visited Moscow in May 2003, to perform a concert in Red Square, he had an audience with President Putin, who told him that hearing the Beatles as a boy growing up in the Soviet Union..."

"... was 'like a gulp of freedom.' On the same visit, former president Gorbachev told Paul: 'I do believe the music of the Beatles taught the young people of the Soviet Union that there is another life.'" From Craig Brown's "150 Glimpses of the Beatles."  Also: Mikhail Safonov was a schoolboy in Leningrad when Soviet radio played ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ as an example of a capitalist song about the relentless pursuit of money.... but before the end of 1965 he had become caught up in a partic...
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The Number Ones Bonus Tracks: The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie”

Welcome to the Number Ones Bonus Tracks, the addendum to our regular Number Ones column. We at Stereogum recently wrapped up our fundraising campaign, and we’d like to thank everyone who donated to support this site and keep it going. To those All Access donors who pledged $1,000, I promised that I’d write a Number Ones-style column on a song of their choosing, as long as that song charted on the Billboard Hot 100. We’ll publish those once a week for the next couple of weeks. *** The Kingsme...
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"George Harrison once sent a handwritten letter to a Beatles fan asking them to trash Paul McCartney’s car."

Far Out reports.  The fan, Susan Houghton, presumably calculating what it would take to get Harrison to choose her letter as one to write a response to, had asked him how to wash her car. Harrison wrote out a 7-point list of instructions, the 7th point being:  Now proceed to 20 Forthlin RD. with about 6 buckets full of dirty muddy greasey water, where a shiney Ford Classic will be seen. Spread contents of the buckets evenly, so as to leave a nice film of muck over the car. You can now return ...
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The Number Ones So Far

In January of 2018, I was killing time at the gym while my kids were finishing up a swimming class, and I was idly clicking around Tom Ewing’s Popular, a writing project that’s been going on for well over a decade. Ewing has been writing funny, incisive, personal reviews of every song ever to hit #1 on the UK charts, and it’s been one of the best things on the internet for a long time. I found myself wondering about #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, our own American pop chart. Was there a lis...
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How the Beach Boys Created Their Pop Masterpieces: “Good Vibrations,” Pet Sounds, and More If you ever decide to listen through the Beach Boys’ entire studio discography, one album per week, it will take about six months. I know because I just finished doing it myself, beginning with their simple celebration/exploitation of early-60s youth beach-and-car culture Surfin’ Safari and ending, six months yet half a century later, with the lushly elegiac That’s Why God Made the Radio. Between those points, of course, came the songs everyone...
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