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When the Beatles Refused to Play Before Segregated Audiences on Their First U.S. Tour (1964)

When American rock and roll made its way to the UK in the 1950s and 60s, along with a burgeoning folk and blues revival, many young British fans hadn’t been conditioned to think of music in the same way as their U.S. counterparts. “Unlike racially segregated Americans,” for example, “the Beatles didn’t see—or hear—the difference between Elvis and Chuck Berry,” writes Joseph Tirella, “between the Everly Brothers and the Marvelettes.” They also couldn’t see playing to segregated audien...
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Beatles ‘Get Back’ Documentary, Directed by Peter Jackson, Delayed for a Year

Crushing news for Beatles fans: Peter Jackson’s documentary “The Beatles: Get Back,” which was initially set for Sept. 4 of this year will now go close to a year later on Aug. 27, 2021. The move was announced by Disney, the film’s distributor, on Friday (June 12). The film creates a cheerful counter-narrative to the […]
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The 1978 Project: Part V

The 1978 project is a deep dive into the cinema of a single year, undertaken on a whim late last year. As it turns out, this is somewhat good timing, as tons of 2020 films are getting delayed, so it's nice to still get a feel for a single year, even if it's not this year... and honestly, it's much easier to get a feel for the current year because, you know, you're already living it. I have no idea when I'll finish this project, but I've been making steady progress. Current status: I've seen 62 f...
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"Even as Trump tries to paint Joe Biden as gaga, he is doing something truly gaga: He is running the government that is responding to the worst pandemic in a century..."

"... at the same time he is the leader of the resistance to his own government, urging people and states to open up whenever they see fit, recommending Clorox injections, stifling Dr. Fauci, refusing to wear the mask. The fact is that Donald Trump has been wearing a mask for a long time, like Eleanor Rigby 'wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door.' He studied larger-than-life titans like George Steinbrenner and Lee Iacocca and invented a swaggering character called Donald Trump with...
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Astrid Kirchherr, Who Helped Create the Beatles’ Image, Dies at 81

The stark black-and-white photographs she took of the group in Hamburg, Germany, before the musicians were famous captured both their toughness and their sensitivity.
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Listen to Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie) sing a lot of Beatles songs.

It's one of these coronavirus at-home, live-stream things. It's quite nice: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Not phrenology. Phenology.

Phrenology is the pseudo-science of studying bumps on the skull ("When the forehead is perfectly perpendicular, from the hair to the eyebrows, it denotes an utter deficiency of understanding").Phenology is...... the study of plant and animal activities and when they occur each year. Phenology is a real science that has many applications. In farming and gardening, phenology is used chiefly for planting times and pest control. Certain plants give a cue, by blooming or leafing out, that it's time f...
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Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids play "Come Together"

A family in lockdown performs the Beatles' "Come Together."
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Best museums in Africa

For black people across the diaspora, coming to Africa can be much more than a vacation. Many see it as a pilgrimage, one of returning to the home of their ancestors, so the normal trappings of the average holiday may not be enough for their journey. Visitors to the African continent are frequently there to experience the arts, letters, and history in a way that may not be required of other vacations. Museums of all stripes act as collectors and aggregators of heritage, and on the African con...
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"I've never seen a beautiful lady reading The Guide... so far away from the TV... you must really like television...."

Goodbye to the actor Sam Lloyd, who has died at the age of 56.Lloyd is best remembered for his portrayal of lawyer Ted Buckland on the comedy-drama series Scrubs and the sitcom Cougar Town. He and his uncle [Christopher Lloyd] both guest starred on Malcolm in the Middle, Lloyd as a housing lawyer and his uncle as Hal's father. The two also guested on The West Wing, Lloyd requesting the White House to release information about UFOs and his uncle as a constitutional law expert... Aside from acting...
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Grand Award for BBC Radio 2’s Beatles documentary

Howlett Media Productions has won the Grand Award at the New York Festivals for a documentary about The Beatles made for BBC Radio 2. Beatles historian Kevin Howlett earned the prize for his musical documentary celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Abbey road. He wrote and produced two documentaries that went deep into the creation of the last album the Beatles recorded together. Himesh Patel, star of the movie Yesterday, presented it, and it was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in the UK and SIRIUS X...
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The Crying of Lot 205

Friday, April 10, was the 50th anniversary of the breakup of The Beatles, so what better day than that to buy stuff? Specifically, Beatles’ stuff. Let’s face it, there hasn’t been a whole lot of interest in the actual music being put out by the two remaining people who had been part of the band, … Continue reading The Crying of Lot 205 → Read more at Glorious Noise...
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Paul McCartney's 'No More Lonely Nights' (1984)

I enjoyed this period of Paul and sort of fondly remember the movie Give My Regards to Broad Street but it was completely unmemorable. Woke up with this stuck in my head tho.
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Adam Schlesinger, songwriter for rock, film and the stage, dies at 52

By BEN SISARIO Adam Schlesinger, a singer-songwriter for the bands Fountains of Wayne and Ivy who had an award-winning second career writing songs for film, theater and television, died Wednesday. He was 52. The cause was complications of the coronavirus, said Josh Grier, his lawyer. In Fountains of Wayne, which was started in 1995, Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood perfected a novelistic form of hummable pop-rock in a style derived equally from the Kinks and 1970s groups like Big Star and the C...
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VIDEO: RAIN: A TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES Shouts-Out its Fans in New Video; Tour Stops Cancelled Through May 2020

RAIN A Tribute to the Beatles has released a new video thanking their community. [Author: Stage Tube]
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John Lennon called this song "one of the greatest strange records"

Rosie and the Originals' "Angel Baby" (1960) is a classic doo wop ballad, beloved (and covered) by John Lennon. Lennon was a fan of the flipside of that record too, "Give Me Love," but only because it's wonderfully awful. From Jonathan Cott's book Days That I Remember: Spending Time with John Lennon & Yoko Ono: "This is really one of the greatest strange records,” [Lennon] remarked. “It's all just out of beat, and everyone misses it. The A side was the hit, 'Angel Baby'— which is one o...
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Best songs to sing in groups

Now, more than ever, it’s time to sing. We shall sing in our showers. We shall sing from our cars. We shall sing to our pets and to our friends — over Skype. And to our neighbors — from our balconies. You’re likely not too bad at it, right? What with all those late-night karaoke sessions with your inebriated co-workers. Maybe you’re even a professional musician, or a part-time rockstar in your local band. Even if every time you sing, birds scatter and wine glasses shatter, the benefits of si...
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"I'm happiness blogging today. Nothing interested me in the news. It's a good move to make when nothing in the news is interesting."

"I stumbled into a strategy, that is. I thought I'd just put up a quote from this book I was reading — Robert Louis Stevenson, An Apology for Idlers — and the quote was about happiness, so I started casting about for happiness items. Happily, there was no end to bloggable things."That's something I wrote on March 16, 2012 — Facebook just reminded me. I loved getting that prod, as I engage in a higher level of seclusion this morning... There's so much anxiety mixed with boredom these days that I...
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Disney to Release Peter Jackson’s Doc The Beatles: Get Back in September

Disney to Release Peter Jackson’s Doc The Beatles: Get Back in September The Walt Disney Studios has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to acclaimed filmmaker Peter Jackson’s previously announced Beatles documentary. The film will showcase the warmth, camaraderie, and humor of the making of the legendary band’s studio album, Let It Be, and their final live concert as a group, the iconic rooftop performance on London’s Savile Row. The Beatles: Get Back will be released by The Walt Disn...
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The Beatles did it in the 1960s, and now...

"Donald Trump Is Going to India to Find Himself/Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is the American president’s spiritual home: an inferno of systemic cruelty" — NYT headline.Sample text:Last September at a rock-concert-like rally at a Houston football stadium, Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump walked hand-in-hand, the two stocky strongmen looking like brothers-in-arms. Certainly, nowhere in the world can Mr. Trump encounter a profounder fraternal spirit than among India’s present rulers. India under...
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"boned... too much..."

(Gizmodo).Made me think of this great song:Ooh, and it's alright and it's coming onWe gotta get right back to where we started fromLove is good, love can be strongWe gotta get right back to where we started fromNOTICED AFTER PUBLISHING: The science story is about crows and the singer is named Nightingale. I love accidental rhymes like that. And love is good, love can be strong... and who's to say when you've "boned... too much..."?NOW: You might wonder, Althouse, if you're reminded of a "get bac...
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Bizarre Pictures Of The Beatles Cover Session For the Album “Yesterday And Today” In 1966

Yesterday and Today is a studio album by the English rock band the Beatles, their ninth album released on Capitol Records and twelfth American release overall. It was originally issued only in the United States and Canada, in June 1966. h/t: Typical of the Beatles’ North American discography until 1967, the album contains songs that Capitol had withheld from its versions of the... Source
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‘I Knew Inevitably It Would Betray You.’ James Taylor on Avoiding the Trap of Celebrity

It’s a dreary afternoon, so James Taylor is building us a fire. First he drags a bucket of kindling into the living room of his sprawling western Massachusetts house. Then he kneels on the rug in front of the hearth and begins, with deliberate precision, to chop up a few choice pieces of wood with a hatchet. Once the fire is crackling, he slowly unfolds himself into a standing position–all six-plus feet of him, still lanky and imposing at 71–and settles into a plush armchair. It’s the kind ...
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Billie Eilish, Lewis Capaldi and a Preview of Peter Jackson’s Beatles Film Light up Universal Showcase

Over the past few years, the Universal Music showcase has become a staple of Grammy Weekend: a tightly run, three-hour-ish sampler of the company’s current and upcoming talent, ranging from superstars to brand-new artists, wherein each act plays a song or two. It was the first place we saw Ariana Grande and Chris Stapleton; the […]
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50 years ago, these were the No. 1 albums and singles of 1970

The calendar said the 1960s were over, but you wouldn’t have known it from the 11 albums that reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts in 1970. There, the sounds of the decade in which rock and roll stormed the mainstream and pushed aside the remnants of Fifties pop music, still ruled supreme. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were the kings of the scene as the ’70s began. Simon & Garfunkel’s farewell album, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was the top-selling album of the year. Its title track was the top-...
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How to enable and use Siri on any iPad model to ask questions, give commands, and more

You can use Siri on your iPad to give commands and ask questions, as long as it's enabled. You can turn Siri on and configure its behavior in the iPad's Settings app. Once enabled, you can start Siri by saying "Hey Siri," or pressing and holding the iPad's Home or Power button, depending on your device.   Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Even before there was Alexa, Siri was the iPhone's ever-present digital assistant. But you don't have to limit your conversations with Sir...
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You Do Not Necessarily Need a New Reality

Lately I have been coming across a lot of Indian gurus. In fact, a few months ago, I had one speak at my house. I also happen to live directly next door to a house owned by a well-known Indian guru. Several times a week this guru’s followers come by and maintain his yard and do all sorts of work around the property. In addition, I see these white-robed Indian gurus walking around my community of Malibu, California, regularly. Just a few days ago my wife saw the actor Owen Wilson walking around w...
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Terry O’Neill, Photographer of the Famous, Is Dead at 81

On an early assignment he shot a new group called the Beatles. He went on to photograph, among many others, Faye Dunaway — whom he later married.
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"Cups are used for quenching thirst across a wide range of cultures and social classes, and different styles of cups may be used for different liquids or in different situations."

"Cups of different styles may be used for different types of liquids or other foodstuffs (e.g. teacups and measuring cups), in different situations (e.g. at water stations or in ceremonies and rituals), or for decoration.... Cups are an obvious improvement on using cupped hands or feet to hold liquids. They have almost certainly been used since before recorded history, and have been found at archaeological sites throughout the world. Prehistoric cups were sometimes fashioned from shells and holl...
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Did John Lennon Say ‘Ringo Wasn’t Even the Best Drummer in the Beatles’?

This was one of the more famous quotes about a Beatle.
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