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Encanto Stars Stephanie Beatriz And John Leguizamo On Family, Colombia, And Lin-Manuel Miranda [Interview]

Stephanie Beatriz is not voicing the first Colombian Disney Princess. "I would say I'm a Disney heroine, which would include all the princesses and myself," the "Encanto" star said in an interview with /Film ahead of the release of the latest Disney animated musical (in theaters now)."Encanto" is not your typical Disney animated musical either, though it's got all the hallmarks: a spunky female protagonist, goofy animal sidekicks that may or may not talk, magic houses, characters bursting into s...
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Encanto Star Stephanie Beatriz On The Most Challenging Part Of Singing A Lin-Manuel Miranda Song [Exclusive]

Encanto Star Stephanie Beatriz On The Most Challenging Part Of Singing A Lin-Manuel Miranda Song [Exclusive] Disney's latest animated musical is the sweet story of an extraordinary family called The Madrigals who live hidden in the Colombian mountains in a magical place called the Encanto. The magic of the area has given every child an unique gift, that is, everyone except Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz). All of that changes, however, when Mirabel discovers the magic of her home is in danger and the...
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Exile Content Studio and Cuban Artists Beatriz Luengo and Yotuel Romero to Produce Docu ‘Homeland and Life’ (EXCLUSIVE)

In its continued bid to create meaningful, impactful content, Exile Content Studio has teamed up with Cuban composers/ musicians Beatriz “Bea” Luengo and Yoteul Romero to produce docu feature “Homeland and Life” (“Patria y Vida”), based on the artists’ two-time 2021 Latin Grammy-winning hip-hop song of the same title. The doc could not be more […]
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Eternals Star Salma Hayek Reveals She's Signed On For Multiple Marvel Movies

Whether or not "Eternals" gets a sequel seems to be irrelevant, as Salma Hayek has revealed that she has signed on for multiple movies. Hayek, who plays Ajak in the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure, has confirmed that, much like most other stars who join the franchise, she signed a multi-picture deal. As for when we'll see Ajak next? That's the big question.The "Hitman's Bodyguard" and "Beatriz at Dinner" star recently guested on the "Smallzy's Celebrity Small Talk" podcast while promo...
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Hulu November 2021 Schedule: New TV & Movie Additions

The schedule for the new movie and TV titles coming to Hulu in November 2021 has been revealed, which you can view below, along with the titles that are set to leave from the streaming service next month. This includes the series debut of Hulu‘s newest adult-animated series Marvel’s Hit-Monkey featuring the voice of Jason Sudeikis as well as the second seasons of Animaniacs and The Great. 2021 films such as Breaking News in Yuba County, The Boss Baby: Family Business, and Pig will also be availa...
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The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming To Hulu In November 2021

Ah, November. The weather is getting cooler (here in the northeast United States, at least), Daylights Savings is about to come to an abrupt end (as it should!), and the calendar is steadily winding down as it tends to do at this point of the year (time is just a construct, folks). In other words, this is my favorite time of the year and I fully intend on tailoring my movie-watching habits to match the season. Of course, that first requires a working knowledge of the tidal wave of movies that ar...
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Encanto: Release Date, Cast and More

Go crazy, Disney Animation fans — we’re getting two movies in one year! It’s been a pretty weird time for film releases, with more delays in the past 12 months than we can count. But with things finally getting back on track, it only makes sense that a Disney movie is there to greet us in theaters. Here’s everything you need to know about Encanto. Encanto Release Date and Where You Can Watch It Thankfully, Encanto’s release date isn’t too far into the future. The film is set for a theatri...
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Disney’s Encanto Teaser Introduces the Magical Family of Casa Madrigal

Walt Disney Animation Studios has released the first teaser trailer for their forthcoming fantasy animated movie titled Encanto, which hails from acclaimed Zootopia filmmakers Byron Howard and Jared Bush along with Charise Castro Smith. The video transports viewers into the magical Casa Madrigal, the home of an exceptionally gifted family who each member possesses special powers including superhuman strength and shapeshifting abilities. It also introduces us to the film’s main character in the ...
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‘Encanto’ Trailer: Disney’s Magical New Animated Musical Features Songs By Lin-Manuel Miranda

Hope you’re not all Lin-Miranda Manuel‘d out, because Walt Disney Animation’s Encanto trailer is here and it’s certainly whetting our musically-inclined appetites. To set the scene, this upcoming animated movie is described as “the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto.” Encanto Trailer Jaguars! Capybaras! Dancing donkeys! Boy, earlier reports that...
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Porto’s pitches its tent for now in Northridge; brick-and-mortar bakery coming in fall

Beatriz “Betty” Porto her Porto’s Bakery stand at the Northridge Farmers Market at the Northridge Fashion Center in Northridge, Wednesday, May 5, 2021. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) People buy baked good at the Porto’s Bakery stand at the Northridge Farmers Market at the Northridge Fashion Center in Northridge, Wednesday, May 5, 2021. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) People wait in line to purchase baked goods at the Porto’s Bakery stand at...
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15 Restorative Films to Stream in the Springtime

Spring is here, a perfect time to reflect on the cycle of rebirth and growth, and to watch some springtimey-y films that are an inspiration for both. The right springtime films offer the feeling of a fresh start and remind us of things in bloom, whether that’s thanks to sweeping views of the rolling hills and flowers…Read more...
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Coronavirus: ‘Hero pay’ for grocery workers gains momentum – and resistance

A wave of local measures requiring that grocery workers receive “hero pay” during the pandemic is rolling through coastal Southern California, a contentious movement that is gaining momentum and could have significant economic ramifications. Since January, nine cities and one county have mandated that grocery companies pay workers an extra $4 or $5 per hour of hazard pay on top of their regular wages to support frontline retail workers who bear a greater risk for exposure to the coronavirus. Thr...
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A Serene, “Well-Balanced” House for a Violinist and a Physician, Inspired by Vivaldi

In the first days of January, photographer (and longtime Remodelista friend) Laure Joliet emailed us a project she’d captured on a hilltop in the town of Palos Verdes Estates, California. The images showed interiors that felt balanced, elegant, and somehow melodic, if a space could be described that way—a sense that became clear when I emailed with the designer behind it, Beatriz Rose of LA-based Byrdesign. The project is “a well-balanced home for a dynamic couple,” Beatriz writes. “Much of the ...
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A Serene, “Well-Balanced” House for a Violinist and an ER Doctor, Inspired by Vivaldi

In the first days of January, photographer (and longtime Remodelista friend) Laure Joliet emailed us a project she’d captured on a hilltop in the town of Palos Verdes Estates, California. The images showed interiors that felt balanced, elegant, and somehow melodic, if a space could be described that way—a sense that became clear when I emailed with the designer behind it, Beatriz Rose of LA-based Byrdesign. The project is “a well-balanced home for a dynamic couple,” Beatriz writes. “Much of the ...
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Supporting Latinas can fuel economic growth and help the US rebuild post-COVID-19. Here are 3 ways to start.

Beatríz Acevedo. Courtesy of Beatríz Acevedo Beatríz Acevedo is a three-time Emmy award-winning producer, community builder, entrepreneur and philanthropist; she's also the cofounder and CEO of of SUMA Wealth. October 29 is Latina equal pay day, the day that shows how long into the next year it takes a Latina worker to earn what a typical white male worker earned in 2019.  Acevedo writes that, as the US works to rebound from COVID, the economic potential of Latinas can be fully realized. I...
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Banned books, damned souls and a Zoot suit lizard: 6 graphic novels you need to read

Maybe you’ve spent a good chunk of the summer — or, more likely, a good chunk of the pandemic — reading at home. Maybe you’ve even hit a wall, thinking you’ve read all the kind of things you usually drift toward or just need a change of pace. Trust that there are still a lot more stories out there. That’s particularly true with comics and graphic novels. Conventions were canceled, but there are plenty of terrific new titles and ongoing series are still hitting the virtual and physical shelves. B...
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Romantic Atlanta Wedding with Dusty Blue Bridal Fashion

There’s nothing that grabs our attention faster than dusty blue bridal fashion – especially when it comes with a backdrop of climbing ivy, trailing silk and organic blackberry accents. So when we saw these dreamy real wedding designs from our own preferred vendor, Taylor Dawn, that encompassed all of the above, we were hooked. Beatriz and TJ’s elegant and graceful wedding you’re about to pore over was captured in breathtaking perfection by Rustic White Photography, and the wild, flourishing bouq...
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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s’ Stephanie Beatriz on Bi Erasure and Why ‘In the Heights’ Moved Her to Tears

Fans of sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” are often perplexed when they hear actor Stephanie Beatriz in real life: Unlike the the throaty register Beatriz speaks in as Detective Rosa Diaz on the show — perfectly suited for the deadpan quality she delivers her lines — her actual voice is upbeat and pitched about an octave higher.  […]
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Upright Women Wanted: be gay, do crimes, circulate books

Sarah Gailey is one of science fiction's great new talents and their 2019 debut novel Magic for Liars was incredibly strong; now they're back with Upright Women Wanted, a feminist, genderqueer science fiction western novel about gun-toting roving librarians who are secretly the heart of an antifascist resistance. In an America fallen to authoritarian, theocratic barbarism, young Esther is forced to watch as her father -- headman of their small town -- hangs her secret lover Beatriz for ...
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The Streamer’s Guide to January 2020: What to Watch at Home to Prepare For This Month’s Theatrical Releases

(Welcome to The Streamer’s Guide, a new monthly feature recommending at-home viewing options from filmmakers with new movies arriving in theaters this month.) You may recognize this column name from its appearances surrounding the Sundance, Toronto and New York film festivals over the last two years. Festivals provide an important opportunity to assess filmmakers releasing new works and contextualizing them within their previous projects. They’re often useful for cinephiles and writers looking ...
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we movie to canada: wmtc annual movie awards, 2018-19 edition

Time to change things up. I've (finally) gotten tired of my silly movie award categories, and need a change. I decided to go with a conventional one-to-five rating scale. But I wanted to use a good symbol, something other than stars (too common), thumbs-up (too cliched) or a maple leaf (too patriotic). I'm using a symbol that's very meaningful to me. (To be honest, it was between ☮ and this, but I could only get the peace sign to work in Blogger.)Here are the movies and series I watched between ...
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‘In The Heights’ Movie Cast Now Includes Stephanie Beatriz, Jimmy Smits and More

The In the Heights movie cast continues to grow, as Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu sets out to bring Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s other Broadway musical to the big screen. Jimmy Smits, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Stephanie Beatriz, and several other actors have been added in the past few days. Hamilton veteran Anthony Ramos stars in the movie, which is based on Miranda’s Tony Award-winning musical. *Taps ?*Bueno, you didn’t hear it from me,But some little birdie told me…@VegaRubin IS [email protected]
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3 Suggestions on a Saturday Night Featuring author Caroline Taylor

We made it to Saturday night everyone! So I have for you an exciting list of Saturday night suggestions with author Caroline Taylor. I had the opportunity to review her previous book Loose Ends, and I'm also in progress of reading her latest one Death in Delmarva (my review will come later!). Here's a bit about the book: Daphne Dunn works as a lowly stockroom clerk in her cousin’s Foggy Bottom grocery store. She’s also required to play bill collector to customers who aren’t paying for their fo...
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Chelsey Johnson's Playlist for Her Novel "Stray City"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Jesmyn Ward, Lauren Groff, Bret Easton Ellis, Celeste Ng, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Heidi Julavits, Hari Kunzru, and many others. Chelsey Johnson's novel Stray City is a propulsive and engaging debut. The New York Times wrote of the book: "Diverse and colorful . . . a vibrant portrait of a woman coming into ...
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Salvaged Style: An Easy DIY Upgrade for Dry Cleaner Wire Hangers

I remember a friend in high school making fun of her mother for reusing tinfoil and thinking to myself, “What a good idea.” I grew up in New England, and Yankee thriftiness is part of my DNA—which perhaps explains my love of doctored everyday objects. I collect white cotton pillowcases that Depression-era brides embroidered modestly on the edges. I love suitcases that someone long ago improved with travel decals. And one of my favorite Remodelista posts is Justine’s DIY closet makeover in which ...
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Brooklyn 99 Star Discusses Directing Holt vs. Disco Strangler Showdown

In the Feb. 28 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Capt. Holt tracked down his longtime nemesis, the Disco Strangler, with an assist from Terry and Charles. Believed to be dead, the notorious serial killer — who uses yo-yo strings to throttle his victims — faked his own death as part of an elaborate prison break. The hunt culminated in a not-so-epic showdown between Holt and “the most dangerous man in America,” now a partially crippled octogenarian who weighs in at just 93 pounds. The sidesplitting...
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Brooklyn 99 Stars Reflect On #MeToo Episode: Every Woman Shouldnt Have a Story, But Unfortunately They Do

The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Amy Santiago came forward with her own #MeToo story during Thursday’s very special episode, directed by series star Stephanie Beatriz. In “He Said, She Said,” the sergeant (played by Melissa Fumero) revealed to Jake (Andy Samberg) that her former captain at the Six-Four crossed a line when she was just a rookie. “He helped me get on the detective track, and he gave me all the best cases,” she said. “When I...
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POLL: Should Maya Hawke Play B.B. in Kill Bill Volume 3?

POLL: Should Maya Hawke Play B.B. in Kill Bill Volume 3? It’s been 15 years since writer/director Quentin Tarantino finished his action opus Kill Bill, with Volume 1 and Volume 2 grossing a combined $333 million worldwide in 2003 and 2004, respectively. All these years later the film’s star Uma Thurman has a 20-year-old daughter named Maya Hake who is a rising young actress thanks to the upcoming Stranger Things Season 3 and Tarantino’s own Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. is doi...
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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Is Back, and Stephanie Beatriz Is Making the Most of It

The sitcom’s new life has offered new opportunities for growth for both the actress and her enigmatic character, the no-nonsense detective Rosa Diaz.
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Legge joined by de Silvestro and Beatriz in all-female IMSA team

Former IndyCar drivers Katherine Legge, Ana Beatriz and Simona de Silvestro will form part of an all-female line-up in a Michael Shank Racing-run Acura in the 2019 IMSA SportsCar Championship
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