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I've Always Hated Foundation, but This Tarte Formula Turned Me

I've never been a huge makeup wearer, but ironically, I'm a huge fan of makeup. I watch YouTuber after YouTuber apply a full face of makeup, only to skip over the stage where they apply arguably one of the most important parts: their base. Since I can remember, as long as I've worn makeup, I've never used foundation. I'm very sensitive about what I can feel on my skin, and for me, that means concealer, powder, and mascara is about as much as I can handle. However, after using the Tarte Shape Ta...
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Are Women Using Their Menstrual Blood as Face Masks?

A viral Facebook post is no more than a hoax that plays off the blood-like appearance of a popular skincare product.
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Shop the Exact Products Betty Cooper Wears on Riverdale to Get That Girl-Next-Door Glow

Betty Cooper is a babe! No wonder Cole Sprouse Jughead Jones is dating her. We love actress Lili Reinhart's fearless attitude on The CW's Riverdale and her subtly glam beauty look. She's known for her bouncy ponytail, girlish flush, lush lashes, and pink pout. To get the scoop on Betty's exact product lineup, POPSUGAR interviewed Riverdale's lead makeup artist, Erin Mackenzie. Related7 Mascaras That Will Give You Gorgeous Lashes Like Riverdale's Betty Cooper "Betty's natural look begins with...
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This Genius $30 Makeup Bag on Amazon Will Help You Get Your Life Together

My makeup bag used to be a giant black hole of cosmetics that I was constantly digging through to find that one eye shadow. Everything changed when I discovered this Lay-n-Go Cosmetic Bag ($30) on Amazon. I quickly purchased it and used it on my last trip - I can safely say I'll never use anything else again. The drawstring design allows the bag to lay flat so all your products can be spread out and easily viewed. Its design has raised edging so that small round items and brushes won't roll of...
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Pamper Yourself From Head to Toe With These 20 Incredible Beauty Products - All Under $20

This season, there's no excuse not to pamper yourself. Whether you're just exhausted and need a pick-me-up or you're trying to combat dry Winter skin, one way you can treat yourself is by stocking up on refreshing beauty products. And you don't have to spend a fortune because there are so many amazing and affordable brands to shop. We made it easy and rounded up a list of everything from face treatments to hair masks and even soothing shower oils. In addition to helping you feel your best, all o...
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Glossier's Latest Skin-Saving Product Is Here - and We Tried It First!

When POPSUGAR Beauty Director Lauren Levinson waved a millennial pink, bubble-wrapped bag in front of my face, offering to let me try out the new, top-secret Glossier product, I practically snatched it out of her perfectly manicured hands. After having great skin while using the Super Pure Serum ($28) a few years back, I have been itching to try out more from the brand. With my new assignment, I embarked on a skin experiment with Glossier's latest skincare product: Glossier Solution ($24). Sol...
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LIMITED EDITION Clean Luxury Travel Collection by GLOSS MODERNE Review

I am always on the outlook for hair care brands that are vegan if at all possible. I have been wanting to try Gloss Moderne but they are not cheap. I didn’t want to buy a set of shampoo & conditioner only to find out it doesn’t live up what I think it should be […]
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Rihanna's Makeup Artist Ground Up Her Fenty Lipstick, and the Internet Has Some Feelings

A post shared by Priscilla Ono (@priscillaono) on Jan 14, 2018 at 6:44pm PST If you stayed up until midnight on Dec. 26 to order Fenty Beauty's first-ever line of Mattemoiselle lipsticks as soon as the 14 shades dropped, the following news might hurt your soul. No, the Fenty Beauty Burner isn't back setting fire to Killawatt highlighter (though that was hard to stomach, too!). Instead, official Fenty Makeup Artist Priscilla Ono decided to grind down her Mattemoiselle shades into...
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BH Cosmetics' Club Tropicana Rainbow Palette Will Warm You Right Up

A post shared by BH Cosmetics (@bhcosmetics) on Jan 17, 2018 at 1:54pm PST It may be damn cold outside, but a little tropical inspiration should help warm you up! The BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana Palette ($14) features a vibrant spectrum of 28 colors inspired by Havana. Expect high-shine, ultrabright, superpigmented foil shadows, including sparkling jewel tones, rich pastels, and must-have neutrals. One reviewer wrote, "LOVE LOVE LOVE this palette! Pigment is amazing, just enough ...
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This Hilarious Review of Fenty's Foundation Is the Greatest Piece of Literature in Our Time

One fan of Fenty Beauty's Pro Filt'r Foundation left a review on the brand's site that will hopefully secure their spot as the voice of our generation. Rather than just regurgitating another bland write-up of how great Fenty is, a genius who goes by the viral nom de plume of Eden went for it - and these words are worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. Hilarious Fenty Beauty review: - Shaun Juan (@ShaunJuan2) January 13, 2018 The review was first noticed by Shaun Juan, who pos...
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Have You Tried the $6 Sephora Lip Balm Everyone's Obsessed With?

Winter's moisture-sucking air doesn't own you! Unless, of course, you're sans holy grail lip balm and dealing with cracked, painful lips. There are plenty of options to choose from, of course, and lots do a fabulous job. That said, Sephora's $6 Lip Balm - which comes in five different flavors including almond, coconut, goji, tangerine, and rose - is an all-out fave. Just check out the string of 5-star reviews. One person wrote, "I have to say I absolutely love this balm! I bought the scrub an...
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Ulta Has a New, $1,200 Diamond Rewards Program That's Totally Worth the Splurge

Image Source: Ulta On paper, spending $1,200 a year on makeup might seem extreme. But if you truly break down your expenses, taking into account both the drugstore impulse buys and skincare splurges you're bound to make in 2018, all those credit card swipes add up. Being a member of Ulta's Platinum Rewards program entitles you to sweet little perks like earning points per purchase that never expire and getting a little birthday coupon to celebrate your big day. That membership costs $450, but ...
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Cancel Valentine’s Day Because the New Spectrum Brushes Collection Just Won Our Hearts

Valentine's Day: you either love it or hate it, but you can't deny that the cutest beauty products come from the romantic holiday. Leave it to Spectrum to create a collection that would make anyone who's anti-Valentine's Day convert to a lover of the occasion. The adorable collection comes after the other successful Spectrum brush collections, including those inspired by Mean Girls and the Zodiac. We're sorry in advance to your bank accounts because you need this set, too. The pretty in pink ...
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This $19 Makeup Organizer Is Amazon's Bestseller - It's the Answer to Your Messy Counter

There is nothing more stressful than having your collection of cosmetics sprawled across a bathroom counter or vanity. That's where the Jerrybox Makeup Organizer ($19) comes in. It's an Amazon bestseller that can hold up to 30 makeup brushes, 20 bottles of skincare products, and other additional items. It has 735 reviews, and 70 percent of customers give it five stars - that's impressive. The organizer includes seven layers of adjustable trays that you can change according to the various height...
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No, Kylie's New Palette Doesn't Have Clues About Her Pregnancy

Kylie Cosmetics is adding yet another product to its ever-growing lineup, and this time it's in the form of a eye shadow palette. The $420 million brand posted a photo of the nine-pan palette called "Blue Honey" and almost immediately people started tweeting the palette contains clues about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy. Some tweets mention that because the bundle is blue it means that Kylie is having a boy. To that we say "boy, bye," because most news outlets are speculating that she's having a gir...
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The 11 Coolest Makeup Brush Sets You Should Try in 2018

In 2018, we're looking to put our best face forward. That all starts with the tools you're using. Start the year off right with a fresh set of makeup brushes - you can never have enough of them! We created a list of our favorite sets for you to choose from. Not only are they useful, they're incredibly pretty. Take a peek. Related12 Cool New Sephora Exclusives Beauty Junkies Should Try in 2018
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Lindsay Lohan Will Launch a Makeup Line, and It Sounds SO Fetch

Image Source: Getty / Stefania D'Alessandro In case you were wondering, your girl Lindsay Lohan is currently living her best life. Somehow, in the midst of a jam-packed schedule that includes designing jewelry, owning a club in Athens, Greece, and building her own goddamn island in Dubai, the mid-aughts icon made time to sit down on The Wendy Williams Show. She dropped some major bombs about her personal life (relationship status: single and not looking) and sobriety, but what really caught our...
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Glossier's Latest Skin-Saving Product Is Here – and We Tried It First!

When Popsugar Beauty Director Lauren Levinson waved a millennial pink, bubble-wrapped bag in front of my face, offering to let me try out the new, top-secret, Glossier product, I practically snatched it out of her perfectly manicured hands. After having great skin while using the Super Pure Serum a few years back ($28), I have been itching to try out more from the brand. With my new assignment, I embarked on a skin experiment with Glossier's latest skin care product: Glossier Solution ($24). S...
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Glossier's Latest Product Is Here – and We Have All the Details

When Popsugar Beauty Director Lauren Levinson waved a millennial pink, bubble-wrapped bag in front of my face, offering to let me try out the new, top-secret, Glossier product, I practically snatched it out of her perfectly manicured hands. After having great skin while using the Super Pure Serum a few years back ($28), I have been itching to try out more from the brand. With my new assignment, I embarked on a skin experiment with Glossier's latest skin care product: Glossier Solution ($24). S...
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I'm a Full-Coverage Addict, but This New Milk Makeup Primer Just Might Change My Mind

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Alaina Demopoulos Forgive me, skincare Gods, for I have sinned. Over the long weekend, I committed just about every clear skin faux pas you can imagine. I stuffed my face with Camembert cheese and washed the slices down with cafe au laits - no almond milk for this lady. I stayed up late, slept in my makeup, and popped a pimple. The scope of my bad behavior was obscene in its excess. Luckily, this is why we have full-coverage foundation, which I beat my face ...
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Finally! There's a New Huda Beauty Highlight Palette For Darker Skin

Cue the internet hysteria. Glow goddess, influencer, and entreprenuer Huda Kattan is launching a new highlighting palette that will make you look like you've been vacationing on a private island. Kattan, who unquestionably knows her sh*t when it comes to highlighting, teased the Bronze Sands 3D Highlighter Palette ($45) on Instagram and showed swatches of the illuminators on Snapchat. Here are the deets. The palette will be the fifth in the brand's lineup of highlighting quads. It features a co...
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This $5 Reddit-Approved Primer Just Might Make Your Eye Shadow Last Forever

How do we love eye shadow primer? Let us count the ways. It makes your makeup last forever, keeps your oily eyelids at bay, and turns the intensity of your shadow's pigmentation up a kilowatt or two. Perhaps the most famous shadow primer on the market right now is the beloved Urban Decay Potion ($13), which pretty much put the product on the map when it was first released. However according to Reddit, you can get just as enviable results with a drugstore product that only costs $5. Reddit user ...
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You'll Swoon Over E.L.F.'s $10 Rose Gold Eye Shadow Palette

Remember when we all thought rose gold was a phase? Ha, that was cute. Now the decidedly millennial, often shimmering shade is one of our favorite colors for everything from eye shadow to makeup holders. Our current rose gold obsession comes in the form of a $10 E.L.F. Eye Shadow Palette. Yup, that exists. Just take a deep breath before you freak out and buy 30 of these babies. This 10-pan bundle offers an exhaustive and gorgeous take on the color, from its most basic pink tone to a shimmering...
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Farsali's New Jelly Beam Highlighter Is Officially Now at Sephora!

Farsali has quickly established itself as a major player in the beauty space. Even with just three products, including the influencer-favorite Unicorn Essence, the indie brand got picked up by Now, we are excited to announce that Farsali expanded its offering to include a fresh, innovative product. Meet Jelly Beam, the line's first-ever highlighter. RelatedI Tried the Viral Farsali Unicorn Essence, and I'm Never Looking Back Jelly Beam has a unique formula in that it sits like...
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Tarte Dropped a Second Maneater Palette That Will Up Your Smoky Eye Game

You would think that launching a line of Shape Tape foundations would be enough for one weekend, but as it turns out, the folks over at Tarte were just getting started. That's because, along with dropping 30 shades of base, Tarte has given its limited-edition Maneater Eye Shadow Palette a baby sister. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you: the Tarte Maneater Eye Shadow Palette Volume 2 ($30). RelatedI Wore the Same Mascara For Over a Decade, but This One Made Me Switch Consider your smoky ...
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There's a New Drugstore Razor in Town - and It Shaves in BOTH Directions

I am someone who, unfortunately, needs to shave her legs every damn day. Either I have dark stubble showing on my bare legs in the Summer or the prickly stubs rub against my jeans in the Winter. So rain or shine, I lather up and slice my thick, dark leg hair. It's not sexy, but it is necessary for me to feel comfortable. Since I am married to my razor, I consider myself to be somewhat of a shaving snob. When the reps for Schick told me the brand was launching a razor that shaves in both directi...
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This K-Beauty Brand Sells a Snoopy-Inspired Collection, and Good Grief, We Want It All

Darling K-beauty brand Innisfree just began selling to the United States back in September of last year, but jeez are we glad the brand is finally available stateside. That's because its latest collaboration is with none other than Snoopy of Peanuts fame. Trust us, after seeing the chic, minimalist line, you're going to want all of this good grief on your vanity. Related200 Photos of K-Beauty Items Devastatingly Not Sold in the US Whether you're a manicure-lover, lipstick addict, or makeup o...
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This $3 Concealer Is One of Walmart's Bestselling Beauty Products

Ask just about anyone what their top five "desert island" beauty products are, and a good concealer is bound to make the cut. Most early mornings, a strong cover-up is what I reach for first - right after shutting off my alarm. Whether I use it for correcting dark under-eyes or attempting to hide the havoc a wine and cheese plate has wreaked on my skin, I will prioritize buying concealer over groceries. But perhaps I need not automatically reach for pricey options - because one $3 concealer is ...
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15 New ColourPop Eye Shadows Are Headed Your Way

A post shared by ColourPop Cosmetics (@colourpopcosmetics) on Jan 2, 2018 at 11:23am PST The new year is already off with a beauty bang courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics. The cult favorite brand, known for its affordable price tags and quality goods, announced on Instagram that it will drop 15 new Super Shock Shadows in the prettiest colors ever. True to the brand's M.O., the new range is rich and super vibrant, with shades like fuchsia, aquamarine, sunshine, lavender, brick red, a...
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Tarte Is Launching 2 New Blending Tools - and You Need Them Both!

Meet the newest members of Tarte's blending squad! In addition to launching a foundation range that is about to send the internet into a damn frenzy, Tarte is releasing two important tools to go with it. These newbies are the Tarte Double Duty Beauty Paddle Brush ($28) and the Shaper Contouring Sponge ($18). Both launch at on Jan. 15, at on Jan. 21, and in Ulta stores on Feb. 4. Set. Your. Calendar! But let's backtrack. The aforementioned foundation is the Tarte Shape Tape Fo...
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