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All the September 2020 Beauty Releases We Can’t Wait to Try

The PSL isn't the only thing to look forward to this fall!
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5 Beauty Brands With Perfect Packaging

What does it mean to have perfect packaging? It’s one of those things that you recognize when you see it, even if you’re not in the marketing industry. Perfect packaging is eye-catching, captivating, and in alignment with a company’s brand strategy.For beauty and skin care products, beauty brands have to go the extra mile when creating a beautiful package to hold their products. Here are five beauty brands that have nailed the perfect approach to packaging. The Ordinary The...
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The 6 July Beauty Products We’re Obsessing Over | July 2020 Beauty Releases

Beat the heat with bold colors and indulgent skincare this month!
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The May 2020 Beauty Releases We Can’t Wait to Try

Have fun with your routine this month by trying some of these fun new beauty and makeup products.
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Don't Want to Take Out Your Hair Extensions? Here's How to Maintain Them at Home

Just because you can't get to a salon right now, doesn't mean that you have to take out your hair extensions on your own. Removing extensions isn't exactly hard, but it's often something that - like hair color or getting a trim - people would rather leave to the pros. Since making a salon appointment isn't an option right now, though, there are ways you can extend the life of your hair extensions until you can get to your hairstylist. Read ahead to for a few maintenance tips from Shelly Aguirr...
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If You're Doing Your Own Box Braids, These Are the 4 Items You Need, According to a Pro

So, you've decided to install your own box braids - along with plenty of other people who have had to become their own hairstylists. The best thing about putting yourself in charge of your own beauty treatments is the amount of money you save - but the only drawback is figuring out how to get the same salon-quality looks you'd get from a stylist at home. Box braids in particular, as well as other protective styles, are a special kind of DIY project; they're doable with the help of some handy You...
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4 Products That'll Come In Handy When Installing Your Own Box Braids

So, you've decided to install your own box braids - along with plenty of other people who have had to become their own hairstylists. The best thing about putting yourself in charge of your own beauty treatments is the amount of money you save - but the only drawback is figuring out how to get the same salon-quality looks you'd get from a stylist at home. Box braids in particular, as well as other protective styles, are a special kind of DIY project; they're doable with the help of some handy You...
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If You Just Can't Wait to Color Your Hair, Follow This Hairdresser's At-Home Tips

In normal circumstances, we'd recommend you skip the at-home hair color and leave it to the pros (especially if you're throwing bleach into the equation), but times are not exactly normal. With so many of us taking matters into our own hands and going the DIY route at the moment, we understand why you might want to go through the hair-dyeing process at home. That said, if you're not a professional, there are plenty of opportunities for DIY hair coloring to go wrong, which is why you should li...
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The French Braid Ponytail Taking Over Instagram Right Now Is Actually SO Easy to Do

Nestled somewhere between the intricate plaited headband and your greasy, haven't-showered-in-a-week topknot, you'll find the ever-faithful french braid - a wildly easy style that, much to the wider world's delight, works even better on second (or third)-day hair. When you merge that look with a tucked-under low ponytail? Oh, baby, welcome to a hairstyle that practically sells itself. No, but really: this french braid tuck (or, as celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook likes to call it, "the Frenchi...
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The "Brush Challenge" on TikTok Features SO Many Amazing Glow-Ups - Including Ours

There is no shortage of TikTok makeup challenges and beauty videos out there - like the purple shampoo challenge or those "Open Up the Safe" videos - to keep you occupied right now, but there's a new one emerging that's a little different from the others: the "Brush Challenge." This one brings makeup-lovers and friends together from a distance in a new and fun way. The purpose of the challenge is to show off your natural beauty with no makeup, before brushing the camera to reveal your most gla...
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The Coolest Hairstyle Trends Worth Trying (and DIYing) This Year, According to the Pros

It's like what Fleabag said: hair is everything. "It's the difference between a good day and a bad day," she lamented, and we have a feeling she'd back us when we say that's precisely why you'll want to brush up on the coolest hairstyle trends of the year. They may not be "everything," but they will be everywhere - and you can easily recreate them yourself, in the comfort of your own home. So what can you expect? "2020 is going to see a lot of experimentation," said LA-based celebrity hairstylis...
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Want to Learn How to Install Your Own Passion Twists? These 3 Tutorials Make It Easy

Now that we've officially been social distancing for a few weeks now, it's safe to say that it's going to be a while before many of us are able to make hair appointments again. If you have natural hair, chances are you're already used to following an extensive at-home hair routine, but the one area you probably enlist a little help is with a protective style like braids or twists (especially in the spring and summer months). Convenient as they are, box braids and twists styles - specifically pas...
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13 Vegan Makeup Products That Will Change the Way You Think About Beauty

If you're diligent about making sure your diet is free of animal-derived ingredients and byproducts, you shouldn't have to settle for anything less when it comes to beauty. Even if you're not vegan, it's always smart to add more plants (read: healthy antioxidants) into your routine. The good news is that more and more makeup brands are developing high-performance vegan products that mean you don't need to compromise. We're not just talking fruit-dyed synthetic waxes and salt sticks here. We're...
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Watch These Fake Bangs Tutorials If You Want to Switch Up Your Style Without the Commitment

Bangs are . . . pretty polarizing - especially when you're considering cutting them yourself. But now that we're spending a lot of time at home, we can definitely understand why the act has been a bit tempting for a lot of people. Just look at Miley Cyrus and Rosalía, who both cut themselves some wispy bangs earlier this week. Of course, you should feel free to express yourself and experiment with new styles as much as you can or want while you're social distancing - but in the event that you're...
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Need to Remove Your Hair Extensions While You're Stuck at Home? Follow This Simple Guide

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kat Lewis | MasterExtensionist (@katpee_12) on Mar 29, 2020 at 4:33pm PDT Ideally, the first thing most of us do when we're in need of a trim, a color touch-up, or any other beauty maintenance service is head to the salon, but sometimes when the ease of making a hair appointment isn't really an option, we have to make do with what we have and put our own DIY skills to...
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14 Photos That Show Why Passion Twists Should Be Your Next Post-Social-Distancing Style

Spending more time inside is good for a multitude of reasons. For example, not having any plans for the next few weeks might mean that you can give yourself a lot more time to focus on your self-care needs or finally formulating a regular skin-care routine. It's also a really good time to nurse your hair and focus on maintaining its health, whether that's committing to a weekly cowash and deep-conditioning treatment or throwing it up in a protective style to make sure you're keeping manipulation...
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Here's What You Should Know Before You Put Witch Hazel on Your Skin

Over the past few years, witch hazel has garnered something of a cult following, with many people praising the ingredient for its supposed anti-inflammatory, pore-minimizing, and acne-reducing benefits. In case you're unfamiliar, witch hazel is a plant that grows in North America and Asia, and its leaves and bark are often used to create topical products like toners and ointments that many have incorporated into their daily skin-care routines. But as far as expert opinion is concerned, the rese...
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Now's a Good Time For You to Grow Out Your Brows - Here's a Guide on How to Do It

It's quite possible that you haven't had to physically interact with other humans very much over the last few weeks, and if you have, the state of your physical appearance was probably one of the last things on your mind. This period of isolation, while slightly unsettling, has proven to be the perfect time for all of us to finally take on the uncomfortable beauty deeds we've been putting off for so long like finally making the switch to natural deodorant or even figuring out how to give yourse...
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Is It Too Early to Start Planning For Halloween? Because These Tiger King Costumes Are WILD

Netflix's new docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is all anyone on social media can talk about right now, and if you've already marathoned through all seven episodes, then you probably know why. The show follows the story of an eccentric zookeeper named Joe Exotic who bred animals (particularly big cats) at his Oklahoma zoo before being sent to prison for a handful of pretty wild crimes. Since the show debuted on March 20, the Tiger King himself - with his blond mullet, horseshoe ...
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Forget About French Twists and Messy Buns - This Effortlessly Cool "Banana Bun" Is Perfect For Lazy Girls

French twists have been around for as long as we can remember. The look is perfect for everything from weddings and formal events to lounging around the house, but now, we've found a way to relax the traditional style even more - while still keeping it more elevated than a messy bun - and incorporate it into our everyday routine. Meet the banana bun: the loose, low hairstyle that takes your typical chignon to a whole new level of chicness. When it comes to this look, the messier it is, the bett...
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NYC's Top Piercer Breaks Down the Piercing Trends You Can Start Planning For Now

Lil Nas X and his cute-ass dangly earring are proof: piercing trends are getting cooler by the minute. It's not just about the jewelry - although, yes, that plays a part - but also the area you choose, how it vibes with your other pieces of ear bling, and just how perfectly "imperfect" you're willing to go. Although piercing shops are closed at the moment, the latter point will be key as you plan for your next ones: "We are going to continue to see asymmetry in styling of earrings and in the nu...
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TikTok Users Are Filming Dirty-Hair Tutorials For Those of Us Who Haven't Shampooed in Days

So you haven't washed your hair in a week? Join the club. I'll be the first to admit that, during this time of social distancing, I've been doing the bare minimum when it comes to keeping up appearances (considering our current situation, my mind has been pretty preoccupied with other things). For example, my last wash day was almost two weeks ago (which isn't super uncommon in the natural hair community), but with so many of us stuck at home without much to do or people to see, I'm willing to b...
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A Nail Artist Turned Neon Signs Into Our New Favorite Manicure - Here’s How

Remember back in 2017 when people were experimenting with neon eyeliner and lip art, creating optical illusions that made their makeup look like it was actually glowing? Well, we're happy to report that the trend has resurfaced, but this time it's moved on to the nails. Now, this isn't just people swiping on two coats of electric-colored nail polish (although we're certainly seeing a lot of that lately from some of our favorite celebs). We're talking about intricate, neon nail-art designs that l...
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Need a New Protective Style to Wear This Spring? Try Havana Twists

Have you added Havana twists to your list of spring hair inspiration yet? Because if you haven't already, you probably should. If you're unfamiliar with the protective style, Havana twists are similar to Marley twists, except they have a slightly different look and feel, not to mention that both styles use a different type of braiding hair. (Marley twists normally use a really kinky braiding hair that can often be bought for around $5 a pack at a beauty supply store, while Havana twists use Hava...
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There's a Growing Market For Used Beauty Products, but Is It Safe?

In the beauty community, there's a recent craze around buying and selling used makeup and skin-care products. Consumer-to-consumer resale platforms like eBay, Poshmark, and Japanese-owned Mercari have become avenues for people to sell their preowned cosmetics, but one online retailer is normalizing the practice: Glambot. Unlike traditional resale websites, Glambot provides a middle man. When Glambot receives a product, its lab members "professionally sanitize" the items. Customers can send in th...
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Re-Create the Fruit Manicure Trend at Home With These Adorable Nail Art Stickers

There's nothing sweeter than the fruit nail art trend that's buzzing around Instagram. While you daydream of warm weather, this mani is like your own little slice of Summer to brighten up your day. The nail art feels both nostalgic and chic - the perfect mix for a beauty trend in 2020. Miniature lemons, limes, cherries, watermelon, and strawberries decorate the fingertips like tiny pieces of candy, making the trend too cute to pass by. But, for anyone practicing their at-home manicure skills, ha...
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Call Your Stylist: These Are the Biggest Haircut Trends to Try At Some Point in 2020

Of all the things you might "cut" from your life in the new year - certain foods, old mindsets, that god-awful ex - your hair often feels like the least dramatic, perhaps most cathartic clean break you can make. (Unless, of course, your ex happened to be awful and clingy, in which case: snip snip.) In truth, there's nothing like stepping into the decade with a fresh new haircut that makes subzero temperatures and overcrowded yoga classes seem somewhat more bearable. The good news about trends i...
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Copy the Colorful Neon Eye Makeup Trend This Spring With These 4 Products

If red carpet beauty and recent trending TV shows mean anything, the neon eye makeup trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether its neon graphic liner, vibrant eye shadow, or mermaid tears (AKA a pop of color in the inner corners of the eyes) the beauty trend allows for self expression and creativity unlike any other - that's probably why so many people can't get enough of it. But if you've never experimented with neon makeup before, your collection may be severely lacking in options - a...
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Yarn Is the Box Braid Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed, and We Have the Pics to Prove It

I'll admit that anytime I'm on the lookout for a cool hair accessory, yarn has never been the first thing that comes to mind - but a few looks at yarn braid hairstyles on social media may have caused me to reconsider that. In case you've never heard of them, yarn braids are just like any other kind of box braids, except that they're created with - you guessed it - yarn that's weaved into the hair. To get the look, you can pick up the yarn from any crafts store in any color you desire - pink, red...
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Here's Proof That Marley Twists Are the Perfect Protective Style For Summer

As Summer inches closer, it's time to think about new hairstyles. The warmer months of the year are the perfect time to experiment with different styles, whether they be cuts, colors, or protective styles, and lots of people like to use this time to sport all kinds of braided hairstyles, including Marley twists. If you've never heard of them, Marley twists are a popular, low-maintenance hairstyle named after late reggae musician Bob Marley. You can usually spot the difference between these and o...
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